People Who Sailed from County Sligo, Ireland and Were Buried on
Grosse Ile, Quebec, Canada in 1847 (during the Irish Potato Famine)

New October 26, 2017:

Map Source: This map is a portion of a widely-distributed black and white map showing Ireland in 1848. It appears in many books, for example, The Great Hunger, Ireland, 1845-1849, by Cecil Woodham-Smith, page 13. County Sligo has been extracted from the main map and appears below. The map includes the Port of Sligo. Map of County Sligo, Ireland, in 1848
People Who Sailed from County Sligo, Ireland and Were Buried on Grosse Īle, Quebec, Canada in 1847 (during the Irish Potato Famine) Surname Name Age Ship Name Port Bannon Honora 25 Larch Sligo Barrett Michael 3 Larch Sligo Bird Mary 19 Sarah Maria Sligo Bruce Robert 21 Sarah Maria Sligo Bryan Morgan 30 Numa Sligo Burns Jane 41 Columia Sligo Byrne Ann 20 Numa Sligo Cadden John 5 Wolfville Sligo Cain Bridget 10 Wolfville Sligo Carney Diana 22 Larch Sligo Carr Mary 30 Larch Sligo Carty Bryan 25 Numa Sligo Casey Mary 20 Larch Sligo Clancy Catherine 7 Dykes Sligo Clancy Mary - Westmoreland Sligo Clark Patrick C. 18 Wolfville Sligo Coen Michael 35 Larch Sligo Coffey Mary - Larch Sligo Collins Daniel 45 Wolfville Sligo Conlan Luke 19 Charles Richard Sligo Connell Ann 4 Larch Sligo Connell Daniel 32 Wolfville Sligo Connell John 15 Mary Sligo Connolly Ann 16 Larch Sligo Connor Bridget 2 Wolfville Sligo Connor Michael 20 Larch Sligo Corless Margaret 23 Larch Sligo Cox John 3 Larch Sligo Coyle Jane 2 Larch Sligo Cuffe Ann 16 Larch Sligo Cuffe Mary 19 Westmoreland Sligo Curran Catherine 60 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Davitt Martha 30 Larch Sligo Dennison Bartholomew 45 Columbia Sligo Dennison Bartholomew Jr. 15 Columbia Sligo Dennison James - Columbia Sligo Dennison John 6 Columbia Sligo Dennison John 2 Columbia Sligo Dennison Mary 30 Columbia Sligo Dennison Michael - Columbia Sligo Derrig Michael 36 Larch Sligo Devaney Ann 33 Columbia Sligo Devery Michael 6 Columbia Sligo Devine Ann 25 Larch Sligo Doherty Rose 19 Wolfville Sligo Donaghue Mary 44 Larch Sligo Donahoe Bridget 49 Numa Sligo Donovan Donald 28 Wolfville Sligo Doolan Ellen 12 Westmoreland Sligo Dooley James 26 Larch Sligo Duffy Ellen 8 Wolfville Sligo Dundas Hebe 3 yrs 6 mths Tay Sligo Dwyer Catherine 17 Larch Sligo Edwards Henry 24 Charles Richard Sligo Egan Mary 25 Larch Sligo Fahey Patrick 36 Sarah Maria Sligo Farrell John 6 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Fee Ann 30 Charles Richard Sligo Feely Margaret 50 Numa Sligo Fhilly Honora 16 Numa Sligo Finn Henry 34 Larch Sligo Fitzpatrick Bridget 20 Wolfville Sligo Flanagan Honora 16 Wolfville Sligo Fox John 19 Wolfville Sligo Fury Mary 50 Numa Sligo Gaffney Bridget 1 Charles Richard Sligo Gaffney Michael 9 Jessie Sligo Gainer John 25 Industry Sligo Gallagher James 18 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Gannon Catherine 4 Larch Sligo Gaul John 8 Columbia Sligo Geraghty John 36 Dykes Sligo Gilhooly Mary 37 Wonder Sligo Gilmartin Patrick 40 Numa Sligo Glenn Patrick 40 Larch Sligo Golding William 60 Jessie Sligo Goulding Mary 26 Jane Blane Sligo Hanley Michael 6 Wolfville Sligo Hanlon William 25 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Hannon Elizabeth 20 Wolfville Sligo Hare Mary - Larch Sligo Harkin Mary 60 Congress Sligo Harkin Michael 26 Wolfville Sligo Harkin Patrick 45 Congress Sligo Haslett Eliza 19 Sarah Maria Sligo Haslett Rebecca 13 Sarah Maria Sligo Healy William 42 Larch Sligo Henry Thomas 16 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Hetherington Hugh 40 Dykes Sligo Hetherington Jane 30 Dykes Sligo Hogan Patrick 24 Dykes Sligo Hopkins Thomas 15 Congress Sligo Howell Thomas 15 Larch Sligo Hoy Phoeby 2 Numa Sligo Hurley Daniel 30 Larch Sligo Johnston Thomas 22 Wolfville Sligo Jordan John 12 Ellen Sligo Keane Patrick 16 Larch Sligo Kearns James 24 Larch Sligo Keenan Catherine 6 Larch Sligo Kelly Ann 6 Wolfville Sligo Kelly John 36 Wolfville Sligo Kelly Patrick 21 Numa Sligo Kelly William 63 Numa Sligo Kennedy Patrick 11 Allan Kerr Sligo Kenny John 26 Larch Sligo Keville Bridget 17 Larch Sligo Keville Michael 14 Larch Sligo Killoran Bridget 28 Larch Sligo Kilmartin Mary 19 Numa Sligo Kilmartin Michael 8 Numa Sligo Kilmartin Patrick 16 Numa Sligo Kirkland James 33 Larch Sligo Lavelle Mary 30 Larch Sligo Leland Robert 45 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Liddane Patrick 60 Numa Sligo Lindsay Ann 20 Larch Sligo Loftus Catherine 14 Wolfville Sligo Loughren Patrick 2 Tay Sligo Madden Ellen 40 Larch Sligo Mahon Martin 25 Larch Sligo Mahony Helen 60 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Maloney Mary 26 Wolfville Sligo McAndrew James 17 Numa Sligo McAndrew Nancy 60 Numa Sligo McAndrew Richard 5 Numa Sligo McCarthy Charles 5 Numa Sligo McCarty Michael 25 Larch Sligo McDonough Peter 28 Larch Sligo McGoldrick James 17 Larch Sligo McGowan Edward 45 Numa Sligo McGowan Patrick 9 Larch Sligo McGarth James 16 Numa Sligo McGuinness Thomas 16 Larch Sligo McGuire Connor 58 Larch Sligo McKinley Martin 3 Congress Sligo McLaughlin - 32 Larch Sligo Meehan Ann 25 Larch Sligo Meehan Ellen 50 Numa Sligo Meehan Mary 40 Westmoreland Sligo Meek Catherine 2 Jessie Sligo Molly Patrick 30 Wolfville Sligo Monaghan Peter 40 Westmoreland Sligo Mooney Sarah 30 Industry Sligo Moore Mary 22 Larch Sligo Mulkeen Mary 60 Wolfville Sligo Mullaney Hugh 36 Sarah Maria Sligo Mullen Bridget 24 Wolfville Sligo Mulligan Mary 12 Congress Sligo Murphy James 12 Wolfville Sligo Murphy John 27 Wolfville Sligo Murphy Susan 25 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Nelis Catherine 1 Numa Sligo Nelis Mary 25 Numa Sligo O'Hoy Catherine 3 mths Numa Sligo Orr John - Westmoreland Sligo Pierce Edward 20 Larch Sligo Power Patrick 4 mths Columbia Sligo Rafferty Mary 26 Westmoreland Sligo Reddy Ann 2 Wolfville Sligo Reddy Bryan 23 Larch Sligo Reynolds John 24 Larch Sligo Rivlachen Andrew 50 Jessie Sligo Scott Mary 35 Douce Davie Sligo Scott Robert 28 Congress Sligo Shirley Peter 30 Larch Sligo Sullivan Mary 13 Larch Sligo Sweeney Dolly 15 Wolfville Sligo Sweeney Eliza 14 Wolfville Sligo Sweeney Mary 18 Wolfville Sligo Taylor Edward 30 Westmoreland Sligo Taylor Sarah - Westmoreland Sligo Tougher Hugh 50 Larch Sligo Tracey Ann 40 Larch Sligo Travers Michael 39 Ellen Sligo Tucker Joseph - Larch Sligo Tweedy Robert H. 1 yr 6 mths Larch Sligo Tweedy Samuel 5 Larch Sligo Vaux James 40 Larch Sligo Verdon James 23 Sarah Maria Sligo Ward Charles 30 Charles Richard Sligo Ward John 18 Charles Richard Sligo Ward Sarah 50 Charles Richard Sligo Watters Patrick 18 Numa Sligo Whalen Timothy 8 mths Larch Sligo Woodlock Mary 33 Larch Sligo Wright Ellen 26 Larch Sligo Wright Patrick 30 Larch Sligo Wright Thomas 6 mths Larch Sligo
People Who Sailed from Sligo Town, County Sligo, Ireland and Died at Sea or While in Quarantine at Grosse Īle, Quebec, Canada in 1847 Surname Name Age Ship Name Port Alary Margaret 18 Jessie Sligo Arkinson Bridget 3 Wolfville Sligo Atkinson Thomas 5 Wolfville Sligo Banks Ellen 2 Mary Sligo Banks John 45 Mary Sligo Barber James 42 Sarah Maria Sligo Barrett Bridget 1 Larch Sligo Barrett Catherine 34 Larch Sligo Barrett Catherine 3 Larch Sligo Barrett Catherine - Larch Sligo Barrett John - Larch Sligo Barrett Mary - Larch Sligo Barrett Mary 6 Larch Sligo Barrett Mary 9 Larch Sligo Barrett Sarah 3 Larch Sligo Barrett Thomas - Larch Sligo Barrett Thomas 3 Larch Sligo Barrett Thomas 36 Larch Sligo Barry Margaret 20 Larch Sligo Barry Mr. 25 Larch Sligo Bell Alexander 8 Westmoreland Sligo Bergin John 2 Columbia Sligo Bird Jane 18 Sarah Maria Sligo Birmingham Daniel 2 Columbia Sligo Birney John 3 Wolfville Sligo Birney Thomas 4 Columbia Sligo Brabazon John 80 Dykes Sligo Brennan Catherine 1 Larch Sligo Brennan Ellen 13 Columbia Sligo Brennan Michael 3 Larch Sligo Brennan Patrick 34 Dykes Sligo Brennan Thadeus 20 Columbia Sligo Brophy Margaret 50 Columbia Sligo Brown John 11 Larch Sligo Brown Thomas 3 Wolfville Sligo Burke Patrick 1 Columbia Sligo Butler James 4 Wolfville Sligo Butler Margaret 60 Wolfville Sligo Cain Anthony 8 Wolfville Sligo Carey Bartholomew 25 Larch Sligo Carey Bridget 21 Larch Sligo Carney Catherine 50 Wolfville Sligo Carney John 30 Larch Sligo Carney Patrick 60 Wolfville Sligo Caroline Mary 1 Allan Kerr Sligo Carroll Catherine 1 Douce Davie Sligo Carton Richard 70 Camillia Sligo Casey James 7 Wolfville Sligo Casey Mary 5 Wolfville Sligo Cawley Francis 6 Wolfville Sligo Cawley John 3 Wolfville Sligo Cleary Thomas 2 Allan Kerr Sligo Coen Thomas 2 Allan Kerr Sligo Coleman Maria 1 Tay Sligo Conlan John 25 Charles Richard Sligo Conlan Peter 5 Camillia Sligo Conners Michael 65 Mary Sligo Convey James 15 Larch Sligo Conway Ann 30 Larch Sligo Conway Catherine - Larch Sligo Conway James 28 Larch Sligo Conway John 18 Numa Sligo Conway Patrick 3 Larch Sligo Coogan Judith 7 Columbia Sligo Cooley Bryan 12 Wolfville Sligo Cosgrove Patrick 30 Larch Sligo Coulter Ann 2 Wolfville Sligo Courtney P. - Mary Sligo Creen Bridget - Thompson Sligo Cromie Winifred 2 Larch Sligo Crosby John 35 Dykes Sligo Crosby John 27 Dykes Sligo Cuffe Catherine - Thompson Sligo Cuffe Mary 30 Thompson Sligo Cullen Mary 60 Wolfville Sligo Cunningham J. 16 Columbia Sligo Davitt Catherine 8 Larch Sligo Deary Peter 26 Ellen Sligo Devine Bridget 52 Larch Sligo Devine James 30 Argo Sligo Devine John 4 Larch Sligo Dickson Margaret 2 Allan Kerr Sligo Dixon Ellen 5 Allan Kerr Sligo Doran John 60 Columbia Sligo Downey Archibald - Douce Davie Sligo Downey Margaret 64 Columbia Sligo Doyle Margaret 1 Sarah Maria Sligo Duignan Ann 7 Dykes Sligo Dunnigan Mary 3 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Durkin Luke 25 Westmoreland Sligo Egan Lawrence 45 Larch Sligo Egan Margaret 45 Larch Sligo Egan Nancy 18 Larch Sligo Egan Peter 24 Larch Sligo Fahey John 64 Sarah Maria Sligo Fallon Bridget 1 Numa Sligo Farmer John 40 Larch Sligo Farrell Mary 26 Larch Sligo Fee Patrick 3 Wolfville Sligo Feeney Mary 2 Dykes Sligo Finn Mary 4 Larch Sligo Finneran James 8 Larch Sligo Finnerty Anthony 50 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Finnerty Ellen 60 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Flanagan John 22 Larch Sligo Flynn John 34 Larch Sligo Flynn Patrick 1 Allan Kerr Sligo Fox Mary - Larch Sligo Fox William 26 Larch Sligo Fraser James - Argo Sligo Frost Thomas 23 Larch Sligo Gallagher Francis 30 Larch Sligo Gannon John 1 Larch Sligo Geehan Elizabeth 1 Allan Kerr Sligo Gill Patrick 24 Columbia Sligo Gillan John 4 Numa Sligo Gilleroy John 2 Dykes Sligo Gilmartin Michael 65 Numa Sligo Gilmour Bridget 1 Tay Sligo Glenny Eliza 25 Dykes Sligo Glynn John 2 Dykes Sligo Graves Margaret 34 Larch Sligo Guinan Bridget 2 Wolfville Sligo Guiney Catherine 1 yr 6 mths Richard Watson Sligo Gunning Catherine 38 Thompson Sligo Gunning Eleanor 3 Thompson Sligo Hagan Alex 6 Tay Sligo Haines Mary 16 Ellen Sligo Hanley Catherine 2 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Hannon Margaret 23 Larch Sligo Hannon Patrick - Larch Sligo Harkin Bridget 52 Wolfville Sligo Harkin Catherine 2 Charles Richard Sligo Harkin James 12 Wolfville Sligo Harkin James 55 Charles Richard Sligo Harkin Patrick 25 Wolfville Sligo Harkin Sarah 50 Charles Richard Sligo Headon James 4 Larch Sligo Healey Owen 15 Larch Sligo Hetherington Jane 2 Dykes Sligo Hetherington John 2 Dykes Sligo Hetherington Mary 2 Dykes Sligo Higgins Owen - Numa Sligo Hoban Ann 44 Larch Sligo Hoban William 17 Larch Sligo Hogan Thomas 24 Larch Sligo Honan John 35 Larch Sligo Hood Elizabeth 44 Columbia Sligo Howley Catherine 36 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Hughes Patrick 70 Tay Sligo Judge Margaret 3 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Judge Margaret 3 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Keady Winford 70 Douce Davie Sligo Kean Thomas 4 Wolfville Sligo Kearns Catherine 30 Larch Sligo Kearns Mary 65 Larch Sligo Kearns Mrs. 45 Larch Sligo Kearns Thomas 2 Larch Sligo Kelleher Mary 10 Thompson Sligo Kelly Catherine 18 Wolfville Sligo Kelly Matthew 4 Wolfville Sligo Kelly Matthew 7 Dykes Sligo Kelly Thomas 2 Wolfville Sligo Kennedy Bridget 1 Mary Sligo Kennedy Mary 5 Wolfville Sligo Kennedy Thomas 5 Columbia Sligo Kenny Catherine 2 Wolfville Sligo Keon Ann 4 Wolfville Sligo Kerin John 50 Mary Sligo Kerr Eliza 17 Larch Sligo Kerr Helen 3 Larch Sligo Kerr Sarah 7 Larch Sligo Kerr William 56 Larch Sligo Kilgallon John 2 Dykes Sligo Kilgallon Thomas 34 Dykes Sligo Kilkenny Matthew 40 Wolfville Sligo Lanigan Bridget 40 Camillia Sligo Larkin Thomas 35 Larch Sligo Lavelle Patrick 6 Larch Sligo Lawrence John 30 Columbia Sligo Lockhart James 11 Larch Sligo Lockhart John 5 Larch Sligo Lockhart Mary 40 Larch Sligo Lockhart William 9 Larch Sligo Lockhart William 45 Larch Sligo Loftus Mary 50 Wolfville Sligo Long James 16 Ellen Sligo Lowe Lawrence 25 Larch Sligo Lowe Mary 29 Larch Sligo Lowry Nancy 65 Larch Sligo Lynch Francis 15 Larch Sligo Lynch John 15 Larch Sligo Malley Bridget 75 Larch Sligo Malley Hubert 1 Larch Sligo Malley James 45 Larch Sligo Malley Patrick 70 Larch Sligo Maloney Bridget 4 Wolfville Sligo Maloney Burnet 25 Charles Richard Sligo Maloney Honora 4 Camillia Sligo Maloney Nancy 26 Camillia Sligo McAndrew James - Larch Sligo McAndrew John 34 Columbia Sligo McAndrew John 2 Numa Sligo McAnulty Bridget 31 Wolfville Sligo McAnulty Eleanor 31 Wolfville Sligo McAnulty John 35 Wolfville Sligo McAnulty Margaret 17 Wolfville Sligo McAnulty Mary 10 Wolfville Sligo McCormick James 26 Larch Sligo McDermott James 26 Larch Sligo McDermott Peter 35 Larch Sligo McGill Barney 20 Columbia Sligo McGoldrick Catherine 1 Larch Sligo McGoldrick John 2 Allan Kerr Sligo McGowan Daniel 36 Larch Sligo McGrath Catherine 2 Larch Sligo McGrath J. - Larch Sligo McGrath Thomas 35 Larch Sligo McGuinness James 35 Larch Sligo McGuire James 2 Allan Kerr Sligo McHugh Thomas 60 Westmoreland Sligo McKeon John 30 Wolfville Sligo McKeon Patrick 26 Wolfville Sligo McLaughlin Mary 2 Dykes Sligo McLaughlin Philip 30 Ellen Sligo McLeod Mr. 13 Larch Sligo McTernan Mary 2 Charles Richard Sligo Meehan Edward - Larch Sligo Meehan Elizabeth 5 Larch Sligo Meehan John 35 Larch Sligo Meehan Luke 5 Larch Sligo Meehan Mary 3 Larch Sligo Meehan Patrick - Westmoreland Sligo Meehan Patrick - Larch Sligo Meehan Thomas 2 Allan Kerr Sligo Milligan Michael 60 Wolfville Sligo Molloy Catherine 30 Wolfville Sligo Molloy Margaret 2 Wolfville Sligo Mooney Nancy 60 Wolfville Sligo Moore Thomas 20 Ellen Sligo Morgan John 50 Larch Sligo Mulholland James 9 Numa Sligo Mulholland William 55 Numa Sligo Mullaney C. 60 Numa Sligo Mullany Martin - Westmoreland Sligo Mullowny Anthony 22 Larch Sligo Navin Martin - Larch Sligo Nolan Margaret 1 Tay Sligo Noone Bridget 30 Larch Sligo Noone Michael 60 Mary Sligo O'Donnell Edward 13 Larch Sligo O'Dowd Mary 4 Larch Sligo O'Dowd Patrick 2 Larch Sligo O'Hara Michael 1 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo O'Hara Michael 50 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo O'Neill Brian 30 Larch Sligo O'Rourke Farrell 65 Larch Sligo Partlan J. 2 Mary Sligo Partlan Martin 3 Larch Sligo Patten Martin 35 Larch Sligo Pidgeon Patrick 26 Wolfville Sligo Pierce Hugh 65 Larch Sligo Porter Robert 1 Tay Sligo Quinane Thomas - Thompson Sligo Ralph James 35 Larch Sligo Ralph Margaret 40 Larch Sligo Ralph Margaret 38 Larch Sligo Regan F. - Larch Sligo Regan Honora 2 Larch Sligo Regan Mary 26 Larch Sligo Reilly John 9 Columbia Sligo Roche Bridget 40 Mary Sligo Rourke Bridget 1 Charles Richard Sligo Rourke Daniel - Westmoreland Sligo Rutledge William 20 Larch Sligo Rutledge William 3 Larch Sligo Rutledge Winifred 30 Larch Sligo Ryan Theresa 1 Wolfville Sligo Sanders Robert 2 Allan Kerr Sligo Santry Patrick 10 Douce Davie Sligo Savin Thomas - Larch Sligo Scanlan Ann 12 Larch Sligo Scanlan Patrick 35 Dykes Sligo Scanlan Thomas 18 Larch Sligo Scott John 2 Douce Davie Sligo Shanley Michael 17 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Shanlon John 75 Larch Sligo Shannon Michael 54 Larch Sligo Sherlock Ann 4 Wolfville Sligo Sherlock Maria 2 Wolfville Sligo Simpson Mary 68 Larch Sligo Stack Thomas 2 Tay Sligo Strahan George 34 Larch Sligo Sullivan Daniel 2 Charles Richard Sligo Sutton Peter 25 Columbia Sligo Sweeney John 3 Tay Sligo Sweeney Mary 25 Douce Davie Sligo Swift Jane 2 Wolfville Sligo Synge Patrick 6 Ellen Sligo Tansey Dennis 26 Dykes Sligo Tansey James 2 Dykes Sligo Tate Margaret 40 Larch Sligo Taylor Catherine 6 Larch Sligo Taylor Edward 53 Larch Sligo Taylor Jane 35 Westmoreland Sligo Taylor John - Larch Sligo Taylor John 40 Larch Sligo Taylor John - Westmoreland Sligo Taylor Mary 42 Larch Sligo Taylor Robert 3 Westmoreland Sligo Teague James 43 Larch Sligo Teahan Henry - Mary Sligo Thompson Ann 1 Charles Richard Sligo Timmons Andrew 60 Tay Sligo Timmons John 11 Columbia Sligo Timmons Philip 6 Columbia Sligo Timony Patrick 6 Wolfville Sligo Tucker Ann - Larch Sligo Tucker Patrick 35 Larch Sligo Vandine Ellen - Mary Sligo Waters Helen 18 Larch Sligo Waters Jane 60 Numa Sligo Waters Mary 3 yrs 6 mths Richard Watson Sligo Waters Patrick 10 Richard Watson Sligo Welch Catherine 13 Marchioness of Breadalbane Sligo Welch Mary 40 Tay Sligo Welch Patrick 20 Tay Sligo Whiteside John 7 Wolfville Sligo Whiteside Maria 4 Wolfville Sligo Whiteside Nathaniel 4 Wolfville Sligo Williamson George 34 Larch Sligo Wilson Edward 21 Sarah Maria Sligo Wilson Margaret 60 Sarah Maria Sligo Names are from the publication A Register of Deceased Persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847, by André Charbonneau and Doris Drolet-Dubé, with the collaboration of Robert Grace and Sylvie Tremblay, published by Canadian Heritage and Parks Canada, ISBN 0-660-16877-4, 1997, 107 pages.

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