early families in Wolford Township and Montague Township
near Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
December 6, 2011:
Burchill Family Farm near Merrickville, Ontario, Canada Burchill Family Farm, near Merrickville, Ontario, Canada
My name is Betsy Burchill Brown. I was in Merrickville in July. I took pictures of many of my familes graves in the Union Cemetery. I was wondering if I could get some help with some other information. My Great Great Grandfather was William John Burchill . He was born in Ireland in 1806 and died in Merrickville in 1888. Do you have any records indicating when he settled in Merrickville???? His wife was Ellen Moloney Burchill she also was born in Ireland in 1811, she died in Merrickville in 1886. I believe they had 10 children. I took pictures of their graves. One of their children was my Great Grandfather. His name was Edward Burchill, he married Elizabeth Boyd Burchill. As a child we went what we called the farm. The farm was orginally owned by William John, than passed down to Edward, Edward had a child Charles and his wife was Florence Wiley Burchill and he passed it on to his son John Burchill. They rented cottages along the Rideau. When there we could not locate the farm, I was going by memory as a child. Could you help me with locating of the farm and any other Burchill info. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to reading my email. ... Betsy Burchill Brown _____________________________________ Good afternoon, Mrs. Brown: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Burchill, Moloney and Boyd ancestors in the Merrickville area. Attached is an extract from a map created in 1879 by the H. Belden Company. On the map, you will find several farms belonging to the Burchill, Maloney / Moloney and Boyd families. This area is along the Rideau River in Wolford Township, Grenville County. Some of the farms are along the waterfront and some are in the located in the second line of lots from the river. The two Burchill farms are kitty-corner to each other. ... Al Lewis
Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project, Grenville County, Wolford Township Burchill,  Maloney / Moloney, Boyd farms near Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

December 5, 2011: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following. From what I gather Samuel, Michael, Edward, John Burchill were brothers and appears their mother Mary came across with them in 1832. Sam farmed in Merrickville while William John Burchill was across the river in Montaque Township in Lanark County on the river Concessions' A & B lot 18. Please see the attached map. His son William John left and moved to Smith Falls and became a hotel keeper. Also shown on the map below is the location of the Kilmarnock Lock Station. ... Taylor
William Burchill in Montague Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

December 6, 2011: Thank you so much for everything. I have attached some copies of tomb stones and two pictures of the farm. ... Betsy
Farm of Charles Burchill and  Florence Wylie, Ontario, Canada
Grave Marker of Charles Burchill and Florence Wylie
Merrickville Union Cemetery, Ontario, Canada Grave Marker of Charles Burchill and Florence Wylie

December 7, 2011: Thanks to Sue from B.C. who has sent along the following information: The William John Burchell who was a hotel keeper in Smith's Falls died in Smith's Falls in 1935 (born abt 1869) and was a son of Samuel and Sarah Eagley Burchell (according to the death registration). Samuel, aged 60, and Sarah, aged 24, married in 1862, so I would gather that this must have been Samuel's 2nd marriage (at least). ___________________________________________________ Following the censuses for 1861 through to 1881 (1851 is missing for that portion of Montague twp that John Burchell was in) and following what the various children of John and Ellen said was their birthplace when they married, you have: John Jr., born abt 1841 in Leeds twp, married Mary who died in the 1870s, then married Adeline Victoria Maguire in Richmond on 8 March 1878 Frances, born abt 1843 in Wolford twp, married Freeman Hurlburt in Merrickville on 28 July 1887 George, born abt 1845 in either Wolford twp married Sarah Armstrong in Merrickville on 13 Feb 1872 Ann, born abt 1847 in either Wolford twp or Montague twp (she says both) and married Adam Wylie on 16 March 1870 in Merrickville and after his death married Samuel McIntyre on 31 May 1888 Thomas, born abt 1851 in Montague twp married Jane Atkinson in Merrickville on 20 Apr 1881 Edward, born abt 1853 in Montague twp married Elizabeth Boyd in Merrickville on 2 Nov 1886 Ellen Jane, born abt 1856 in Montague twp married Brouse Hutton in Merrickville on 6 Nov 1883. Note: Given the birth years of John and Ellen, it would seem that they had more children, probably born in the 1830s. And seeing as how they had children pretty well every 2 years, the other 3, if 3 it is, were born 1834, 1836 and 1838. I'm guessing that John and Ellen married in Ireland and came right over in 1832 OR they married in Upper Canada about a year before the birth of their first child. Hope this helps, Sue
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