Famine Immigrants sent from the Fever Sheds of
Montreal to Toronto, Ontario, 1846-47

New May 7, 2017:

During the great famine in Ireland, many immigrants passed through Grosse Isle and Montreal to Upper Canada (Ontario) and
travelled by steamship from Montreal to Toronto. Here are some names of Irish emigrants who went to Toronto.

Hugh Mulloy / Molloy / Malloy
Michael Foy
Thomas Lesley
Patrick Hoolehan
Jerry Connors
Fergus Johnson
John Harrington
Gilbert Little
Joseph Patterson
Michael Daniel
Bernard Lynch
Alexander McGuigan
Bartholomew Thornby
Rachael Boyd
Eliza Alexander
Margret Barris
Samuel Walker
Michael Henratty
Michael McCormick
Ellen Powell
John Tresider
Hugh McCaskin
Daniel Corcoran
Dougald McCathrine
Edward Hughes
Robert Colston
Arthur Goodwin
James McDonnold
John Conway *
Catherine Crofts
Mary Scanlan, 2 sisters & brother
Owen McMorough, wife, sister & 5 children
John Scotney, wife & 4 children
William Scotney & family
Ellen Condon and family
Julia Dunn & family
Phil Turnery & Do.
Daniel Slattery & do.
Margaret Ramsey, Ann Doran
Archy Aspoledge & do.
John Cannavan & family
Patrick Lappin & ditto
James Oak, wife & 5 children
Michael Callaghan & family
William Bergan, wife & family
Keran Coffee & family
James Mullowney & wife
Peter Black & family
Widow Low and 3 children
Rachel Boyd & Nancy Munock
Owen McCarthy & do.
James Madden, wife & family
William HertenaI, wife & do. do.
William Collins & family
George Armstrong, wife & 8 children
Christopher Summerville and family
William Holmes & do.
Margaret Sheean & children
John Drew & family
Mary Brien & family
Fleury Donovan, wife, sister & 2 children
Michael Strong, wife, sister & 4 children
Catherine Dol1et, brother, sister, & 4 children
Chase Loughran, wife & 4 children
Robert Gilmour, wife & 6 children
Jane Swanton
Patrick Sullivan, wife and 4 children
Patrick Healy & family
Mary Nodmile, 2 sisters, 3 brothers
William McMullen, wife & child
Wmilliam McGrath & do.
Jeremiah Connor
Margaret Eaton & sister
Laurence Green, wife & son
John Connors and 2 children
M. Hessey and family
Ann Smith & 5 children
Edward Ryan, wife and 3 children
George Simpson, wife & 7 children
Ann Smyth & 3 daughters
John Chesney, 2 children & aunt
Ellen Sweeny & 3 children
Martin Gannon, wife, mother, I 2
and 3 children
Michael McGinnes, wife & 3 children
Mary Dogherty & child
Mary Dougher & child
Margaret Ross & sister
Alex McMullen, wife and 2 children
Patrick Guaghan, wife & 5 do.
Jane Hanley & sister
Alexr. McMullin, wife & 2 children
J. McKimmins & family
Samuel Lesley & family
E. Hogg & do.
M. Lawler & family
Mary Nolan
Wmilliam Clarke
William Hare
M. Campbell * [Michl. Connell
Robert Allen
William Sticky
Eliza Armstrong
Mary McConnel
Catherine Casey
James Doyle
Sarah Horner
Mary J. McMaster
William Hamilton
Thomas Collis
William Dunning
Samuel McCauly
James Canahan
Phillip Salmon
Samuel Swanton
Robert Kell
Robert Thompson
James Scully
David Ray
Dominick Cole
James Arnold
Fergus Johnson
George Bruce
John Harrington
Gilbert Litle
Joseph Patterson
Isabella Small
Michael Danniel
Patrick Devine
John Cornick
Hannah Early
John Flannigan
Alexander McGuigan
Bartholomew Thomey
George Todd
Thosmas Mutphy
Thomas Wilkin
Patrick Mitchil
Rachel Boyd
Elizabeth Alexander
Patrick Cullen
Anne McDevitte
John Phelan
Dennis Callahan
Hugh Mulloy
Margaret Barris
William Scarlet
Martha Cunningham
Michael Foy
Thomas Lesly
Darby Sulivan
John Trucy
John Healy
Samuel Walker
Cathrine Healy
Michael Cadritry
Thomas Prendergast
Patrick Hoolehan
Michael McCormack
Mary Ittur
Jerry O'Connor
John Nolan
Terence Munson
Chase McConnel
John Tressider
Anne McManus
Michael Rey
Hugh McCaskin
James McCarty
Dougald McCathrine
Edward Hays
Patrick McDonald
John Flynn
Thomas Laran
John McCarter
Ellen Copeland
Widow Phillips

Source: Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal, Irish Research Group of the 
Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, publication number 94-2, 1994, ISBN 1-55116-72-8. 
This publication (112 pages) is now available from Global Genealogy in either hardcopy format or as a download in .pdf format.

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