First Nations Portage Trail from Lac Deschenes on the Ottawa River
to Long Island on the Rideau River

Long before Bytown (Ottawa) existed

April 10, 2015:

Thanks to Ron Connolly for giving us a heads up about the old First Nations trail and portage used for travelling between the 
Ottawa River to the Rideau River long before the Rideau Canal was constructed.

Ron pointed out that there is a monument in Pinecrest Cemetery on Baseline Road. This monument marks part of the original trail - 
where it passed through Pinecrest Cemetery near Baseline Road and the original route for Pinecrest Road. Here is the monument and the
street sign for the old Pinecrest Road on Baseline Road:

The Old Indian Trail between Black Rapids and Lake Deschenes, Ottawa, Canada Old Pinecrest Road at Baseline Road, Ottawa, Canada
This trail runs along Greenbank Road, southwards through the Experimental Farm and Barrhaven and joins the Jock River where it enters the Rideau River between Black Rapids and Long Island.
At the corner of Greenbank Road and Jockvale Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The portage trail ends here:
Jock River Landing, Ottawa, Canada Jock River at Rideau River, Ottawa, Canada
Long Island Painting, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada

New April 11, 2015: A Possible Fly in the Ointment: Hmmm. Yesterday I was looking through the book Carleton Saga by Harry and Olive Walker and came across the following paragraph: "An Indian trail, traces of which could still be discerned a few years ago extended from Hog's Back, across pioneer Dan Hobbs farm, to the Chaudiere. (This stretch of trail is now marked by a plaque in Pinecrest Cemetery)." I believe the above statement is incorrect. The plaque in Pinecrest Cemetery is way too far west to conveniently portage from Hog's Back to the Chaudiere or vice versa. ... Al

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