Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
originally named Morphy's Falls

(named after Edmond MORPHY and Barbara MILLER from County Tipperary, Ireland)
also, the nearby Village of Appleton, Ontario

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

June 15, 2015:

Canada Geese on Mississippi Lake near Carleton Place
January 7, 2005: Thanks to Robert Sample who has contributed the photograph below of McNeely's Tannery. This photo is on page 25 of Carol Bennett's book Valley Irish along with the names of some of the pioneers at Morphy's Falls.
McNeely's Tannery
McNeely's Tannery

February 17, 2005: James McNeely (born in 1760) came to the Carleton Place area in 1822 from County Antrim, Ireland with his wife Agness and six children.
March 24, 2005: In 1899 the bridge across the Mississippi at Appleton collapsed. Abraham Morphy was drowned. Thanks to Robert Sample for sending the following article which is from the book "Bobier Ancestry" written by Lena Bobier. Thanks also to Lena for permission to reproduce it here.
McNeely's Tannery
Surnames mentioned in the article are Morphy, Beckett, Cram, Campbell, Dulmage, Hamilton, Lyons, Teskey and Towsley.
August 19, 2005: Bev Lohm is researching the following surnames in the Carleton Place, Carp, North Onslow, Quebec and Osgoode / Russell areas. Some of these families went to the Canadian west in the 1800's. Names: BOYD, McINTYRE, WOOLSEY, McCALLUM, HOCKIN, CAMPBELL and ELLIOT / ELLIOTT
September 13, 2005: Charles Wesley "Teachester" Munro was born c. 1820 in Glengarry. He "went to Bytown as a lad" then on to Lanark County where he shows up in the 1881 census.
December 5, 2008:
The Mill Dam at Carleton Place, 1904 Photo Source: Library and Archives, Canada, as reproduced in Founded Upon A Rock, by Howard Morton Brown, page 93. Carleton Place Dam, 1904
The town of Carleton Place was originaly founded in the 1820's by Edmond Morphy and his wife Barbara Miller who came fom County Tipperary, Ireland. May 16, 2009: Hello to All, I live in Carleton Place and I have been working on a genealogy project that I want to submit to the Catholic Church for the 125th anniversary of the parish in September. James Galvin, son of Patrick was on the committee struck by the priest to assist with the planning and building of the first church in 1884. I would like to include some information about the families of the committee members. I lived on the corner of Bridge and College streets in the 1950’s . Next to our building was Lam Galvin’s tailor shop. I remember Lam vaguely. I would see him and his sisters. I remember when the plate glass of his store window was vandalized (broken). In the 1950’s when I was in my teens the “Battle of the Boyne’ was still being waged in Carleton Place. In the attached pictures the Galvin building is the one story structure. My father’s Central Garage is in the foreground. I would be delighted to include any information that can be provided about the Galvin family from Patrick and Eliza down to the present. Thanks, Terry
July 7, 2009: Hello, I am tracing my Irish heritage and am asking for help. I have found that my gggrandmother is Anna Jane Johnston. The daughter of James Johnston and Margaret nee McKinney. I understand that Anna Jane was born on October 21st, 1844 in Carleton Place, according to the 1851 census in York, York. There is also a sister to Anna Jane named Mary born in 1846 also in Carleton Place. I do not know when they arrived in Canada, what ship, from where in Ireland, and when they moved to York, York where James is apparently an inn-keeper. I assume they were married somewhere in Ireland. James is born in 1820 and his wife Margaret is born in 1826. They are Weslyan Methodist. I am a descendant of Anna(e) Jane and her husband Samuel Irwin and their daughter Olive Maud. Would you be able to help me in some way? Thanks, Dennis

December 16, 2009:
Textile Mill at Appleton, Ontario, Canada
The village of Appleton is a couple of miles downstream from Carleton Place. During the second half of the nineteenth century, the Mississippi River Valley between Carleton Place and Almonte was the textile manufacturing centre of Canada. There is a textile museum at Almonte. The mill in the photo below was built by the Teskey family. There was a John Teskey family who came to our area with the group migration known as the Peter Robinson Settlers, in 1823. This Teskey family was from County Limerick, Ireland. In Ireland, they were Palatine Settlers who had originally migrated to Ireland from Germany. There is an extensive write-up about this family in Carol Bennett's book Peter Robinson Settlers, 1823 1825.
(photo taken April 22, 2005 by Al Lewis) Newspaper article from the Ottawa Citizen, dated June 23, 2012 Textile Mill at Appleton, Ontario, Canada Teskey Textile Mill at Appleton, Ontario, Canada

Text Image Source Below: Watermills of Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Canada, by W. Stephen Cooper, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited (Toronto and Montreal), ISBN 07-549594-5, page 8
Teskey Textile Mill at Appleton, Ontario, Canada
Keywords for search engine: William Bredin, Boyd Caldwell, Collie family. ______________________________________________________
Photo and Image Source Below: Watermills of Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Canada, by W. Stephen Cooper, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited (Toronto and Montreal), ISBN 07-549594-5, page 10
Archibald McArthur Woolen Mill in Carelton Place, Ontario, Canada
Keywords for search engine: John Gillies, lumbering business posted on April 23, 2005: "There was quite a connection back and forth between Appleton and Ashton. As I recall, both the Presbyterians and the Methodists shared Preachers. This is talked about in Dorothy Lewis nee Fisher's book 'Waymarks and Guideposts'. Appleton was a good stretch with a fast mare from Ashton but seems that those folk did it regularly." ... Robert Sample
January 13, 2010:
Soldiers from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, Canadian Expeditionary Force, France, 1915 One of these soldiers may have been Horace Brown Can anyone verify the names of the four men? Soldiers from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, Canadien Expeditionary Force, France, 1915
There is an entire chapter about Horace Brown in Our Times: A Pictorial Memoir of Ottawa's Past. He brought his Kodak camera with him and recorded his experiences, both in photographs and in print. He had a brother named Howard who may have been the author of Founded on a Rock (a history of Carleton Place, mentioned above).
February 12, 2010: HELLO I am researching my paternal grandmother's Burgess line. William Burgess born ca 1809 Ireland and his mother Jane Burgess b 1772. William married Jane Taylor b 1821 Ireland. Among their many children was my g grandfather Nathaniel Burgess b Ontario 1848. According to any info I have been able to gather all of their children beginning in 1835 with William and Eliza b 1843 were all born in Montague Township. Nathaniel and his wife settled in Carleton Place. I'm probably reaching for straws but if you have anything that would help my research it would certainly be appreciated. thanks so much Jean Purcell

February 28, 2010:
The Carleton Place Canoe Club has been in operation since 1893. Situated in the town of Carleton Place, the club is located on the Mississippi River at the junction of Mississippi Lake. The club is headquartered in a park -- a nice spot to launch your canoe. There is also a good boat ramp which handles motor boats. Source: Ottawa Citizen, June 26, 1907 Canoe Club, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
Names for Search Engine: Gowling, Stitt, Johnston, Gibson, Keyworth.
May 19, 2010:
Source for text below: Ottawa Citizen Digital Archives, Article dated December 11, 1895 Carleton Place Lumbering
Names for search engine -- Gillies, Braeside
November 4, 2010:
Carleton Place, Mississippi Lake and Ashton in 1879 Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project McNeely's Tannery

October 6, 2011:
Day Trip to Carleton Place If you are a history buff, be sure to visit Carleton Place. Here are two places to spend some time: The Book Gallery is the largest used book store in Canada, includes hundreds of hard-to-find local history books. Many of the books from our Bibliography were bought there. Then stop in at the Ballygiblin's Restaurant and Pub on Bridge Street in Carleton Place. We had a relaxing lunch and the food is very good.
The Book Gallery, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada Ballygiblins Restaurant and Pub, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
Ballygiblin's Restaurant and Pub takes its name from the 1824 Ballygiblin Riots which took place in Almonte and Carleton Place.

September 14, 2012: New e-mail address for Mrs. Bobier incorporated in the list below. ... Al
March 6, 2013: Al, The H.W. CRAM shown on the map of Ramsay Township at Concession XI, lot 7 is a descendant of the CRAM family who emigrated from Perthshire, Scotland to Beckwith Township in 1818 and 1820. This family played a major role in Beckwith Township, Carleton Place and Ramsay Township in the 19th. century. Today Carleton Place has an active 'twinning' relationship with Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland with frequent exchange visits by youths between the two places. ... Ian White
October 4, 2013:
Morphy's Falls, Ontario, Canada Morphy's Falls Restaurant, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

February 3, 2014:
Carleton Place Band Photo sent in by Frances Moore Carleton Place Band

July 11, 2014: Hi there allan! Could you post my alias Lina Vilskid's performance at Ballygiblins restaurant july 19th in a comedy contest? It will be a hilarious evening of the areas best comedians fighting it out for the top prize. Mike Beatty will feature and it only costs $5!! Lina Vilskid will regale the audience with the hilarious story of an italian dating a Scot! Show starts at 8:30 Saturday July 19th! Thanks Silvia Kindl
Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas, 1879, for Beckwith Township Mississippi Lake and Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, 1879 map

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