Edward DODGE and Rosaline D'AMOUR POTVIN
Possibly (Probably) ML# 589 on the McCabe List
Renfrew County

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 19, 2002:
----- Original Message -----
Good morning Al;

I was looking at your list of births in Huntley Township. I would be
interested in having the names of the godparents of Gabriel Dogges
(Dodge) - > 29-05-1838. Also, in which church did you find that baptism?

Many thanks for your help. Gabriel's parents must be Edward Dodge and
Rosaline Damour - Potvin. If so, Rosaline/Rose/Rosalia was a sister to
Marie Potvin married to Francois Chartrand that Taylor posted on the site.

Hi Frank and Taylor:

Here is the record from St. Michael's Church, Huntley. It's difficult to
read and Roseanna Power could well be Rose Povin / Potvin:

Dogges, Gabrial (Dodge)
son of Dogges, Edward and Potvin, Roseanna 
was born on 5/29/1838
Godparents: Behan, Edward and Mary

And thanks for your e-mail regarding the history of the Diocese of Ottawa. I
hope to get a copy of it soon.
I keep coming across the name Potvin. The Potvin family had a store at
Manotick Station in the early 1900's and one of my Burns ancestors married a
Dora Potvin. 
... Al
also posted on October 19, 2002: Hi Al; Thanks for the info. Yes, Power is Potvin. The name was usually written Pudva/Pudvah in the English parishes. I presume that St Michael's, Huntley is the same as St Michael's, Corkery? That's where the Dodge's lived about that time, but I didn't think St Michael's was open at that time. Before that, they lived on Long Island, below Burritt's Rapids. Do you have the baptismal date although I have access to Corkery, so I should be able to find it. If you're familiar with Long Island, where would a person likely go to be married about 1828-1830. I checked in NDO and there was nothing, although it's possble the wedding was lost when Father Patrick Haran disappeared with all the records (if he ever compiled them!). That's where Edward Dodge and Rosanne Potvin lived in 1832. I have a suspicion that Dodge was not his original name. I think it was more likely Daze, pronounced DAWZE or DAWTZe in French. Otherwise, why would an English/Irish priest have so much trouble with a good English or Irish name like DODGE? In Richmond, the name was also screwed up, just like in NDO. That Potvin family is the same one that owned a store in Manotick Station in the 1900's. The first one to move there was John (Jean Baptiste) Damour-Potvin married to Marie Reine (Larene) Albert who was my grgrandfather's sister. My grandmother Annie Albert was married first to Simon Tracey from March, then when Simon died in 1879, she married grandfather John Watters in NDO in 1881. Could you give me the full name of your Burns ancestor and the names of his parents? I only have his family name. If you descend from the Burns/Potvin couple, we're related as Dora was the d/o Alexandre Potvin and Valerie Guindon. Alexandre Potvin was the s/o Joseph Potvin and Julie Lecuyer, who was the s/o Jean Baptiste and Marie Reine Albert. I have all the Potvin, Albert & Lecuyer families from those dates up if you want them. Somewhere on Bytown of Bust, someone wrote that all the Irish in the area were related. I think that all the Catholics were related. Best regards Frank ================================ Frank: This is very interesting - and it's a small world, for sure. Yes, St. Michael's is in the village of Corkery, in Huntley Township. The baptism took place on August 5, 1838. I also thought that Dodge must have been originally a French surname ... maybe even Dugas. Here is the James Arthur Burns / Dora Potvin tree (not complete): Descendants of Daniel Lawrence Burns (known as Daniel / Danny) 1 Daniel Lawrence Burns 1874 - 1927 . +Susan Charles 1885 - 1932 (from England) ...... 2 James Arthur Burns C.D. 1922 - 1985 (WWII, Korea), buried at South Gloucester .......... + Dora Potvin 1921 - ? .............. ...... 2 Edward W. Burns 1917 - 1970 .......... +Diane Leona Ladouceur 1927 - ...... 2 Michael Burns ...... 2 Roy Burns ? - 1943 (killed in action in Holland) ...... 2 Mary Burns 1915 - ? .......... +Patrick Larkin 1908 - 1974 ...... 2 Edna E. Burns 1919 - 1982
February 6, 2003: 20 January, baptism at St. Phillips Church, Richmond, Upper Canada (transcribed by Ellen Paul): Baptism of Maria, born 16 December 1840, daughter of Edward Dodges and Rosanna Pudva / Potvin. The sponsors were Patk. Kelly & Catherine Doherty. also posted on February 6, 2003: Hi there, I just happened to stumble across your posts on the Bytown or Bust site. Edward Dodge and Rosalie Potvin are my gr gr gr grandparents (through their daughter Susan Dodge who married Joseph Vinoss Deslaurier). I would be thrilled to hear from any of you! Thanks! Heather
February 7, 2003: Hi Al; Receiving a copy of your message below to Heather Richer reminded me that I have to send you some info on the French and other families around Dow's Lake in the 1840-60's. I also have a lot of info on the Dodge family, but not that much on the Deslauriers family (probably also known as Legault), plus the Potvin family, which as you know married into my Albert family, the Chartrand's and other old Ottawa families. But I'm still stumped on who Edward Dodge was. In the various censuses, he says he is of French origin, born in Lower Canada or Quebec. I had a relative in Toronto look up his death record (June 13, 1886), and those who reported his death said he was born in Germany. I don't think that's the case, but it could be his father was German. As you may know I'm somewhat up-to-date on Germans who came over at the end of the 18th century as my Albert ancestor was German as well, but unfortunately I can't pin him down. I may order the reel from Toronto try and look at that death record (Ontario Archives) and see for myself. Perhaps Heather has some other info. I'm thinking that he may have had a German father and a French mother, probably born around Vaudreuil or thereabouts. His name was really screwed up by both the French and English priests. They even had it as DAZe in Notre Dame, Ottawa. There was a German (Brunswicker) by name of DOENGES that may be the father, but we've never been able to find what became of him. He was discharged in Quebec in 1783. There was also a DORGE, but he married in Sorel and his children seem to have remained in that vicinity. Finally, there was a DAUTH in Ste-Anne-de-la-Perade , one of whose son married in Vaudreuil. That name was sometimes confused with DAOUST, or spelled DAUT (some people pronounced DAOUST as if it was spelled DO). DAUT would be fairly close to DODD as the Germans often pronounced the "T" as a "D". DODD was often seen for DODGE in some census information or other documents. (Example - in the only public document I have on my Albert ancestor, his name is written "Alberd".) Best regards Frank
February 28, 2003: 12 Aug 1851 After one publication of banns, marriage of Edward Dodge of Madawaska, widower of Elizabeth Tranchemontagne, to Elmire Leclere / Leclerc of the same place, widow of Alfred Lauzon Witnesses: Louis Paul, Philibert Bastien, Widow Bourgeois, the bride's aunt Source: Ellen Paul's records of Notre Dame
August 27, 2003: Hi Been a while since we last emailed, I was updating some of my information and came across some information but not sure of the source for it. Edward, DODGE Birth: C1810 1 Death: Sex: M Father: Mother: Geneviève, MARION-LAFONTAINE (Wife) Rosalie, POTVIN (Wife) Children: Edward M, DODGE b. C 1832 in Ottawa, Ontario Peter, DODGE b. C 1833 Rosanna, DODGE b. C1835 Joseph, DODGE b. C1837 John, DODGE b. C1837 Gabriel, DODGE b. C1839 Jeremiah, DODGE Maria, DODGE b. 1843 Susannah, DODGE b. 10 Oct. 1844 in Ontario Francis, DODGE b. ~1846 Mary, DODGE b. 22 Mars, 1848 Eulalie, DODGE Lise, TRANCHEMONTAGNE (Wife) Title: THE DODGE FAMILY Quality: 3 I took a peak at by town or bust and there are different names for Edward Dodges family? do you have any insite to it? I still have not completed the Potvine Brule family lines. I emailed a few people but never received a response. Cheryl Thomas ______________________ Cheryl: By coincidence, I happened to be in Calabogie last weekend and stopped at the Catholic Cemetery. Calabogie Lake is part of the Madawaska River system (see Edward Dodge above). There are some Dodge names in the cemetery there, and across the road from the cemetery is a mailbox with the name Dodge on it. I was surprized that there were no Celtic Cross tombstones in the cemetery at Calabogie. A man we met there explained that Calabogie was the second cemetery in the area. The original, which is full of old Celtic Crosses is at Springtown, on the west side of the highway between Burnstown and Calabogie. There are probably earlier Dodges there. ... Al
April 21, 2005: See also Richard Dubois and Elizabeth Dodge
January 29, 2006: I am looking for information on the Dodge Family. My Grandmother was Olive Dodge, daughter of Jeremiah and Harriet Dodge , she married Henry Salvin Teepell / Teeple)Sept 9 1893 at Vennachar. Olive was born and resident of Matawatchan. Any help you could give me would be appreciated, Thank you ... Shirley VanIderstine My e-mail is rspolar@northcom.net
January 30, 2006: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Hi folks I did a little more research today with the 1901 and 1911 census records. From what I can guess, Jeremiah Dodge in the 1851 census that Al mentioned may have been the father of Jeremiah, and his brother Joseph Dodge has their mother Margaret ?? living with him. She was born July 15, 1831 in Ireland and arrived in Canada 1843. As for Jeremiah Jr. Dodge who married Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman, she was a widow of Mr. Kennelly. He must have died in 1890 as Bridget remarried to Jeremiah Dodge about 1892 and their first child [children] were Annie Dodge and Andrew AMBROSE Dodge both born October 29, 1893. Earl was born October 27, 1897. In the 1901 census Jeremiah Dodge has his two step children living with him and Bridget. They were Alice Kennelly born March 17, 1888 and Maurice Kennelly born February 23, 1890. Jeremiah Sr. Dodge also may have been the brother to Francis Dodge, all of whom farmed very near to each other. Francis on lots 23, 24, 25 in Conc. 4, Jeremiah Jr. Dodge on lots 11, 12, in Conc. 7 and Joseph Dodge on lots 17, 18, in Conc.5 all in Brougham, Mount St. Patrick. All the Dodges record their place of birth as being in Ontario. Take care Taylor ________ Further to my last email about Jeremish's step children, Maurice and Alice, in the 1911 census Maurice [Morris] Kennelly is still single, but Alice married John Campbell and he is listed as Jeremiah's son-in-law. John Campbell was born Dec. 1886 and John and Alice have two children, Mary Campbell born Nov. 1909 and Joseph Campbell born May 1911, 2 days old at the time of the census. They are registered as grandson and granddaughter of Jeremiah Dodga and Bridget. ... Taylor _______________ It appears that Olive was the sister to Jeremiah Dodge who married Bridget Bridgman and her brother Louis married Belanger. Please see the marriage registers below: #010513-95 (Renfrew Co): Louis DODGE, 22, farmer, Black Donald, Broham, Matawachan, s/o Jeremiah DODGE & Henrietta LECLARE, married Cliphia BELANGER, 19, Matawachan, same, d/o Marcell BELANGER & Cliphia VARRIN, witnesses were Marcell BELANGER & Alma LYSINE, both of Matawachan, July 1, 1895 at Griffith 10575-93 (Renfrew Co) Jeremie DODGE, 23, farmer, Brougham, same, s/o Jeremie DODGE & Henrietta LECLERC (late) married Bridget BRIDGMAN, 29, Radcliff, Brougham, widow, d/o Maurice BRIDGMAN & Bridget MCCARMAC (late), witn: Joseph LAPOINTE & Mary BRIDGMAN, both of Brougham, 16 Jan 1893 at Brougham, RC Taylor Kennedy ________________ and from Frank Watters: Hi all: Here is the birth/baptism of Olive Dodge, d/o Jeremiah & Henriette Leclerc: 1. OLIVE3 DODGE (JeReMIE2, EDWARD1) was born July 14, 1874 in Mount St Patrick, On.1. Notes for OLIVE DODGE: Sponsors at the baptism in Mount St Patrick on 23 August 1874 were John Tow? and Mary Wena? (Source: Microfilm of the Parish of St Patrick, Mount St Patrick, On. LDS 1304825.) ... Frank
January 31, 2006: Taylor Kennedy has sent in this bad pun in reference to the above line in bold: Sponsors: Maybe John Wanea Mary in Tow. Sorry, I found it funny. Please, nobody encourage him. He's got a million of 'em. ... Al
July 23, 2006: My name is Shirley, I'm interested to know if anyone knows Edward Dodge's Mother & father. He was born about 1810. 1 Married to Rosaline D'Amour Potvin. Marriage 2 Genevieve Marion-Lafontaine Marriage 3- Lise Tranchemontagne I would certainly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you Shirley _________________________ Hello, Shirley, I hope I am not muddying the waters, but I found the following: On p. 102 of the register of Notre-Dame, Ottawa: 3 March 1832 Baptism of Edward, 16 days old, son to Edward Dodge and Rose Baudriau of Long Island. Sponsors: Joseph Legau / Legault and Francisca Mainville. and on p. 509: 12 Aug 1851 After one publication of banns, marriage of Edward Dodge of Madawaska, (Arnprior) widower of Elizabeth Tranchmontagne, to Elmire Leclere / Leclerc of the sameplace, widow of Alfred Lauzon. Witnesses: Louis Paul, Philibert Bastien, Widow Bourgeois, the bride's aunt. Best, Ellen Paul ________________________
Hi Shirley; At this date, no one knows who were the parents of Edward Dodge. All we know is that he was born in Lower Canada (Quebec) per the several censuses viewed. At his death on June 13, 1886, in Mount St Patrick, the record in the Ontario Archives says he was born in Germany. That info was given by the parish priest, so it has to be discounted. The name at his death is entered as Dodds. I take it that Edward knew better than others where he was born. But, based on the information the priest gave to the Ontario Archives, one can probably conclude that Dodge was German in origin. Since he was born in Lower Canada according to the census data, and since he gave his origin as French, then I would also conclude that his mother must have been French Canadian. I checked in several parishes in Quebec where there were people with similar names, that might have been German in origin, but could not find an Edward Dodge or anything that might resemble that. In many instances, in Mount St Patrick and Renfrew the name was written "Dodds" and not Dodge. I'd also take this opportunity to correct your list of spouses shown for Edward. I don't know who started it, nor when, but there is no evidence whatsoever that that "marriage" with Genevieve Marion-Lafontaine exists. If you or one of your correspondents has such a piece of supporting information, something like a wedding, I'd be interested in knowing it. The first wife for Edward, as far as we know, was Rose Damour-Potvin who was born on 12 March, 1809 in St-Benoit, Qc.. We don't have the Dodge-Potvin wedding, but based on the dates of birth of the first child, it must have been about 1831, presumably somewhere around Ottawa Rose died in March 1848, and on the following 9 November 1848, in Mount St Patrick, Edward married Elizabeth/Lisette Thomas-Tranchemontagne, widow of Joseph Boivin. . Then when Elizabeth died, he married, Elmire Leclerc in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa on 12 August, 1851. In the two weddings we have, his parents were not listed. I hope this helps Frank
July 5, 2007: Thanks to Ken Armstrong for the following: Hi Everyone; Here is the 1851 Census for Edward Dodge: Census 1851: Place: Canada West (Ontario), Renfrew County 33, Gratton Township 322, Schedule A Source: NAC: RG-31, Microfilm Reel No: C-11751, Page: 11a(21), Starts at Line No: 7: Occ Born Religion Age Sex Edward DODGE Farmer Canada Roman Catholic 44 Male Elmire LACLARE Mrs. Canada Roman Catholic 21 Female Edward DODGE Labourer Canada Roman Catholic 20 Male Peter DODGE Labourer Canada Roman Catholic 19 Male Rosana DODGE Spinster Canada Roman Catholic 17 Female Joseph DODGE Labourer Canada Roman Catholic 16 Male John DODGE Labourer Canada Roman Catholic 16 Male Gabriel DODGE Labourer Canada Roman Catholic 13 Male Jeremiah DODGE Nil Canada Roman Catholic 11 Male Susan DODGE Nil Canada Roman Catholic 10 Female Francis DODGE Nil Canada Roman Catholic 5 Male Mary DODGE Nil Canada Roman Catholic 4 Female NOTE: In the actual 1851 Census, the Surname "Dodge" is spelled as "Dods". Ken Armstrong
October 9, 2009: Hi, I just came across your website on the Dodge's. I am a descendant of Antoine Dodge (my great grandfather). He is Jeremiah Dodge's brother. Their father is Jeremiah Dodge born 1840 in Mount St. Patrick's and their mother is Harriet LaClare / LeClaire. Their grandfather is Edward Dodge - 1807-1886 and their grandmother was Rose Damour-Potvin -1809-1848. Hope this helps! ... Caroline
August 19, 2011: Hi, what a fabulous assortment of information. I found out so much. My Grandmother, Doreen (1923ish) was adopted by Canon Christopher Simpson and his wife Laura and was given their last name upon removal from the house by the province. I believe she was somewhere between two and five at the time. There is no known birth record and no knowledge of a recorded last name. She knew her natural mother until she was 12 and played the organ at her funeral as Canon Simpson was the minister of the Anglican Church in the town (Sudbury?) they resided in. Nellie was killed by a car saving one of her children who had chased a ball into the road. Her father is said to have been a judge from the Ottawa Valley with the last name of Lalonde who's wife was dying of cancer and Nellie was caregiver......There are rumours that he knew of the child and tried to find her but that Nellie fled to Sudbury, met Sandford Mick and had many more children. Nellie Sauve (1891-1937) (Donald Purdon - first husband / Sandford Mick - not sure if they were married as I'm not sure that she ever divorced Donald Purdon) John Sauve(?) Annie(Rose Ann) Deslaurier(s)(1868 - ?) (married a McRae onced widowed) Joseph Deslaurier(s) (1827-1886) Suzannah Dodges (1844-1916) - Edward Dodges(1798 -1886) and Rose(marie Rose) D'Amour dit Potvin (1809-1848) or Damour Potvin or Potvin Damour. I believe that Annie remained in touch with Nellie as my Nana remembers going to her farm and there were apple trees. Most of that information has been taken from my Nana, who is now 88 and backed up and suplemented by her older Purdon sisters. She was reunited with them in her late 70's. Any information would be helpful. Until recently, we did not realize that we had any French Canadian background at all which is an interesting twist on my very mixed Canadian heritage. I have a correction on the Simpsons. Christopher Simpson was the Reverend in Coniston when they fostered my grandmother. Then he was the reverend in Emsdale when my mother was born there. My mother knows he retired to Orangeville, but is unsure of the inbetween. Regards, ... Laurel Scott ____________________________________________
Thanks to Frank Watters for the following reply to Laurel: Hi Laurel and Al; I don't have anything on Doreen, nor was I able to find Rev. Simpson in Sudbury (unless he was the same as Rev. Christopher Carter Simpson who married a Laura in Thunder Bay about 1907 - may have moved from there to Sudbury). But I do have a lot of data on the Sauve, Dodge and the Purdon families. Nothing on Sandfod Mick. Laurel, you have more French Canadian blood in you than you thought. But before I go into that, you might just want to google "Donald Alexander Purdon, Coniston" or the same name with Toronto instead of Coniston. You'll find where John Jean Baptiste Sauve (dit Laplante) was born and who were his parents and the name and place of marriage of his first wife. You'll see that Donald Alexander Purdon's parents were Donald Purdon and Catherine "Bartraw" (sic). There are lots of FamilyTree information thru Ancestry.com if you have a subscription with them. In some cases Nellie Sauve is listed as Nellie McRae, presumably because her mother married Evander William Francis McRae there in 1900. (Most always went by the name W.F. McRae) Now on the subject of "more French Canadian blood" here's why. (NOTE for Al as well). Catherine "Bartraw" was actually Catherine Bertrand. She was the daughter of Raphael Bertrand (born in Cap Sante, Qc.) who went by the name of Rufus Bartraw in Lanark) and Marie Louise Heloise Routhier - dit Chapeau. The Bertrand wedding was in Montebello, Qc. on 1 January 1836. From there they moved to Masham, Qc, and then to the Ontario side of the Ottawa River to North Gower, Osgoode and then finally to Lanark Co. Dalhousie Township. They might have moved back for a very short while to the Quebec side of the River around 1862 or so. But in any case what was of interest to me about the Routhier girl is that she was the sister to Josephine Routhier who married Patrick Sloan in Notre Dame, Ottawa. They were the grandparents to my aunt Katherine Kate Young who married my uncle Charles Edward Watters in New Liskeard, On. on 7 January 1920. As an aside, another Clouthier sister married Pascal Beauchamp in Notre Dame, Ottawa who also lived for a while in Osgoode, then went on to Dalhousie Twp, Lanark and died in North Dakota where he went with one or two of his sons. From some of the Family Trees with Ancestry.com, Donald Alexander Purdon, who is shown in most if not all trees as having divorced Nellie Ellen Helen Sauve / McRae died in February 1969 and is buried in Toronto. Might have died in Sudbury or Coniston, but not sure. Nellie died in Sudbury in 1937 as you'll see and is buried in Eyre Cemetery, Sudbury, but no grave marker. In a couple of Family Trees, Donald Alexander is shown as having married (but no date - so not sure of a wedding) Minnie Beatrice McInnis. Minnie Beatrice McInnis was previously married to Alonzo G. or Lawrence Watt in Lanark County, perhaps in the town of Almonte, (Digitized copy very difficult to read) on 19 April 1913. Alonzo died there in 1926. So Donald Alexander Purdon might have known Minnnie Beatrice all along. Seems Nellie might have been baptized under the name Marie or Mary, born 1891, as she and her sister Annie, born in 1895 were living with their Deslauriers grandparents in the 1901 cenus. Nellie then must have followed her mother to Lanark after 1901 as she is not with her and her step-father W.F. McRae in the same census. Annie remained in Black Donald and married a Kennelly chap there. The Lalonde name might have come from the Deslauriers family as John Jean Baptiste's mother was a Lalonde from Rigaud, Qc. Don't know of a judge Lalonde in Ottawa, but Al might know of one. (Sorry, unknown to me ... Al) ... Frank Watters ____________________________ and here's more information from Taylor Kennedy: Hello folks I have diddling around with this question over the weekend. I concur with Frank as the surname for Catherine was Bertrand. Their last child born was Sara Jane and the parents listed are Rapahel Bertand and Eloise Rouqier. To see the copy you will understand how unclear things were. The Drouin collections did not have much on the family even though they claimed to be Roman Catholic. In the 1861 census they are living in North Gower as "Barthrow", in the 1871 census again in North Gower as Bertrand. and I believe Louisa's father as a border Peter Rouke. In the childrens marriages she was named as Rookey. In the 1881 census the family is in Lanark as Bartraw and Joseph goes by Rufus. Joseph would have died just after this time buried in Lanark. In 1891 Louisa and her daughter are boarders with a Dubois family in Nepean and in 1901 they reside in Frontenac County, Oso Township beside son Frank Bartraw. Daughter Sarah Jane married Charles Wellington Tyron January 25, 1898. Mother Louisa died May 16, 1902 aged 86 years and buried in Frontenac. Her son Frank was the informant and Frank died January 22, 1935 and his son Wessley was his informant also buried in Oso Township, Frontenac. The public trees on Ancestry, a lot of the info is unsourced, people sharing files, so be picky. A lot of Purdons moved to Powassen as many are buried there. I know in one census for Joseph Deslaurier and Ann have an adopted daughter Annie Sophia and Joseph Deslaurier and Sarah have 2 living with them classed as grandchildren. Taylor Kennedy
August 21, 2011:
Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for this photo of Frank Bertrand / Bartraw Frank Bertrand Picture
and this family tree of Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman / Bridgman 1 Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman d: May 31, 1926 b: June 06, 1863 .. +Daniel Kennelly m: May 24, 1887 d: December 04, 1890 b: 1864 ..... 2 Alice Kennelley d: 1968 b: March 17, 1888 ......... + John Joseph Campbell m: January 12, 1909 d: 1939 b: 1886 ..... 2 Maurice Andrew Kennelley b: February 23, 1890 ......... +Ann Sauve m: October 25, 1915 d: May 21, 1920 ..... *2nd Wife of Maurice Andrew Kennelley: ......... +Marie Rose Bourignon m: November 01, 1922 *2nd Husband of Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman: .. +Jeremiah Dodge m: January 16, 1894 d: April 06, 1931 b: January 10, 1871 ..... 2 Ambrose Dodge b: October 20, 1893 ..... 2 Harriet Ann Dodge b: October 20, 1893 ..... 2 Karl Dodge b: October 27, 1897 ..... 2 Elizabeth Dodge d: October 25, 1997 b: April 19, 1902 ......... +Michael Richard Wilfred (Dick) Dubois m: July 16, 1917 d: March 11, 1967 b: July 02, 1889 ..... 2 Bridget Dodge b: October 1905 ..... 2 Wilfred John Dodge b: June 24, 1909 Taylor Kennedy Note: The Bridgeman family came from County Limerick, Ireland and are enumerated in the 1851 census for Brougham Township, Renfrew County. Many of these families are documented in Carol Bennett McQuaig's book, People of St. Patrick's. ... Al _______________________________________ Welcome to Michelle Tait, another researcher of the Dodge and related families: Elizabeth Dodge is my 1st cousin twice removed. Her father Jeremiah Dodge is my second great uncle and his sister Olive Dodge is my great grandmother. I have information on Elizabeth's family that I have found on line, which I am sure you have also found since it was a few years ago that the posts on bytown were posted. I am mostly trying to find out where my family went after Black Donald was flooded or if they left before Hydro decided to flood the town. I am also looking for a copy of The Black Donald Story. I just recently found out about the book and the only copies I can find are in libraries and I do not live in Ontario so it is hard for me to go to the library and borrow a copy of it. I would love to read this book and see the pictures, my mother knows nothing about her grandmother Olive Dodge, she was very surprised to here that our family was from Black Donald. I am not sure if I can give you any new information about my family, but if I can I would love to help, and maybe you have information I do not. Please email me back at mechelle_tait@hotmail.com. Hopefully we can help each other. Sincerely, ... Mechelle Tait _______________________ from Taylor: Hi Michelle You probably found the online info and pictures from Bytown or Bust. Elizabeth Dodge was married to my great uncle Richard Dubois. He worked in Black Donald from 1916 - 1922 and then they moved to Espanola, west of Sudbury for about 3-4 years then returned to Renfrew. Uncle Dick did a walk about, left home and went on his merry way. I don't think they divorced but when Dick died, then Elizabeth remarried to Joseph Hunt 3 years after Dick's death. She owned several motels in Calabogie and is buried there. I do have a couple more pictures of when the kids were young. (See Taylor's page regarding Dick Dubois). ... Taylor Kennedy ______________________________ Thank you for replying to my email, I have gotten pics and info off of Bytown or Bust, the only pics I have gotten have been from the site. I have been working on my family tree on Geni for a couple years now and would love any pics that you have Taylor if you don't mind sending me a copy. My moms family doesn't have any pics of grandparents or Aunts and Uncles. As far as I know there is only a few of her brothers and sisters when they were young. I had no idea Dick went on a walk about and Elizabeth remarried, so I will add her second husband to my tree, or that she owned several motels. That is interesting and I love how every so often I learn something new. Thank Allan For looking for The Black Donald Story for me, I do live in Canada, and I will look in the inter library in Calabogie, hopefully I can find it there. I know there are copies in the Arnprior, Renfrew and Ottawa Libraries. Yes you can add my email to the website. It would be great if my info could help someone else find their family history. Mechelle ____________________________ And thanks to Carol Gibson for the following: Hi Mechelle, I have a copy of The Black Donald Story. There are several references to Elizabeth Dubois-Hunt and there is a page devoted to her which includes a picture of her husband, Dick Dubois. I scanned the page and hopefully have attached it correctly.
Thanks to Carol for this page from The Black Donald Story (page 167) Elizabeth Dubois Hunt history
The picture also includes Jerry Dodge and Ambrose Dodge. I gather Ambrose and Elizabeth were siblings since Ambrose's parents were Jeremiah Dodge and Bridget Bridgeman. In 1965, presumably because of the flooding, Ambrose left Black Donald and built a cabin on Malcolm Lake in Ardoch Ontario which is due south of Black Donald by 50-60 miles. He moved there along with two couples who had cottages in the Black Donald Mine area and who were also displaced by the flooding. Unlike the others, he intended to live on Malcolm Lake full-time. The other couples hailed from Ottawa and Pennsylvania. By 1965, he was about 70 years old and it was hard on him in the winter as there was no road into the cabin, only a lane behind a farm which wasn't cleared. He stayed in Ardoch only one year. The farmer helped him move to Burritt's Rapids where he lived with relatives, I understand. He died in the 1970's and is buried in the Mount St. Patrick Cemetery. My husband and I have owned Ambrose's cabin since 1985. The farmer whose property he crossed told us that Ambrose was very good with horses and liked to play cards. While I was always curious about him, I didn't find out more until I stumbled across of copy of The Black Donald Story. When I showed the pictures to my neighbours, they recognized him. Good luck with your research. Carol p.s. Does anyone know if Rita Quilty is still alive? Her book was obviously popular as my edition is the third printing. I wonder if there would be any interest in having it re-printed. Every once in awhile, a copy shows up on the used book seller http://www.abebooks.com which includes used book sellers around the world.
May 2, 2015:
Dodges of Black Donald
Hi Frank! Thanks so much for replying. I started with Olive Dodge, married to Henry Teeple. I am researching my brother-in-law's tree and they are his great great grandparents. From there I found my way up to Edward & Rosalie, and have been reading the parish registers from Mount St. Patrick as well as culling info from census records and anything I can find on Ancestry and myriad other sites I look for people. I now have all these Dodges that I am trying to connect with each other, with the ultimate goal of creating an as-uptodate-as-possible tree of all of Edward & Rosalie's descendants. My mom, tells me there were 'two separate, unrelated' Dodge families... I disagree with her! We'll see ;) I have attached a PDF of what I have for Henry and Olive ... Christine
May 7, 2015: I wanted to forward some obits I found, I'm not sure if you have them yet or not. POTVIN, Dorian (Doreen) Peacefully at home in Perth with family by her side on Friday afternoon, November 21st, 2008. Dorian "Doreen" Margaret Potvin (Nee Dubois) at the age of 86 years. Dear daughter of the late Richard and Elizabeth Dodge. Beloved wife of the late Emile Potvin (June 27th, 2007). Cherished mother of Rick (late Norma) of Arnprior, Don (Isabel) of Perth and Nancy Flood (Ray) of Brampton. Predeceased by a son Tom (Shirley of Arnprior). Treasured grandmother of Laura Lee, Edward, David, Johanna, Jason, Tricia, Amanda, Christopher, Brian and Kayla and great-grandmother of eight. Dearly loved sister of Meryl Martin (late Charles) of Renfrew, Marjorie Lalonde (Gene)of Ottawa, Alvin Dubois of Renfrew and Betty Karl (Alvin) of Ohio, USA. Predeceased by 2 brothers: Edmund and Ray (late Lois) as well as a sister, Pat Prochaska (late Frank). Friends may join us for visitation at the Pilon Family Funeral Home, 50 John Street North, Arnprior on Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Most Precious Blood Church, Calabogie on Wednesday morning, November 26th at 11 o'clock. Interment Parish Cemetery. For those wishing, a donation made to The Alzheimer Society would be appreciated by Dorian's family. POTVIN, Emile Peacefully in hospital at Ottawa on Wednesday evening, June 27th, 2007. Emile Louis Potvin of R.R.# 4, Perth; formerly of Ottawa at the age of 88 years. Beloved husband of Doreen (Nee Dubois). Dearly loved father of Rick (late Norma) of Arnprior, Don (Isabel) of R.R.# 4, Perth and Nancy Flood (Roy) of Brampton. Predeceased by a son, Tom (Shirley of Arnprior). Dear brother of Roger Potvin (Claire) and Bobby Potvin (Suzanne), both of Gatineau. Predeceased by several brothers and sisters. Proud grandfather of Laura Lee, Edward, David, Johanna, Jason, Tricia, Amanda, Christopher, Brian and Kayla. Friends may join us for visitation at the Pilon Family Funeral Home & Chapel, 50 John Street North, Arnprior on Monday, July 2nd from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Precious Blood Church, Calabogie on Tuesday morning, July 3rd at 11 o'clock. Interment Parish Cemetery. In memory of Emile, a donation made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario would be appreciated. Doreen was the daughter of RIchard Dubois and Elizabeth Dodge; she was a great great granddaughter of Rosalie Potvin. Emile was the son of Paul Emile Potvin and Dora St. Georges. Coincidentally, he was also a great grandson of Jean Baptiste Potvin, Rosalie's brother, which also makes him a 3rd cousin 1x removed of Doreen. The Pilon Funeral Home seems to have taken care of quite a few members of the Dodge family and I was able to get some other obits as well. ... Christine __________________________ May 8, 2015: Hi Al and Taylor, I got these obits from the Pilon Family funeral home website ... http://www.pilonfamily.ca/home.html in Arnprior. Just go to the website and search death notices for whatever surname you want. Taylor, I'm not directly related, although, my mother grew up in Matawatchan, so I have been regaled all my life with stories of the Dodge's and other families of the area! I'm researching my brother-in-law's tree; he is a great great grandson of Olive Dodge Teeple. ... Christine Note: The Pilon Family web site is a great resource! Too bad other funeral homes do not provide this sercice. ... Al
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