Robert COLE and (1) Rose FLAHERTY and (2) Anne WHITE

December 1, 2014:

Hi Al, 
I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to. Back in 2008 or so, you wrote on your site: 
"......................regarding Ezekiel Cole and Mary Laroque/ Larock in 

Goulbourn Township and in the Renfrew area.
I had a quick look for these folks and will take a more detailed look on the weekend. 

There was a Robert Cole who was disbanded from the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot in 1818 

and received land in Goulbourn Township. He may be related to Ezekiel but the name Ezekiel
Cole does not appear on the list of disbanded soldiers from the 99th Regiment who received
land. He may have belonged to a different regiment." 
I am certain that this Robert Cole is my 3rd great-grandfather. A cousin and I have spent the better part of two years 
researching this fellow, but this is the first time I have read about a land grant in Goulbourn Township,
now part of the City of Ottawa.
Born in Rathfarnham, Ireland in 1781, Robert joined the 100th Regiment at Dublin in 1804. Married to a Rose Flaherty, 
their first child, Robert was born about 1804-1805, likely in Quebec but the records are sparse. Another 4 children 
were born at Montreal between 1808 and 1823 – Mary, Anne, Marguerite and James. Robert was a Sergeant at the time the 
Regiment was disbanded in Montreal, and received his pension in 1818. Wife Rose died in 1823, they were still at Montreal.
By 1829 Robert Sr. pops up at La Petite Nation. On 16 September 1829 he marries the widow of John Daily / Daley / Daly, 
Anne White, from the Hog's Back area, at Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa. They have four more children: 
Michael Frederick, Catherine (married Maxime Gagnon, my 2nd great-grandparents), Matthew / Mathieu and Thomas. 
In the 1842 census at La Petite Nation, Robert Sr. is a farmer, and he is listed as the owner of the property. Also on 
site is a pot and pearl ash manufacturing business. 
Sometime after that they both "disappear". We have found no death or burial records for Robert Cole or Anne White Cole.  

The question of course is – did Robert actually receive land at Goulbourn?  Did he somehow get the land in Quebec instead, 
or did he sell/trade the Goulbourn land?  Does anyone know where they went? 

Thanks in advance for any leads you might have. Love your site, it makes me miss the Ottawa Valley – but I love the Okanagan too!
Suzanne St. Germain

Good morning, Suzanne:
 Thanks for your interesting e-mail regarding your ancestors, Robert Cole and Anne White.
 I'll look into this and see if I can find anything for you and will get back to you if I find anything new. 
 I assume that you have checked the Drouin church records at A lot of the families from la Petite Nation 
 seigneury migrated across the Ottawa River into Eastern Ontario, many into the Plantagenet Townhips, starting in the 1850's. 
 Or they may show up in the Drouin records at for Notre Dame de Bon Secours RC church in the Buckingham / Petite Nation area.
 Also, have you checked into the Vital Statistics records. These civil records start in 1869 in Ontario.
 Do we know the parents of Anne White? Are they shown in the ND records?
 Is it OK with you if I start a new web page for this family on our site? Maybe someone will be able to help us out.
 Please let me know.
 Thanks again,

... Al

Hi Al
Thank you so much for responding. 
Yes, we have a pretty good  handle on Robert Cole ( Sr) and both of his wives. His first was Rose Flaherty, who passed away 
at Montreal in 1823. Second wife, Anne White, was born in Ireland, County Cavan, about 1800. Her parents were James White, 
a weaver, who seems not to have left Ireland, and her mother Jane Ellen Murphy who passed away in Ireland in 1821. 
Anne immigrated that same year to Canada. Her first marriage was to John Daily (Daley / Daly)  in 1821, Quebec, and  
second marriage to Robert.  
The oldest child for Robert , with Rose being the mother, is another Robert Cole (Jr) , born in Quebec City 1806. 
He married Jane Ann Doxey – I haven't been able to connect her to parents, she was born Ireland 1812 (we think). 
Then  they -  Robert Jr. and Jane Ann Doxey  - had a third Robert (James) Cole (#3) in 1833.  This family – Robert Jr.  
and wife Jane Ann Doxey, lived at Plantagenet from at least 1851. Kids were baptized sometimes at Notre Dame de Bon Secours. 
Kids migrated to Arnprior area, and some descendants headed to Matheson area, Northern Ontario. 
It's really the land at Goulbourn I am most curious about.  It would seem strange if he didn't accept it? 
We have searched through every database that we can, and have solved everything but this. Of course, knowing when 
they passed away would be nice too, but that has been a series of dead-ends.  We've been at this for nearly 2 years.  
Some of the children of Robert #3 settled  Raglan and Radcliffe, Brudenell , South Renfrew. 
Then some moved to the Matheson area. But Robert and Anne White seem to have vanished.  
Well, I'm going back to the records for Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, and will scroll through them page by page.  
Census records don't include them with any consistency.  If you do find his name on a land grant list, I'd sure appreciate that!

Although this family grouping had a lot of kids,  it seems that few people are  researching this land grant  issue, or 
researching these ancestors. But, posting it would be okay, maybe a descendant still lives there.  
Thanks for your help!

Hi Suzanne:
 I was just looking at the Notre Dame records in Bytown / Ottawa and found this record:

22 Aug 1853
After dispensing with banns, marriage of William Cole of Bytown, adult son of
Robert Cole and Ann Dolan, to Mary Brennan of Bytown, adult daughter of
John Brennan and Bridget Dorsey / Darcy?
Witnesses: William Kennedy & John Hall
M. Molloy, Chaplain to the Irish of Bytown 
Could this be one of your Coles?

... Al

Hi Al,
Yes, William Cole is "one of mine”. He would have been my "half first cousin 3x removed”. I have a birthdate 
for him of 24 May 1829. In fact I have his name as "William Doxy Cole”.  His mother would have been Anne Doxey, 
I believe, not Dolan. I also have "Jane Ann Doxy” for her.    
William's father would have been Robert Cole Jr, born 1806, the Robert Cole who was born at Quebec City and living at 
I spent hours this morning scrolling through church records at Montebello and no death records found for Robert Sr. or 
his second wife Anne White. Maybe they were smart and moved to California! Just kidding.  Part of the problem is the 
horrible writing in those church records and the tendency to think it was "Cote” and not Cole. In fact I found one 
transcribed as "Gold”.  
William Kennedy and John Hall are new names, I haven't seen them before, most witnesses tended to be Daily, Corrigan, 
Kemp and Murphy. 
Still, back to searching. Thanks again.
New August 5, 2015: Just found this record from Paroisse St Jean Baptiste at L'Orignal (Longueuil Seigneury): Robert Cole and Anne Dony (Doxey?) baptised Thomas, on February 21, 1836. The Godparents were Robert Cole and Elizabeth Cullen. ... Al

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