Ottawa Free Press, 1881

 December 24, 2009:

Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, 1908 Photo Source: Ottawa: An Illustrated History, by John H. Taylor,page 121 Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1980
You can also search the digital archives of the Ottawa Citizen from about 1900 onwards. March 28, 2003: Thanks to Sue for all of the following transcriptions! Ottawa Free Press - 1881 Dec 5: Mr. E. MARIER, formerly of Ottawa, has started a weekly sheet called "Le Courier" at Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he resides. Dec 6: Mrs. Edward KING went to Terra Haute, Indiana, to attend to her sick brother several weeks ago and was attacked with typhoid fever. Mr. King left for Terra Haute this morining. Dec. 13: Mssrs. O. ROBERT and T. HERRON were the first persons to cross the river Ottawa on the ice from New Edinburgh to Gatineau Point this season in a vehicle, successfully doing so yesterday. They recrossed the river again today with a load of over 2000 lbs. Dec 15; Mrs. Denis RYAN, the Ottawa millionaire, arrived in town last week from Querida, Colorado, to spend Christmas with his parents at Rideau Villa. And Mr. John FITZPATRICK, an Ottawa athlete, left a few days since for Philadelphia, where he joins a variety troupe. __________________________________________ Names and Numbers of Law Officers in the Various Carleton Municipalities in December of 1881: NEPEAN: no constable, but Alexander WILSON, Bailiff, sometimes acts in that capacity. GLOUCESTER: 3 constables: Daivd SIMS, John WHITE, and John WILSON. MARCH: 1 officer of the law - Phillip ORCHARD TORBOLTON: No constables, but 2 magistrates. OSGOODE: 1 constable - William OWENS NORTH GOWER: 4 law officers- Gordlay AULT, William MOFFATT, Robert DRENNAN, John JAMIESON. MARLBOROUGH: no one HUNTLEY: 1 constqable - William EVOY FITZROY: 4 constables - Ephraim MOHR, John FORBES, Robert WALKER, and William WILSON. GOULBOURN: 1 constable - Isaac MCFADDEN RICHMOND VILLAGE: 1 law officer - A.J. BURCH / BIRTCH NEW EDINBURGH: 1 constable - John CHERRY. Marriages: Dates are actual marriage dates, names as spelled in the paper and all marriages took place in Ottawa unless otherwise specified. Ottawa Free Press - 1881 Marriages (January-June): Jan 5, Samuel, son of Stephen WILKINS, contractor, to Victoria, 3rd daughter of John CROSS of the Chaudiere. Jan 9, Martin MATHER to Mary Ann DORION. Jan 12, George HALL of North Attleboro, Massachusetts to, Maggie E. SKUCK / SKUCE ? of Ottawa. Jan 16, Oscar LECLERC to Delphine VANNIER / VANIER ?, both of Ottawa. Feb 9, Robert James DEVLIN, to Kate, 3rd daughter of Benjamin FISHER. Feb 9, in Montreal, Arthur R. SWINBURN of Ottawa, to Maria, eldest daughter of H. ASHLEY of Montreal. Feb 12, in Oneida, John L. GREENFIELD of Lennox, Quebec, to Rebecca GREENFIELD of Ottawa. Feb 19, Samuel C. PERKINS, to Emma RICE, both of Ottawa. Feb 28, Henry, son of John MACDONALD of the Public Works Dept., to Mary Alice, only daughter of the late J.R. O'CONNOR. Mar 1, Thomas DARLING, Engineer, to Emma Josephine, daughter of John MURPHY (formerly bookkeeper for the Union Forwarding and Railroad Company on the Upper Ottawa, for 32 years, and presently bookkeeper for C.B. WRIGHT of Hull). Mar 8, A.K. ROY of Toronto, to Annie Emma, 4th daughter of Andrew RUSSELL. Mar 16, Sydney Edward Hamilton LANE, to Charlotte Florence, youngest daughter of the late G.B.L. FELLOWES. Mar 22, at Basin du Lievre, R.J. MCARTHUR, to Charlotte A. KENDALL, daughter of W.C. Kendall of Basin du Lievre (Buckingham, Quebec). Mar 22, in Chicago, John GUNN of Green River City in Wyoming Territory, to Isabella Henrietta MCDOUGALL of Ottawa. Mar 23, William BOOTH of Osgoode, to Sarah, eldest daughter of John BASKERVILLE of Gloucester. Mar 30, Stephen FORD of Chicago, Illinois, to Victoria, eldest daughter of Thomas HERON of Gloucester. Apr 9, Armory Zouch(?) PALMER, son of the late Alfred Zouch Palmer of London, England, to Margaret Strachan, youngest daughter of Ralph JONES. Apr 18, in Montreal, George LABELLE, Merchant, Ottawa, to Arzette(?) GAGNON, daughter of G.J. Gagnon of Montreal. Apr 21, Walter James THICKE of the Supreme Court, to Clara Annie, youngest daughter of John HIGMAN, late of Devonshire, England. Apr 25, Felix M. HAMEL, to Rachel, daughter of T.O. COTE, Clerk of the Privy Council (full story in the April 26 paper). Apr 25, at Escanaba, Michigan, Benjamin ROSS, of Buckingham, to Isabell DAVIS, step-daughter of Francis MCCULLOGH of Ottawa. Future home to be at the Ford River. Apr 25-28?, in Montreal, Thomas ROSS of Montreal, to Alice, 2nd eldest daughter of Thomas LYONS of Ottawa. Apr 28, Mr. Cy--- LEVECQUE / LEVESQUE, to Julia, 2nd daughter of Mr. D. DUBE. May 1, in Toronto, J.P. SOPER of Toronto, to Annie SNODY / SNODDY, of Ironsides, Quebec, (in the Gatineau Valley) formerly a resident of Ottawa. May 9, William P. MALONE, son of Patrick Malone, late of Quebec, Culler, to Margaret Emma, youngest daughter of Samuel A. ALLAN of Rochesterville. May 11, J.H.R. BROWN, to Martha, 5th daughter of the late John DENNISON of March Township. May 18, Alfred SNUGGS, to Clara, 2nd daughter of Stephen WILKINS, contractor, of Augusta Street. May 20, George JEFFREY of Montreal, to Lily M.W., eldest daughter of Thomas WATSON of Ottawa. In the May 23 paper, in Archville, John D. HUSTON of Ottawa, to Margaret W. BARNUM, niece of John LOWE, Secretary of the Dept. of Agriculture. May 23, William C. TRAVIS, of Stone, Staffordshire, England, to Peterina CAMPBELL of Caithness, Scotland. May 23, James ARKELL to Blanche JOHNSTON. May 24, A.E. KIDD, of Toronto, to Selia, 2nd daughter of James WEST of Gloucester Street. June 2, J. Hamlet ALLAN, to Edith ODELL, both of Ottawa. June 6, John C. GORDON of Winnipeg, to Mary Adelaide, 3rd daughter of the late William GRAHAM, Ottawa lumber merchant, and the niece of Robert SKEAD of Maple Cottage. June 15, William LLOYD of Chicago, Illinois, to Miss C. STEPHENS of Ottawa. June 15, Andrew W. FLECK, to Gertrude H., eldest daughter of J.R. BOOTH. June 18, Loftus M. FORTIER of Winnipeg, to Fancy M., youngest daughter of W.R. WRIGHT of Ottawa. June 18, in Rochester, New York, Edward D., eldest son of David MOORE of Ottawa, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Alexander PRENTICE, Lumberman of Atkinson, Georgia. June 20, Harold, eldest son of the late Walter DOUGLAS of Kew Terrace, Glasgow, Scotland, to Louisa Hawthorne, eldest daughter of the late W.A. HIMSWORTH. June 21, Richard CORNWALL, to Agnes, youngest daughter of Michael SPEARS, Montreal Road. June 22, William BISHOP, of Prince Arthur's Landing, 2nd son of Richard Bishop of Ottawa, to Sara, younger daughter of W.A. MACAGY of Ottawa. June 23, Warren Y. SOPER, to Annie NEWSOM, youngest daughter of the late Lieut-Col. Newsome. June 25, in New Edinburgh, Percy R. NEALE, Supply Officer to the NWMP (now RCMP), to Mrs. T.H. MURCOTT, daughter of F. CHAMPNESS. June 27, F.K. BENNETS / BENNETT, of the Privy Council Office, to Minnie, eldest daughter of Richard J. SHAW. June 28, Fred T. GRAVES, Hardware Merchant, Sparks Street, to Pheni?, 2nd daughter of George CUNNINGHAM of King Street. June 29, J.A. HANRATTY of Ottawa, to Alice Augusta, eldest daughter of John SHEA of Richmond. more marriages: All names are as they are spelled in the paper, all dates are actual marriage dates, and all marriages took place in Ottawa unless otherwise specified. (?) means the word was not quite legible, so a bit of a "best guess". _________________________________________________ OTTAWA FREE PRESS - 1881 Marriages (July-December) July 19, John RONIKI(?), to Elizabeth, MCMULLEN, both of Ottawa. July 19, at Fort C__(?), J.Y. ROCHESTER, son of George Rochester of Ottawa, to Jennie C., daughter of Thomas BRYSON of Fort Coulonge, Pontiac County, Quebec. In the July 27 paper, W. Norman SEARE ot Toronto, to Justenia C., youngest daughter of J.B.MCKENZIE of Ottawa. July 28, Robert REID of Nepean, to Catherine C. SMITH of Ottawa. Aug 3, William Thomas MILLER of Montreal, to Catherine Ann MACCAUL, only daughter of John MacCaul of Ottawa. Aug 10, James M. QUINN, merchant, to Bridget BRENNAN, both of Ottawa. Aug 15 or 16, at Chatham, Ont., W.H. DAVY / DAVEY, Jeweller, to Calenie, daughter of John KEARNS, late of Ottawa. Aug 16, P. MAHAR, son of Roderick Mahar / MAHER, to Mary Anne CLEARY, eldest daughter of John Cleary, both of Ottawa. Aug 20, at Rochester, New york, Capt. C.W. ALLEN of Winnipeg, to Florence E. H., widow of the late W.H. FALLS of Ottawa. Aug 23, at Portage du Fort, Quebec, P.G. NASH of Ottawa, to Agnes H. RITCHIE of Aylmer, Quebec. Aug 23, Charles WATERSTON, son of Charles Waterston, to Maggie, daughter of John PRINDIVILLE, both of Ottawa. Aug 25, at Widford, Herts, England, W. Dale HARRIS of Ottawa, to Jessie Mary, eldest daughter of Spencer LEWIS of Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, London and of Bourne House, Widford, Herts. Aug 30, at Cedar Bank, Hull, Patrick CAMPBELL, late Collector of Customs in Muttra, East Indies, to Louisa Jane Grant, eldest daughter of the late David GARRIECH / GARRIOCH ?, late of Tain, Scotland. Aug 30, in Bangor, Horace A. WRIGHT of Hull, to Sarah, 4th daughter of Charles PRICE of Bangor. Aug 31, T.A. DONALDSON, to Annie ALLMOND, both of Ottawa. Sept 2, Joseph MARTIN, to Mrs. G.W. EATON, both of Ottawa. Sept 12, William MARTIN, contractor of Thorold, Ont, to Annie TIPPER of Ottawa. Sept 14, Nathaniel MILLS, Solicitor, Ridgetown, nephew of the Hon. David Mills, to Lillie, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth ROSS of O'Connor Street. Sept 14 or 15, John F. DUNLEVIE, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J.H. WOODMAN of New Edinburgh. Sept 20, Levi G. ALLAN of Chavmont, Jeff. County, New York, to Nettie FRASER of Prescott. Sept 20, Robert GILL of Toronto, to Carrie, eldest daughter of the late John GILMOUR of Marchmont, Quebec. Sept 21, Lewis THOMPSON, to Kate, eldest daughter of the late Capt. T.A. CAMING. Sept 22, at Drayton, Dakota, Alexander H. HUNTER, late of Huntersville, Ontario, to Mary C., daughter of the late Rev. Duncan MCEWAN, of Drummond, Ontario. Sept 27, in New Edinburgh, William BROUGHTON of Hamilton, to Mary Smeaton(?), 2nd daughter of James SORLEY of New Edinburgh. Oct 6, D. GIROUARD of Montreal, to Edith Bertha, youngest daughter of John BEATTY of Cobourg. Oct. 6, Richard UGLOW, to Georgie, only daughter of N. ROBERTSON. Oct 6, in Montreal, Matthew ORME of Ottawa, to Emily, daughter of the late Francis RADFORD of Manchester, England. Oct 12, Allen GILMOUR, to Bertie, youngest daughter of the late Alexander ROSS, Solicitor. Oct 12, A.C. WHITTIER, to Annie GUINNAN, both of Ottawa Oct 12, James deGaspe STUART of Montreal, son of Mr. Justice Stuart, to Minnie O'MEARA, daughter of the late Michael O'Meara of Pembroke, Renfrew County. Oct 12, in Toronto, W.J. HERON of Inland Revenue, to Emily M., daughter of J. Gordon BROWN. Oct 14, Albert W. OTTO of Russell, to Fanny A. HOWES of Ottawa. Oct 19, in Mount Pleasant, Aylmer, the Rev. C.E. AMARON of St. Andrew's Church in Three Rivers, to Aggie, eldest daughter of Judge MCDOUGALL of Aylmer. Oct 27, E.H. PLAYTER, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to Jeanie Main TORNEY, youngest daughter of Andrew MAIN. Nov 10, William A. SCOTT of Louisville, Kentucky, to Isabella, eldest daughter of John COCKBURN of Pembroke. Nov 11, Alex. MCGIRR of Metcalfe, to Janet, daughter of William FINDLAY / FINLAY ? of Manotick. Nov 9 or 16, at Stonewall, Manitoba, Sydney J. SMITH, late of Richmond, Ontario, to Emma H., 2nd daughter of Richard ABBOTT of Ottawa. Nov 22, at Buckingham, A.H. PARKER, to Jeanie, daughter of the late John HIGGINSON. Nov 24, W. Matthie DUNHAM, to Maggie A., youngest daughter of James ROCHESTER. Nov 30, Albert COOK of Ottawa, brother-in-law of J.R. BOOTH, to Cornelia M., eldest daughter of C. SPENCER, Conducter CPR. Dec 7, Thomas H. WILLIAMSON of Grenville, Que., to Mary Jennie, only daughter of the late John LITTLE of H.M. Customs, Ottawa. (Civil Service) Dec 8, James W. TWEEDIE of Rockland, to Adela V., daughter of Henry TAYLOR of Ottawa. Dec 14, A.J.H RUSSELL of the Crown Timber Office, to Ada, daughter of the late Edward SHERWOOD, and sister of Mr. E. Sherwood, Deputy Sheriff. Mr. A.P. Sherwood, Chief of Police and Mr. Ed. SKEAD assisted as groomsmen. Full write-up in the Dec. 14 paper. Dec 21, Augusta Florence, youngest daughter of John A. SNOW of Ottawa, to William F. KING of Port Hope. Bridesmaids were Miss BAINE of Ottawa and Miss Jennie King of Port Hope. Groomsmen were A.J. Snow and John HODGINS. Dec 21, Mr. PRIEST of Chicago, to Miss TRAVERS of St. John, New Brunswick, sister-in-law of Mr. A.C. MACDOUGAL of Ottawa. Dec 22, in Rochesterville, Henry W. COWAN of Ottawa, to Allana(?) CLARKE of Nepean. Dec 26, at Smith's Falls, G.W. FLUKER, to Maude M., youngest daughter of the late James TAYLOR of Smiths Falls. Dec 27, in East Gloucester, Allan CUMMINGS of South Gower, to Roxie LITTLE, 3rd daughter of the late Francis Little of East Gloucester.

Bits and Pieces: OTTAWA FREE PRESS - 1881 - BITS & PIECES FEB 1: Patrick O'MEARA, an old resident of Ottawa who carried on a thriving hotel business in this city some years ago, left with his family last evening to take up residence in Chicago, Illinois. He will open a restaurant on State Street in that city. FEB 14: At the Florida State Fair, held in Jacksonville, the First Prize and Diploma for map drawing was carried off by Miss Maggie SOMERVILLE, daughter of Capt. Somerville, late of Ottawa. Miss Maggie was formerly at St. George's Ward School. MAR 3: "Captain" Joseph REED started yesterday on a driving tour with his trotter, Snow Bird. The Captain will take in all the townships within a radius of 50 miles from Ottawa and will take 10 days for his trip. MAR 8: Mr. Hugh MCGARR of Hull has leased "The Shades" saloon and restaurant in Centre Town and will shortly take possession. MAR 14: Mr. John CRIDIFORD, a leading accountant in Ottawa, left on Saturday for Winnipeg where he will reside. MAR 15: Messrs. M. COUGHLAN / COUGHLIN and E. HAYES, members of St. Patrick's Literary Association Band, left last night for Chicago, Illinois, where they have secured situations. MAR 17: Mr. Horace LANGRELL, son of the ex-Chief of Police, has left for the North West where he takes up his residence. Mr. E. BAMBRICK, a brother of Mr. Bambrick, of Bambrick & Wall, who went to Rockaway Beach with the exodus party of a year ago, has returned. He gives a good account of Chicago, where he was employed of late, and intends returning in a couple of weeks. He states that ex-P.O. (police officer?) MCKENNA is employed at a distillery in that city and at good pay. MAR 31: Last night, Mr. R.P. MEDLEY and family, numbering 10 persons, left for Chippawa Falls, Wisconsin, USA. He has been working in Wisconsin for a year or so and had returned to Ottawa to take his family back with him. He states that over 2/3 of the men employed in the woods in Wisconsin and Michigan are Canadians. keywords: Timber Lumber APR 14: Three years ago, Mr. Matthew Stanley BURROWS, of Franktown, sold his property and left for San Francisco, returning home 3 weeks ago worth between $40,000 and $45,000. He repurchased some of his old property near the Franktown Cemetery from Mr. James MCKINLEY of Nepean. Mr. Burrows is now 27 years old and has erected a monument over the graves of his parents in the Nepean Cemetery. His father died in January, 1864 and his mother in November, 1877. Both were long-time residents of Franktown. APR 19: Mr. David KENLY / McKINLEY ?, an Ottawa boy, has returned from a two years' stay in New York, looking well. David LEWIS, of North Augusta, recently paid Thomas PADGETT, of Nepean, $500 for a young stallion. Mr. W.J. MCDERMOTT, now employed at Patterson & Law's at New Edinburgh, shortly returns to Chicago, where he has received a good situation. Mr. Joseph HARTUEDY, for many years a clerk for ex-Alderman STARRS / STARR, left this morning for Cincinatti, Ohio, where he has been offered a lucrative position. APR 20: Mr. Thomas COSTELLO, of Murray Street, an old and respected citizen of Ottawa for over 40 years, leaves tomorrow to take up residence in the city of New York. Mr. J. SPELLMAN, a native of Ottawa and a recent graduate of the Kingston Military College, left town yesterday for Chicago. Messrs. SHAW and E. BAMBRICK, two city carpenters, also left last night for Chicago, where they have secured employment. Masters R. WALKER, Thomas FRASER, and Alfred RIDDELL, of Kinburn, have gone to attend the Agricultural College at Guelph. APR 27: Mr. Thomas B.W. MILLAR, one of L'Orignal's old residents, but now of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, is on a visit to his former home. Mr. N. MARKS is removing from Ottawa and moving to Montreal. APR 28: Messrs. Jos. PELTIER / PELLETIER and Jos. VALIQUETTE leave for Montreal tonight, having secured employment as waiters at the Windsor House. A market gardener named FAIRBAIRN, residing in Gloucester, died yesterday.
March 29, 2003: May, 1881 Ottawa Free Press Names of North West Mounted Police recruits who left Ottawa for the North West on May 11, 1881: T.J. WRIGHT J. SHEA G.H. TOZER(?) T.M GARLAND J. BARKLEY T. CURWIN / KERWIN ? W. MACMINN(?) G. CAUSSAULT W. WANLESS J.T. LABELLE A. ROUSSELL A. BEAUBAIS O. ST. DENNIS / St. DENIS? G.A. DEYU_Z(?) O.T METRAS W. MERRILL S.W. CHEVAL W.R. TURNER A.G. MCDONELL F.X. PAQUETTE H.E. MCKENNY J.S. COLFORD J.N. BETHELOT A. CAMPBELL C. GOW A. FLEMING J.D. GREEN A.W. THOM F. TURNER ________________________ From the May, 1881 Ottawa Free Press: Young Mr. Thomas MCGOEY has written to a friend from Colorado where he is living. He is well pleased with the country but complains that it has no Sabbath. Mr. S. TRAVERSY has returned from Toledo, Ohio where he occupied a position in a dry goods house. Mr. Nat. LOVERIN, formerly a member of the Ottawa Field Battery Band, but now of Boston, Massachusetts, is in town for a visit. Messrs. G.P. WARD and Cal. MCCARTHY left Ottawa in May for Toronto in charge of six horses, intended for the NWMP recruits. Mr. J.G. WARNOCK, son of James Warnock, and Mr. R.W. CLARKE, son of Mr. P. Clarke, of the Militia Dept, two of Ottawa's rising young men, have formed a "Syndicate" and bought out the Sparks Street "Tea Pot" establishment. Mrs. P. ROGERS and child left for Minneapolis to join her husband at that place. Mr. John HAYES also left for the same destination. Miss Fannie WRIGHT, daughter of Dr. Stephen Wright, of the Chaudiere, left for Manitoba on a visit to her brother Mark who is settled half way between Winnipeg and Portage La Prairie. Mr. LOWRY has leased the Brennan & Ryan Hotel on Clarence Street and is now running the business. Kenneth MCKENZIE, son of J.B. McKenzie, has returned home from Chicago, where he has been working for the past nine months. Mr. Nelson RENAUD, an Ottawaite, who has been residing in Boston for some time past, has returned to Ottawa. Mr. R. BURDEN of Fallowfield, (Burden's Tavern at Twin Elm), contortionist & clown, left to join the Cooper & Jackson Circus. Mr. Andrew TODD, late of the Turf Hotel, Mutchmor Park, (Glebe)is leaving for Winnipeg where his family has already gone. John RAINE and George IRVINE are leaving for New York to run a 10-mile race against two Englishmen named Price and Stratton. Mr. George WORKMAN is about leaving for the West and a number of New Edinburgh friends will give him a farewell address. _________________________ Ottawa Free Press - June, 1881 June 2: Mr. George FOLEY and his family, for several years residents of Ottawa, leave for Dakota on Monday next. He goes railroading, having secured a good position on one of the lines in that State. June 7: Mr. Matthew MCGOVERN, late foreman for Ald. HENEY, left for New York yesterday, where he accepts a position. June 13: A jolly party of Ottawa boys, including I.R. BURPEE, V. NICHOLSON, G.R. MAJOR, W.M. RICHARDS, C. HALL, E. WALDO, E. JONES, R.S. TUPPER, and A.G. MORRISON went to Brockville last night and this morning were treated to an excursion to the Bay by Mr. John Ryan, with his steam yacht, "The Pearl". The party returned to Ottawa today, having had a most enjoyable time as the guests of Mr. Ryan. June 15: Mark WRIGHT, an Ottawa young man at Meadow Lee, Manitoba, is raising a family of his own, having had a son and heir born unto him about a week ago. Charles WILLMENT-GORDON, the ex-railway news agent, is in custody in Utica, in default of bail being given for his appearance at the court in November, on the charge preferred by his wife. June 22: Mr. Alexander BELL, son of Dr. Bell of New Edinburgh, and Mr. James BRYMNER, son of Mr. Douglas Brymner (see William Brymner) of the Department of Agriculture, left last night for Fort Walsh, having joined the NWMP for a term of five years. June 24: Mr. Charles MCDOUGALL, an old Ottawaite, but now of Weston, Massachusetts, is in the city on a visit to his friends. Mr. A.C. LAROSE, of the firm Richard & Larose, was united in marriage yesterday to Miss Marie Louise CHARLEBOIS, daughter of the late Hyacinthe Charlebois of Vaudreuil. June 28: Mr. Colin CAMPBELL, of the Department of Militia, left for Weymouth, Nova Scotia yesterday to attend the funeral of his father, the Hon. Colin Campbell, who died on Saturday last. __________________________ 1881 Death Notices, April - June incl. Apr 1, Pen (?) O'BRIEN, 74, wife of James WHITE of Cumberland St., and mother-in-law of ex-Ald. O'CONNOR. Deceased was a native of Borrisokane, County Tipperary, Ireland and came to Canada in 1845, settling in Bytown. Mr and Mrs James White had been married for 48 years. Apr. 2, Frederick WESTWICK, 29. Apr 3, at Hull Train Station, Philip QUINN, 27. His mother and 2 sisters are residents of Ottawa, having removed from Aylmer some time ago. 4 of his brothers live in different parts of the United States. Full story of the accident in the April 4 paper. Apr 3, Arnprior, Archibald GARRIOCH, 60. Apr 4, at Clarence, William EDWARDS, 71, one of the early settlers of the Ottawa Valley. Apr 5, John ROWE, in his 42nd year, late of Hamilton, Ontario and a native of Devonshire, England. Apr 5, Sarah GOLDER, 25, wife of Romeo(?) RIMEL of Sherwood St., Le Breton Flats. Interred Hull Cemetery. Apr 7, William MCVOY / McEVOY?, 48, of St. Patrick St., a native of Queens County, Ireland. Apr 10, Lyman PERKINS, 80, of Wellington St. Hull Cemetery Apr 11, Mrs. M. ARMSTRONG, 56, mother-in-law of James BIRKETT of Waller St. Interment in New York. Apr 12, Hugh NESBITT, 45, of Gloucester St., Ashburnham Hill. Intered Hull Cemetery. Apr 13, Gananoque, John POWERS, of Deep Cut (part of the Rideau Canal). Leaves a wife. Apr 13, Dennis CONNELLY of Dalhousie St., in his 40th year. Apr 15, Ann MULLIGAN, 62, relict of the late John D. QUINN of Rideau St., Apr 17, Adele PATRIC, 20, wife of Alphonse VILLENEUVE of Lorne Avenue. Apr 20, in Buckingham, Lucy A.B. HAMILTON, 52, wife of G.L. PARKER. Apr 22 funeral notice of Michael SULLIVAN of Water Street, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland. Apr 22, in Montreal, Agnes, wife of C.E. REIFFENSTEIN, and daughter of the late W.B. MEYER. Apr 23, Hugh (age 10) and Robert (age 8), sons of William GRAHAM, drowned while crossing a boom at the St. Louis Dam (Dow's Lake). Full story in the Apr 25 paper. Apr 24 or 25, Martha, 22, daughter of Mrs. Ann MCGUIRE of Waller Street. Apr 24, T.G RATH, aged 26 Apr 26, Edward BOTTERELL, Sr., in his 88th year, of Albert Street. Deceased was born in Chesterfield, England in 1794 and leaves 1 widow, 2 daughters and a son (Edward Jr.). Full obituary in the April 27 paper. Apr 26, Chicago, Joe BRENNAN, about 26. Had been away from Ottawa for about 7 years. Died and was buried in Chicago. Buried as "unknown" as no next of kin were notified or known. Full story in May 12 paper. Apr 27, Nepean, Peter FAIRBURN, 54, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland. Large obituary in the April 29 paper. Apr 28, Hugh MCLEAN of Gloucester St., 60, a resident of Ottawa for about 10 years who came from New Brunswick - a widower leaving 2 sons and a daughter. Died of injuries received at the Hull Train Station. Apr 29, Rochesterville, David SLOAN, aged 62. May 1, Mr. F.C.S. RIDGWAY, 51, Journalist, of Lime St., west side of Deep Cut. A native of Lancashire, England, he emigrated to the United States where he lived for several years at the South. About 20 years ago, he came to Ottawa. He leaves a wife and 4 young children. Full obit in the May 2 paper. May 3, Capt. Charles S. ANDERSON, 26, of Amherstburg, son of Ed. Anderson of Amherstburg and a nephew of C.E. Anderson of Ottawa. He leaves a wife and 1 child. May 7, Elizabeth, 67, wife of Thomas BROWNE of Rear St. May 11, Funeral of C.H. NICHOLLS. May 11, John CASS, 32, of Sussex Street. May 11, Thomas WATSON, Jr., 21, of Lyon St. Interred in Montreal. May 12, Catherine Ellen, of inflammation of the lungs, aged 15, daughter of Guardian William WALSH of #4 Fire Station. May 14, Rose Anna BAUINE (Beaulne ?), 48, wife of Alexis FOISY. May 15, Metcalfe, Timothy IVESON, 77, a native of Rochdale, England and a resident of Metcalfe since 1854. May 18, Winnipeg, Elizabeth BAILLIE, relict of the late Benjamin GORDON, Surveyor of H.M. Customs, Ottawa, and mother of Mr. D. Gordon of Ottawa. May 19, Maria, in her 81st year, widow of the late William Burns LINDSAY, Clerk of the House of Assembly until 1842. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. KINGSFORD of Daly Street. May 24, Toronto, of consumption, Timothy Edward, in his 24th year, 5th son of John HURLEY. May 24, Albert (age 5) and on May 29, Walter (age 4), eldest and 2nd sons respectively of Samuel BINGHAM. May 26, Michael NILE, 72, of Dalhousie Street, Messenger of the City Council, a native of Queens (Offaly) County, Ireland. He leaves 4 children to mourn. May 27, F. Norman GISBORNE, 17, 3rd son of Frederic N. Gisborne. May 27, Marie Eleonore Eugenie LAPERRIERE, 20, wife of E.P. BENDER of Daly Street. May 29, Village of Iroquois, Gordon BROUSE, Treasurer of the Village of Iroquois since 1856. May 30 paper, Mattawa, Ontario, John RYAN, 40, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland (Hartford, Connecticut papers to copy). May 30, at Manotick, Maggie, 41, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Snedden (?) RAMSAY, and wife of Thomas MANSFIELD. June 1, near Fort Worth, Texas, Willie ROBERTS, son of Robert A. Roberts of Rochesterville, and nephew of Thomas Roberts of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Full story of the accident in the June 22 paper. June 2, New Edinburgh, Caroline MATTHEWS, 24, wife of Edward HUNT of Union Street, and on the same day their son Edward, aged 2 weeks. June 3 paper, Charles O'Neill RAINEY, 3 months, son of William O'Neill Rainey, late of Grange Corner in County Antrim, Ireland. June 7, at Aurora, Illinois, Henry WALSH, 25, son of Henry Walsh of Nelson St., Ottawa, and brother-in-law of D. TOWNSEND of Ottawa. June 8, Stonehall, near Grenville, Sarah, 52, wife of W.O. ST. GEORGE. Interred at Beechwood. June 8, Mrs. VALIQUETTE, 60, a cousin of Father CHAMPAGNE of Gatineau Point and daughter-in-law of Mr. Valiquette of Ottawa. Deceased was visiting relatives in Ottawa but resides in Rutland, Vermont and was the mother of 5 sons. Her remains were forwarded to Vermont for burial. June 10, Michael NOCTOR, 81, father-in-law of James BURNS of King St. June 11, at Dacre, John MORROW, 48, Postmaster and Merchant. June 13, George BONELL, aged 61 June 14, John S. NICHOLSON, 43 of Bank Street, and husband of Jane A. Nicholson. June 18, John ORR, late of the firm Wilson & Orr, of consumption. He leaves a wife and 4 children to mourn his loss. June 22, Gloucester, Jane BURGESS, 45, wife of Denis FINN. June 23, Buckingham, the Rev. John BRADY, 83, for over half a century a priest in the Ottawa District. Fifty years ago, he was the only Roman Catholic Missionary between Pembroke and Ottawa. June 25, Mrs. Eliza LOVERIN, 3rd daughter of the late T.G. BURNS. June 25, Two River Rapids, Upper Ottawa, Olivier GAGNON of St. Patricks St. Drowned. Leaves a wife and family of 4. June 27, on board the Government Steamer "Foxhound", off Anticosti, Capt. Marmaduke GRABURN, 51, of the Marine & Fisheries Dept., Ottawa, and son of Marmaduke Graburn of Milton Hall in Lincolnshire, England, and grandson of the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire County in 1807. The family moved from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire in 1572 (wow!) and Capt. Graburn came to Canada in 1858. (Capt. Graburn's son with the NWMP (RCMP) was murdered and his 2nd son died leaving a wife and 4 children). The full obituary is in the July 4 paper. June 28, James DUNN, 42, plasterer, of Nepean Street. June 29, Norman Allen, in his 26th year, the eldest son of Capt. Henry F. & Julia E. PERLEY of Slater Street. Intered in Beechwood Cemetery. Full obituary in the July 4 paper. Death Notices, Jan - March, Names are as they appear in the paper, dates are actual death dates, and all deaths took place in Ottawa unless otherwise indicated. Jan 7, in Russell, Eliza SHILLINGTON, 33, wife of Alexander NELSON. Funeral from residence of Robert Nelson of Nepean. Interrment in the Merivale Cemetery. Jan 10, Jane MCPHERSON, in her 92nd year, wife of the late Donald MCARTHUR. Deceased came to Canada in 1801, settled in Bytown in 1827 and remained there until her death. Jan 10, Lilly GILLEN, 8, niece of Tim BATTLE of St. Peter St. Jan 10, Lititia M.A., 24, daughter of John YOUNG of Cumberland St. Jan 11, Peter LEBLANC, 62, of St. Patrick St. Jan 12, Helen Mary, 19, daughter of Hugh MACDONALD of Nicholas St. Jan 15, At Kincardine, Christina MCGREGOR, 81, relict of the late Rev. D. CAMERON of Tiverton, and mother of the Rev. A.A. Cameron of the Baptist Tabernacle of Ottawa. Jan 16, R.G. PATTON, 64, father-in-law of Dr. CARLYLE Jan 16, in Toronto, Ann SEVERIGHT, 66, sister of James Seiveright / Seiveright of Gloucester St in Ottawa. Beechwood Cemetery Jan 17, at Wright Village, well-known St. Lawrence Sea Captain, Capt. J.G. DANTER, 74, of Quebec, father of Mrs. MCEDWARD of Ottawa, & father-in-law of B. BAINBRIDGE of Ottawa. Jan 17, George CAVE (?), 66, of Cathcart St. Jan 18, in Hamilton, Ont., William CRIST, in his 35th year, brother-in-law of J.K. STEWART of Ottawa. Jan 19, Rev. Dr. John Lalor O'CONNOR, Priest of St. Patrick's Parish and Vicar-General of the Diocese of Ottawa. Deceased was born in Bytown in June, 1833, and was in his 48th year at the time of his death. "It took 3/4 of an hour for the funeral procession to pass a given point, as there were over 800 people on foot and over 125 sleighs in line". Large write-ups in the Jan 19, 20, 21 papers.

Jan 20, in Edinburgh, Scotland, while attending the University of Edinburgh on a Gilchrist Scholarship, Fred. W. JARVIS, 22, eldest son of James Jarvis of Ottawa. Large obituary in the Feb 12 paper. Jan 23, Bridget HALLERAN / HALLORAN, 73, relict of the late Richard LANDRIGAN. Deceased was a native of Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland, and mother-in-law of Mr. C. O'LEARY of King ST. She came to Canada with her parents and was a resident of Ottawa for 45 years. Large obit in Jan 24 paper. Jan 27, Fanny, widow of the late Charles T. WALCOT of Slater St., and eldest child of the late Rev. W. Agar ADAMSON. Feb 1, Almonte, Mrs. William TEMPLEMAN, Sr. of Pakenham, 79, mother of William Templeman of the Gazette. Deceased had lived in Pakenham for nearly 50 years. Feb 1, Charles Joseph, 18, eldest son of J. WHELAN of Nicholas St. Feb 2, Chaudiere, Mrs. JONAS BARRY, 92, mother-in-law of John CROSS of Duke St., LeBreton Flats. Feb 5 or 6, at the Grove, Hull, P.Q., Georgiana, in her 85th year, widow of the late J.B. FORREST. Feb 6, Archville, Eliza HIGGINS, 35, wife of Patrick KAVANAGH / CAVANAGH. Feb 6, at Aikens in South Carolina, Alice(?), wife of Arthur TILLEY and daughter-in-law of Sir Leonard Tilley. Feb 6, Maggie, 2nd daughter of William SPREAD, wife of A.S. GERALD of Prescott, and niece of Capt. CRANGLE of Alice St. Feb 7, Sarah POLLOCK, 68, wife of Henry INGLES of Rideau St. Feb 7, Jane BYRNE, 68, relict of the late Michael Byrne of Water St (formerly Bolton), and mother-in-law of Mr. P. FITZSIMMONS, merchant. Deceased had resided in Ottawa for 28 years. Feb 8, Mary Ann SILK (?), wife of D. GOYER of Queen St. Feb 9, Betsy TIMMINS, 47, wife of William RANSTEAD of Elm St. in Rochesterville. Feb 20, John HOWE, 73, a native of Tipperary, and father-in-law of Moses FOLEY of George St. Feb 20, Hull, James MOLONEY, 60, a native of County Mayo, Ireland. Feb 22, Robert ANGUS, 72, father-in-law of R.M. MCMORRAN of O'Connor St. Feb 23, Jessie SCOTT, 35, wife of Peter R. VALIQUETTE of Cathcart Square. Beechwood Cemetery. Feb 26, Elizabeth JORDAN, 37, wife of Joseph LEVEILLE of Cathcart St. Feb 27, James S. MATTHEWS of Bank St, about 35, accidentally burned to death, unmarried. ( Note: his sister, Mrs. BURTON, of Bay St., was burned to death about 18 years ago (1863?). Story in Feb 28 paper. Feb 28, Henry BRERETON, 44, of Gloucester St. Died of consumption. Feb 28, Florence Ida EASTON, 39, wife of James A. JACQUES of Richmond Road. Mar 2, in March Twp., John WILSON Sr., 72, a native of the North of Ireland who came to Canada 40 years ago. Mar 3, London, Ont., Clara, in her 18th year, daughter of the Rev. Dr. DARNELL, and niece of Mrs. Albin JONES of Ottawa. Mar 3, Isaac Brock STANTON, in his 69th year. Mar 3, Charles Alfred DUBE, 33, Butcher, of Dalhousie St. Mar 3, in Winnipeg, Mr. C.U. LINDSAY, formerly of Ottawa in the boot and shoe business on Sussex St. Mar 7, Benjamin BOYEA, 69, of St. Patrick St. Mar 7, Louise STRONG, wife of R.E. KIMBER, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. beechwoodcemetery.htm">Beechwood Cemetery. Mar 10, Olivia, 17, 3rd daughter of J.L.P. O'HANLY of Daly St. Mar 10, in Hull, James WADSWORTH, 77, a native of Rockcorry, County Monaghan, Ireland. Beechwood Cem. Full obituary in the March 10 paper. Mar 10, in Hull, Helene FUSET (?), 33 wife of Gustave CHEVRIER of Bridge St. Mar 10, in Hamilton, Ont, Alfred CRISP, father of Mrs. J.K. STEWART of Ottawa. Mar 12, Catherine COLLION / COLLIGAN ?, 21, wife of L.P. KILGANEN and niece of William MCCAFFREY of Sussex St. Died of consumption. Mar 14, Kate, 24, wife of John MCSTRAVICK of Botelier St. Mar 16, Euphresne(?), wife of Louis ST. AUMOND of Water St. Mar 18, Hugh MCGUIRE, 64, of McTaggart St., a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and a resident of Ottawa for the last 45 years. Mar 19, Thomas MCGOEY, Sr. 81, of Ironside, Hull Twp, Ottawa County. Deceased was a native of County Longford, Ireland. Mar 22, Alexander GARRETT, Mineralogist, 72, of Slater St. Mar 23, Margaret Frances GAUL, wife of Martin SPARROW of George St. Mar 24, George Alfred MAILLEUCE, 64, of Daly St., youngest son of the late Col. William Mailleuce, and a native of Ireland, emigrating to Canada in the 1840's. Full obituary in the Mar 28 paper. Mar 25, James W. BELL, in his 63rd year, a native of County Antrim, Ireland, and father of Henry Bell of Lisgar St. Mar 28, Rutherford Park in New Jersey, Charles AUCLAIRE, formerly of Ottawa and brother of Mr. P.C. AUCLAIRE of Ottawa. Full obit in the March 28 paper. Ottawa Free Press - 1881 August tidbits, Jan - March. Aug 2: Mr. Thomas AHEARN (of Ahearn and Soper ? of the streetcar business? has received a bouquet of artificial flowers from New Orleans. The flowers are made of fish scales and are very pretty. Aug 3: The grandmother of Mr. Antoine TREMBLY / TREMBLAY, of Church Street, has seen the snows of 107 winters. The aged dame is in the possession of all her mental faculties and resides at the Nation River. Aug 8: Mr. P. KENNEDY, of Nepean, brought 10 head of cattle to market this morning, which he sold at prices averaging from $25 - $30 each. Aug 17: Miss Harriet NEWBIGGAN, daughter of John Newbiggan of Ottawa, leaves tonight for Peterboro. She becomes a missionary to the Indians near Rice Lake under the auspices of the Methodist Missionary Board. Mr. H. MORELAND has received intelligence from Cheapside, London, England, to the effect that his brother, Mr. E.R. Moreland intends coming to Ottawa to start a business. Aug 19: Mr. Alex AUMOND, an Ottawa boy, is Assistant Auditor of Noble County, Iowa. Rev. T.D. PHILLIPS, of Ottawa, is to remove to Chicago. He has long been known as to be the best cricketer in Canada, and his departure will prove a great loss. Aug 23: Mr. I.B. TACKABERRY, from Ottawa, who arrived in Winnipeg by Taylor's last excursion, is so well pleased with the city that he has temporarily opened an office on Main Street and gone into the real estate business. He intends to return to Ottawa on September 10. New Edinburgh is about to lose two of its young men by the departure of Messrs. FRASER and SHERWOOD tomorrow evening. The former goes to Portage La Prairie to take charge of a leading drugstore in the city, while the latter has secured remunerative employment in Minnesota. Aug 29: Mr. George FOLEY, who formerly kept a machine shop on By Ward Market Square, writes from Fargo, Dakota, stating he is doing well at the business in that rising town. Aug 31: Harry SANDHAM says the thermometer at Corsicana, Texas, where he now resides, has been as high as 107 degrees in the shade. A young girl named Monica KILLEEN, daughter of George Killeen, labourer, of Church Street, was drowned in the canal above the Deep Cut yesterday afternoon. 1881 Ottawa Free Press Death Notices (July-September) _____________________________________________ July 1, St. Andrews (near Lachute) by drowning, Fanny, 13, daughter of Mr. F.K. BLATCH July 2, Robert COWLSON, 48, Stone Cutter, in Gloucester Twp. Interment Beechwood. July 2, Sarah, 65, relict of the late James DOWNS, and mother-in-law of John HICKMET of Wellington St. July 3, Mary MORRISON, 55, wife of Robert ELLIOTT of York St. July 3, Aylmer, John MURPHY, 72, late of the Union Forwarding & R.N. Co. July 4 paper: Obituaries of William B. ROBERTS, son of R.A. Roberts, Butcher, of Rochesterville, recently killed in a railway accident in Texas. John MCKAY, 99, died at Perth - a native of Scotland and was a ship's-carpenter in Her Majesty's Navy. Daniel JENKINS, Manager of J.P. WISER's stock farm at Prescott, Ontario, died from hemorrhage of the lungs. His remains sent to Glen's Falls, New York for burial. July 5, Anne DOURLEY / DOURLAY, 35, wife of William KEELEY / KEALEY of Duke St. July 8, Aylmer, Sylvia Comstock COLLER / COLLIER ?, 66, relict of the late Dr. Peter Howard CHURCH of Aylmer. July 8, at L'Orignal, Felix MILLETTE, 50, proprietor of the Ottawa Hotel. July 9, Abraham HENDERSON, 72, of Lyon St. July 10, Elizabeth BAYNE, 89, relict of the late George Bayne, and mother-in-law of William ROSS of Wilbrod St. Interment in the Merivale Cemetery. July 11, Ann, 70, wife of Martin WALLACE of St. Andrew St. July 13, Rochesterville, Mary MCLAUGHLIN, 29, wife of Patrick POWERS of Preston St. July 14, Rochesterville, George KING, in his 88th year, a native of Glasgow, Scotland. July 15, Montreal, of heart disease, Sarah CADDY , 64, sister of Richard THOMAS of Montreal. July 17, at Hazledean, Elizabeth, 50, wife of John YOUNG. July 19, Hull, Joseph SEGWIN / SEGUIN ?, 78, of Alma St, and late of St. Zotique, Quebec. July 19, Francis T. KILBY, Sr., 62, of George St., a native of England, and a resident of Bytown and Ottawa for over 40 years. Full obituary in the July 19 paper. July 22, at Renfrew, of consumption, George MCRAE, M.D., 26, brother of John W. & Hector McRae of Ottawa. Full obituary in the July 23 paper. July 22, at St. Andrew's, County Argenteuil, at the residence of her nephew (P. ROBERTSON, M.D.), Matilda TIERNEY, 2nd daughter of the late J.B. Tierney, Comptroller in Her Majesty's Customs, and sister-in-law of J.V. DEBOUCHERVILLE of the Indian Dept. July 26, Mary Ann BOURGET, 80, mother of James Bourget, and mother-in-law of Alphonse HALLAIRE of Bolton Street. July 28, Aylmer, Mr. Narcisse PERRAULT, 72. Aug 2, Sarah, 80, wife of John HILTON of Friel Street. Aug 4, Mary Janet Malinda, 16, 3rd daughter of J.B. BRANNEN of Bank St. Aug 8, Louisa Emily Austin BURY, in her 23rd year, 3rd daughter of the late Capt. John James Bury / BERRY ? of the Royal Engineers. Aug 9, Bridget WHITE, 64, wife of Frinina(?) VAILLAINCOURT. Aug 9, William C. MACAGY, of consumption, eldest son of William A. MacAgy, Customs Appraiser, of Richmond Road. Interment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aug 11, Mount Sherwood, James WETHERELL, 65, of Rochesterville, murdered on his wedding night during a "Charivari". Deceased had lived in the Ottawa area for about 20 years, having left a wife and 2 children in his home of Racine, Wisconsin, USA. He married the widow, Margaret DOUGHERTY during the evening of Aug 10. Note: 4 men were convicted of the murder and the story & trial is in many of the August papers. See also the book: Make the Night Hideous, for a detailed account of the charivari. Aug 17, Eliza, 69, of Murray St., widow of the late Andrew CROSS. Deceased was a native of Lambeg__?, County Antrim, Ireland. Large obituary in the Aug 23 paper as a letter to the editor, page 4. Aug 18, Mrs. Eliza PALEN, 66, sister of Jane JOHNSTON of Gloucester. Deceased came to Canada in 1859 to visit her sister and stayed. Both are buried in the Gloucester Cem. Aug 18, at Kirk's Ferry, Margaret CLARKE, 90, relict of the late Christopher C. ALLEN. Interment in Chelsea. Aug 20, New Edinburgh, Daniel MCPHERSON, 66, a native of County Kent, England, and father of John McPherson of Creighton St. Interment Beechwood. Aug 21, Thomas ELLIOTT, 49, of Victoria St. Aug 23, William Henry BROUSE, M.D., Senator, in his 57th year. Interment Prescott. Aug 24, Maggie L., 28, daughter of the late Patrick HENNIGAN. Aug 25, Thomas MCGOEY, 50, of Bank St., son of the late Thomas McGoey of Ironsides, Hull, Ottawa County. Aug 26, of consumption, Zepherin BOIVEN / BOIVIN ?, 31, Printer, of St. Patrick St. Notre Dame Cemetery . Aug 26, Arnprior, Charles William SYMMES, 18. Aug 28, Henderson Hayard, in his 19th year, youngest son of William SMITH of Daly St., Deputy Minister of Marine. Aug 31, Sarah, A., wife of Robert COGHILL of Augusta St. Sept 3, Mary HINTON, 52, wife of William Pitman LETT of Dalhousie St, and 2nd daughter of Joseph Hinton. Deceased was born in the Village of Richmond on Oct. 29, 1828 and married Oct 21, 1849. Beechwood Cemetery. Large obituary in the Sept 19 paper with many details. Sept 6, Gloucester, Malvina LAROCQUE, 21, wife of E. ROCHON. Sept 9, William Fraser FORSYTH, 45, Post Office Dept, of Cooper Street. His remains sent to Scotland for burial. Large obituary in the Sept 10 paper. Sept 11, Fabien PERRAULT, 25, of Murray Street. Sept 12, Rosamond BRENCHLEY, wife of J.A. ARMSTRONG of Nepean Street. Beechwood Cemetery. Sept 13, at London, England, Skene CRAIG, of the Post Office Dept, Ottawa, in his 29th year. Sept 14, at Archville, Elizabeth, 58, wife of George RUSSELL. Sept 18, Charles LAPORTE, 71, of Rideau Street. Sept 22, from the "Carleton Place Herald" of Sept 28: William MCFADDEN, 96, a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, born Sept 2, 1785. Deceased saw active service in Canada 1812-1814, settling in Ashton in 1818. Sept 23, Thurlow, killed in a threshing machine accident, Andrew LLOYD, and William MALCOLM (son of William Malcolm of Ottawa), and Viola CALDWELL (aged 14, daughter of George Caldwell). Full story in the Sept 24 paper. Sept 24, the Rev. Joseph Francis Lawrence DUHAMEL, 27, of pleurisy, son of Lawrence Duhamel, and nephew of the Bishop of Ottawa. A native of Ottawa, born July 29, 1855 and ordained into the priesthood Dec 8, 1877. Large obituary in the Sept 24 paper. Sept 27, John Joseph, 22, son of John & Ann Jane OLIVER of Lett Street. Beechwood Cemetery. Sept 30, Maria MCKENZIE, 83, widow of the late Donald McKenzie of Albert Street. Sept 30 Obituary: John STEWART, Sr., 89, of Rosebank, Almonte, one of the earliest settlers of this area. Came to Canada in 1821, and 6 years later settled in Rosebank. Ottawa Free Press - 1881 - Death Notices (Oct - Dec) ______________________________________________ Oct 5, Mary, 34, wife of David MCAMMOND, and eldest daughter of John MCDANIEL of Huntley. Obits in the Oct 8 paper: John RUDD, an old and respected resident of Perth, died Oct 2. John PRESTON, one of the pioneer settlers of Drummond, died recently. He distinctly remembered the Irish rebellion (1798 Uprising) in the last century. John MCGILLIVRAY, printer for the Glengarry Times, died Oct. 6. He will be buried in Morrisburg. Oct 12, Vincent DAZE, of Shamrock St., of apoplexy, at one time a city letter carrier. He was predeceased by his son, Edward, also a letter carrier, a year ago. Oct 13 or 14, North West Territories, near Qu'Appelle, (now Saskatchewan) Alexander S. PEACOCK, at one time connected with the Ottawa Fire Brigade and son of the late James Peacock, Furrier, of Ottawa. Interred at Qu'Appelle. Large obituary in the Nov 2 paper. Oct 17, Almonte, Andrew MCKENZIE, 72, of congestion of the lungs. Deceased was for over 20 years a colporteur of the Ottawa Valley Bible Society. Oct 18, William HOLLAND, of Franktown, Upper Lichfield / Litchfield Quebec. Deceased was born in 1818 in County Armagh, Ireland and emigrated to Canada about 1838. (from the "Pontiac Advance" of Nov 5, 1881 and reprinted in the Free Press) Oct 18, Isobel, wife of L.A. HAMILTON, and daughter of the late James LEASK of Toronto. Oct 21, James IRWIN, 75, a native of County Kerry, Ireland and a resident of Quebec for 47 years, and father-in-law of Alexander MCALHENY of Nepean St, Ottawa. Oct 28, at Dickens, Mrs. Munsell R. BATES, predeceased by her only son, James E. Bates about 3 weeks ago. Deceased was the sister-in-law of Mrs. M.M. PYKE of Ottawa and will be intered in Brockville. Oct 30, Elizabeth PARSONS, 83, mother-in-law of J.W. FOSTER of Sparks St. Interment in Beechwood Cem. Oct 31, Isabella JOHNSON, 31, wife of Noe CHEVRIER, merchant of Winnipeg (formerly of Ottawa). Funeral from home of Alex. Chevrier of St. Patrick St. Oct 31, Toronto, Mrs. Mary JACKSON, 75, relict of the late John Jackson, mother of John Jackson of the Crown Timber Office in Ottawa, and mother-in-law of Mr. P. LANGTON of Toronto. Nov 1, Private Samuel WHITE, of No. 4 company, Governor General's Foot Guards. Buried at Hull Cemetery with military honours. Nov 6, Maniwaki, on the Gatineau, Patrick LOGUE, lumberman & merchant, a native of County Tyrone, Ireland. Nov 9, William GIBSON, 23, brother of Mrs. C.H. CARTER of Bank St. Nov 10, Cornelius EVANS, 23, son of the late William Evans, and nephew of Cornelius DOWNEY of McLaughlin St. Nov 11, Annie, 18, daughter of Edward BARR of Somerset St. Interment Hull Cemetery. Nov 11, Moses DEMERS of Lower Town, 79. Large obituary in the Nov 14 paper. Nov 11, Terence MCGEE, 77, of apoplexy. Deceased was a native of County Armagh and came to Canada in 1826. He leaves a wife and 8 children. Large obit in the Nov 14 paper. Nov 12, Jerome BERTHIAUME, 78 Nov 12, John MCCARTHY, 83, shoemaker, of Wellington St. Deceased came to Bytown in 1827 and was a native of Ireland. Large obituary in the Nov 12 paper. Nov 16, Sarah, 69, wife of Henry HARTNEY of the House of Commons Staff. Large obituary in the Nov 17 paper. Nov 16, Edward WILLMENT, 52 or 62, of Cathcart Street. Nov 17, at Gatineau Mills, Chelsea, Crofford LINK, 60. Nov 18, Duncan C. BUCHAN, 37, of Maria Street (became Laurier Avenue). Interred at Beechwood. Nov 20, Francis MCCULLOUGH, 65, a native of Ireland, and brother of James McCullough, tanner, of St. Andrew St of Lower Town. Nov 21, Catherine, 45, wife of Michael MCGRATH of Le Breton St, Ashburnham Hill. Deceased was a native of County Kilkenny, Ireland. Nov 23, Brockville, Paul MARTIN, 81, father of Drs. Oliver, Charles, & Alexander Martin, all dentists of Ottawa. Nov 23, Michael AMBROSE, in his 76th year, of St Paul St. Deceased was a native of County Kildare, Ireland. Nov 23, Leonore VANDAL, 64, wife of Joseph MARTEL of Cathcart Street. Nov 23, in Quebec, Christina MCLIMONT, 67 Nov 24, Adeline HOTTE, 44, wife of Elie ROCHON of Gloucester, Montreal Road. Nov 24, Green Ridge, Manitoba, Edward DUNCAN, 34, formerly of Pembroke and Ottawa. Nov 28, William Henry, 14, of heart disease, eldest son of Alexander J. CAMBIE of Cooper Street. Nov 28, Danville, P.Q., George S. TAYLOR, 62, brother of Thomas Taylor, of Dept of Railways & Canals. Nov 29, at Lake Tallowa, Nipissing, Ont, Emery C. MOORE, brother of David Moore and son of the late David Moore of Hull. Dec 1, Jane MURDOCH, 68, wife of David SMILLIE. Deceased was a native of Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Dec 4, Brother James COONEY, 75, of the College of Ottawa. Intered in the Cemetery of the Oblate Community. Dec 9, Almonte, John PATTERSON, 72, pioneer of Almonte, settling there when it was known as Shipman's Mills. Married a Miss Smith of Huntley about 1837. Full obituary in the Dec 16 paper. Early December, Cumberland Twp, Jean Baptiste DUFORD, in his 91st year, a veteran of the war of 1812. Born in Vaudreuil in 1790 and settled in Cumberland Twp in 1850. Deceased was the father of Octave Duford of Ottawa, the accomplished amateur actor. Dec 10, Maggie, 24, daughter of Thomas LACKY, butcher. Dec 10, Richmond Village, Adam HALL, 75, hotel keeper and a shoemaker by trade. Dec 11, Templeton, Mrs. Eustache HEBERT, mother of Edouard ST. GEORGE, contractor of Ottawa. Dec 12, Elizabeth A. SPROULE, 71, of Maria St. (became Laurier Avenue) Interred at the Merivale Cemetery. Dec 12, Eliza, 38(?), widow of the late John DUNN, of Sophia Street. Deceased was employed as Caretaker in the Geological Museum and is survived by 2 children. Died in a fire. Full story in the Dec 12 paper. Dec 19, near Victoria Island, accidental death, John Benning MONK, 61, son of the late Capt. G.B. Monk of March Twp. Full story in the Dec 21 paper. Dec 21, Levina MCCULLOUGH, 37, wife of John BUSH of Albert Street. Dec 23, Bernard MULLIN, 57, merchant tailor, of Wellington St. Full obituary in the Dec 24 paper. Dec 24, Jane, 45(?), of lung disease, wife of Martin BATTLE of St Andrews St. Full obituary in the Dec 24 paper. Dec 27, Mrs. Elizabeth HANLON, 83, of Friel St. Dec 27, in Janeville (later Eastview, now Vanier), Mary, 70(?), relict of the late Henry AUGER. Intered in the Taylorville Cemetery. Dec 29, John James Ballantine CAMPBELL, widower, eldest son of the late Alexander Campbell of Sussex, New Brunswick, and brother of Mr. C. CAMPBELL of Chilton & Campbell Jewellers of Ottawa. Deceased drowned in the Rideau Canal. Notice in the Dec 31 paper: J.R. DAWSON, Warden of Frontenac, son of the Rev. Mr. Dawson, C.E., and brother of George Dawson (Reeve of Clarendon & Miller) and brother of Professor Dawson of Belleville. This page is a continuation of this previous page.

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