DNA Matching in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
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September 24, 2016:

Hello,   I've followed your site Bytown or Bust for several years now.  My Canadian cousins Bruce Cowen and 
Barbara Daly Mcgoey were helping me with our family lines of Cuddihy, Kealey, Darcy, Mulligan and my own Flynn, 
Rice, Egan / Eagan and Welch / Walsh families.   

I've been using DNA tests the last 5 years and have been tying in to Kealey, Darcy, Mulligan in Ireland and also the Thomas Egan / Ann Welch / Walsh line from Wakefield and Low, Quebec.  

I was wondering if anyone was centering on DNA information on the locations from Kazabazua to Wakefield 
(in the Gatineau Valley) area Irish settlers ?  

I'll have time to review on Sunday. Today I was researching a Flynn / McAndrew / Barrett line coming into Dean / Blake, Holmes / Burke in Cantley and Templeton, Old Chelsea Quebec area. Re dna tests, it is important 
that folks understand they get genetic fragments, and sibling tests are valuable. I will add to new page 
most definitely. 

Thanks, Catherine Yaden.

Hi Catherine:

Thanks for your interesting e-mail.

You have some very familiar names above. Some of the names we have in common in the 1800's are Kealey, Darcy, 
Flynn and McAndrew. I haven't had my DNA tested yet -- this is reatively new to me. On my mother's side are Irish 
Catholics (Burns) who came to the Ottawa area in 1827. My father's side (Lewis) came from London, England in 1901. My wife has had her DNA tested. She is of mostly Scottish descent and her ancestors 
settled in the Glengarry County Scottish community and in the Plantagenet area of Prescott County 
to the east of Ottawa starting about 1820. Some of her surnames in that area are Williamson, Coote / Cutt, Reid 
and many others. She was born in Riceville, Ontario.

Thanks again for this. Hopefully someone can send us a couple of paragraphs, a sort of DNA 101, to give us some 
background for this rapidly growing field of genealogical research.

... Al Lewis
Ottawa, Canada
September 25, 2016: Thanks to Will Dunlop for the following: I have done the DNA test for both the National Geographic's "genographic" project and the FamilyTreeDNA site. The former focuses on ethnographic origins (no surprises, I have northern European and Irish roots!). The latter seeks to build a DNA data base where they can match relatives. So far I may have hit upon some second-to-fourth cousins. Closest matches seem to be in the Fahey and McEvoy lines. So that would be a genetic marker from a maternal great grandmother from South March (via County Galway and a paternal 2 X great grandmother from Osgoode Township via County Kilkenny. ... Will
New September 27, 2016: Hi Mr. Dunlop, have you placed your Family tree dna on the site www.gedmatch.com? You can compare against other companies tests that people have taken, and you can see a chromosome display and more. Thanks, Catherine Y.

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