The Pioneer CHAUVIN family in Bytown (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
from the 1840's

New April 18, 2017:

We are descendants of Joseph Thomas Chauvin mentioned in the the Notre Dame records. Born Feb 21, 1847 to Leon Chauvin and Denise Brule. 
In 1870 he left Canada for the USA and settled in Muskegon Michigan. Married there in 1874 to Delphine Lambert. 
She was born in Illinois, USA but her family came from Canada. About 1903 Thomas changed the spelling of his surname to Shovein. Many different 
stories about this. Some say it was done purposely and some say an error on an official document caused Thomas to accept the change. 
I think this change has hampered my wish to connect with other familys. Haven't found any other family with Thomas in their tree.
... Linda

In 1847, the Chauvin family are shown on a map of central Ottawa at Dow's Lake.
The confusion in the spelling of the surname in the early records at Notre Dame usually was due to the turnover of different priests - 
French, Scottish and Irish.

Here are some early family records at Notre Dame Cathedral, starting in 1842 - Source: Drouin Records for Notre Dame Cathedral.

December 14, 1842
Burial of Narcisse who died yesterday, aged 9 yrs., son of Jean Chauvin, carpenter, and Denise Brule of Bytown

27 April 1844
After three publications of banns, marriage of Joseph Potvin, a minor and natural son of Marie Potvin, resident in Bytown, 
to Victoire Brule, minor daughter of Alexis Brule and Genevieve Thomas dite Tranchemontagne of the parish of Notre Dame de Bon Secours 
of the Petite Nation in Lower Canada (LC)
(Petite Nation was the seigneury of Louis Joseph Papineau at Montebello, Lower Canada / Quebec)
Witnesses: Thomas Brule and Leon Chauvin

29 December 1844
Baptism of Joseph, born 26 December of the marriage of Alexis Chauvin and Denise Brule
Witnesses: Joseph Potvin & Victoire Potvin nee Brule

14 Jan 1845
Baptism of Adele, born 11 January of the marriage of Joseph Potvin and Victoire Brule 
Godparents: Pierre D'Amour dit Potvin & Denise Chauvin

6 Mar 1847
Baptism of Joseph Thomas, born February 21 of the marriage of Leon Chauvin and Denise Brule 
Godparents: Joseph Paiment and Victoire Brule

22 Sep 1850
Baptism of Marcelline, born 19 September of the marriage of Louis Petit and Catherine Chauvin
Godparents: Jean Baptiste Cote and Genevieve Aubuchon

21 Mar 1854
Baptism of Edouard, born 4 January of the marriage of Leon Chauvin and Denyse Brule
Godparents: Eustache and Sophie Brule

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