Richard DUBOIS and Elizabeth DODGE
also Joseph DESPATIE (FORGET) and Mathilde DUBOIS

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

April 21, 2005:

To All;
Trying to find out more information on the following:
"Dick" Michel Richard Wilfrid Dubois, b. July 2, 1889, (son of Joseph Dubois and 
Margaret Cleary) married Elizabeth Dodge, b. April 19, 1902 on July 16, 1917, 
(in Black Donald Mines, Ontario), Elizabeth was the daughter of Jeremiah Dodge and Bridget 
Cecelia Bridgeman. Trying to find out or get more information on Elizabeth's parents, 
Jeremiah Dodge and Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman, can anyone help? 

The Dubois' are related to me through my GGGrandparents, Pascal Dubois and Adeline St. Amour 
(from St. Pierre de Wakefield).
Ken Armstrong

Hi Ken:
These folks are mentioned in "People of Mount St. Patrick's -- Mount St. Patrick Parish, 
1843 to 1993" by Carol Bennett.
There is a picture (I think) of Elizabeth Dubois with her sons after they returned from WW2. Also, 
Jeremiah Dodge was a head of household in the 1851 census for Brougham Township.
There are also some Bridgemans at Mount St. Patrick, mentioned in the book.
Do you mind if I start a new page on our web site, based on your e-mail? I'll add what 
I can find to the new page.
... Al

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for this great picture of his Uncle Dick Dubois!

See also Edward DODGE and Rosaline D'AMOUR POTVIN
January 6, 2006: Hi Ken et al, I came across your note from April 2005 in which you were trying to find out more info about Elizabeth Dodge and her parents, Jeremiah Dodge and Bridget Bridgeman / Bridgman. You may be aware of a book published originally in 1990, called the Black Donald Story by Rita Quilty. There are several references to the Dodges, Dick Dubois, including pictures. If you haven't seen the book, I could provide more information from it. It's a very interesting history of the Black Donald Mine and the folks who lived there before the area was flooded. The ISBN number is 0-9694992-0-5 and it contains about 200 pages, including many pictures of the buildings and people who lived there before the area was flooded. I'd be happy to do look-ups and scan some of the pictures for folks who live out of town. As for me, I am seeking information about Ambrose Dodge who may have been Elizabeth's brother. Any info you might have on him would be most gratefully appreciated. Regards, ... Carol Gibson _____________________ Hi Carol Even though Dick Dubois was my mothers Uncle, I called him Uncle Dick. Reminds me of Crocodile Dundee, who used to go on Walkabouts. Uncle Dick always had a bed and meal at Pepere's place. Here's a picture of Dick and Elizabeth Dodge, they married when she was fifteen, and their children. Unfortunately, I do not have the information on siblings fro Elizabeth. ... Taylor Kennedy Dubois Children
January 9, 2006: Thanks Taylor, for the additional pictures!... Al Dubois Family c. 1909 See also Musical Heritage of the Ottawa Valley for pictures of some of the Dubois musicians.
April 6, 2006: Hi Folks, I'm the Granddaughter of Elizabeth and Richard Dubois. Ambrose was indeed my Grandmother's brother. My sister found this website and emailed it to me today as well as many other relatives. I will share information. Cheers Alice Dubois-Grenon
April 10, 2007: Do you have any information on the ancestry of the Despatie family from St Pierre de Wakefield. (sometimes Despatie are referred to as Forget). Mathilde Dubois my great-grand mother was married to Joseph Despatie. My great-aunt Josephine Faubert married Joseph Dubois. Lived in St Pierre de Wakefield, Qc Alphege Despatie married Alice Dubois daughter of Josephine Dubois. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to hear from you, Armand Charron _______________________ Thanks to Taylor Kennedy who has contributed the following material and has also responded to Armand with further information and some excellent photographs. Hello Armand My great grandfather was Joseph Dubois. He married Marguerite Cleary in 1887 and she died in 1900. He married Josephine Faubert August 3, 1900 and they had 4 more children, one being Alice Dubois who was born July 10, 1905. Joseph Dubois died January 7, 1929 and Josephine died June 9, 1949 both in St. Pierre du Wakefield. I will provide you more when I get home tonight from work. For the time being, here's some information. My grandmother was Cecelia Dubois a.k.a. Memere Take care Taylor Kennedy
April 15, 2008: Hi Taylor Sending you pictures recently received. Maybe you already have some of these….. Anyways, the third picture needs to be identified, if anyone knows who she is, please let me know. Cheers, ... Armand
Dalton Donovan and Mathilda Dubois
Anna Despatie
Rachel Despatie
... Armand
April 18, 2008: Armand: Could be Emma or Elmire Despatie. I think we are related more, as today I see a marriage of James Cleary to Elmire Despatie. Margaret Cleary his sister, is my great grandmother. My great grandmothers son had your great Aunt and Uncle as Godparents ... Cousin Taylor Taylor has also sent to Armand the marriage record of Rose De Lima Despatie and Joseph Faubert and the Baptism of Eduord Henri Charles Dubois, son of Joseph Dubois and Margaret Cleary. Godparents Francis Cleary and Emma Despatie.
June 8, 2008: Hi Everyone I just stumbled across this post and got chills! I've been searching for info on the Despatie family from St. Pierre for ages. My Great grandmother was Anne Marie Despatie from St. Pierre de Wakefield. Her father was Joseph Depatie and her mother was Matilde DuBois. Anne Marie had many brothers and at least 2 sisters, one of whom was Georgiana (sp?) who was a violinist and loved cats! Anne Marie died in childbirth with my grandmother in 1909 and is buried at the Catholic Church in St. Pierre. I've been to the church on a couple of occasions and have found lots of DuBois & Despatie there as well as on the Canadian census records but I have no idea how they are all related since I don't know the names of any brothers or sisters. My grandma said Matilde was married more than once but I don't know if it was before or after Joseph. Anne Marie married my Great grandfather Joseph Poirier and they had one child, my grandma Marie Jeanne. Joseph died 5 years after Jeanne was born, of typhoid, I think. She was raised initially by Matilde but soon went to Granny Poirier's and then into a convent for her education. I will need to get out all my notes to see what other info I have but I was just so excited I had to dash off this note. I am very interested in exchanging information with everyone. Can anyone identify "Anna"? Could that be my gg grandma Anne Marie, Matilde's daughter? We don't have any pictures of the family. Just two of the Poirier's, Adelard (Moose) and his wife Josephine. PS From what I've seen on the other gen trees the Forget Depatie are a completely separate branch of the family. Would be interesting to go back to 1700/1600's and see if we intersect. Regards, Joanne Westchester, New York _____________________________ Hi Joanne, I'm sure will have lots to share as my grand-mother is Rose Delima Despatie, daughter of Mathilde Dubois and Joseph Despatie. Hope you get this e-mail prior to you being off-line. Talk to you soon, ... Armand _____________________________ Joanne: I have included some documents and pictures below which may interest you. I have visited St Pierre de Wakefield many times and will be in that area in July. My mother 91 is still alive and has 2 living sisters 84 & 89 years old. Talk to you soon, ... Armand
August 19, 2009: Hi to all you gen lovers like me just wondered if i can get in here with you all for a bit i'd like to tell you about my great aunt name Rose Delima Depatie i don't think she is the same as yours but one never knows. My Rose born some time around 1895 and pased away in 1955 after getting married she went to live in Hawkesbury along the quebec border which is not all that far from st peters wakefield my granpa back in the good old days had relatives come to visit him from st andre avelin which is even closer to st peters wakefeild perhaps as close as the next valley over. I have been at the GEN thing for my Depatie tree for the past seven years and done so much research its not funny and all your Despatie name sound so familiar to me i would be more then happy to share my info with you all. I can almost prove with every one's help that Depatie families living in Ontario along the Rideau river were very close related to those living on the Quebec side. Hi again all my name is Ron Depatie my granddad was Armand Depatie my great grandad was Leon Forget Despatie my great great grandad was Jacques Forget Dit Belisle married to Elmire my 3 times great grandad was Etienne Roture Dit Belisle married to Marie Alary you can find many Alary's and Roture's in the cemetery at St andre Avelin Quebec. Please let me know if i qualify. Feel free to contact me and i will gladly share my stories Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear from you's soon ... Ron Depatie ________________________

Here's a reply to Ron from Armand and a terrific picture, as well: Hi Ron, not too sure how I would connect to you, but it is a coincidence that my grand-mother is also Rose Delima Despatie, born in St Pierre Wakefield in 1885 and passed away in Val-des-Bois, Qc in 1971. In July as I visited family in the Gatineau area, I looked up Rollande Despatie Marengère and found her. She is the daughter of Aldège Despatie and Alice Dubois. My purpose was to acquire more information on our family. It ended up that I had more information than her, but she was certainly happy to see pictures of her ancestors which she all recognized. Apparently she left home at the age of 10 and lived with her grand-mother Victoria in St. Isidore, Ontario, (Plantagenet Township) and never really had a close contact with the family thereafter. I include a picture of my grand-mothers house in which Mathilde Dubois passed away in Val-des-Bois. Dubois House in Val-des-Bois, Quebec Always in search of information, ... Armand Charron North Bay P.S. Hi everyone, it's been awhile…..
August 26, 2009: Hi Ron I have a Rose Delima Despatie born 1889 and married September 15, 1902 to Joseph Faubert. She was the daughter of Joseph Despatie and Mathilde Dubois. Any connections? Taylor Kennedy ___________________________ Hi Guys My great grandma was a Despatie and I've been in touch with Taylor who's been a great help with my search for info on my great grandpa. It's great to discover another "link in the chain". Thanks for keeping me in the loop. My great grandma Marie Anne Despatie Poirier died 9 days after my grandma was born and although my grandma lived less than 10 miles away; as an orphan and only child she did not have strong ties with her mom's relatives but rather was raised by her dad's people. So for me, the more family, the better! ... Joanne
October 27, 2009: Hello to all, This picture was taken at my grand-mother's house in Val-des-Bois in 1958. I'm told that the lady above Aldège is Alice, can any of you confirm that? Received this picture from a cousin in Ottawa. Despatie family in Val-des-Bois, Quebec, in 1958 ... Armand
April 24, 2012: Hi Al; In case you don't have it: Margaret Doreen Dubois d/o Richard Dubois and Elizabeth Dodge married Emile Louis Potvin, s/o Louis Potvin and Dora St Georges in St Jean Baptiste Church, Ottawa on 2 June 1945. Witnesses were Gerard Potvin and Eunice Seid. Emile Louis Potvin was a grgrandson of Jean-Baptiste Potvin and Marie-Reine Albert. Margaret Doreen Dubois was a grgrgranddaughter of Rose Rosalie Potvin, (married to Edward Dodge) sister to Jean-Baptiste Potvin. Frank Watters
October 13, 2012: Good Evening All, I am doing research on my family history, and I was wondering if any of you know of the last name Dubois coming up in any of the research that you have done. I have a book saying my great great grandfather was born in Aylmer. His name was David Dubois. He was born in 1879 and was the son of a cronstruction worker who also operated a small mixed farm. I am trying to decipher if it was Aylmer, Quebec or Aylmer, Ontario. Thus far I have found no Dubois' in Aylmer, Ontario. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Ginny Wong ___________________________ Hi Ginny: Thanks for your e-mail. I'm forwarding it to Mr. Taylor Kennedy who is related to a Dubois family from both sides of the Ottawa River in the Ottawa area. I notice that one of the photos on that page includes a David Dubois. ... Al Lewis ___________________________ Ginny I descend from Dubois. Most children born usually started with names like Marie David Dubois or Joseph David Dubois, etc. I would need more information than just David Dubois born in 1879. Do you know his parents? Do you know his siblings? Do you know who he married? Do you know any of his children? What religion? This helps with register research The more information you can provide the better the chances of pinning him down. I have a David Dubois born in 1890 who died in construction. Taylor __________________________ Ginny I searched parish registers before coming across this birth of Frederick Charles Dubois. The birth register was filled out by David Dubois, the father, stating he married in Winnipeg July 1903 and his wife is Marie Louise St. Onge (not Peltier). Also the other children born are of the same wife. David's death register will give the name of his parents or you can apply for the marriage register from the Government that will give both sets of parents now that you have the location and date of marriage. Once you have that I could further the research but as it stands now, it doesn't seem too likely as not enough info. Taylor PS Birth register attached
Source: David Dubois
____________________________ Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following: The following are the Dubois names that show up on Quebec 1881 census for Aylmer - ring any bells? ... Mary Census of Canada, 1881 (source: Results Search | Search Help Search Term(s): "dubois" and "Quebec" and "ottawa" and "aylmer" Results: (1-27 of 27) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Age Province District Name Sub-District Name 1. Dubois, Adelle 22 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 2. Dubois, Albert 1 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 3. Dubois, Alexander 13 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 4. Dubois, Anngelia 11 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 5. Dubois, Antoine 39 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 6. Dubois, Catherin 69 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 7. Dubois, Charley 30 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 8. Dubois, De.ise 30 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 9. Dubois, Delimas 39 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 10. Dubois, Edmond 10 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 11. Dubois, Frederic 14 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 12. Dubois, Harry 3 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 13. Dubois, Julien 12 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 14. Dubois, Lemi 1 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 15. Dubois, Louis 28 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 16. Dubois, Mary 16 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 17. Dubois, Ovide 3 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 18. Dubois, Sophie 36 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 19. Dubois, Veronick 6 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 20. Dubois, Amelia 23 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 21. Dubois, Charles 13 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 22. Dubois, Frezina 18 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 23. Dubois, Joseph 16 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 24. Dubois, Josephene 30 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 25. Dubois, Louis 20 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 26. Dubois, Louis 58 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer 27. Dubois, Sophie 53 Quebec Ottawa Aylmer (NOTE: some of the above Dubois names had an accent, but this software does not handle French characters well...Al) ... Mary Quinn _________________________ More from Ginny: No :( None of them seem familiar to me, but it seems customary for a lot of my ancestors to go by their middle names, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of those were him. I just recently found his grave. St. Boniface, Manitoba, Catholic Cemetary. It reads: David Dubois Born: Aylmer, Quebec Jan 18 1878 Died Nov 22, 1947 Mary Dubois Born Levis, Quebec November 10 1886 Died July 4, 19(60 or 80 can't read the picture) ... Ginny Wong _________________________ Ginny: David in french would be Ovide. Here is a baptism for Ovide born January 18th, 1878 and baptized January 20th. Born in Aylmer to Antoine Dubois and Marie Denise Quintal. Marie died shortly after and Antoine remarried Sophie Deault. In the 1911 census for Antoine, his occupation is a Mason in CONSTRUCTION. Also in that census he is listed as legally separated. I am attaching the 1911 census and David (Ovide) baptism. Take care ... Taylor Source: Name: Marie Denise Quintal Spouse: Antoine Dubois Event: Mariage (Marriage) Marriage Year: 1864-1879 Marriage Location: Aylmer, Québec (Quebec) Place of Worship or Institution: Gatineau and St-Paul Name: Antoine Dubais Spouse: Sophie Deault Event: Mariage (Marriage) Marriage Year: 1879-1886 Marriage Location: Aylmer, Québec (Quebec) Place of Worship or Institution: Gatineau and St-Paul Name: Antoine Dubois Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Age: 39 Birth Year: 1842 Birthplace: Ontario Religion: Catholic Nationality: French Occupation: Laborer Province: Quebec District Number: 97 District: Ottawa Sub-District Number: AA Subdistrict: Aylmer Antoine Dubois39 De.ise Dubois30 Julien Dubois12 Edmond Dubois10 Veronick Dubois6 Ovide Dubois3 Anglicized would be David Lemi Dubois1 ... Taylor ____________________________

October 14, 2012: Ginny I noticed you have a tree on I checked last night that there are 7 Family Trees on your Dubois line and they all shared with each other. I found Antoine Dubois parents as Charles Dubois and Catherine Roy. His father was Jean Baptiste Dubois and Marie Anne Poulin. That marriage was in 1799 with no mention of parents yet all those trees have Joseph Dubois and Elizabeth Sabourin as his parents with not one document to verify that. Please do not include Joseph until you have received documented proof he is the rightful father of Jean Baptiste Dubois. I sent an email to the most seasoned researcher asking how he verified that connection but feel it will be a long time for him to answer. You might be able to find his (Jean Baptiste Dubois and Marie Anne Poulin) tombstone that will give you a year he was born, then look for the baptism in that year. I don't know if Quebec has marriage registers in vital statistics like in Ontario, that would reveal his parents, but it is road block that requires documentation to get you by it. The worst tree - this researcher had Jean Baptiste Dubois born in 1703, died in 1748, married in 1799 and children in 1803. Be diligent and good luck. ... Taylor Kennedy
March 1, 2014: Hi everyone, I know it's been awhile since someone has last posted but I am having a hard time tracking down ancestors and where we came from before entering Canada. Maybe you guys can help. My grand father is Donat Depatie and he is the son of Edmond Depatie born in 1896 and Anna Gascon born 1902. I believe they are from St-Andre D'avallin, Quebec, since other his cousin that also to Sudbury Ontario is from there. Any help would be appriciated. My familly has always wanted to know where we immigrated from. ... Steven ______________________________ Hi Steven: The following work has been done by Taylor Kennedy and Frank Watters who are both strong researchers of the Depatie (and related) surname. Thanks very much, Frank and Taylor. ... Al _____________________________ Steven: Your problem in tracking is a result in name change. The surname FORGET is also known as Depaty / Depatis/ Depatie. Your original clan arrived before 1620 from St. Sauveur, Paris, France. So starting with your great grandfather Pierre Depatie born January 19th, 1857 and was baptized February 3rd, 1857 in St-André-Avellin. He married Marcelleine Gagnon. His parents were Pierre Depatie and Madeleine Tellier / Telfer. Name: Pierre Depatie Event: Baptême (Baptism) Baptism Year: 1857 Baptism Location: St-André-Avellin, Québec (Quebec) Parents Pierre Forget dit Depatie and Madelaine Telfer / Tellier -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pierre Depatie was the son of Louis Forget dit Depaty and Marie Louise Elizabeth Lacasse Louis was the son of Joseph Forget and Agnes Perrault Name: Pierre Forget Dit Deyathy Spouse: Madeline Tefker Event: Mariage (Marriage) Marriage Year: 1815-1900 Marriage Location: Montebello, Québec (Quebec) Parents Louis Forget and Marie Louise Elizabeth Lacasse Name: Louis Forget Spouse: M Louise Lacasse Event: Mariage (Marriage) Marriage Year: 1819-1823 Marriage Location: Laval, Québec (Quebec) Place of Worship or Institution: St-Vincent-de-Paul-de-l`Ile-Jésus Parents Joseph Forget and Agnes Perrault Joseph was the son of Joseph Forget and Marie Joseph DeLessard Joseph was the son of Gabriel Forget and Marie Renee Menard Gabriel was the son of Jean Baptiste Forget and Jeanne Beaudoin Jean Baptiste born in 1676 was the son of Nicolas Forget b.1620 and Madelene Martin b. 1640 I have copied the Tanguay records if you know how to track them I can email. ... Taylor Kennedy _______________________________ Hi Taylor; Boy that was a quick and a good report going all the was back to the first arrival. I had started to do some digging and found that Edmond and Anna Gascon were married in Hanmer (St Jacques le Majeur) on 18 July 1918. That was a delayed registration, registered in 1954. I found it through the Ontario, Canada, Marriages 1801-1928, Edmond's parents were Pierre Despatie and Marcelline Gagnon (which you have) while Anna's parents were Philorome (sic) Gascon and Philomene Derouin. Edmond was said to have been born in Chenierville, Quebec while Anna was born in Bouchette, Qc. (that's not far from Maniwaki) in the Gatineau Valley. But the church record, same date, which wasn't complete as to the parents showed Edmond being married to Aimée Beaudette. Don't know how the priest or whoever recorded the data came up with the Beaudette name. Joseph Philorem Gascon, son of Joseph Gascon and Zoé Roquebrune married Philomene Derouin (aka Drouin) daughter of Pierre Derouin and Marie Monette-Boisvenu (or Boismenu – depending on how the priest felt), in Ste Anne church, Ottawa on 23 July 1894. Joseph Philorem was from Bouchette, while Philomene was from Hull. As you know there are a raft of those Roquebrune's around Ottawa, going by the name Larocque / Laroque. And The Monette / Monet dit Boismenu or Boisvenu are numerous around the Maniwaki area. One of the girls was married to an Ethier, son of Augustin Ethier (who was really a Guéthier from St-Martin, Laval), and who was the founder of Gracefield. The missionary priest would say mass in his home until the church in Gracefield was built. Augustin's half-brother François was married to Magdeleine Albert, my great-grandfather's sister. ... Frank Watters ____________________________ Thank you Frank. Seems we have many similar names in our research over the years. Interesting you mention Drouin, Laroque, Ethier. I helped Kevin Ethier of Michigan looking for his clan back in Montreal. He mentioned the name change because Anglo speaking folks had a hard time pronouncing Ethier. Just finished labeling a 1952 group gathering that included Armand Cousineau and his wife Rita Drouin, and Albert Laroque with his wife Kay Laverty. I searched for my mother's grandfather Joseph Barnabe. He was born in Eastview and couldn't locate him, until I started using Martin instead, another Martin dit Barnabe clan. Many from the East Coast, Martin dit this, Martin dit that. It was explained that so many descendants of for example MARTIN used the mother's maiden name, or place of residence, near a town or village. Like Joseph Martin near the Village of Barnabe for example. I Also found out that it occurred in France within the Military Ranks prior to coming to Canada, a descendant of a clan. Depatie I was familiar with. I have to say though those records in Chenville are just as bad as Pointe-Gatineau aka St Francois de Sales. Why they faded so much it leaves just white paper. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Take care ... Taylor Kennedy
New March 8, 2014: Thanks everyone that was great. It's actually my fathers birthday next week and I think I'll give him a copy of this information as a small present, it should make him really happy! So just so I can get this straight...... my great grandfather Edmond Depatie was the son of Pierre Depatie and Marcelleine Gagnon from St-Andre D'avellin and Pierre Depatie was the son of another Pierre Forget Dit Depatie and Madelaine Tellier / Telfer; and it we go way back it traces to 1620 St Sauveur Paris? I just want to make sure I get this right before I tell him. ___________________________________ Hi Steve; A correction – Edmond was not born in St-André-Avellin, but rather in Chénéville (Chenierville in his Ontario Archives marriage record). He was baptized there on 25 August 1895, born the previous day. Sponsors were Joseph St-Denys St. Denis)and Zoe Pilon. That baptism is missing in the church records for Chénéville per the Drouin Collection, but was found through the BMS2000 programme to which I subscribe. There were two other Depaty (sic) baptisms in Chénéville, one in 1898 and another in 1900 which I didn't look up, and another (undated) in St-André-Avellin. Chénéville lies just a few miles north of St-André-Avellin. ... Frank __________________________________ Hi Frank: The 1901 census has him born as July 15, 1895. His sister before him, Agnes was born July 23, 1893 in St-Andre-Avellin and his sister after him was Emma was born Jan 20, 1898 in Chenneville. I thought maybe Edmond was born on route between the two places and was never registered. Glad you found it. ... Taylor __________________________________ Guys I misread the Tanguay record in Joseph IV, had the wrong one and am presently correcting that information. Will send an updated version a bit later. ... Taylor From Taylor: Short Version Note: Here are twelve generations -- probably the earliest family tree we have on our web site. Thanks to Taylor and Frank for this tremendous research! Descendants of Nicolas Forget 1 Nicolas Forget 1620 - 1680 .... + Madeleine Martin 1640 - m: 6 February 1652/53 ..... 2 Louis Forget 1668 - 1739/40 ........... +Elizabeth Ethier 1673 - 1743 m: 1691 ............ 3 Jacques Forget 1691 - 1757 .................. + Marie Charbonneau 1696 - m: 17 October 1712 ................... 4 Joseph Forget 1720 - 1786 ......................... + Marie Joseph Cardinal m: 20 January 1748/49 .......................... 5 Joseph Forget ................................ + Agnes Perrault m: 8 October 1781 .................................. 6 Louis Forget 1799 - ........................................ + Marie Louise Elisabeth Lacasse m: 19 March 1822 ......................................... 7 Pierre Forget dit Depatie 1828 - ............................................... + Madeleine Tellier / Telfer m: 17 February 1851 ................................................ 8 Pierre Depatie 1857 - ...................................................... + Marcelleine Gagnon 1860 - m: 31 October 1892 ....................................................... 9 Edmond Depatie 1895 - ............................................................. + Anna Gascon 1902 - m: 15 July 1918 .............................................................. 10 Donat Alcide Depatie .................................................................... + Yvette Corriveau m: 18 June 1960 ...................................................................... 11 Claude Depatie ... Taylor
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