Sharbot Lake, Upper Canada (Ontario)
(Algonquin Nation)
also Charles CHABOT and Mary Ellen Margaret TRUDEAU
Pontiac County, Quebec

March 17, 2006:

Hi Al, 
    My Great grandparents were married in Arnprior in 1871.........Mary "Adeline" Chabot 
    and Joseph (Dion) Young...... He was from Quebec and she was born in Merrickville, 
    Ontario in 1850, her parents were Francis Chabot and "Mary" A Lachepelle.....both said 
    to be from Quebec.......We are trying to find out what Tribe our ancestors were from
    We have heard Cree or Metis but no one knows for sure, we have not been able to go 
    back any farther than Francis Chabot b abt 1806 Quebec......or wife Mary Lachepelle b 
    about 1826 Quebec......
    In 1871 census for Arnprior this couple are listed as Shabbott....but on the marriage 
    bans for the RC church for Joseph Dion commonly called Young and Adeline Chabot it says 
    Do you know of anyone doing Chabot genealogy or Lachapelle or any way i can find out 
    our Indian Heritage?     Any help would be greatly appreciated.....I will forward my 
    Great-Great Grandparents photo this might help in some way???   
    Thank You for your time.....
Deb Armstrong  

Mary A. Lachapelle and Francis Chabot
January 27, 2008: (new names for photograph)
Joseph Chabot and wife Elmire Dumais
Note: There were several Chabot families in the Maniwaki area in the 1800's. Jean Baptiste Chabot was the Chief of the Kitigan Zibi Algonquin Band from 1920-27.
May 27, 2006: Bonjour Mon nom est Claude Chabot retraité Depuis plusieurs années je monte dans un programme de généalogie une banque de données sur les Chabot Cette banque dépasse les 12000 Chabot tous reliés à Mathurin Chabot le premier arrivant ce qui touche près de 40000 personnes Et j'ai aussi près de 3000 photos avec différents dossiers de différentes branches de Chabot Je cherche des informations sur l'ascendance des Chabot à la Réserve de Maniwaki J'ai trouvé sur internet un rapport qui parlait du Chef Indien John-B Chabot de 1920-1924 et de 1939-1951 Mais malheureusement rien sur ses parents Aussi on parle du Joueur de Hockey John David Chabot maintenant entraineur et de son fils aussi joueur de Hockey On parle de Jean Chabot aussi joueur de hockey pour les Moose head d'Halifax Aussi j'ai retrouvé dans le recensement de 1911 Un Albert Chabot et une Annie (algonquin à Maniwaki) Né en Oct 1865 Enfants Jimmie Ann Frank Evelynn Mary Patrick Alexander Dans un autre répertoire à l'université Laval (ici je me pose des questions sur le raprochement qu'on peut faire) Norbert (Abert) Chabot et Annie Witeduck / Whiteduck Enfant James (Jimmie) marié le 20/03/1930 Louise Robillard Enfant Albert et Denise Piché (toujours à Maniwaki) Si vous ou une autre personne pourrais m'aider j'en serais très heureux Mon but laissé ce travail au Archive par le suite considérant qu'il n'y a pas encore d'association de la famille Chabot. Salutation Claude Chabot
August 8, 2007: The Sharbot Lake Historical Walking Tour brochure published by the Oso Township Historical Society (Frontenac County, Ontario) states, on the back infolded cover: (picture below): "Sharbot Lake was named after Mary and Francis Sharbot(above), aboriginal people who came here from Lake of Two Mountains, (Oka, Kanesatake) near Montreal in the 1840s." The photo above shows a couple in their 30's or 40's who may very well be the same people in the picture of a much older couple presented by Deb Armstrong. I will scan this picture and attach it to this E-Mail. Also, the current National news has been citing news lately about the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and Shabot Obadjiwa First Nation protesting uranium exploration near Sharbot Lake. The Algonquins are not status Indians because they never surrendered their land and are presently claiming much of Eastern Ontario, including Parliament Hill in Ottawa. There are Reserves in Maniwaki, Québec and also at Golden Lake, in Ontario. In those days, there was much inter-racial marriages between single French settlers and Indian maidens. My guess is (and this only a guess!) that Francis Chabot a.k.a. Chabotte, Shabotte, Shabot, Sharbot came back to live in the land of his ancestors early in the 19th century. ... Jean-Claude Dubé
October 16, 2007: Hello Al By pure coincidence, I came upon the following site tonight. It is a reaffirmation, though not a confirmation, of a previous comment of mine about the possible relationship between Francis Chabot and Sharbot Lake. The picture is most interesting. Jean-Claude Dubé
November 14, 2007: Hello, I am helping my grandmother find information about her mother who was native and was born in Whitney and lived at Golden Lake Reserve. I am having a little difficulty in finding information. I was wondering if you would know how I would go about finding information abut Mary Anne Sharbot. Mary Anne's parents were Frank or Frances Sharbot and her mother was Lavallee (not sure of the proper spelling and so not know her first name). She was born around 1898 or 88 and married Nathaniel Dunn in Renfrew. It is believed that Mary Anne sat on a council either Golden Lake Reserve or Sharbot Lake reserve? I don't know if you can help me. Thank you so much and any information or guidance is greatly appreciated. ... Cheryl ______________________________ Hello Cheryl Are you part of the "The Magically Hip" magician performers from Toronto? I believe that Mary Anne Sharbot's parents were Francis Chabot and Mary Ann Lachapelle. They were Metis Indians from Lake of Two Mountains (OKA), north of Montreal. The Oka reserve (Kanesatake)combined descendants of Algonquins who were chased out of eastern Ontario by the Iroquois and Mohawk Indians who were descendants of the same Iroquois. There are Algonquin reserves in Golden Lake (Lac Doré), Ontario and in Maniwaki, Quebec (Kitigan Zibi). The family name, Chabot, has been anglicized and mis-spelt Chabott, Shabotte, and Sharbot. If you look up the Bytown or Bust site , and search for Chabot and also Sharbot, you will find interesting bits of information. However, if you google search Algonquin sites such as Sharbot Obaadjiwan and Kitigan Zibi, I am sure that you will find lots of references to Sharbot and Chabot. I would surmise that they would probably be descendents of your grand-mother's siblings and cousins. If you live in Toronto, checking out the Genealogy Dept. at the Young & Bloor Library would also be a good start. Let me know how you make out. Genealogy is a passionate pastime. There is never any end to it. I have a mild interest in the Algonquin Indians and the Chabot families. I would like to know more about their relationship to the lumber industry that mushroomed in Eastern Ontario in the 19th Century while depriving them of their ancestral hunting and fishing land. Algonquin Park, Whitney, and Renfrew are all parts of that lumbering mosaic. ... Jean-Claude Dubé
November 16, 2007: Thanks, as usual, to Sue, for the following: Found in censuses and in the Ontario BMD's 1901 Airey, Nipissing, Ontario census Chabot, Frank, 30, born 4 May Ontario Marianne, 29, Mary, 13, born 3 March Lizzie, 8, born 1 March Susan, 7, born April Marianne, 4, born 15 May Alexander, 1, born June Lavalle, William, 32, single Note: no birthyears given - all born in Ontario ______________ 1911 Airey, Nipissing census Chabot, Mary, Feb 1873, now a widow Chabot, Mary, Dec 1897 Chabot, Alexander, June 1899 Next door is Dinnie (?) & Josephine Lavelly. Everyone is Algonquin and Roman Catholic. ______________ Registered birth: Susan Chabot, born 20 June 1895 in Renfrew county, Ontario. Parents are Francis Chabot and Mary Lavalle _____________ Registered marriages: Chabotte, Mary, 20, daughter of Frank Chabotte and Mary Ann Lavallie married 14 September 1908 in Whitney, Nipissing, David Bowers, 22, son of David and Sarah Bowers. Dunn, Nathaniel, 25, son of Francis William Dunn and Catherine Hannah Cowan, married in Whitney, Nipissingon 8 June 1914, Mary Ann Sharbot, aged 16 years and 9 months (mother had to give consent because of her young age), daughter of Francis Sharbot and Mary Anne Lavalie __________________ Deaths: Chabot, Frank, born 1 May 1869 in Ontario, died 14 March 1911 in Whitney. Occupation butcher. Married. Name of parents: Peter Chabot (born in Quebec) and Mary Chaminiginish (born in Quebec). Certified by Philomene Lamable of Whitney. Note: In the 1881 Ste-Bernard, Dorchester, Quebec census, there is a Pierre Chabot, 44, and wife Emile, 38. Of their 7 children, one is named Francois Chabot, aged 12, born Quebec. This is the only Frank, Francis, Francois I can find in the 1881 who has a father named Peter (Pierre). There is also a death registration for a Nathian Dunn in Whitney, Nipissing on the 25th of Sepetmeber 1919. He is married and his age was given of 31 years and born at Palmer Rapids, (on the Madawaska River system in Renfrew County) but whoever made the return gave his father's name (rightly or wrongly) as John Dunn. Hope this helps out, ... Sue
November 20, 2007: Thank you Sue On, I also found: Mary Ann Sharbot, age 17, born abt 1897 daughter of Francis Sharbot and Mary Anne Lavalie married Nathaliel Dunn, age 25, born abt 1885, son of Francis William Dunn and Catherine H. Cowan, on June 8, 1914, in Renfrew County and Mary Ann Sharbot nee Lavallee age 40 born abt 1874 married Ignace L'Amable, age 26, born abt 1888 in Golden Lake, son of Ignace L'Amable and Maud Defoe, on Nov 23 1914, in Nipissing District. (this would have been Mary Ann's (the mother) second mariage and she got married in the same year as her daughter Mary Ann) Also, I was at Library and Archives Canada today. There is no record of any Chabot/Sharbot having been born/baptized or married or died/buried in the Mission of the Lake of Two Mountains (now Oka, Kahnesatake). These are the R.C. records. There was one Lachapelle maiden mariage but it was in the 20th century. Also, the church burnt down many times. The records of the late 18th Century were retrieved from a second copy kept by the diocese in Montreal. However, the priest in charge on the Mission only retranscribed the white French names and neglected the Indian names. Some of these names may have as many as 20 letters or more and the sons and daughters do not have either of their parents' name. There is no paternal nor maternal lineage to follow. This creates a genealogical nightmare. These people may be hard to locate but I will keep on trying. I read somewhere that they were Mohawks and they may not have been from Lake of Two Mountains. A possibility is Akwesasne, south of Cornwall (Ontario-Quebec-New York State). This may be a rough ride. However, I discovered on a lot of historical information on that Mission and why the then-Catholic Mohawk Iroquois became Methodist Protestants and English-speaking and why they and the Algonquins spread out to various reserves and elsewhere in Ontario and Quebec. It even has a bearing on the Oka (Kanesatake) crisis of recent memory. I will write up that story in the near future and submit it to Bytown and Bust. ... Jean-Claude __________________________ Thank you Jean-Claude for your email, I got my information about my Great-Great Grandparents from Claude Chabot who wrote a book on the Chabot Genealogy. I see that Claude is on your email list for Chabot... .....He was kind enough to look up the information on my ancestors Francois Xavier Chabot and Odele Maurice "Mary" Lachapelle,who married at St Jerome Terrebone, Quebec on September 29, 1840.....they had all their children in Ontario area of Merrickville, Perth. In their later years they left that area and went to Arnprior Ontario......i have a photo of them taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1890 both are posted on..... Bytown site. The only thing that links me to the Sharbot Lake, Sharbots is the photo that hangs in their town hall.........I say it is my ancestors from Quebec, Francois and Mary Chabot but they say it is their ancestors from Oka (Kanesatake) Francois and Mary Susan ????(unknown last name)but i have tried to work with them to solve this puzzle and all they tell me they are Algonquin from Oka (Kanesatake)..........they can not produce any docments to back up this claim......when i went to Sharbot Lake this summer i was given a binder to look at, it was full of photo copies of photos and written and typed information about their Sharbot lineage....BUT there was not one copy of any legal document in this binder and when i asked where they got the BMD information from, they told me they research it and that their Francis and Mary Susan Sharbot were married at OKA again they could not produce any document of this marriage registration. They refuse to work with me on this matter......i stupidly loaned them the Chabot Book i purchased from Claude Chabot and i tried to buy another but there is no more in print at this time.....I have become a member of the Chabot Society in Quebec and also with just want the truth about my Chabot lineage and the Sharot lineage from Sharbot Lake. I want to thank You, Sue, Al and Claude for all the help you have given to me and other Chabots......... ... deb _____________________________________ Thank you Deb This is excellent information and it will save me a heck of a lot of time in doing the research. St.Jerome is the name of the Cathedral in the city of Terrebonne, north of Montreal. Terrebonne, which at that time was the Seigneury of Terrebonne, is situated on the Milles Iles river, which is a "by-pass" from the Lake of Two Mountains to the St.Lawrence River downstream from the Island of Montreal. This river was used by some of the lumber barons of Ottawa and Upper Ottawa area to bypass the Island of Montreal and thus avoid the Lachine rapids south of it. One of these guys had a toll "gate" on the river so not everyone was able to use this shortcut. That area was reasonably populated in the early 19th century while the Lake of Two Mountains Mission (now Oka / Kanesatake since 1874) was just that: a small mission in the bush in the middle of nowhere. I will check out the birth, marriage and death registers of the St.Jerome Cathedral. Then we should check out the same in Merrickville and Arnprior and then Sharbot Lake. The towns around Sharbot Lake and Arnprior such as Perth and Renfrew should be checked out also. Also the Township registers: Sharbot Lake is in Oso Township. Arnprior is in Lanark ? township.I believe Golden Lake is in Renfrew Township and north of that, you have Nipissing Township. All of the available census should be checked out for names, age and residence. This also explains why I could not find any traces of Chabot and Sharbot in the Oka / Kanesatake registers. I was starting to think that Francis and Mary were Mohawks but if they came from Terrebonne, they are likely Algonquins. Also, Mary may not have been a Metis . The Francis in the pictures certainly does have aboriginal facial features. And a picture in Bytown and Bust of four young Sharbot men, some in military uniforms, certainly is of men belonging to a First Nation. There are many Chabot in the Maniwaki reserves and I have found information of a Chabot belonging to the Cree Nation and coming from north of Moosonee, on James Bay. Also, there is a location called Chabot on the Grande Ile peninsula south of Plaisance, on the north side of the Ottawa River, downstream from Ottawa. The Chabot book should be available for perusal at the Library and Archives Canada and if not, certainly at the Quebec National Library and Archives. Depending on your subscription to, you may have access to the Drouin Collection that is available though Just about all of the registries in Quebec and some in Ontario have been digitalized and you may view and print the original entries in all of these birth (baptism), marriage and death(burial) registers. Also, has a lot of equivalent civic information available on-line for Ontario. Bye for now. I'll be in touch with you later on this week or next week. Jean-Claude __________________________ Well Hi there all.... Many thanks to Deb and her friends for helping in our research. I am Cathie. Here is a brief description of where I fit into the mix of the Sharbot Family. My Great Great Grandfather was Chief Fransway ( Francis/Frank ) Sharbot. Himself and his wife had children, one being Thomas Sharbot who married Cecilia Antoine, these are my great grandparents. They had children, my Grandaddy was Cecil Joseph Sharbot, their oldest son. Please find some attached photos from the family of Sharbots. As well as the Tombstone at Springtown that I maintain. Also attached, are some logging photos of my Grandaddy when he worked for Gillies Lumber way back in the day. Also attached is Cecil and his wife Viola's 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo. For the record, the Sharbots have always been Mohawks...2 wives have been Algonquin. ... Cathie Duchene-Sharbot
November 22, 2007:
Cecil Chabot of the Gillies Lumber Company, 1937, Algonquin Park
________________________________ Hi Cathie, Al, Jean Claude, Cheryl and Sue, I just got an email from Merrickville Library about my request for lookups for 1851 the census for them said they were RC..... so the Library gave me the web site for the RC Church in Merrickville and the Parish existed in 1823 and had kept ALL of their Church records in Shoe boxes.......the information is now being put into a book and will soon be ready........So i believe we will finally get some answers very soon about the Chabot/Sharbot families we now seek.......I sent an email to the Church tonight and hope to get an answer back and i will keep you informed...............Miracles do happen!!!!!... Best to All ... deb __________________ Note: This book will probably contain the names of many of the workers on the Rideau Canal in about four townships surrounding Merrickville. ... Al ______________________________ That's wonderful news Deb! Do you know who is writing up the book? and the name of the church? There is a very active historical society in Merrickville. They have monthly meetings with speakers etc. Maybe I could contact someone and drive down to Merrickville for a meeting and ask around. It's a 45 minutes drive south of Ottawa. There are some other genealogical records that I would love to gather up from there. And Cathie, I have no information to corroborate whether Francis Sharbot was a Mohawk or an Algonquin. I do have some historical information re conflicts between Algonquins and Mohawks at the Oka / Kanesatake Mission (they were made to split up and establish their villages on opposite sides of the Mission). I will write that up some day and submit it to Bytown or Bust. According to Deb's family tree, Francis Sharbot was born in the Church of St. Martin on Jesus Island, north of the Montreal Island (named after the Jesuits, not Our Lord!). I'll work on that in one of my next projects. And Cheryl, I'll try to tie up the loose strings and create a Sharbot family tree. I use Brother's Keeper software which is shareware that can be downloaded for free in a basic form. I can create a Gedcom which I could transfer to anyone of you (once I get the Family tree set up). I'm going to sign off till sometime next week. I have to be at work in the AM and I have some long and busy days ahead. But keep on sending me e-mails.I will read them in the evenings but I won't be staying up till 2AM for a while. Eh Deb! Ciao Jean-Claude
November 24, 2007: More great photographs from Cathie Duchene:

February 12, 2008:
Thanks to Deb for the following photograph of The family of Joseph Chabot and Elmire Dumais. Joseph's parents were Francois Chabot and Odile "Mary" Lachapelle. Photo taken in Arnprior. Before posting this photo to this page, I edited it for contrast and brightness. Deb has supplied the following information regarding the family members: Hi Al, What ever photo looks better you can use.........this family Joseph Chabot and Elmire Dumais had large family and his sister (my Adele/Adeline) Chabot did too... i have located so many of the different branches now, it is really exciting...... as for the is up to you if you just want to say Joseph Chabot and Elmire Dumais or if you want to add all the names.......... in case here are the names: front row Left...seated Joseph Jr....Edward...Josephe Sr....Harriet...Elmire back row left...Mary...George...Peter...Jack...William...Frank Thank You again ...deb
_______________________________ also posted on February 12, 2008: The following link leads to a very revealing and informative presentation by Archaeologist Bill Allen to a Symposium of the Ontario Archaeological Society in 2005. Chief Peter Chabot married Mary, the daughter of Paul Somogneche, Grand High Chief of the Algonquin and Nipissing. Paul Somogneche and Peter Chabot were living and farming at Galiairy / Galeairy Lake and Fransway Chabot was farming at Rock Lake in 1871 and were kicked out (evicted) when Algonquin Park was formed in 1895. Please read this attentively. It is most revealing. However, the age for François (Francis, Fransway) does not coincide with the age in the 1871 census at Oso Township (Sharbot Lake). Are there two or even three François Chabot ??? I'll be checking the references at the National Archives when I get a chance. (A .pdf file titled "Nineteenth Century Aboriginal Farmers of the Madawaska River"). If the link doesn't open for you, e-mail Jean-Claude at and he will e-mail a copy of it to you. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for download at ... Al) ... Jean-Claude
March 20, 2010:
Algonquins say

January 24, 2013: My ggrandfather is joseph chabot born 1863 lived in spanish algoma in 1901 cencus he was married to rose renaud do you have any info on him? Joseph chabot was married to rosalie renaud her father is noel cyrille renaud and her mother was rosalie ouellette. __________________________ Good afternoon: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Chabot ancestors. Is it OK if I add your e-mail to our web page at as a contact for other folks who are researching the Chabot family? Please let me know. Do you live in the Spanish, (Espanola) Ontario area? If so, I’d be interested in posting to our web site any information you have regarding that area, especially regarding Indigenous history. I live in Ottawa but am interested in Indigenous history. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis __________________________ Yes you can put this info on your web page. joseph children were mary virgina edith and georgina thank you for your help. __________________________ No i do not live in spanish algoma. i know there was 3 residental schools there and i am sure thats where my ggreat aunts went to school. My grandmothers sister mary chabot married elzear ross, virgina married laylond budge both were married in algoma. Joseph said he was born in st Philip Quebec. ... and Terry Mitchell
New July 21, 2014 Hi, Our family is seeking info on our Native heritage, and we have very little to go on. Our grandparents were Charles Chabot and Mary Ellen Margaret Trudeau, married in Bristol Quebec, sometime in the early 1900's. We know that our grandfather is probably Metis, and that his mother was what was termed an "Indian Princess", and her name sounded like the spice Cinnamon, but we have no idea how it was spelt. We do not know who she is, where she came from or even what tribe she belonged to, though we have guessed Algonquin. Our family homestead is between Quyon & Shawville Quebec, in an area we all called "Maryland". We have found a photograph of a Chief John Chabot who could pass for our grandfather's twin, and though we figure he has to be related to us somehow, we have no idea of the connections, if there is any. Any information you could provide would be very greatly father was the 3rd oldest if 13, thus I have 35 first cousins, and we all want more info about our Quebec roots. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Maribeth Chabot Hi Maribeth: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy, here are the marriage records for Charles Chabot and Mary Trudeau and also his parents, Telesphore Chabot and Emilie Chevrier. Hope this helps ... Taylor Kennedy
Marriage of Charles Chabot and Mary Trudeau Telesphore Chabot and Emelie Chevrier marriage - Ste. Marie, Quyon, Pontiac, County, Quebec
Taylor found the above records from the Drouin Records at Here are the names of the churches: Charles Chabot and Mary Trudeau marriage - St. Jacques, Portage du Fort, Co. Pontiac, Quebec Telesphore Chabot and Emelie Chevrier marriage - Ste. Marie, Quyon, Co. Pontiac, Quebec ___________ Hi, It certainly is ok with me!! I can give you a few more names if that would help, but we really don't know much....and unfortunately, there are only 3 remaining siblings, 2 uncles and an aunt, and the Native part of their heritage was downplayed & seldom spoken of, so they don't have much info to pass along to us. So, if I can be of any assistance at all, please don't hesitate to ask. I will pass along your site to my plethora of cousins in & around Ottawa & the Valley - there's lots of us, but we're not getting any younger & it's time to pass our heritage to our children & grandchildren. Thank you so much for doing this. Sincerely, Maribeth Chabot
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