Buckingham, Quebec and Lochaber, Quebec, Canada region
Immigration and Settlement in the 1800's

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
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This text block is to fill in some details on the early history of the Maclaren family who had origins and beginnings in 
our part of the world. It comes from the book The Ottawa, by William E. Greening, page 113, McClelland and Stewart, 1961, no ISBN.

Buckingham, Quebec, Canada Buckingham, Quebec, Canada

December 16, 2010: Buckingham during the Fur Trade years:
Source for text below is Ottawa Waterway, by Robert Legget, page 187 Keywords: John McLean, Riviere Lièvre / Lievre River, Hudson's Bay Company, Justus Smith Buckingham, Quebec, Canada
Buckingham origins: (Source: Lumbering on the Riviere du Lievre by J.W. Thomson, page 19)
More Buckingham, Quebec, Canada
February 18, 2019: This book, Au Coeur de la Basse Lievre - la ville de Buckingham et ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, by Pierre Louis Lapointe, ISBN 2-921282-06-2, is the best book concerning the history of Buckingham, Quebec. It is available in both French and English.
Buckingham Quebec, Historical Book
May 5, 2005: See also Lochaber Township and Montebello (Petite Nation), Quebec area ________________________ April 30, 2004:
St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Buckingham
This stone church, built in 1899, replaced the original church
St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Buckingham, Quebec

May 14, 2004: Inez Allen is researching the James SAVAGE family in the Buckingham area. Dan Murray has sent along a lot of Census information regarding the surname Corrigan in western Quebec, including Buckingham. July 5, 2004: Barbara Colby Hawes is researching the family of Mathew COBEY / COVEY in the Templeton area. July 8, 2004: Hello, I am researching a Rev. Jeremy or Jeremiah Babin or members of his family. I am writing a book about Dr. Maude Abbott and he figures strongly in the story. He was the Anglican minister at Buckingham in 1866. If you should know anything about this story I would be glad to hear from you. Best regards ,Liz Abbott E-mail: liza2003@telus.net
August 11, 2004: Susan Pace-Koch is researching the James Dunnigan family (and related surnames in the Buckingham, Thurso and Mayo area. November 8, 2004: Liam is researching the McNulty surname in Buckingham and area. Some of these folks went to Bureau County, Illinois, USA in 1858. February 7, 2005: Darlene is researching the surnames Lariviere, Raymond and Mousseau in the Buckingham area from about the 1830's.
February 11, 2005: Hello folks If anyone of you come across the surname MACKIN (Macklin) I would appreciate a note. Many thanks ... Taylor Kennedy E-Mail tkennedy33@cogeco.ca
February 12, 2005: Madonna Bingham is researching her McCabe, Cox and Burke ancestors.
August 4, 2005: News Flash !! Apparently the Buckingham area was originally called "Bigelow" after Levis Bigelow who came to the area before 1828 and was an early lumber baron.
September 6, 2005: Diane (Spooner) Apel is researching the family history of Thomas Spooner and Anastasia O'Grady who arrived in the Buckingham area in the 1820's.
February 12, 2006: Elaine is researching the family of James Stewart and Jane ? who were in the Buckingham area by 1826.
February 7, 2008: New e-mail address for Liz Abbott incorporated in the list below.
March 5, 2008: The following consecutive baptisms took place at Buckingham, Lower Canada (LC). A priest from Notre Dame probably visited the lumber camp at Buckingham and, on February 18, 1834, recorded the following baptisms: ____________________________________ April 28, 2010: 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Daniel, son of Jeremiah Shea (ML# 62) and Ann Doyle Edward Barrett & Ellen Cosgrove (Note: I made a transcription error for the above record. My "Jeremiah Shea", above, is not ML# 62. see instead the new web page at www.bytown.net/sheehanjeremiah.htm ... Al) 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Joseph, son of Joseph Baskin and Bridget Killkaly Francois Pare & Margaret Foubert 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Ann, daughter of Patrick Burke and Mary Burke Edward Burke & Mary Burke 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Maria, daughter of Thomas Rowan and Mary Ward Michael Clifford & Mary Burke 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Lucinda, daughter of Francois Reaume and Christina Newton Michael Mahoney & Sara Sheehan 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of James, son of Lawrence Burns and Mary Tompkins (from County Wicklow) (This family later joined St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Buckingham) Thomas Murphy & Mary Ward 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Francis, son of Francis Foster and Sara Illegible Jean Laform & Mary Burke 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Patrick, son of Michael Mahoney and Sara Sheehan John Doherty & Elizabeth Doherty 18 Feb 1834 Baptism of Thomas, son of Michael Lynch and Ann Long / Ling? Philip Gorman & Ann Gorman 19 Feb 1834 Baptism of Robert, son of Patrick McFaul & Martha Dale or Daley Denis McFaul & Mary Donnelly 19 Feb 1834 Baptism of Joseph, son of Jean Baptiste Brault and Mary Ann Monette Michael Lynch & Mary Ann Burchet 19 Feb 1834 Baptism of Hugh, son of Patrick Cosgrove and Mary McAndrews Thomas Burke & Catherine Kearnan
November 25, 2008: Kathy Manning is researching two families of her ancestors. Both families came to Buckingham from County Clare, Ireland, by the 1840's: 1. James BUSH and his wife Bridget O'CALLAGHAN, and, 2. Patrick CALLAHAN and Mary CORBIT / CORBET.
January 21, 2008: Lewis Burns from County Wicklow was also in Buckingham early on. Some members of this family later moved across the Ottawa River to Cumberland, Ontario. ... Al
February 19, 2019:
Covered Bridge on the Lievre River at Buckingham Photo Source: Au Coeur de la Basse Lievre - la ville de Buckingham et ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, by Pierre Louis Lapointe, ISBN 2-921282-06-2, page 95 Covered Bridge at Buckingham, Quebec, Canada, c. 1890

October 10, 2009: Al, could you please add the following to the Buckingham page? Thanks. "Mark Cullen is tracing his McClements ancestors who farmed on Range 7 Lot 7 from the 1840s." My email is now mark@cullenancestry.ca Mark Cullen
November 20, 2009: Thanks to Mark Cullen for submitting a document called Church Street Cemetery and Historical Site, A Memorial, by Mr. William J. Lawlis. Thanks also to Mr. Lawlis for permission to use it on our web site. ... Al
July 15, 2010: Hi Al, I visited St. Stephen's Cemetery (Anglican) in Buckingham yesterday. The lovely church whose picture appears at the top of this web page, sadly now seems to be a property for rent. I did find the grave marker for Lawrence Burns, who, it was believed, had joined the Anglican church. On one side the marker reads "Mary Tompkins, wife of Lawrence Burns, died Sept. 13, 1880." (There is another Tompkins buried nearby, but the first name was unreadable; this person died February 27, 1897, aged 64 years.) The back side of Mary Tompkins's stone is broken from the top to about the middle. The readable part that's left must be for Lawrence: it says "...Co. Wicklow, Ireland, May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen. Erected by his son Thomas." Now for the interesting part. In the Drouin records at ancestry.ca, I found the attached death record from the church of St. Jean L'evangeliste, Thurso, County Papineau. It's very difficult to read, but it details the burial of Lawrence Burns, husband of Mary Tomkins, aged 67, on what looks like July 11, 1872. Present were John Dunnigan, Bartholomew Cooligan / Coolican, and Thomas (unreadable). This would make Lawrence Burns b. c1805, and a likely brother to Lewis Byrne, b. c1804 in Clonmore parish, Co. Wicklow, whose records appear in both Cumberland, ON and Buckingham, QC. (You have a page on Lewis Byrne.) Given how early these Burns / Byrnes were here, it seems likely that they worked on the Rideau Canal, and then moved on to the lumbering trade, wouldn't you think? I'll see if I can connect Mary Tompkins Burns to those other Tompkins in the Cumberland / Orleans area. Anne Burgess ______________________________________
Hi Anne: Thanks for this! I'm thinking that Lawrence from Buckingham, Lewis at Cumberland, and my Lawrence and Terrence at Osgoode must be related, maybe cousins. My Lawrence and Terrence were born near the same time (c. 1805) and both of my ancestors from Osgoode were involved for decades in the lumbering business at Buckingham. My Great Grandfather, James Burns was born in "East Templeton" and he married a girl from there whose family had moved from the Buckingham area to Cumberland, Ontario. My GGGrandfather, Lawrence, was known far and wide as a "jobber" in the lumber trade and every winter he took a group of men to work with him up the river which flows into Buckingham (the Lievre). This is really interesting. My Burns family, though strong Catholics, were quite willing to intermarry with Protestants. My James Burns, married Ann Robb, who was Presbyterian from Aberdeen, Scotland. Although, I have a sense that the Wicklow population in general were less concerned with crossing the religious divide than persons from anywhere else in Ireland. Also, Ann Robb's father brought the family together from Scotland so that he could take up a position as General Manager for whatever lumbering company they were affiliated with in Buckingham. I think that it was MacLaren's Mills. Then, some of the Robb family also ended up across the River in Cumberland. I've been trying to work at the trailer in Osgoode, but the Internet connection there is hit and miss, except on clear and windless days. I'm in Ottawa today. ... Al ________________________________________ Note: Yesterday Anne Burgess made a terrific find. She located the five younger sons of James Burns and Elizabeth Walsh working in a lumber camp in Bouchette, Quebec, north of Buckingham, at the time of the 1861 census. Here is part of a page from the 1861 Bouchette census. Michael Burns, from Osgoode Township, is listed at the top. At the bottom are his brothers, James, Timothy and Lawrence.
Michael, James, Daniel, Timothy and Lawrence Burns at Bouchette, Quebec, in 1861 Census Source: ancestry.ca Michael, James, Daniel, Timothy and Lawrence Burns at Bouchette, Quebec, in 1861
... Al
March 12, 2011: Cindy is researching her ancestors, John McAndrews and Catherine Coolican, in the Buckingham area. This family came from County Mayo, Ireland, in the 1840's.
July 19, 2011: Carol Brown is researching her ancestors, Francois RHEAUME / REAUME and Christina NEWTON, in the Buckingham area.

June 19, 2012: Mr. Mark Cullen has just sent along a copy of the 1825, 1861, 1871 1881,1881 census transcriptions for the Buckingham area, 275 pages. This book is called Recensements des familles de Buckingham au XIXe siecle and was compiled by M. Andre Joyce. It is Publication de la S.G.O.; 26 of the Societe de genealogie de l'Outaouais, published in 1991 at Hull (now Gatineau), Quebec. and, Mr Cullen has written a terrific family history of his Cullen ancestors. Thanks very much, Mark. ... Al
December 14, 2014: Carol Brown is researching her Francois RHEAUME and Christiana NEWTON ancestors in the Buckingham area.
May 16, 2015: Here's another terrific book recommended by Mark Cullen: Au coeur de la Basse-Lievre, la ville de Buckingham de ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990 by Pierre Louis Lapointe, 1990, ISBN 2-921282-06-2, 374 pages. This and many other local history books can be purchased used at http://www.abebooks.com.
October 5, 2019: Source for the following paragraph is Lumbering on the Riviere du Lievre by Mr. James W. Thomson, page 53
The Lievre River
Gabriel Foubert is mentioned in the book as being a fur trader up the Lievre River, well north of Buckingham by 1802. ... Al
May 18, 2015:
High Falls on the Lievre River, north of Buckingham Source: Au coeur de la Basse-Lievre, la ville de Buckingham de ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, page 50 High Falls on the Lievre River, north of Buckingham

The Steam Boat George Bothwell on the Lievre River, near Buckingham, Quebec Photo Source: Au Coeur de la Basse Lievre - la ville de Buckingham et ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, by Pierre Louis Lapointe, ISBN 2-921282-06-2, page 127 See more steamers. Steam Boat George Bothwell on the Lievre River

September 26, 2019: James MacLaren was the most important businessman in Buckingham. MACLAREN, JAMES, businessman; b. 19 March 1818 in Glasgow, son of David MacLaren and Elizabeth Barnet; m. 13 Jan. 1847 Ann Sully; and they had 13 children; d. 10 Feb. 1892 in Buckingham, Que. Maclaren’s business was centred at Buckingham. Both as a leading employer of townsmen and as a benefactor, he played a major role in its development. Resisting pressures in the 1880s to relocate to Ottawa, he preferred to remain at Pinehurst, the family home, which he had built overlooking the Lièvre at Dufferin Falls. At Maclaren’s death in 1892 about 500 men in a town of 3,500 were employed in the lumber business, and no labour dispute had yet occurred. James Maclaren and Company and J. R. Booth and Company were the two firms “that survived longest cutting deals for the English market,” according to historian Arthur Reginald Marsden Lower*, but by the late 1870s Maclaren’s was regularly exporting large barge-loads of lumber to Montreal and the New York urban area. To facilitate business operations further, James Maclaren was the prime mover behind the founding of the lumber-oriented Bank of Ottawa in 1874. His subscription of $100,000 to its capital stock amounted to nearly one-third of the paid-up capital at the end of 1875 and made it possible for the bank to obtain the balance of the capital easily. Source for italicized text is the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. The following two photographs are from the MacLaren Collection.
Boat Landing on the Lievre River at Buckingham Portaging a canoe and a pointer boat at High Falls on the Lievre River Canoe and Pointer Boat at High Falls on the Lievre River Canoe and Pointer Boat at High Falls on the Lievre River

October 25, 2019: The next two photographs are from Au Coeur de la Basse Lievre - la ville de Buckingham et ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, by Pierre Louis Lapointe, ISBN 2-921282-06-2. .... _______________________________________________________________________________________________ December 1, 2019: Here is a description of a violent strike at the MacLaren Pulp and Paper Company in Buckingham, Quebec, in 1906. Buckingham was a company town and the strike affected everyone in the town. Bad feelings resulted in many families moving away from Buckingham. There were two deaths which occurred during the strike. Source for text below is The Ottawa, by William E. Greening, McClelland and Stewart, 1961, no ISBN, page 150-152.
January 30, 2020: This map is from the introduction to the book The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855 by Richard Reid. It is one of the few maps which show both the Gatineau River (Desert River) and the Lievre River.
Ottawa River Valley Complete

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