Enniskerry, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
now part of the City of Ottawa

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Enniskerry Village, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada (Ottawa)
Thanks to Michael Daley for the following. He has done a tremendous amount of work regarding the history of the South Gloucester area and Osgoode Township. He has written much material concerned with local, church and family history. HOW ENNISKERRY GOT ITS NAME [a brief review] As early as 1834 , The Bytown Prescott Stagecoach, a springless wagon passed this way , my grandfather , Michael Daley could recall' in the years of his youth, of two stagecoach passing this way , the parish of St. John the Evangelist was established in 1854 , a small frame church was built, as a mission to "Our Lady of The Visitation". in 1860,Father Thomas O'Boyle , native of County Mayo , Ireland ,was appointed as the first resident priest, in this Irish settlement, which became known as the Prescott Road Parish, he died here Jan .7,1866, his body was interred in the parish cemetery, July 17 ,1870 ,Father Aeneas MacDonnell was appointed pastor , and remained until 1879 , a post office was established April 1 ,1875 , at the McEvoy Homestead ,with John McEvoy as first Postmaster , it was called Dawson post office a name that honored Father Dawson , The parish became known as St, John's of Dawson , Father Dawson was born 1810 in Red Haven Banffshire Scotland , on both his father and mother's side , he was directly descended from Historic Scottish families , November 1, 1899, the name Dawson was replaced by the name Enniskerry because mail was getting mixed up with Dawson in the Yukon ,and Dawson in Osgoode , April 4 ,1914 , rural routes came in , the small post offices were closed , and mail was delivered from Osgoode station, the name Enniskerry , fell by the way side, the parish became known as St, John's. The once thriving community of farmers, cheese factory , post office, general store , with gas , feed store , etc, are now but a memory , November 1980 , I received a phone call from Dr. Arnold Taylor chairman of the Osgoode Township planning board , informed me they were going to designate St ,Johns as a hamlet , and how should they spell it , St, John, or St ,John's , I told i wanted it called , "Enniskerry", well that threw him , He asked me to get the church hall for a meeting of the local people, which I did , November 24 1980 , a lively meeting was held , A vote by secret ballot was held,, [I had all the right people there! ], the name Enniskerry was reinstated, The signs went up in 1982 , The name Enniskerry derives from its namesake situated 12 miles from Dublin City gateway to some of loveliest scenery of County Wicklow - the Garden of Ireland, As one wanders amidst the tombstones in this Pioneer cemetery, reading their inscriptions one notices the words "Native of County Antrim, Coounty Carlow, Kings County, Coounty Cork, Conty Mayo, County Sligo, County Wexford, etc. The following are a few of the family names engraved on their tombstone, ravaged by the mists of time: The Clelands and the Canglys Likewise the Daleys too The McEvoys, they number quite a few The Buckles, Burns, and the Blanchfields, The Herberts ,and the Jordans too With names like Dewan, Doyle, and Devereaux Fitzpatrick and O'Brien, O'Byrne, O'Boyle O'Rourke, O'Connor, O'Callaghan and Leahys too The Shields and the Mantils, Terry, Tobins, Turner and Sullivan too, Sure n'tis little wonder the name was changed to Enniskerry ... Michael Daley ______________________ I believe that Mr. Daley's most recent work is "150th Anniversary, 1854-2004, An Historical Sketch". This book details the history of St. John the Evangelist Church (Osgoode and Enniskerry), and St. Bridgid Church, Manotick, (on the River Road, south of Manotick). ... Al
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