Jean Jacob FINK and (1) Eleonor LaHAISE and (2) Esther CAMPEAU
Germany / Austria to Ottawa, Canada, 1840's

March 2, 2011:
Jean Jacob Fink and Ester Campeau Jean Jacob Fink and Esther Campeau
Hi I just found your site on immigrants from Germany to Canada listed in the 1881 census. One of the persons, Jacob Fink, is my great-grandfather, born 1820 not in Germany but rather Lingenau, Austria. I realize both countries were one at a time which is probably why Jacob Fink is either down as German or Austrian. I have a copy of the chuch register from Lingenau. I am indeed fortunate to have this's thanks to a great librarian in Bregenz, Austria who looked up the info for me. Unfortunately, I don't have all that much. I will dig out a picture of him and his wife and also a copy of the ticket for the trip aboard the Oneida from Le Havre, France. You can use them on your site........ Just a note, if someone else should be researching him. March 9, 2011: The person who submitted the above text and the following images has asked that her e-mail address be deleted from this web page. Done. ... Al
Jean Jacob Fink, Birth Record from Lingenau, Austria, 1820 Jean Jacob Fink and Esther Campeau
Passenger Ticket for the ship Oneida, 1845, Le Havre, France to New York in 1845 Passenger Ticket for the ship Oneida, 1845
Hope this is some use to you............looking forward to researching in Bytown of Bust again.
April 24, 2015: Here is a record from the Drouin records at The following baptism took place at Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa: 20 Nov 1848 Baptism of Jean Charles, born yesterday of the marriage of Jean Jacob Fink, spinner (occ), and Eleonor Lahaise Witnesses: Antoine Guenard & Adeline Lepine. ... Al
New March 16, 2016: Lynn Marie has submitted the following interesting e-mail regarding her connection to Jacob Fink and John Cunningham in early Bytown and Gloucester Township. See her research on the John Cunningham web page. ... Al

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