Early Settlers, History and Geography
in Pontiac County, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New December 5, 2020:

Ferry Belonging to Johnny MacIntosh at Norway Bay in 1872
Note: This is a one horsepower ferry !

Ferry of Johnny Macintosh at Norway Bay in 1872

Picture Source: Page 154 in the book What Men They Were! by S. Wyman MacKechnie, Pontiac Printshop Ltd., Shawville, Quebec, 1975,
ISBN 0-919942-00-8.

Note: A ferry which used a horse to propel it was called a "Horseboat". Here is a description of how they worked: 
Text Source: Page 234, Footnote 34 in Steamboat Connections, Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843, 2000, ISBN 0-7735-2055-4

Text Explaining Horse Boats

December 4, 2020: 

Pontiac and Pacific Junction Railway Engine Number 4 at Quyon in 1893
Surnames of men at the train: Blakely, Section Foreman M. Hosey, Rennington, Davis (3), Sheppard, Mahan, 
Alex Moore (conductor) Alex Carpenter (brakeman)

Picture Source: Page 233 in the book What Men They Were! by S. Wyman MacKechnie, Pontiac Printshop Ltd., Shawville, Quebec, 1975,
ISBN 0-919942-00-8.

Pontiac and Pacific Junction Railway Engine at Quyon in 1893

The First Mine at Bristol Mines

Bristol Mines, Pontiac Quebec

Picture Source: Page 255 in the book What Men They Were! by S. Wyman MacKechnie, Pontiac Printshop Ltd., Shawville, Quebec, 1975,
ISBN 0-919942-00-8. 

November 29, 2020:

Golden Anniversary of Richard Edey and Mary Wyman, May 27, 1891.

Golden Anniversary of Richard Edey and Mary Wyman, May 27, 1891

Picture Source: Page 61 in the book What Men They Were! by S. Wyman MacKechnie, Pontiac Printshop Ltd., Shawville, Quebec, 1975,
ISBN 0-919942-00-8. (Thanks to Mark Cullen). An excellent history of the pioneers of Hull and Pontiac County.

October 5, 2020:

Here is Starks' Corners School, in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, Quebec.
This image in on page 107 of the book Clarendon and Shawville by J. Lloyd Armstrong, 
published by Dickson Enterprises, Shawville, Quebec,
Second Edition, 1984, ISBN 0-991942-06-7.
Keywords: Thomas Stark Sr., Alexander Smart, John Fulford, John McWhinnie

Stark Corners School, Clarendon Township, Pontiac County

August 1, 2002:
Thanks to Robert Telford who sent along this scanned image from the October 12, 1967 edition
of the Shawville Equity. Names listed on this page, below, dated February 3, 2012.

It lists folks who were born before 1800 and who were living in Pontiac County in 1851.
It shows a breakdown by Township (Chichester, Litchfield, Bristol and Clarendon) and by 
country of birth (Ireland, Scotland, England, U.S.A. or Canada).

September 26, 2007:

How can I get a copy of this list that is referred to on your web site – I have 
connections to the following Pontiac families – Smyth, Smith, Connelly, Telford
and Stevenson. One positive about Bytown or Bust is that I have now found a site 
on which I can research for my wife (Carlow and Wicklow) to eastern Ontario, 
our friend who was born and raised on Brennan’s Hill, and my self (Fermanagh to 
Pontiac County). 


... Gord Smith

November 18, 2011:

Here is a terrific map from the book What Men They Were! by S. Wyman MacKechnie. This map includes the long-gone village of
Pontiac which was a hub of activity during the 1850's when a canal was being constructed to take boats around the rapids
at Chats Falls. A horse railway was also built to move passengers and freight from the steamboats which travelled from Ottawa
and from Aylmer, Quebec. These steamboats stopped at Quyon ("the Quio") and then went on to Fitzroy Harbour on the Ontario side 
of the Ottawa River.

December 16, 2016:

Here is an interesting web site for searching for resources in the Pontiac at the BANQ Archives.

Early Map of Onslow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec

Transcribed from the map above. 
Onslow First Range
Scale = 40 Perches to an Inch*

North of Quyon Road and East of Bristol Road:
John McLellan
Peter Hughes - Shoemaker
Tevanlon's Bakery
Patrick Boland
Black Pat Ryan

South of Quyon Road and East of Bristol Road:
Dinns / Dennis  Ryan
Patrick Cleary - lived to 105
Mrs. Laderoute

East of Bristol Road:
Eddy Ellis
Neil McKinnon

West of Bristol Road (North to South):
Henry Duggan
Mr. Cahill
Patrick Reddington
Mick Murphy
Widow Kane
D. Doyle
William Lough - General Store
M. Davis
M. Walsh
Catholic Church
M. Duggan - Went to Philadelphia,USA - 8 in the family, 5 boys 3 girls
John Mulligan - B.S. (Blacksmith) Shop 
John Mulligan
February 22, 2013:
Hugh Mulligan - in charge --  for these Mulligan and Draper families, see Mulligans at Quyon

Pontiac Bay Coast, from the Bridge North-East:
S. Lavoie - Cook
Thomas Draper
P. Mulligan

South-East of the Canal:
John & Owen O'Connor's Mill and Dam
John & Mick Dempsey

*A perch is the same as a rod, 5 ½ yards, so the scale of this map is 220 yards to an inch. This village 
No longer exists but thrived when work on the Chats Canal was at its height.

Map Source: What Men They Were! By S. Wyman MacKenchnie, Dickson Enterprises, Shawville, Quebec,
1975 ISBN 0-919942-00-8

December 31, 2011:

The Village of Bryson, Pontiac County, Quebec

Bryson, Quebec, was named after George BRYSON who came from Scotland as a Lanark Society Settler in 1821 on the
Earl of Buckinghamshire. There is more information and a detailed obituary from the Almonte Gazette reprinted in
Carol Bennett's book The Lanark Society Settlers, page 160.

George Bryson was a lumber baron. I have a Parnell (Perry) Bryson in my family tree, married to one of my Great Aunts, 
Helen (Nellie) Balfour BURNS from Osgoode Township.

Some members of the Bryson family also were located at Fort Coulonge, also in Pontiac County.
... Al Lewis



February 3, 2012:

Transcribed from The Equity, Centennial Edition Thursday, October 12, 1967 (see newspaper article, above)
All these early Pontiac settlers were born before 1800 
From the Census of 1851, the Archives in Ottawa, Gordon Crouse,(genealogist)has taken the following names of pioneers to this 
district who were born before 1800. These pioneers are here listed with their ages at the time of the census (1851). More 
information about them can be obtained from Mr. Crouse in Shawville. In this listing we have included residents of Litchfield, 
Chichester, Bristol and Clarendon.

From Ireland:			From Scotland:			From England:
Thomas Nut, 62			John McConnecher, 60		Ann Cox, 52
Patrick Burns, 61		John McLane, 75
Michael Callaghan, 55		Mary McDonald, 67		Born in Canada:
Norman Summerville, 65		Isabell McAllum, 65		Joseph Marchant, 54
Sarah Richardson, 62 						John Bowie, 86
Thomas McGuire, 65		From USA:
Thomas Tomkins, 60		Elizabeth Birhlly, 71
John Renson, 75
John McDermid, 58
From Scotland:			From England:			From Ireland:
John McDonald, 56		Thos Payne, 76			John Stone, 54
								Margaret Finn, 56
From USA:			Born in Canada:
Joel Wilson, 57			Isabella Caremon, 60
				Mary J. Rogers, 56
				John Papor / Poupore, 85
				Rosanna Boyde, 68

From Ireland:			Born in Canada:
Dan Linsay / Lindsay, 54			Andrew Finchley, 58
Mr. Wallace, 55			Elan Trudear, 57
David Anderson, 60		Mary Bell, 80
Jand Anderson, 58		Ambrose Tese, 60
Sarah McNeil, 66
Jon Walker, 69
Ann Walker, 70			From Scotland
Rache Knox, 71			Elizabeth Sly, 58
John Connolly, 70		Robert Little, 60
Eliza Connolly, 60		John Morrison, 57
				James Morrison, 58
William Lucas, 62		Mary Laird, 58
Margaret Lucas, 62		Thos King, 62
Mary Graham, 58			Thomas Mcdonnell, 71
John Latham, 54			John Ballantyne, 76
Lilly Latham, 55		Jane Ballantyne, 77
William Irvin, 61		Ellen Latham, 60
Thos Clark, 66			Archibald Stewart, 54
Mary Clark, 66			Mary Stewart, 52
James Power, 55			Hugh Gibson, 53
Sarah Power, 55			Eliza Gibson, 55
Ian Fitzgerald, 77		Robert Shirley, 71
Mary Fitzgerald, 77		Neil McKillop, 54
Patrick Fitzsimmons, 52		Agnas McKillop, 61
Mary Fitzsommins, 53		Jarvis Cuthbertson, 52
Eliza Adbert, 65		Janet Reid, 72
John Dolan, 54			Mary Russell, 63
Richard Gibbons, 56		William Bowie Byrnes, 74
Wm Hammond, 63			Catherine Byrnes, 72
				Margaret Bowie, 71
From England:			Thomas Collins, 74
Daniel Smith, 60		Robert - -, 74
				Andrew Scobie, 63
From USA:			Mary Scobie, 56
Jeremiah McGoon, 54		John McLallen, 52
				Martha McLallen, 63
				Thomas McWhirter, 59
				Catherine McWhirter, 52
				William Grant, 52
				Annet Grant, 52

From Scotland:			From England:
Jane Pendergast, 53	/ Prendergast	
Charles Thomas, 56
John Telfer, 53	(Telford?)
James Broad, 54
Jennett Hamilton, 87		Thomas Gray, 58
Eliza Morrison, 52		W. Thomas Hicks, 69
Thomas Stark, 70		Robert Murrel, 70 (Morell ?)
John Cameron, 53		Thos Payne, 76
Agnes Cameron, 53
James Sinclair, 52		From USA:
Jennet Sinclair, 81		James Draper, 77
Robert Ross,74			Martha Moore, 65
Catherine Ross, 62		Eunice Moore, 57
Jane Simpson, 63		Cornelius McCagg, 59
Archibald Muir, 59		Catharine McCagg, 52
Jannet Muir, 54			Hannah Gray, 59
William Hamilton, 64			John McArthur, 52
				Elam Mitchem, 57
Born in Canada:			Joel Wilson, 57
Teresa Hicks, 57
Ambrose Tese, 60

From Ireland:
William McCrea, 56
Jane McCrea, 52
Samuel Cole, 64
Mary Ann Cole, 58
Peter Whalen, 58
Thomas Fraser, 61
Robert Little, 60
Eliza Broad, 60
Elizabeth Pendergast, 55 (Prendergast)
David Barr, 57
John Hart, 72
Thomas Dean, 65
Rachel Dean, 63
Jane Crawford, 66
Eitchin Jolie, 57 (Etienne Joly) -- Etienne is French for Steven
John Murphy, 56
Richard Wilson, 70
Mary Wilson, 66
Catharine McDowell, 69
James Wilson, 82
Abigail Wilson, 57
John Armstrong, 55
Anne Bailey, 53
John Young, 70
Frances Young, 60
Robert Pendergast, 60 (Prendergast)
Nathaniel Brownlee, 61
George Hodgins, 62
Maria Hodgins, 57
Mary Elliott, 66
Elizabeth Dale, 54
John Dale, 74
Eliza Dale, 80
Thomas Hodgins, 65
Mary Hobbs, 61
Thomas Corrigan, 55
Mary Ann Austin, 50
John Smith, 52
Matthew Smith, 63
Elizabeth Smith, 62
Alexander Kilgore, 54
Henry Best, 84
Hannah Best, 68
Sarah Kerr, 53
Jane Cline, 72
Edward McDowell, 70
Dennis Fahey, 53
Mary Gleason, 60
William Richardson, 56
John Eades, 53
James Ralph, 68
Ellen Ralph, 68
Robert Ralph, 64
Marh Ralph, 60
Eliza Archeson, 61
Samuel Wilson, 71
Eliza Wilson, 60
John Evoy, 53
Maria Evoy, 52
John Peever, 60
Mary Peever, 57
Margaret Hanna, 64
John Goodwin, 71
Rebecca Goodwin, 61
John Armstrong, 57
Mary Armstrong, 54
Hugh Quin, 74 (Quinn ?)
Peter Whelan, 61
Anny Whelan, 61
William Cunningham, 65
John Dagg, 53
Jane Dagg, 52
Thomas Abbot, 52 ... Abbott
Jane Abbot, 54   ... Abbott
Edward Hodgins, 52
John Hodgins, 56
Ellen Hodgins, 56
Anne McDowall, 55
Patrick Tracy, 80 (Tracey)
Elizabeth Argue, 50
Hanah Kerr, 53
Robert Workman, 52
Robert Harris, 54
Jane Harris, 59
Thomas Stephens, 54

All the above ages were recorded in the census of 1851 and can be presumed to have been taken in the preceding year so to find
the date of birth, subtract the listed age from 1850. Hence the last named pioneer, Thomas Stephens 54 can be assumed to have been
born in Ireland in 1796 and so forth.



February 19, 2012:

Persons of Irish Ethnicity in the 1881 census of Pontiac County, 
Portage-du-Fort and Lower Litchfield Township, Quebec, Canada

								Optional Spelling
Name			Year of Birth	Sex	Place of Brith	    for Surname

BARRETT, Maryann	      1869	F	     Ont
BECKETT, John		      1833	M	     Ont
BECKETT, Ellen		      1835	F	     Ont
BECKETT, William	      1841	M	     Ont
BECKETT, Maggy		      1858	F	     Ont
BECKETT, John Henry	      1861	M	     Ont
BECKETT, John	  	      1864	M	     Ont
BECKETT, William	      1867	M	     Ont
BECKETT, Ellen R.	      1868	F	     Queb
BECKETT, Jane		      1870	F	     Queb
BECKETT, Archibald	      1872	M	     Queb
BECKETT, Annie Lorenia	      1874	F	     Queb
BECKETT, William	      1876	M	     Queb
BECKETT, Robert		      1878	M	     Queb
BEAMAN, Rosea		      1846	F	     Irel
BEAMAN, Ann		      1850	F	     Irel
BONAY, Robert D.	      1858	M	     Queb
BRABAZON, Gerold	      1855	M	     Queb
BRABAZON, Nellie	      1859	F	     Ont
BRABAZON, Jerold	      1880	M	     Queb
BRABIZON, Samuel	      1830	M	     Irel
BRABIZON, Margrett	      1840	F	     Irel
BRABIZON, Harriett E.	      1858	F	     Queb
BRABIZON, Alfred James	      1860	M	     Queb
BRABIZON, Mary		      1863	F	     Queb
BURNS, Margaret		      1863	F	     Irel
BURNS, John		      1865	M	     Irel
MCCABE, Patrick		      1830	M	     Irel
MCCABE, Bridget		      1831	F	     Irel
MCCABE, Peter		      1857	M	     Queb
MCCABE, John		      1863	M	     Ont
MCCABE, Mary		      1865	F	     Ont
MCCALLUM, James		      1821	M	     USA
MCCALLUM, James		      1861	M	     USA
MCCALLUM, Jane		      1863	F	     USA
MCCALLUM, David		      1865	M	     USA
MCCALLUM, Alexander	      1867	M	     Queb
MCCALLUM, William	      1869	M	     Queb
CAREY, Agness		      1825	F	     Ont
CREIGHTON, John		      1848	M	     Queb
CREIGHTON, Ellen Jane	      1873	F	     Queb
CREIGHTON, William	      1875	M	     Queb
CREIGHTON, James Deric	      1878	M	     Queb
CREIGHTON, Margrett	      1880	F	     Queb
CLARK, Phobe Ann	      1853	F	     Queb
COYNE, Ann		      1831	F	     Irel
COYNE, John		      1851	M	     Queb
COYNE, Patrick B.	      1852	M	     Queb
COYNE, Eliza		      1856	F	     Queb
COYNE, Thomas		      1857	M	     Queb
COYNE, Catharine	      1860	F	     Queb
COYNE, Philip Joseph	      1867	M	     Queb
COYNE, Rose May		      1878	F	     Queb
COYNE, Dove		      1879	F	     Queb
COYNE, Patrick B.	      1880	M	     Queb
CROSS, William H.	      1854	M	     Ont
DOLAN, Mary Jane	      1864	F	     Queb
DONOHOUGH, Johannah	      1831	F	     Irel
DONOHOUGH, Barney	      1851	M	     Irel
DONOHOUGH, James	      1861	M	     Ont
DONOHOUGH, Mariah	      1863	F	     Ont
DOYLE, Margret		      1848	F	     Ont
DUFOE / Duford, Jane	      1829	F	     Irel
DUNLOP, John		      1828	M	     Irel
DUNLOP, Mary		      1834	F	     Irel
DUNLOP, Patrick		      1868	M	     Irel
DUNLOP, John		      1874	M	     Queb
DUNLOP, Lousie		      1876	F	     Queb
DUNLOP, David		      1877	M	     Queb
DURRELL, Mary		      1836	F	     Irel
DURRELL, Henry		      1870	M	     Queb
DURRELL, Roney		      1872	M	     Queb
DURRELL, Lilay		      1874	F	     Queb
FLOOD, Robert		      1857	M	     Irel
FLOOD, Mariah		      1858	F	     Irel
FORD, Margrett		      1831	F	     Irel
MCGRATH, Annastaia	      1823	F	     Irel
GRIFFIN, Margritt	      1831	F	     Irel
HALLY, John C.		      1831	M	     Irel 	Haley / Healey
HALLY, Ellen		      1841	F	     Queb
HALLY, Ferdinand	      1862	M	     Queb
HALLY, Margret Ann	      1866	F	     Queb
HALLY, John Thoma	      1872	M	     Queb
HALLY, Emily Ann	      1875	F	     Queb
HALLY, Richard Jame	      1880	M	     Queb
HARRIGAN, Ann		      1817	F	     Irel
HARRIGAN, Sarah		      1858	F	     Queb
HARRIGAN, Catharine	      1860	F	     Queb
HART, Stewart		      1854	M	     Queb
O'HARE, Lawrence	      1821	M	     Irel
O HARE, Rose		      1826	F	     Irel
HEATEN, Timothy		      1831	M	     Irel
HEATEN, Sarah		      1839	F	     Irel
HEATEN, Catharine	      1858	F	     Queb	Heaton
HEATEN, Phillip		      1859	M	     Queb
HEATEN, Elenor		      1861	F	     Queb
HEATEN, Thomas		      1863	M	     Queb
HEATEN, Mary		      1865	F	     Queb
HEATEN, Sarah Ann	      1873	F	     Queb
HEATEN, Thomas A.	      1877	M	     Queb
HEATON, Sarah Ann	      1879	F	     Queb
HOVY, Mary		      1845	F	     Queb
HOVEY, James Kaineth	      1880	M	     Queb
HURST, Sarah Jane	      1847	F	     Ont
INGRAM, Oliver		      1817	M	     Irel
INGRAM, Sarah		      1831	F	     Queb
INGRAM, Oliver		      1861	M	     Queb
INGRAM, James		      1866	M	     Queb
INGRAM, Matilda		      1868	F	     Queb
INGRAM, Catherine	      1871	F	     Queb
INGRAM, John C.		      1874	M	     Queb
JONES, Patrick		      1823	M	     Irel
JONES, Ann		      1836	F	     Irel
JONES, Charles Joseph	      1855	M	     Queb
JONES, Patrick		      1860	M	     Queb
JONES, William John	      1863	M	     Queb
JONES, Ellen Sarah	      1868	F	     Queb
JONES, Margrette	      1871	F	     Queb
JONES, Annie Stacey	      1875	F	     Queb
KENNEDY, Mary		      1821	F	     Irel
KENNEDY, Patrick	      1857	M	     Queb
KENEDY, James		      1862	M	     Queb
KENEDY, Silvester	      1864	M	     Queb
KENNEDY, Anna Jane	      1867	F	     Queb
LAMB, John		      1821	M	     Irel
LAMB, Margrett		      1837	F	     Irel
LAMB, Mary		      1867	F	     Queb
LAMB, Ellen		      1871	F	     Queb
LAMB, Thomas		      1874	M	     Queb
LOUDOUN, Annie		      1856	F	     USA
LUKE, Margret Ann	      1859	F	     Ont
MACGALE, E.J.B.		      1846	M	     Queb 	McHale
MACGALE, Daniel		      1874	M	     Queb
MACGALE, James Edward 	      1877	M	     Ont
MACGALE, Joseph		      1880	M	     Ont
MCLEAN, Elizabeth	      1849	F	     Queb
MCLEAN, Jenniev		      1858	F	     Queb
MANARY, Robert		      1853	M	     Ont
MANARY, John William 	      1879	M	     Queb
MANARY,			      1881	F	     Queb
MILKS, Jemima		      1848	F	     Queb
MOONEY, John		      1841	M	     Irel
MOONEY, Mary		      1843	F	     Irel
MOONEY, Dennis J.	      1866	M	     Queb
MOONEY, Annie		      1869	F	     Queb
MOONEY, John		      1872	M	     Queb
MOONEY, William		      1874	M	     Queb
MOONEY, Mary C.		      1876	F	     Queb
MOONEY, Joseph		      1877	M	     Queb
MOONEY, Micheal		      1880	M	     Queb
MOTHERWELL, Thomas	      1844	M	     Irel
MOTHERWELL, George Victor     1875	M	     Queb
MOTHERWELL, Mary	      1877	F	     Queb
MOTHERWELL, James Alfred      1880	M	     Queb
MURPHY, Rose Ann	      1822	F	     Ont
MURPHY, Edward		      1825	M	     Irel
MURPHY, Jane		      1831	F	     Irel
MURPHY, George		      1855	M	     Ont
MURPHY, Joshau		      1861	M	     Ont
MURPHY, Emmaline	      1864	F	     Ont
MURPHY, Jessie		      1866	F	     Ont
MURPHY, John Henry	      1869	M	     Ont
O'RIELEY, Victoria	      1824	F	     Queb	O'Riley
O'RIELEY, Patrick	      1841	M	     Irel
O'RIELEY, Catharine	      1869	F	     Queb
O'RIELEY, Mary		      1871	F	     Queb
O'RIELEY, Joseph	      1873	M	     Queb
O'RIELEY, Poliene	      1876	F	     Queb
O'RIELEY, George	      1880	M	     Queb
PAUL, Annie		      1840	F	     NB
PHALEN, Mary		      1833	F	     Irel	Phelan / Whelan
PHALIN, John		      1858	M	     USA
PHALIN, Micheal		      1860	M	     Ont
PRICE, Sarah		      1860	F	     Ont
PRICE, Susan		      1862	F	     Ont
QUINN, Jane		      1820	F	     Irel
QUINN, John		      1820	M	     Irel
OGERS, Patrick		      1807	M	     Irel
ROGERS, Mary		      1809	F	     Irel
RONEY, Louies Mcgile  	      1846	M	     Scot
RONEY, Margritt		      1846	F	     Queb
RONEY, Mary Rose	      1872	F	     Queb
RONEY, George C.	      1874	M	     Queb
RONEY, James Mcgile	      1876	M	     Queb
RONEY, Jessie C.	      1878	F	     Queb
RONEY, Mary		      1880	F	     Queb
SAUVE, Margrett		      1856	F	     USA
SHAE, Micheal		      1859	M	     Irel
SOMMERVILLE, James	      1828	M	     Ont
SOMMERVILLE, Ann	      1831	F	     Irel	Somerville
SOMMERVILLE, Thomas	      1854	M	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, Elisabeth        1857	F	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, John Henry	      1859	M	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, James Ernest     1862	M	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, William Arany    1866	M	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, Frances Grace    1871	F	     Queb
SOMMERVILLE, Harriette	      1875	F	     Queb
SULLIVAN, James		      1832	M	     Irel
SULIVAN, Annie		      1841	F	     Irel
SULIVAN, Timothy	      1862	M	     Irel
SULLIVAN, Dennis	      1865	M	     Irel
SULIVAN, Catharine	      1871	F	     Queb
SULIVAN, Margritt	      1873	F	     Queb
SULIVAN, Abigale	      1876	F	     Queb
SULIVAN, Mary Ann	      1878	F	     Queb
SULLIVAN, James		      1880	M	     Queb
THOMSON, Margrett	      1813	F	     Irel
THOMSON, Walter		      1815	M	     Irel
THOMSON, Catharine	      1832	F	     Irel
THOMSON, John		      1841	M	     NB
THOMSON, Walter		      1846	M	     Queb
THOMPSON, Robert	      1856	M	     Queb
THOMPSON, Willy		      1862	M	     Ont
THOMSON, George		      1865	M	     Queb
THOMSON, John		      1867	M	     Queb
THOMSON, Walter		      1870	M	     Queb
THOMSON, Walter		      1870	M	     Queb
THOMSON, Edith		      1871	F	     Queb
THOMSON, Margret Mary	      1872	F	     Queb
THOMSON, John		      1874	M	     Ont
THOMSON, Daniel J.	      1875	M	     Queb
THOMSON, Mabel		      1876	F	     Ont
THOMSON, Clara		      1877	F	     Queb
THOMSON, James		      1878	M	     Ont
THOMSON, William W.	      1880	M	     Queb
TONER, Phillip		      1836	M	     Irel
TONER, Ellen		      1841	F	     Irel
TONER, Mary Ann		      1865	F	     Queb
TONER, John		      1867	M	     Queb
TONER, Bridget		      1869	F	     Queb
TONER, Conchessia	      1871	F	     Queb
TONER, Catharine	      1873	F	     Queb
TREMBLAY, Sarah		      1857	F	     Queb
VALIANT, Mary Ann	      1821	F	     Irel
VALIANT, James		      1861	M	     Queb
VALIANT, Emilie		      1865	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Catharine	      1811	F	     Irel
MCVEIGH, John		      1836	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Elizabeth	      1843	F	     Ont
MCVEIGH, John		      1843	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Margrete	      1846	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Mary		      1849	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Joseph		      1851	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Frances	      1852	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Annie		      1871	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Mary Ellen	      1873	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Margrett	      1874	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, James		      1876	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Thomas		      1876	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Mary		      1877	F	     Queb
MCVEIGH, John		      1878	M	     Queb
MCVEIGH, Mervena	      1880	F	     Queb
WHAREY, John		      1825	M	     Irel
WHAREY, William		      1860	M	     Irel
WHAREY, Margrett Ann	      1863	F	     Irel
MCWILLIAMS, Thomas	      1847	M	     Queb	Williams
MCWILLIAMS, Sevenia	      1851	F	     Ont
MCWILLIAMS, Etta	      1866	F	     Ont
MCWILLIAMS, Charles	      1871	M	     Ont
MCWILLIAMS, Thomas	      1874	M	     Ont
MCWILLIAMS, Charlotte	      1880	F	     Ont
YOUNGE, Eliza		      1853	F	     Queb	Young

February 22, 2012:

Old Photograph from the Pontiac Equity
Threshing in Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada in 1910
Threshing in Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada in 1910

Names of the men in the picture above: William Marks, Robert Stanley, Robert Creighton, John Manary, Thomas Gallagher, William Hudson,
James Marks, Robert Fitzsimmons, Howard Russett, James Small, John Meldrum, James McCaffery, Morris Cain, Harry Coony, Thomas Manary,
George Meldrum and Thomas Gallagher.

April 23, 2012:

Thanks to Mr. Roger Cole who has sent along a very detailed history of the Cole family who were pioneers in Pontiac County in the 1820's.

April 27, 2012:

Here is a receipt from the store in Quyon owned by Mr. L. R. Keon in 1969.

The Keon family is well-known in the Ottawa and Pontiac areas. Back when I was a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Hey, Taylor), Dave Keon was
one of their star players. Dr. Wilbert Keon (now Senator Wilbert Keon), was a world-renowned heart surgeon at the Ottawa Heart Institute.

March 30, 2015:

     When you have a little more time would it be possible to add my recent query to the website to see if 
	 someone in your audience might be able to add some info on the Keon's.  Dr. Wilbert J. Keon is of particular 
	 interest as I understand we have some family link.  Dr. Wilbert Keon was director of the Heart Institute in 
	 Ottawa and a Canadian Senator.
    Thanks Bob Bourke
    E-Mail Bob Bourke 

Keon family store at Quyon, Quebec, 1969

April 30, 2012:

Enjoy an interprovincial trip on the Quyon Ferry. The ferry has been running since 1885, by the following families: Davis, Moore,
McLean and McColgan. Prior to 1916 the ferry was horse driven.

Origin of the name "Shawville"

Source: Tell Me Another Story, by Joan Finnigan, page 29

Photo of Sign for Shawville, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada   Photo of James Shaw of Shawville, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada

Keywords: James Shaw, County Fermanagh, Prendergast / Prendergast, Maitland, Armstrong

August 31, 2012:

Robert MANWELL and Margaret SCOTT, came from Scotland to Pontiac County, Quebec in the 1850's.

December 6, 2012:

Wally Schaber is researching the early history of the Dumoine River Valley. The Dumoine River forms the western boundary of Pontiac County.

December 15, 2012:

Photo Source: Tell Me Another Story, by Joan Finnegan
McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1988, ISBN 0-07-549682-8, page 234
Quyon, Quebec, Class Picture from 1904

Names for Search Engine: (Documented by C.B. Mohr)
John Martineau, Courtney Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, Katherine Mulligan, Vera Amm,
Arthur Lonsdale, William Bolam, Harry Bolam, Harold Boland, Florence Amm, Hector Kidder, 
Everett Dowd, Florence Lawson, Ethyl Weir, Effie Armstrong, Percy Grant, Harold Boland, 
Allan Dowd, Albert Buckland, Clifford Mohr, Rhena Lonsdale, Bilbert Buckland, Andrew Bunstrum,
Walter Lawson, Ida Amm, Archie Buckland, Clifford Pierce, Ritchie Dowd, Archie Walsh, 
Jennie Harrison, Albert Kidder, Lottie Lonsdale, Linda Lowwon, Edith Bolam, Mildred Pierce,
Eva McKillop, Maggie Kidder, Norman Dowd, Myrtle Meredith,  Jennie Pritchard, Reggie Meredith,
Zilla Walsh, Mildred Hamilton, Nina Logan, Minor McAdam.
Teacher: Miss Mattie Robeson, Principal: Gordon Churchill

August 26, 2013:

Mr. Ken Desjardins has written four books about Catholic Churches in Pontiac County:

Glad to hear from you, Al, and happy to share.

The books I've written to date and their prices are:

"The marriages of St. Peter's Parish, Fort-Coulonge, Quebec  1884 - 1992"  $18

"St. Elizabeth's of Hungary Parish, Vinton, Quebec  1875 - 1996"  $30

"St. James The Greater Parish, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec  1851 - 1998"  $30

“St. Anne's Parish, Grand-Calumet Island, Quebec  1846 – 2004”  $50

The small profit from their sale is given to each parish.  The one on Fort-Coulonge is nearly out of print and the one on Calumet Island 
is 640 some pages in two volumes.  The books can be picked up here in Orleans, Ontario or from my sister in Fort-Coulonge.   

I can also ship the books through Canada Post at an additional $10 to $18, depending on where people live.

The books are really for heavy users or people who were born in those places.  For those who are only looking for a few pieces of 
information, I would be happy to look up their info & email it to them.

Yes, by all means add my email to your site.

Take care.

E-mail Ken at kendesjardins@hotmail.com

September 30, 2013:

In 1966, a dugout canoe was discovered in Pontiac County. This was originally Algonquin Territory who traditionally travelled in the region
using birch bark canoes. 

... Al

April 2, 2014:

The following link will take you to a terrific paper written by Michael McBane. It concerns the oral
tradition of the Irish famine immigrants to the Ottawa Valley. In the article, Mr. McBane offers an 
alternative view of Irish immigration from the convential wisdom of well-known Irish scholars in 
Canada such as Donald Akenson and Cecil Houston. Some of their books are listed in our bibliography.

This paper is an important work regarding the Irish Catholics of the Ottawa Valley. It discusses many 
of the immigrants who came to Irish settlements in the Ottawa area in the years surrounding "Black '47".

Featured are the immigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who settled in Pontiac County, Quebec,
Fitzroy Township, Ontario and the village of Mayo, Quebec in the Gatineau Valley.

I have printed off a copy of this paper in case the original is removed from the Internet at some point. 
Some of the surnames mentioned are Dunnigan, Joyce, Gibbons, Stanton, Gavan, Rowan, Moyle, Mulligan,
O'Mally / O'Malley, O'Donnell. MaMahon, Madden, Dolan, Phillips, Doherty, Jordan, Costello, McHugh,
O'Hara, Dowd, Doyle, Draper, McBane, Houlihan / Houlahan, O'Reilly, McColgan, Kilroy, Gavan, Quinn,
and Burke.

To read this important work, visit http://www.oralhistoryforum.ca/index.php/ohf/article/view/144/194 .
This is a .pdf file; the article runs from page 7 to 26.

Thanks to Thelma Hartman for passing this link along to us.

... Al

January 24, 2015:

Gord MacKay is researching the family of William WILSON and his son James in Clarendon Township.

January 28, 2015:

Garry Allen is researching the family of Patrick ALLEN and Mary Catherine DURICK, from County Down, Ireland 
to the Ottawa Valley in 1845.

June 18, 2015:

Maurice O'REILLY and Johanna SHEEHAN, County Cavan, Ireland to Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada

January 12, 2019: (post-retirement)

Photo Source: Page 17, Clarendon and Shawville by J. Lloyd Armstrong                         First Town Hall in Clarendon, Built in 1860
                    John Dale Junior, 1830-1900                                              Source: Page 87. Painting by Mrs. Robert Elliott, 1900
John Dale, first mayor of Shawville        First Town Hall in Clarendon, Built 1860


Where there's a will, there's a way! 
Source: The Romance of Fitzroy Harbour by Fred Sadler, page 33, ISBN FC3099.F57S23 1983
Quyon, Quebec during Prohibition in Ontario

Keywords: Quyon, Temperance Movement, Fitzroy Township

April 2, 2019: 
Orange and Green Violence in the Ottawa area in 1851

July 18, 2020: The following three photos are all from the book Clarendon and Shawville by J. Lloyd Armstrong

Pontiac County Hunting Party   Pontiac House Hotel

G.F. Hodgins Store in Shawville, Pontiac County

August 5, 2020:

Bill McGee has transcribed the names of Francophones in North Onslow listed in the 1881 to 1921 Census records.

E-mail Allan Lewis

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