The Pioneer ALBERT family in the Ottawa, Canada area

August 9, 2015:

We have just received some info regarding the early ALBERT family in the Ottawa, Canada, area.

Here we have Big John's family on Loretta Ave in Nepean; Jean Baptiste Albert born 1859, Aura-lie Albert (Renaud) born 1876, Leona Albert, Conrad Albert, and Omer Albert. Missing is Mary Albert whom we think may have been taking the picture. Thanks to Sheila Willis for this photograph. the family of Big John (Jean) ALBERT, Ottawa, Canada
Here is an early record from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Bytown (now Ottawa): 10 Nov 1833 Baptism of Louise, daughter of Jean Baptiste Albert and Marguerite Labreche Witnesses: Antoine Chretien & Angelique Albert Source: Drouin Records at We also have some history of the ALBERT family, contributed by Frank Watters on his web page. ... Al
August 13, 2015: Hi folks: I am Sheila Albert, and I descend from Samuel Xavier Francois's brother - Jean Baptiste Albert. I've been an ancestry addict for 10 years now, and I'm at the point where I'm looking for those concrete pieces of evidence from Jean Baptiste and Samuel's parents. So, I'm Sheila Albert, from South Gloucester Ontario. (Hawthorne Road right outside of Ramsayville actually). My dad was Jacques William Albert b 1943, from Loretta Ave in Nepean Township. My Pepere was Conrad Albert b 1909, also from Loretta Ave in Nepean. My gr-grandfather was big John (Jean Baptiste) Albert, who was the first Albert to build his house on Loretta Ave in Nepean. He is buried in Notre Dame Cemetery on Montreal Road, White monument, really old, can barely read it. His wife Orely Renaud (Josephine Aura-lie Renaud) was written on it last section 'O'. Then onwards from there is a long line of Jean Baptiste's that I have all of the evidence for. Right up to Sam and Jean. I am looking for the paper trail connection to their parents, and lets talk about Jean's connection to Marie Josephte Vanier and the other Marie Josephte. My married name is Sheila Willis, and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers ... Sheila Willis _________________________________________ Here is an informative reply to Sheila from Frank Watters: Hi Sheila; Just to let you know who I am, - I descend from Samuel Albert married to Honorah Ryan in Notre Dame, Ottawa in 1836. The parents were not given which was the case for all those weddings by that priest at that time. In the case of Honorah Ryan, I was never able to find anything on who her parents were. Other early Albert weddings (siblings) at the time, in Ottawa, did not give the names of the parents either. So to "build" the Albert family, I started off from the church records and census data in Bytown/Ottawa and found that they were all born in Lower Canada, and German in origin. From the early Ottawa church records, mostly in Notre Dame initially, and from the names of the godparents, where in some cases the relationships were given, and the witnesses, I was able to reconstitute the family. From Ottawa, since the family came from Lower Canada, I went through all the church records, going from west to east since the Drouin blue books did not give me any clues either. It was in Rigaud that I first found the family data. But, there again, I was stumped until I found the wedding of Henry Albert and Marie Ovide Damour-dit-Potvin where they gave his parents and where two witnesses were "freres naturels". That told me that those two, and possibly Henry were born out of wedlock. Which proved to be correct, as when Jean Baptiste Albert married to Marguerite Leblanc, his parents were not shown either. Same when Marie-Josephte Albert married Jean-Noel-Marie Rochbrune-dit-Larocque in Rigaud. And that's when I started checking the "parents inconnus" and "illegitimes". I don't know how many hours I spent at the Salle Gagnon, Montreal Central Library after 1994 when I retired, and in between special work projects. Thank God I had an understanding and patient wife! Samuel Albert was born about 1813 and was baptized, along with sister Magdeleine and younger brother Jean in Rigaud in 1823. He was given the baptismal names of François-Xavier, but no doubt his parents always called him Samuel. His mother was not at his baptism, and his father was dead at the time. All were from parents inconnus residing in the Seigneurie d'Argenteuil. The actual birth dates were not given, only their age; Magdeleine 11 years old, François Xavier, 10 years old and Jean, seven years old. Samuel went by that name except at certain church events, when he would sometimes give the name Francois-Xavier. The godfather for Magdeleine was Jean Baptiste Poiriault. (Poiriault-dit-Bellefeuille) Samuel and Honorah Ryan had several children, one of whom was baptized Honorah like her mother. She married my grandfather John Watters in 1882 in Notre Dame, Ottawa. Honorah Albert was widowed from Simon Tracey from March Township. He and Honorah had three girls who were raised by my grandfather and Honorah Albert. A few years later my grandfather bought a farm in Luskville, Quebec and about 1911 he moved to New Liskeard, Temiskaming, Ontario. But before that, around 1901, a couple of his brothers and my dad, about 18 years old then, worked in the lumber camps in Eau-Claire near Mattawa. My father then moved to North Bay, 40 miles from Mattawa, and found employment as an engineer with the C.P.R. Al, you might be interested in knowing that a friend of the Vanier's at that time, was John Blake who was related to them through the marriage of his son, Francois, and that John Blake was the first ancestor in Canada to Hector "Toe" Blake the famous Montreal Canadiens hockey player and coach. John (aka Jean-Baptiste) Blake and son François were witnesses/sponsors at some of the Albert church events. Just like my Albert ancestor, John Blake had a wife, and a "partner" who was his sister-in-law, and he had children with both. He was quite the guy - he made several wills and made sure that both his wife and his partner were well taken care of when he died. I wish my own Albert ancestor had done the same, as we might know more about Marie-Josephte Letang. Frank

New May 23, 2016: From Rigaud, some members of the Albert family came to Bytown (now Ottawa) to work at building the Rideau Canal. This map from 1847 shows the Albert family living at Dow's Lake in the heart of Ottawa:
The Albert family at Dow' Lake, Ottawa, Canada, in 1847
Map Source: Nepean, The City Beyond by Professor Bruce Elliott.

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