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January 17, 2005:

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Thanks to Barb Hadden for this fascinating original document which
is in the Kanata Town Hall. John Ray (spelled Rea) is named in the document
which list the names of folks in 1843 in March Township who were required
to do statutory labour to maintain township roads.
January 27, 2005: Hi Ken, Re your mail of Jan 12 - you are completely right about Robert Ray (son of John Ray and Rebecca Conley) - he married Frances Scharf and not Anne Carruthers. The Robert Ray married to Anna Mary Carruthers and buried in St James (Carp) is the son of John Ray and Sarah Kennedy. I have some info on this Robert Ray in terms of children, but I was wondering if you knew anything about a headstone in St James for a Reba R Northrup 1903-1997. Is it possible that this is Robert and Anna Mary's daughter Rebecca? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Lori
May 3, 2005: Hi Al, As I'm soon to be heading to Ottawa I'm trying to get things in order. On the cover of the St. John's Cemetery, South March booklet, there is a partial map of South March showing land ownership. Do you know where I could get a complete map? preferably one I could print off e-mail. Or if not that, will I be able to get one somewhere in the Ottawa area. Thanks so much. Darlene Conley Dean ________________________ Darlene: I've cropped the South March area from the 1879 Belden map of March Township. The original map (in a a digital version) is at: Here's the cropped image:
The names mentioned on the map are Conley, Gainford (Gainforth), Savage, Lewis, Read, Scharf, Boucher, Armstrong, Scissons, McMurtry, Smith, Logan, Morgan, Kelly, Burke, Monk / Monck, Gow, Graham, Parker, Duncan, Church, Erskine, Riddle / Riddell, Gleason, Bows / Bowes, Rea / Ray, Colbert, Robertson, Whalen ... Al
New September 8, 2006: Hello all, Just wondering if you might be kind enough to review the notes I have on this line, as they don't appear to completely conform with the notes on the Bytown site - in particular, I have Robert Ray, born c1851, married to Frances Scharf of my Scharf family. (There are other notes embedded within mine from Barbara Hadden.) Any assistance/comments would be appreciated. Many thanks, Debbie Prince (see below)
Descendants of John Ray
Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 RAY was born 1805 in Liverpool, England, and died Dec 1881 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario. He married REBECCA CONLEY 1827 in Ireland. She was born 1808 in County Wexford, Ireland, and died 31 Mar 1879 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario. More About JOHN RAY: Occupation: 1851, Farmer, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario More About JOHN RAY and REBECCA CONLEY: Marriage: 1827, Ireland Children of JOHN RAY and REBECCA CONLEY are: i. REBECCA2 RAY. ii. JOHN RAY. iii. MARIA RAY. iv. SARAH RAY. v. WILLIAM RAY. 2. vi. ROBERT RAY, b. Abt. 1851, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario. 3. vii. MARY ANN RAY, b. 1850, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario; d. 20 Aug 1905. viii. ELIZABETH RAY. Generation No. 2 2. ROBERT2 RAY (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1851 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario. He married FRANCES SCHARF 16 Apr 1871 in Ottawa, Ontario, daughter of BEAUCHAMP SCHARF and FRANCES DAWSON. She was born 16 Sep 1851 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, and died 03 Jun 1880. Notes for ROBERT RAY: Surname of "Ray" appears also as "Rea" in different census enumerations. Notes for FRANCES SCHARF: Robert Ray married Frances Scharf about 1871. She had the following children William Henry who married Minnie do not know last name have a photo of them. There is William H. Ray from this union plus W.G. Isilla born 19May 1872, another female child born 19 March 1876. I believe Frances died about 1880 not sure as of yet. Need to find this family on census . I have Robert up until 1871 than I can not find him. Hope I am not confusing you totally. (Barbara Hadden) More About ROBERT RAY and FRANCES SCHARF: Marriage: 16 Apr 1871, Ottawa, Ontario Children of ROBERT RAY and FRANCES SCHARF are: i. W.G. "ISILLA"3 RAY, b. 19 May 1872, South March, Carleton County, Ontario. ii. WILLIAM HENRY RAY, m. MINNIE. iii. DAUGHTER RAY, b. 19 Mar 1876, South March, Carleton County, Ontario. iv. LUELLA RAY. 3. MARY ANN2 RAY (JOHN1) was born 1850 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, and died 20 Aug 1905. She married (1) GEORGE MELLEAN Abt. 1880 in Ontario. He was born Abt. 1850, and died Bef. 1892. She married (2) ROBERT SCHARF 09 May 1892 in Bell's Corners, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, son of BEAUCHAMP SCHARF and MARY CONLEY. He was born Bet. 1845 - 1852 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, and died 05 Feb 1918. Notes for MARY ANN RAY: Mary Ann was one of the younger children in the Rebecca Conley -John Ray family of March township on census from 1851-1901. Mary Ann died 20 August 1905. There was a little mix up on the census records as one of her siblings died. I have her on the 1851 census C11716 page 13, 1861 census page 3 C1013, 1871 census C10016 page 31, 1881 C13231 Mary Ann at home with 1 year old Lawrence, can't find her in 1891 but she surface again in 1901 with Robert Scharf in 1901 Census T6462 Division 1 Page 7. Robert was 55 and Mary Ann was 50. George or Lawrence was stated as a nephew but he was actually Mary Ann's son however with all the interconnection I have found he could have been a nephew as relationship was to the head of house. He was born March 3 1881 according to the census. I haven't got his birth registration as of yet. He apparently died in an accident with his father. Mary Ann Scharf nee Rae died 20 August 1905 of cancer - she was a hornerite in religion by than. (Barbara Madden) Mary Ann was married to George Mellan/Mellon prior to her marriage to Robert Scharf. More About MARY ANN RAY: Burial: Old Scharf Cemetery, Hazeldean, Kanata, Ontario Cause of Death: Cancer More About GEORGE MELLEAN and MARY RAY: Marriage: Abt. 1880, Ontario Notes for ROBERT SCHARF: Ontario Marriage Registration 001898-82 (Carleton Co) - Robert SCHARF, 30, farmer, March, same, parents not given, married Susannah Jane SCHARF, 25, Goulbourn, same, d/o Benjamin & Jane SCHARF. Wit Patrick GARLAND and Elizabeth SCHARF, both of Goulbourn. April 17, 1882 at Ottawa. (In response to your earlier query, I believe that Robert Scharf (1848-1918) is the son of Beauchamp (Beecham) Scharf and Mary Ann Conelly. (Darryl Scarff)) 1901 Census, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario Scarf Robert M Head M ? 1845 55 Scarf Mary Ann F Wife M ? 1850 50 Mellon George M Nephew S Mar 3 1881 20 More About ROBERT SCHARF: Occupation: 1882, Farmer, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario More About ROBERT SCHARF and MARY RAY: Marriage: 09 May 1892, Bell's Corners, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario Child of MARY RAY and GEORGE MELLEAN is: 4. i. GEORGE L.3 MELLEAN, b. 1883; d. Jun 1936, Ottawa, Ontario. Generation No. 3 4. GEORGE L.3 MELLEAN (MARY ANN2 RAY, JOHN1) was born 1883, and died Jun 1936 in Ottawa, Ontario. He married SARAH (SADIE) KYLE. More About GEORGE L. MELLEAN: Burial: 29 Jun 1936, Stone 102, Range 15, Plot 4, Maple Grove Cemetery, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario More About SARAH (SADIE) KYLE: Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Kanata, Ontario Children of GEORGE MELLEAN and SARAH KYLE are: i. PAUL (BUSTER)4 MELLEAN, b. 1918; d. 1936, Ottawa, Ontario. More About PAUL (BUSTER) MELLEAN: Burial: 28 Jun 1936, Stone 102, Range 15, Plot 4, Maple Grove Cemetery, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario ii. DANIEL MELLEAN, b. 1913, Ottawa, Ontario; d. Aug 1914, 11 Grant Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Notes for DANIEL MELLEAN: Record of Burial, Maple Grove Cemetery Burial - August 18, 1914 - MELLEAN, Daniel, died 11 Grant Street, Ottawa, age 1 year, 4 mos. 9 days, born Ottawa; father George Mellean. More About DANIEL MELLEAN: Burial: 18 Aug 1914, Stone 102, Range 15, Plot 4, Maple Grove Cemetery, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario iii. HERMAN GORLEY MELLEAN, m. SARAH ETHEL SPARKS. ... Debbie Prince

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