Darling Township (Including White Lake), Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy

February 17, 2013:

Darling Township was surveyed in 1822 in anticipation of an influx of Scottish lowland settlers (The Lanark Society Settlers as described in Carol Bennett's book).
Also, ex-soldiers disbanded after the War of 1812 were given land grants in this area beginning with Perth in 1816, the 99th Regiment of Foot 
was disbanded in Richmond in 1818 and Lanark Village in 1820 and they all would need land for an expanding up and coming generation.

Reuben Sherwood from Brockville was the surveyor. Sherwood Drive in Ottawa is named after his family.

Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project - Map of Darling Township in 1879 Map of Darling Township, Ontario, Canada in 1879
Surnames on above map: McIlwaith, William Rintoul, John Rintoul, Alexander Watt, Thomas Murphy who died in Fitzroy Township, Other surnames: Regan, Bruno Moreau, McGee / Magee, Joseph Larocque and Esther Cardinal. Place names Tatlock, Broad Brook (Broadbrook) Creek (stocked with speckled trout), Murray Lake (Lake Trout, stocked, now closed for public fishing), Brightside (on the French Line), Indian River (named by white settlers for the Algonquin Kichesipirini peoples who originally inhabited this area. A tributary of the Mississippi River, it flows into the Mississipi near Pakenham, Ontario).
White Lake in Darling Township Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project - Map Showing White Lake in 1879 A good reference book is White Lake, The Early Years, produced by the White Lake Property Owners Association, 2000, no ISBN White Lake, Darling Township, Ontario, Canada in 1879

New September 8, 2015: The Ranger Family of Darling Township, Lanark County, Ontario is a book written by Peter Anderson in 1985. Other surnames mentioned in the book are Sauve, Robillard, Watier, Lalonde, Cardinal, Briseboise, Dubois, Lauzon and Ouellette. This book is available at the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. ... Al

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