Moses BLACK and Mary UNKNOWN
Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, c. 1845

January 26, 2008:

Thanks to Gail O'Neil for this information regarding the early Moses Black family in 
Goulbourn Township. Gail is a descendant of Mr. Moses Black.

This page relates to our John Barton page:
Good evening, 

I was on the Bytown site tonight and came across the Barton / Black entry. I think my 
Black family is connected to the Barton family. 

I have a Moses Black Sr. who was married to a women named Mary came to Canada with 
their children abt 1845 from Belfast, Ireland.

Margaret married Thomas Barton

Mary Ellen married unknown McKinley
John Black married 1st Jane unknown and 2nd Margaret Kinimonth ?
Moses Jr married Susan Barton
Nancy married Archibald Porteous 
Mary married James Fleming (Finch, Ontario) 

You wondered if Moses and Margaret were related – yes they were father and daughter – 
so it seems from my files that two Black siblings married Bartons. 

I have the following children for Moses Jr. and Susan Barton

Robert John, Susanah, Daniel, Margaret, Thomas and Nancy 

I would appreciate any information you can supply on the families. 


... Gail O’Neil

Thanks to Ron Dale for the following:

Here are some of your people from the 1881 census.  Notice that Moses Senior is 
living with son John.  Moses died that year on Aug 24, 1881,  I checked records 
for County Antrim, Ireland, and found a few Moses Blacks in Belfast over the ages.  
The name must have carried in the Black family.
Are you sure they came ca 1845?  I cannot find Moses in the 1851 census.

		Sex	Mar	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ		Religion
John BLACK	M	M	55	Irish		Ireland		Farmer		C. Presbyterian 
Margaret BLACK	F	M	45	Scottish 	Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Alexand. BLACK	M		25	Irish		Ontario		Farmer		C. Presbyterian 
Peter BLACK	M		23	Irish		Ontario		Farmer Servant	C. Presbyterian 
Agnes BLACK	F		18	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Isabella BLACK	F		16	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Susan BLACK	F		13	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Catharine BLACK	F		11	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Thomas BLACK	M		10	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Christina BLACK	F		7 	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Emily BLACK	F		4	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Moses BLACK	M	W	88	Irish		Ireland		Ng		C. Presbyterian 

1881 Census Place:   Goulbourn, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Source: FHL Film 1375867  NAC C-13231  Dist 108  SubDist D  Div 2  Page 23  Family 94

			Sex	Mar	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Moses BLACK		M	M	52	Irish		Ireland		Farmer		C. Presbyterian 
Susan BLACK		F	M	44	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Robert John BLACK	M		11	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Susannah BLACK		F		9	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Daniel BLACK		M		7	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Moses BLACK		M 		5	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Margret A. BLACK	F		2	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian 
Thomas W. BLACK		M		2	Irish		Ontario				C. Presbyterian  

... Ron Dale

January 27, 2008: Hi Ron, I have a copy of some pages from a book (I believe this book was on families in the Goulbourn area) which states the family came to Canada in 1845. It states that Moses Black Sr. and his wife Mary left Belfast Ireland in 1845 and came to Canada with their family, sons; James, John, Moses Jr. and several daughters. They settled in Gloucester, Nepean and Goulbourn. The daughters married a Fleming (Finch area), a Barton (Carp) a Porteous (Carleton Place) and a McKinnley or McKinney (near Toronto). It is possible that Moses’ brother Thomas with his wife Jane arrived at the same time. I have also located John Black husband of Jane ? (I believe might be Alison?) on the 1851 census with children Robert J., Martha and John I have another child listed Mary Jane who I have a birth year of about 1853 so she would have been born after the 1851 census. It was interesting to find because above them are Peter Kinimonth? (various spellings) listed with his wife Margaret and childen Isabella and John now I have the following children listed for Peter and Margaret – Margaret, Isabella, John, Anne and Jessica. It is Margaret Kinimonth that I have married to John Black for his 2nd marriage. Also from the book I mention above it states John’s wife died after the birth of her fourth child and in 1853 he married Margaret Kinimonth. This surname has various spellings, Margaret’s father Peter, born 1790 in or near Glasgow married Margaret Cameron and besides Margaret had children Isabella, John, Anne and Jessica. A professional soldier, Peter was with the Scotch Greys and Dragoons under Wellington when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. He also served with the Imperial Army in India before settling in Canada in 1831. For sometime he was lockmaster at Black Rapids on the Rideau River and acquired property (presumably by Crown Lands Grant) at what is now the corner of Parkdale Avenue and Carling Avenue. For a time his daughter Jessica lived with the Black family on the 10th Concession of Goulbourn (now called Fernbank Road) but when she needed medical care she became one of the early patients at the Perley Home in Ottawa, where she died about 1910. I have yet to verify the information on Peter Kinimonth, I have sent a couple of e-mails over the years concerning the lockmaster at Black Rapids but have never gotten any replies or if I did they were unable to help me so I am still trying to confirm the information on Peter. Regards, ... Gail ________________________________ Hi Al, I attached two articles from the Ottawa Free Press August 1881 concerning the death of Moses Black Sr. – you will notice one article names the deceased as Thomas Black -- this is in fact an error – the other is a typed version as I did not have the original but was able to write it out. Thanks ... Gail
Coroner's Inquest
Corner Corbett yesterday held an inquest on the body of Moses Black, who was found dead in a field at Stittsville, as announced by telegraph in yesterday's Free Press. The inquest was held at the residence of the deceased, in the township of Goulbourn, some five miles distant from where the body was found. The evidence given throws but little light upon the cause of Black's death. It was known that he left home on Friday last, with the avowed purpose of going to Richmond Village for some letters which he said he expected with remittances. At this time he was not known to have any money, and intended, if he obtained the expected remittance, visiting his daughter at Luther, Ont. He was seen in Richmond the same day and rode a portion of the way home with Ellen Shannon and her son. He had with him a tea pot, some bread and a couple of walking canes. He got off near the residence of John Forbes, not far from which the body was found. The body was discovered in the Forbes field, about five o'clock on Monday evening. There was a cut on the forehead, the arms were bruised and the coat torn. At his feet were two letters, one of which had evidently been in his pocket for sometime, and one from his daughter, which it is supposed he obtained from the post office at Richmond when last there. The deceased who was almost fifty (85?) years of age, has several married children. No post mortem was held, as it was impossible to secure the attendance of a medical man. The jury returned an open verdict. It is probable that some further investigation will be held and the matter thoroughly sifted. EVIDENCE AT INQUEST The jury empanelled consisted of James Shannon, foreman; William Alexander, John Shannon, George Keyes, Thomas Devine, Edward Shannon, Alexander Graham, Henry Cooper, James Porteous, James Graham, Patrick McPherson, James McKirby and George Graham. (see copy of original article below, posted on March 29, 2015) James Shannon was the first witness. He stated that he saw the body of the deceased in Forbes' field; the clothes were torn and there was a large wound on the right side of the head, and also bruises and marks on the arms; the body was in a sitting posture against the fence, one hand being against the stomach; knew the remains to be those of Moses Black; John Devine and James Fitzgerald were with him at the time. James Porteous, grandson of the deceased, testified that he was present when the body was found in Forbes' Field; saw a large mark above the eye and one on the right arm; the deceased's coat was badly torn; John Black took two letters off the body and he (witness) took the money ($7.85?), afterwards gave the money to John Black to go to Richmond Village to get a coffin. Ellen Shannon stated that she was at Richmond on Friday last, overtook him on the road and gave him a lift in their wagon; left him at Mr. Forbes' gate 8th line in Goulbourn; deceased was then in good health and seemed to be alright; he had several packages with him, one containing a loaf of bread, also a teapot and two walking sticks, which he used in walking. John Forbes testified that the deceased had tea at his place on the evening of Friday, August 19th; that yesterday (Monday) evening about five o'clock his boy called him and said that they had found a man asleep or dead in the fields, on going to the place saw deceased dead, sitting against the fence; the deceased's clothes were torn and there was a large mark on his right forehead; did not recognize it as Black's body at first - the witness went to a Magistrate, and was told to go to Dr. Beatty at Richmond, and telegraph Dr. Coroner Corbett at Ottawa and did so. This was all the evidence taken, and the jury returned an open verdict, Dr. Corbett considers the death a very suspicious one, and worthy of further investigation. Of the two letters one was an old one, and had been registered. The other was a late one from his daughter, dated Luther July 18, 1881. It was a kind invitation for the old man to come up and live with her and her sister. The deceased was living in a house on his children's place in Goulbourn.
January 30, 2008: Thanks to Sue for the following: I'm not researching this family, but did find a few things on either the censuses and/or the Ontario BMDs. First, and this puts into question the accuracy of the dates of the Ontario BMD registrations, the death of Moses Black Sr. The Ontario Death registration clearly states that "when died" 24 August 1881 and registered 26 Aug with the informant being John Black. Yet the newspaper article concerning his death was written by the correspondent in Stittsville on 23 August 1881 and refers to the death as "was found dead last evening" - so the body was found 22 August. Apparently, the death registration is wrong by at least 2 days as it is hard to report the finding of someone's dead body 2 days before he died!! Moses' daughters: 1) Mary J. Black married James Fleming and she says in the 1901 census that she was born 13 April 1830 in Ireland and emigrated in 1844. 2) Margaret Black married Thomas Alexander Barton. She died 20 May 1895 at age 60 in Beckwith Township, Lanark, County. 3) Nancy Black married Archibald Porteous. According to her Ontario death registration, she died in Carleton Place 30 September 1888 at age 52. The informant was 'Archie'. Nancy is a nickname for 'Ann' and her name, given by Archie, was Ann Wilson Porteous. Perhaps that Wilson gives a clue as to her mother's surname? __________ Of the children of John Black, Moses Sr's son, and his 2nd wife Margaret, I found most of the marriages of their daughters. On only one of the marriage registrations is the maiden name of the mother given (all others are just John and Margaret Black) - the maiden name given on Christina's marriage registration is Margaret McKinley. These are the following marriages: 1) Susannah Black married 31 Dec 1890 in Ottawa, Alfred James Smith 2) Catherine Moffat Black (Moffat another clue?) married 16 Dec 1896 in Ottawa, Robert Mulligan 3) Christina Black married 26 Feb 1907 in Hintonburgh, Peter Ouderkirk. 4) No registration found, but Christina is staying with married sister Agnes in 1901. Agnes is married to John Robert Munro(e) and seems to have married about 1890 (first child born 1891) - their 3 children were born in Stormont, but they are in the 1901 Dundas census. Agnes says that she was born 24 Jan 1863 and sister Christina says she was born 27 July 1875. Brother Thomas A. Black, born abt 1871, married 21 Dec 1898 Nelly(Ellen) Keyes. John Black, the father of the above children, says that he emigrated 1840. Hope this helps out, ... Non-relative Sue
January 31, 2008: Below is what information I have on the two marriages and children of John Black (son of Moses Black Sr. and Mary Unknown) John Black (son of Moses Black Sr. and Mary unknown) Married 1st Jane Alison? About 1846 Children: Robert James 1848 Martha 1849 John 1841 Mary Jane 1853 Married 2nd Margaret Kinmonth ? (daughter of Peter Kinimonth and Margaret Cameron) Children: Christina married Peter Ouderkirk Alexander “Sandy” about 1855 Elizabeth Ann Black married James Fleming Children 4th Nov 1877 Mary Ann Fleming registration # 29309 South Finch (Sam O’Neil) grandparents of Gail O’Neil 24 Mar 1879 Margaret Isabella Fleming registration # 030189 South Finch 13 Jan 1881 Elizabeth Fleming registration # 031263 South Finch (Chester Carr) 15 Oct 1882 James Fleming registration # 032654 South Finch (Cora D. Froats) 6 Sept 1884 Catherine Susannah Fleming reg # 034625 South Finch (Donald McDougal) 15 Nov 1886 Emma Jane Fleming registration # 036104 South Finch (Edward Stacey) 12 Feb 1889 John Fleming registration # 035248 South Finch 26 Jan 1890 Ida May Fleming registered Finch registration # 032187 (Curtis Melrose) 8 July 1892 John Munro Fleming registration # 031462 South Finch (Alma E. Morrow) 1 June 1894 Isabel Margaret Fleming registration # 031699 South Finch (never married) Peter married Helen Findlay Margaret Nancy married James Beatty Agnes married John Munro Isabella married James Servage Susan married A. James Smith Catherine Moffatt married Robert Mulligan Thomas Alfred married Ellen Keyes Emma married John Keyes Gail ________________________ more from Gail: Information concerning Mary Ellen Black b 13 April 1830 and James Fleming: (you listed below) ............. 3 Mary Ellen Black b: April 13, 1830 in Ireland 1901 census info ................. +James Fleming b: Abt. 1830 in Resided Finch, Ont. area This is my line – James Fleming was born in Scotland about 1807 he died 11 April 1883 in Finch, Ontario as per the Ontario Death Registration He married Mary Ellen Black (some 20 years his junior) this was his 2nd marriage Mary Ellen Black was born as per above 13 April 1830 ( I have nothing to confirm this) and died 17 Sept 1908 Finch, Ont. As per the Ontario Death Registration As far as I know James and Mary are buried on the Fleming / McLean family homestead (this property is still in the McLean Family) and has been restored in the past couple of years – I have several photos of the private family burial ground, but trying to get pictures that are clear. I have photos of James Fleming and Mary Black, also of several of their children. JAMES FLEMING MARRIED MARY BLACK The first James Fleming that we know about was a weaver from Glasgow, Scotland. He was middle aged when he came to Canada. His first wife died in Scotland. When James Fleming migrated to Canada, he made friends with John Black, an Irishman from the north of Ireland, and a Protestant. – taken from the Carr/Fleming Oral History by Clifford Carr James I married John Black’s sister Mary for his second wife. She was perhaps twenty years his junior. John Black is also the father of Elizabeth Black who married James Fleming II – which means that Mary Black and Elizabeth Black would have been aunt and niece. To the union of James Fleming I and Mary Black the following children: Bracey (Harvey Shaver) Mary Ellen (Joshua Servage and 2nd marriage Hugh Carr) Robert (Sarah McLean) Maggie (Patrick McCormick) John (no information) Jenny ( William McLean) Emma (William James O’Neil) * Mercy (Lorne McLean) information obtained from family written history by Clifford Carr with the help of Mercy McLean. Child from 1st marriage James* (Elizabeth Black) may have been more, unable to confirm. There is information in the Carr Fleming history which states that Mary Black* was not the mother of James Fleming* (Elizabeth Black) but his step-mother. I have found the registration of death for James Fleming and it states his parents are James Fleming and Annie Dunn.– as per the registration of death it states that James Fleming was born in Osgoode further research is required to verify this part of the family history as of January 2008, been unable to locate anything in Osgoode. Gail
February 6, 2008: Hi everyone, below is an e-mail received from one of the descendants of James Robert Black son of (John Black and Jane Alison? – 1st marriage) this gives us information for one of the four children from this 1st marriage. ... Gail Hi Gail, I hope all is well with you. I talked to my mother and my uncle on the weekend regarding J R. (James Robert born 1848 ) As far as they know, no siblings were ever mentioned. But he did leave home at an early age. He died April 27th, 1927, in Toronto, he married Edith Purves Heudebourck on June 18th, 1875, in Stratford, Ontario, he was the Chairman of the Congregational Union of Canada in 1895, he was editor of the Kingston News-Times from 1898-1915, founder of Children's Aid Society. I have a 1891 Barrie, Ontario census that says he was from Ireland. We have no proof of birth date, but we have seen on his tombstone stating that he was 78, meaning that he would have been born around 1849. Binney Black, his son, was my grandfather.
June 17, 2009: Hello everyone! I have been trying to find a connection between "my" Jane Black with the Black family of Goulbourn headed by Moses Black (age 88, 1881 Census Goulbourn). There are suggestions that she was a daughter to Moses, however no solid proof. My McKinley/Black link, is Thomas McKinley (1820-1878) and his wife Jane Black (1823-1902). Their history from 1861 in Luther Township is well documented but prior to that time frame, it has proven difficult to verify their history. Thomas McKinley and Jane Black were my husbands' great great grandparents. Thomas McKinley, 41, born Ireland, Shoemaker, 1861 Hope Township Census (is this just head of householder info???) Need to see this census for family and check date census taken. Thomas and Jane were both born Ireland and their first child James was born in Ireland. The next confirmed birth was son John Black born 1847 Ontario. They probably came to Canada between 1841 and 1847. Their last child Sarah Jane was born Hope Township Aug. 31,1858 and she was baptized there Nov. 28th of that year. They are in Luther Township by 1861 so likely moved between 1858 and 1861. The Canada West Map of 1861 shows a Thomas McKinley at Con. 9 Lot 22. There are suggestions to link the family's such as Archibald Porteous and Nancy Black living in and having two of their children in the Arthur / Luther area and our McKinley family having some of their children in Eastern Ontario. Archibald and Nancy Porteous name their first son b 1853, Thomas McKinley Porteous. John Brown believes Thomas McKinley and Jane Black had a son born to them called Moses and that another son (John Black McKinley) was born in Coboug Ontario. Mary Margaret "Maggie" and Sarah Jane were both born in Hope Township, Durham County, Ontario. Info on Sarah Jane's marriage to Holden Colbeck says she was born Perrytown. From the Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register: Newcastle County Hope Township Sarah Jane McKinley born 1858/08/31, baptism 1858/11/28 to Thomas and Jane McKinley. Wellington County Luther Township Mary McKinley born 1869/09/30, baptism 1870/05/20 to John (added...Black McKinley) and Ann (added...McArthur) McKinlay. Wellington Co. Arthur Township Mary Jane Portes born 1856/06/18, baptism 1856/11/09 to Archibald and Ann Porteous (added Archibald and Nancy Porteous) Residence Luther, Birth Luther, Baptism Arthur Wellington Co. Arthur Township James Aisles born 1858/09/17, baptism 1859/02/06 to Archibald Porteous Residence, Birth, Baptism Arthur Carleton County Goulbourn Township Grace Porteas born 1868/05/09, baptism 1868/07/09 to Archibald and Ann Porteous From the email online at, January 27, 2008 between Ron and Gail it says "It is possible that Moses' brother Thomas with his wife Jane arrived at the same time." Was there a Thomas Black and a wife Jane? Could this possibly be Moses' son in law Thomas McKinley and his daughter Jane Black? Does anyone have the original "book" mentioned? The most interesting "evidence" is the clues in Moses Black seniors death that mentions a daughter in Luther two times. First, "...and intended, if he obtained the expected remittance, visiting his daughter at Luther, Ontario. Second, "Of the two letters...The other was a late one from his daughter, dated Luther July 18, 1881. I would like to know if anyone is interested in this mystery? ... Janet
July 9, 2011: Hello all, Thank you for all the info posted at Moses Black was my fourth great grandfather. He was married to Mary Woodward. Their daughter Nancy Black was my third great grandmother. She was married to Archibald Porteous. Their son James Ainsley Porteous was my 2nd great grandfather. He was married to Eliza Jane Smith. Their son William James Porteous was my great grandfather. He was married to Rose Smith. Their son Mervyn Porteous was my grandfather. My mother's family has lived in Carleton Place for many decades. If you need more info, let me know. Michelle
New March 29, 2015: Thanks to Jason for the following newspaper article regarding the death of Moses Black.
Death of Mr. Moses Black in Goulbourn Township in 1881 Death of Mr. Moses Black in Goulbourn Township in 1881 Death of Mr. Moses Black in Goulbourn Township in 1881

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