Robert DRUMMOND, Major Contractor on the Rideau Canal

May 29, 2021:

Robert Drummond built two steamers, the Pumper and the John By.

Using the steamer Rideau, he carried raw materials to the mills at New Edinburgh, owned by Thomas McKay.

The following text block is from page 67, from War to Winterlude, 150 years on the Rideau Canal, by Mary Peck.

Robert Drummond Text

July 15, 2021: Here is some text from page 3 of Steamboating on the Rideau Canal by Mike Nelles.
Robert Drummond in 1833

September 5, 2021:
Robert Drummond 
builds the Vaudreuil Lock
Text Block Source: Frank Mackey, Steamboat Connections, Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843, page 46, 2000, ISBN 0-7735-2055-4.
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