Our Lady of the Angels Parish
Brudenell Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

Some of the information on this page is from Bill Martin's Web Site.

The records on Bill's page cover the years 1860-1910 approximately and show a 
wealth of information concerning births, marriages and deaths for a wide 
geographical area to the west of the City of Ottawa. On Bill's pages 
(transcribed by Ida Reed) you will find many of the 19th century descendants 
of the Rideau Canal workers (Ottawa to Kingston, 1826-1832) 
and the Peter Robinson Settlers (1823).

Before going to Renfrew County many of these families lived close to Ottawa, and
many of their ancestors attended St. Michael's Parish at Corkery in
Huntley Township.

Ida Reed has done a remarkable job of transcribing these records and thanks to 
Bill Martin for making this information available on the Internet. 

The following is copied from Bill's Site. Fasten your seatbelt and click on the following link to go to Bill's page:
Our Lady of the Angels Church Brudenell transcribed by IDA REED These records are broken into files each containing a range of Dates. The earliest records are in Latin, and you will need to do a bit of translating to be able to use them. Later records are all in English. These records are NOT INDEXED, so you will have to check them manually for the names you are looking for. I would suggest you use the FIND function on your browser. It can be invoked by holding down the Control Key (CTRL) and pressing the letter f.

... Bill Martin
November 19, 2002: See also Mount St. Patrick in Renfrew Township.
December 10, 2002: Al: I was directed to your site by Fr. Dan Ryan of Kingston, ON. All very interesting. What do you have on Renfrew County, particularly in the Cormac area. That is where our ancestry - Ryan, Roche, May landed along with Green and O'Neil. Daniel James Ryan marr'd Elizabeth Roche in Cormac, Renfrew County 4 June, 1913. They are the parents of my wife Ann and Fr. Dan's grandparents. Fr. Dan has and is doing research on this line along with his mother's. I on the otherhand am an outsider so to speak. Do you know of anyone doing your sort of searching in the Halton Peel, Waterloo Countys area. That and Owen Sound, ON are the locations of my research. I am an OGS member #5680 and you now have my Email address. Come back if you think you can help. Wm. Q. Ferguson _________________________ Mr. Ferguson: If you don't find what you're looking for at Bill Martin's site, you probably could try going to the home page of the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogy Society (UOVGEN). They have a query board which is followed by a lot of knowledgeable people in that area. ... Al
December 12, 2002: Al: Roach is an English surname. Roche is French. Somewhere along years ago some of these people emigrated to Ireland. Thank you for your reply and also for the info. Wm. Q.
September 27, 2003:
Hello My name is Michael Haugh from Toronto, Ontario. Im writing on behalf of my mother anne marie haugh(nee Ronan ) Her mothers name was Anna May Finnerty daughter of Simon Finnerty and lucy jane (nee Sullivan) I've been looking for the death records of the church in brudnell, ontario because we have been up there and there is a new and old part across the street of the cemetery and very much interested who is there ... we know most of the info But I would like to hear Of any added infomation thank you very much yours truly Mike Haugh p.s My e-mail is MikeHaugh@sympatico.ca
August 31, 2004:
To who whom it may concern: i am debbie whitehouse (nee sullivan ) my father who had died few years ago is joseph sullivan and my mother is florence sher.. my grand father was dennis sullivan and margaret mary o'grady and my great grandfather was john sullivan and bridget Caughlin / Coughlin.. I find it very interesting and i did visit killaloe last week for a week vacation... and went to the cemetery to see my grandparent and my great grandparent O'grady in brudenell and killaloe from debbie whitehouse whitehouse@mountaincable.net
October 19, 2004:
I have an abbreviated obituary of my great-grandfather Joseph Doyle, a resident of Brudenell (township councillor and school board trustee) who died (age 83) in late Feb of 1920 or 1921. He was married to Annie O'Grady of Nepean Township and had 12 children. I know something of his parents and quite a bit about descendants. Do any of you have anything to add? I live in New Jersey, USA. ... Daniel
July 7, 2006: Michael Umpherson is researching the Martin Mulcahy / Mulcahey and Ellen Doyle family.
November 16, 2008: Hi Al, just looked through your passenger list and hoped to find my great great grandparents, Martin O'Connor who married Bridget Conway in County Cork, Ireland around 1820's and migrated to Killaloe or Brudenell or that area and had a farm there. A story heard was that a Mr. French (a land agent) invited newcomers to come to that area and settle. Don't know much more. Have you ever seen or heard of Martin O'Connor and Bridget Conway and their children? They may have brought two or three children with them and then had more when they reached Canada. Hope to hear from you. ... Lorraine ____________________________________ Hi Lorraine: Thanks for your e-mail regarding Martin O'Connor and Bridget Conway. I had a quick look for your ancestors and found the following record (written in Latin!) at Our Lady of the Angels Church in Brudenell in 1862: Mensis Octobris 1865 15a Bapt. Jacoum (James) born 10a ex Martino O'Connor et Brigitta Conway (ejus uxore ... his wife). Sponsores fuerant (were) Michael Foran et Maria O'Connor. Peter Cody. (the Priest, I think) It's really interesting to see these old records in Latin. By 1862, most of the other Catholic Churches in Eastern Ontario did their recording in English or French. I'll check for other family members on the weekend and see what shows up. Is it OK with you if I start a new web page for your O'Connor / Conway ancestors on our web site. With any luck we will hear from other researchers who will help us out. Please let me know if this is OK with you. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis _____________________________ Hi, thanks so much for your email. I had found other children of Martin and Bridget on the same records so thanks for looking it up also. I would like to know which ship that Martin and Bridget came on and how they travelled to the Brudenell area. Yes you can post my query. ... Lorraine

June 5, 2009: New Book by Bernadette Burbage: Thanks to Bernadette Burbage who brought her book, written in 2008, to my attention. The book is called Early Families ... Our Lady of the Angels Parish Brudenell, Ontario 150th Anniversary 1858-2008 256 pages ISBN 978-0-9809716-0-6 Hi again Al. My book takes all the (Catholic) families who appeared in the 1861 census of Brudenell Township. That census was the first official count after the twp. was establishedd in 1857. The occasion was the 150th Anniversary of the parish, hence just Catholic families.By the way, the parish name is Our Lady of the Angels, or St. Mary's - not whatever Ida Reed called it. I traced over 100 families from that time through to about 1915-some more, some less. For the most part I used church and census records, local papers, some family histories,cemetery records, etc. It is genealogical data rather than family stories-which has disappointed some readers. Some families who came here from Carleton County were Colton, Dolan, Drohan, Coughlin, Costello, Grace, Hagarty , Malone, Nevin, etc, etc. I have used your web-site so much that the least I can do is send you a book. ... Bernadette Burbage E-mail bburbage@nrtco.net
April 19, 2011: Mary Jo and Bob Guinan from Nebraska, USA, are researching their ancestors in Brudenell and Eganville. Here is a transcript of the family of a record of their Coughlin, Power and Quinn ancestors transcribed by Ida Reed (above). On the seventh day of January 1867 we the undersigned priest the bans of marriage having been trice published between Pat'k Caughlin son of John Caughlin and Ellen Power on the one part and Mary Quinn daughter of Martin Quinn and Ellen Quinn on the other part no impediment having been discovered we have received their mutual consent to marriage and have given the nuptial benediction in the presence of Robert Quinn and Marg't Caughlin, P. Cody. (Priest) And here is a copy of the original church record available through the Drouin Records for the Church at Brudenell which can be accessed through ancestry.ca. (You need a subscription to ancestry.ca, well worth the cost, but it's available for free at most public libraries).
Marriage in 1867 at Brudenell, Ontario, Canada, Church

April 20, 2015: Mary Jo Guinan is researching her Martin Quinn, Patrick Coughlin and other ancestors. There are many surnames on our new page for Martin and Ellen Quinn.
May 23, 2016: Note: The early records at this church in Brudenell are in Latin. Here is a nice link posted on Facebook by Malcolm from Archive CD Books Canada to help with translating common Latin terms: http://www.genealogyintime.com/dictionaries/genealogy-latin-dictionary-pageI.html

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