CARSON surname: Gloucester and Rideau Townships Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(Carson Road and Carsonby)

June 2, 2005:

Robert and Al,
John/"Johnathon" Carson was mostly likely one of the "municipal officer holders" 
whom you mentioned Robert, so thank you so much for posting that item.  I would love 
a citation for that reference.  I believe that Carson Road in Gloucester may have 
been named after him, as that was the location of his original farm, at the present 
corner of Montreal and Carson Roads, but have no evidence for that fact of the road 
having been named after him, but the locale suggests the link. 
John was in the early censuses/maps for Gloucester with his family, having 
immigrated in the 1820s with his family from Ireland.  Some records indicate that 
this was the first Gloucester suburb after John sold.  What is fun is that I 
lived so close by for a time and we rode bikes along the road and knew the 
communities of Carson Grove and Carson Woods, without knowing of the family? connection 
to the locale. Now, of course, I am very curious!  When I lived there, Carson Road 
was the location of a government language school, and there was another John Carson 
(former head of the Public Service Commission) who was a senior public servant.  
However, my research showed that the name of the road pre-dates the school or the 
tenure of the executive John.  Would love to know of some resources on Gloucester 
street naming!  
Should any of your readers be CARSON descendents, I am actively researching this family. 

... Leslie
June 19, 2008: The village of Carsonby is located between Manotick and North Gower village. Leslie Grauer is researching her Carson ancestors after whom Carsonby was named: Hi Al and John, Al, you are a historical keener, for sure! Getting out there.... Thank you for your venue (your excellent website) to share my research findings. I hope that you enjoyed the drive to the location of my gggrandparents' homestead. ... nice time of year to venture into the countryside around Ottawa! It IS a small world, but one with a VERY large history of inter-twined early Eastern Ontario families. I think that starting a new Carsonby page would be a fine idea, hopefully linked to North Gower data, if possible, as some people who lived there early were EASTMANs (I think they were there first), CRAIGs, ORRs, MCEWANs, MONTGOMERYs, MOFFATTs etc.(see 1852 census) and identified with North Gower Twp. vs. Carsonby, per se. Some of these other families have earlier roots in the Upper Ottawa Valley, the U.S. and the Cornwall area as loyalists and settled there before the CARSONs. Carsonby was settled mostly in the 1830's, although land grants were distributed, but many not "improved" earlier, so were sold. I am fairly sure that my gggrandparents, Eliza Carson and Thomas Craig held land on the corners near the sign that you have filmed!, if one compares the lots and maps and census records across times. The Rideau Archives in North Gower sells (at least they did in 2003/4), a book written by a descendent of the Carsons. This book is also online at and has photos of my family and some others from the area. The senior Gloucester CARSONs are also mentioned in Robert Gourlay's 1896 book, also online, around p.105-111, as I recal (online)l. Personally, I have sooo much data about the descendents that I have not yet found the time to verify and enter it all into my database, but I do have the data from other sources! In 1852 at least, children Robert, James, Charles and Eliza (m. Thomas CRAIG) CARSON lived in/near Carsonby. They probably received the town namesake by their numbers, local names for locales or connections, as some relatives (CRAIG) were reeves. Other siblings settled in Finch Twp., Stormont County and Cumberland, south and east of Ottawa, as well in the US. All were born in Ireland (most likely County Tyrone) and immigrated with their parents and other siblings to Gloucester circa 1829 - 1834. Their parents were John CARSON and Mary CUMMINGS. My research suggests that Mary's brother or her close relative was Charles CUMMINGs of Cummings Island in Ottawa, as Charles appears to have resided with his "brother-in-law" ??? (having no land, but enumerated with them) when he first immigrated in the mid 1830's). Both "brothers-in-law" initially were settled in "The Gore" of Gloucester in the mid-30's, but then John purchased the Montreal & Carson Road quarry / farm property and Charles bought "the Island" before 1840. Many roads in Gloucester (in Ottawa suburbs east of today's St. Laurent shopping Centre up to the Carson Grove neighbourhood) are named for the Carsons and Cummings relatives, Borthwick, Carson and Ogilvie Roads being among these. When I took my children for bike rides and ground-hog watching on/near Carson Road in the 1970/80s, I had no clue that I was walking on my ggggrand parents' land! How amazing is this!!!! Neither did I pay attention to the origins of the road names we drove on them going about our lives as a busy family. After all, I and my parents were born in western Canada and I had only vague inklings of my Ontario roots at that time. Who would have known that my very own grandparents were married there, in CARSONBY, even though they both resided in Alberta in 1891, had I not researched this? In another e-mail, I can link you to my SMIRLE and COWLEY ancestors (who also have roads and records in Ottawa [near Richmond Road etc.] and links to the Carsonby families. ... Leslie
April 25, 2015:
MOFFATT and CARSON at Carsonby
I am doing research and attempting to write history of my branch of the Carsonby Moffatt family. My grandfather Robert Moffatt came to Canada from Thubber, Ireland in 1840 as a 5 year old child, son of Thomas Moffatt and Mary Ann Ovens. He married Jane Carson (I donít have a record of the year of marriage but Jane was born in 1848 and died 1924) and they had two children Robert Edward and Eliza. Eliza married SamueI Carson (a first cousin). As a child I visited often with Carson relatives who lived in Carsonby. I know that someone was writing a Carson family history some years ago but that person has since passed away. It is possible James Carson in Ottawa may have some information but I havenít been in touch with him for many years. I also had a Carson relative who married a Clark and who had a store/post office in Navan. It is difficult to recapture some of the family history when so many connections and family histories have died with ancestors. I am currently trying to research what schools were available in the Carsonby area around 1880. I hope this is may be helpful. Jean (Moffatt) Matheson _________________________ Good morning, Jean: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Moffatt and Carson ancestors at Carsonby. Hopefully, Leslie will have some information for you. Hi Leslie. I'm a volunteer at the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society every Tuesday and we have a book in the library there about Carsonby. The book is called Carsonby, A Community History. The Library Catalogue is online at You should search the catalogue and see if they have a detailed family history of the Moffatt family. Also, do a search for the surname Moffatt at the bottom of this present web page at There is a dedicated google search engine there. Is it OK with you if I add your inquiry to our web page at as a contact for other researchers? Please let me know. Thanks again and good luck. ... Al Lewis

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