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Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 2, 2012:

The Eastern Townships lie between the St. Lawrence River and the Canada / United States border. They were originally 
part of the following counties: Arthabaska County, Brome County, Compton County, Drummond County, Frontenac County, 
Megantic County, Missisquoi County, Richmond County, Stanstead County, Shefford County, Sherbrooke County and 
Wolfe County.

The region was part of New France until the 1763 Treaty of Paris which granted the region to the British. Shortly 
after the American Revolution, United Empire Loyalists (UEL) settled in and around Missisquoi Bay. 

The majority of immigrants to Quebec between 1785 and 1815 were New Englanders who settled on freehold land 
in the Eastern Townships. By 1815, 15,000 anglophone settlers had moved to this region, most around Missisquoi 
Bay and the Stanstead area. (Source: A Short History of Quebec, by John Dickinson and Brian Young, page 70).

"Francophones were frustrated with monopolistic and imperialist land companies that specialized in development 
schemes and gave preference to British settlers. In 1833, for example, the British American Land Company 
controlled more than 1,400,000 acres of crown land in the Eastern Townships. Working with landlords and 
emigration and parish officials in Britain, as well as with emigration officers in Canada, the Company 
attracted paupers from Southern England, and, after 1836, starving crofters from the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland". 
(Source: A Short History of Quebec, by John Dickinson and Brian Young, page 114).

Map source: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/vermontgenealogyresources/Maps/Map_of_Eastern_Townships.jpg Map of Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada VERMONT's placement is incorrect on this map. See correct drawing on this page dated June 23, 2020.
Over the generations, there were many connections between the early Protestant settlements in the Eastern Townships and in Pontiac County, Quebec which is north-west of the cities of Ottawa and Hull. For example, here is a photo of Sarah Moore Parker who was related to the early Moore and Parker settlers in Hull, Quebec. This photo of her was taken by the Barrie Photographic Studio in Richmond, Quebec (centre right on the satellite photo, below). She was a Moore who came from the Eastern Townships to Pontiac County but summered near Sherbrooke, Quebec. (written on back of photograph)
Sarah Moore Parker, photo taken in Richmond, Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
Here is a recent satellite photograph showing the main towns and villages of the Eastern Townships Satellite Picture of the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
Some of the villages with connections to the Ottawa Valley are Stanstead, Sherrington, Sherbrooke, Windsor, Richmond, Farnham, Cowansville, Acton Vale, Magog, Danville.
In 1829 or 1832, Robert Ledwich and Bridget Louth came from County Meath, Ireland to Sherrington, Quebec.
April 28, 2012: Hi Al, I thought this would be a good post for Sherbrook because it lists many names. This isn’t a link, just the name. I sent some stuff awhile back on Sherbrooke relatives but I guess it didn’t go through, will send again some time. The Establishment of St. Patrick’s Church in Sherbrooke, Quebec — Its Development and Influence Throughout a Period of Fifty-Seven Years BY MRS. L. E. CODERE ... Pam Newcomer
May 18, 2014: Do you have any record of the Irish families that settled in the Sherbrooke Quebec area? My G. grand parents Robert & Elizabeth Hanna and family emigrated from Northern Ireland in 1841-42 and settled in Ascot, Quebec. Robert was a tailor by trade and they were Protestant. Would like to confirm their arrival date in Lower Canada and the location they came from in Northern Ireland. The family is listed living in Ascot in the 1851 Canada East Census . ... Howard Hanna ________________________ Mr. Hannah: Thanks for your e-mail. Our web site deals mainly with early Irish who came to the Ottawa, Canada area. One of them was a Robert Hanna who came here from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. There were many connections between the folks who came to our region with settlers who came to the Eastern Townships. Perhaps this Hanna family is connected to yours back in Ireland. From Montreal, Ottawa was an easy trip by steamboat in the 1800's. ... Allan Lewis
December 3, 2019: The source for the following text block and the painting by Joseph Bouchette is page 36 in the book A Concise History of Canadian Painting, by Dennis Reid, Oxford University Press, 1973, ISBN 0-19-540207-3.
Text information about Joseph Bouchette
Kilbourn's Mill, Stanstead, Quebec, by Joseph Bouchette 1827
Note: ancestry.ca, ancestry.com, and ancestryinstitution.com (available in most public libraries for free) has some valuable information from the Illustrated Atlas of the Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec for 1881. There are hundreds of names along with the township names of the residents. Sign on to ancestry.ca and search for "Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records", without the quotes, to see the names. ... Al
February 15, 2020: Lake Memphremagog is located on the border between Magog, Quebec and the State of Vermont, USA. This painting by Cornelius Krieghoff shows Owl's Head, a prominent geographic feature of the area. This photo is from page 64 of A Concise History of Canadian Painting, by Dennis Reid, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-540207-3, 1973.
Lake Memphremagog painting by Cornelius Krieghoff

February 29, 2020: Added a picture of Saint-Hyacinthe in the 1830's, below. Source: A Short History of Quebec by John Dickinson and Brian Young, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-2450-9, page 149.
Saint-hyacinth Village, c. 1836

March 23, 2020: Added a picture of Saint-Hyacinthe in 1881, below. Source: A Short History of Quebec by John Dickinson and Brian Young, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-2450-9, page 150.
Sainte-hyacinth Village, 1881

New June 23, 2020:
Map Source: Page 111 in the book by Douglas Hunter, Molson: The Birth of a Business Empire, Penguin Canada ISBN 0-14-028788-4, 2001 Canada - U.S. Border of the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada

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