The Pioneer FLANSBERRY family in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys

New April 15, 2016:

Good afternoon Al. In fact, my message contained a family invitation to
collaborate to the Flansberry (bury,burg) Ancestry which I would consider
mostly of adding some datas ( pictures, facts) on some of the first Flansberry (bury)
ancestor in  Canada... (Dennis)...that is why I also add my e-mail address so if it becomes
to detailed, I would just submit to your site the important data... I also added the invitation in
French but you could only insert it in English...
By the way, could you open the picture of my flansberry's ancestor? If not, I could send it back
to you...Hoping this does not take any of your time...let me know of any further step to take from my part
Roger Flansberry

Photo of early Flansberry family member

E-mail Roger Flansberry, Allan Lewis

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