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Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

December 22, 2009:

Hi Al,
Google has added the Ottawa Citizen to it's newspaper archives collection.  For the present they are free.  Go here 
Put Ottawa Citizen in the Source box (see image below). If you select a date for the date box the format is 
mm/dd/yy; to get all the pages for a particular date enter that in both date boxes. The keyword seaches are 
a bit clunky and only search on selected (by google) words on each page so a surname search will not always 
Merry Christmas,
... Al Craig


Thanks for this, Al. This is a tremendous new tool.

August 25, 2011:

Note: Google has changed the interface to search the archives. The new format appears below.

To try it out, I tried searching for the term "Many Happy Returns" from the year 1953 to 1954. Here's 
what the screen looked liked after entering my Search Term "Many Happy Returns", adding the Source 
as "Ottawa Citizen", and the time period of 1953 to 1954:

Ottawa Citizen Digital Archives
And , amazingly, here's what showed up! The entire newspaper page is returned. Here I extracted just the article. The headline shows up in blue. The search term is highlighted in yellow by Google.
Keyword: Many Happy Returns Get a coffee and take this new toy out for a spin! ... Al Lewis
December 28, 2009: more from Al Craig: Hi Al, Found some more of the Ottawa newspapers in the Google news archive database: Selected issues of: Bytown Gazette 1840 - 1845 Ottawa Argus 1850 - 1854 Ottawa Times 1862 - 1875 Ottawa Free Press 1871 - 1876 Note: to access this put only 'Free Press' in the source box and then select 1860 -1890 in the date range boxes - you will get some that are not the Ottawa Free Press but most are and as mentioned before the Citizen from 1880 (above example) others of interest: Montreal Herald 1820 - 1890 many gaps Montreal Transcript 1835 - 1876 many gaps Montreal Daily Herald 1870 - 1892 Montreal Daily Post 1885 - 1888 Montreal Gazette 1880 - has quite a bit of Ottawa 'social news' Montreal Daily News 1914 - 1918 primarily war and political news Buckingham Post 1895 - 1898 Rideau Record May 1894 - May 1985; Feb 1913 - Nov 1913 Happy New Year ... Al Craig

June 26, 2010: Hi , I've been searching The Ottawa citizen digital archives and have come across ( stories ) ( deaths ) ( marriages ) etc which are of interest to me , is there a way that I could high light copy and paste to use them in my family tree? Delbert Moore ............... ________________________________________ Thanks to Allen Craig for the following reply: Delbert: There are a couple of options re saving the image in order to print it. For XP its a bit more complicated. 1. Press F11 to expand the page as much as possible 2. Press Ctrl Print Screen - this will save an image of the whole screen to clipboard then press F11 to reduce the window again 3. Paste the clipboard to whatever image viewer you normally use. 4. Crop as desired then print or save as you wish. The print version won't be terribly good as the resolution is pretty low there is also a tool for XP (and Vista and Windows 7) called Snagit, haven't tried it myself so can't say how well it works but I do know that it captures just the image in the Google image frame for pasting to an image viewer thus eliminating steps 1 and 2 and 4 above. If you are using Vista there is a similar tool called Snipit that is an all in one step (once you have done the inital setup) that produces .png files. I understand that some browsers (Opera ??) have a built in feature that does the job. Hope this helps. Allen Craig __________________________________________ Delbert and Allen: The latest version of Snagit (Snagit 10.0) apparently allows us to scroll through a newspaper article and capture the whole image in one screen capture (more than one screenful). The result is a graphic image of the article which can be saved as a .jpg file and then pasted into your family tree program or into your word processing document. Snagit 10.0 comes with a feature which allows then you to convert the image of the newspaper article into plain text format. I have not tried this feature yet. I've used Snagit 8.0 for a long time and it works very well for just getting a screen capture as seen in the image included above -- the "Many Happy Returns" article. I'll try and document this process later this week. A free trial version of Snagit can be downloaded directly from If you decide to buy it, it costs $50.00. ... Al

December 31, 2011: Another Link for Google's Historical Newspaper Archives in the Ottawa area and beyond:
February 3, 2013:
Search the Ottawa Journal for an index to Births, Marriages and Death Records, 1885-1980
Hi Al, I thought you might be interested that has posted the Ottawa Journal (browse only) and will be launching the indexes to Birth, Marriages and Deaths sometime later this year. See ... Lesley Anderson _______________________________ Thanks, Lesley. This will be a very useful resource for Ottawa area researchers! ... Al
February 8, 2013: Hi Al; Above is the link to all of Google's newspapers online. Although not searchable, they are browsable so if you know when someone married or died, you can browse the paper looking for him or her. Huge selection which includes Ottawa and Bytown newspapers. All for free. ... Sue
January 15, 2014: Just in case this site is useful, think we talked about it before maybe. Take care all Charlie Donohue Historical Newspapers Online
January 30, 2014: The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte is a museum which has digitized the copies of the newspaper the Almonte Gazette starting about 1860. Visit their web site (above) and click on "Collections". The records are searchable online. Also, the Ottawa Journal is now available in a searchable digital version online at This site is a pay site but can be searched online for free at the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society Library. 100 Tallwood Drive at Woodroffe Avenue, just south of Centrepointe.
February 23, 2014: See some marriage and death transcriptions from the Ottawa Union newspaper.
New November 27, 2015: Thanks to Pauline Johns for the following: Hi! As mentioned at the meeting last night, I had stumbled across a free web site for a number of Ontario newspapers: also, the Ottawa Journal can be searched online at the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. ... Al

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