Early Residents of the Township of Gloucester
Upper Canada, (Ontario, Canada)
now part of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Hi Al,
These area men had their picture taken prior to leaving to work in the Shanty.
              Standing - Allan Spratt, Bill Helem, Ben Hanna.
              Sitting - Evie Cuddie, Allie Findlay.
These men were all from the Spratt / Limebank Roads.

Note the lamb's wool collars!
David Nolan

Allan Spratt, Bill Helem, Ben Hanna, Evie Cuddie, Allie Findlay
February 11, 2011: Thanks to David Nolan for this terrific photo. Hi Al, Here is a picture of a cheese factory that was located on the Gamble property - Lot 25, Conc. 2, Rideau Front, Gloucester Twp., (see map), on the north side of present day Rideau Road at Downey Road and between Bowesville Road and Limebank Road. This cheese factory was destroyed by fire, circa 1915 - 1920. It had been operated by a fellow by the name of Patterson from Kemptville. Thanks, David Nolan.
Gamble Property -- Cheese Factory in Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Canada
March 1, 2008: Bradish Billings: He was the first settler in Gloucester Township. His house and property were on the south-east corner of todays Bank Street and Riverside Drive (Billings Bridge). (See map of Billings Bridge area below, dated April 9, 2008). August 29, 2001 Thanks to Robert Telford for this material. Robert is researching the Telford Family. This will supplement my E-Mail of yesterday and covers additional Gloucester office holders. (Up to 1842), the following names occur in connection with the minor municipal offices:- James Clark, Gustavas Clark, Wm. Kelley (Wm. Kelly, Lorne Kelly's GGGrandfather), James Bailey, John Burris, Isaac Brown, Wm. Halfpenny / Halpenny James Graham, Robert Ackles, Thomas Paten, James Richie, John Freeman (from County Wicklow), John Dunning, James McKay, John Lees, Thos. Hodge, Joseph Charlebois, Johnathon Carson, John Anderson, Wm. Fair (Phair), John Cameron, Thos. Jenkins, Herman Holbert, Robt. Lang, Francis Dupuis, Robt Campbell, Patrick McGee (South Gloucester), Peter Thompson, James Rain, John Savage, Patrick Collins, and John Templeton. Among those who acted as Commissioners at the yearly Town meetings were:-- Bradish Billings, John Brush, Daniel O'Connor, Clements Bradley, Peter Tompkins, James Richie, Wm. Smyth, William Fenton, John Cameron, Benjamin Rathwell, Robert Long, and William Doxey. Of these, Messrs. Billings, Bradley, Doxey, Fenton, Richie, and Smyth, acted as chairman at various times. ... Robert Telford
July 14, 2002: Dear Al, Thanks for your letter. So far I have not arranged an interlibrary loan from the NA of Canada of film M 7735. This film covers the Assessment and Census of Gloucester Twp [and some others] in the Ottawa District for the periods of 1823-1828 and 1830-1841. I have on order from FHL three films on Land Records of Gloucester Twp: Index; 1832-1842; and 1832- 1888. I don't know if these contain much useful info. I am exploring another film, MS- 116 Reel 1, from the Ontario Archives. This film supposedly gives Census and Assessments for 1838 and Assessments and Collections for 1823, 1824, 1825, 1828, and 1930-1841. But this may reach a political impasse in the Inter Library System also. FHC Catalog lists a book by Margaret Beetam [main author], " Ottawa District Census and Assessment, 1822-1850 (inventory)". This was published by Ontario Gen Soc, 1990. I have a feeling that it is a "catalog". When I hear from the Ottawa Archives, I will let you know. Have a good week. Robert Telford
August 8, 2002: Here's more information from Robert. Thanks for this! ... Al Dear Al, I examined the Assessment and Census Reel M 7735 from NAC and learned that James Telford farmed at Concession V, Lot 26, Gloucester Twp. He was listed from 1828 thru 1831 owning about 200 acres ( the 1831 entry shows 270 acres). I had difficulty reading the items for the next few years. But sometime in that period he must have sold or lost the farm! Thos Brady was the owner in 1834. In 1836 Michael Skivington is listed as the owner of V/26. He had already owned V/28. In 1838 Peter Skeffington became the owner of V/26. The 1879 Belden Atlas (McGill Digital Library) shows Terrence McGee as the new owner. It looked like a choice parcel. Some of James' neighbors in 1831 were: Concession IV Thos Duncan, John Johnston, James Doyle, James Johnston, Willian Howlan / Nolan, Thos Kilroe, Patrick Durney, and Hugh McKenny / McKenna Concession V Nick Brady, Patrick McGee, Michael Skeffington, and William Downey I wonder where my elusive GGGF moved to next. He and Mary Ann had at least two children, William ( b 1826 ) and Charles ( b 1828 ). I wish I knew more of Mary Ann. She was born in Ireland between 1800 and 1805--I don't know her maiden name or the County in Ireland. She died in Brooklyn, NY, USA in 1870. I wonder sometimes if she was the daughter or sister of a fellow settler. Next week I will have another go at the reel and see if I can squint more information. I plan to have another peek at the FHC films. Saw where Hugh McKenna puchased his 200 acres for 200 pounds from John I Weart of the Eastern District on 20 Jan 1830. Witnesses were Samuel Edgar and Peter Skeffington. Cheers, Robert Telford
Also on August 8, 2002: Robert: I've just been going through Bruce Elliott's book Men of Upper Canada. It is the nominal return of men who were in the local militia in 1828. For Gloucester, the local militia was not yet formed, but he has included the names from the assessment roll of 1828. His source is another microfilm reel for Gloucester Township: Archives of Ontario, MS 116, Reel 1. Here are the names of "rateable inhabitants": Bradish Billings, Thomas Doxey, Charles Holister, John McFadon,W.W. Fenlon, John T. Wont, Jacob LeRoy, George Miller, Duncan McKinsey (McKenzie?), James Otterson, James Johnson George Otterson, James Otterson, Ebriham Curey, James Telford, James Richey (Ritchie?), Alconey Stoel, Hew McKeney (Hugh McKenna), William Page, Andrew Wilson, William Smith, Sylvester Hulbert, Flurman Hurlbert, David Dole, George Sparks, Clement Bradley, Zeenes Olmsted (Olmstead), Elisha Gilson and David Dunning. ... Al
February 7, 2003: Robert Telford & Al Lewis: Came across your web page on Bytown or Bust site in looking for information on Gloucester Twp. and Thomas Byers (on both the 1832 & 1833 Assessment List - front 1/2 of Lot 13 Gore Concession) as well as James Byers (on the 1832 Assessment List - Lot 12 front, S H). If this is the same Thomas Byers he was born c1776 in County Antrim, Ireland. James Byers b c 1806 married Jane Edgar / Eggers. She died before 1840. I note a Samuel Edgar witnessed a sale of land document between McKenna & Weart / Wert; mentioned in an email dated August 2002. Thomas Byers & James Byers relocated to Renfrew County c 1834. There was a daughter, of Thomas Byers, named Mary or Margaret who married a William Morrow in 1834 and gave her residence as Gloucester. Do you know of any other information on this Byers family or Samuel Edgar's family c1830 in Gloucester Twp? They are not on the Assessment Lists before 1832.. Any help would be appreciated. Barb Byers Bradley Saskatoon, Sask.
May 10, 2004: Thanks to Robert Sample for the following: I saw your query on Al's site. I have this roughed in. It is related to the James Family and was available at the time so I included it. Descendants of Thomas Byers 1 Thomas Byers . +Unknown Unknown ...... 2 William James Byers ......... +Jane Edgar .............. 3 William James Byers b: 1839 in Renfrew, Ontario d: 1920 in Ontario ................. +Ellen Banning b: 1840 d: 1927 in Check Date of death. ...................... 4 Margaret Jane Byers b: August 29, 1866 in Renfrew Co., Ontario d: September 19, 1913 in Renfrew, Ontario .......................... + John Webster James b: 1850 d: February 24, 1905
March 15, 2005: Patrick Burke married Martha McGarvey in 1854 in Paisley, Scotland. They came to the Billings Bridge area in the 1860's.
January 30, 2008: William Garrett and Elizabeth Doyle came from County Wicklow, Ireland, and settled in Gloucester Township before 1840.
January 31, 2008: Hi Al, I don't know if you consider the Fitzwilliam emigres from County Wicklow to be "early" settlers, but here's a summary of the group that settled in Gloucester:
Name of Tenant From Settled In
BYRNE, Ann MAHER; Luke; AnnMoylishaGloucester, ON
BYRNE, Timothy (s/o Thomas and Sarah)BallynultaghGloucester, ON
COSKER (COSGROVE), Robert and FANNING, BridgetCroneyhorn (Hot Pot Lane)Gloucester, ON
HANNON, Matt and MargaretKnocknaboleyGloucester, ON
KERRIVAN / KERWIN, James and HASKINS, EllenBoleyGloucester, ON
McGRATH, William and BYRNE, MaryBallynultaghGloucester, ON
TOMKIN (TOMKINS), Peter; John; CatherineNewtownGloucester, ON
BYRNE, Patrick and CASEY/KEARNEY, Ellen; Dolly, BridgetBallynultaghGloucester, ON and Bytown (Ottawa, ON)
HOPKINS, Nicholas and BYRNE, ElizabethBallynultaghBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Gloucester, ON
McCANN, Elizabeth O'BRIEN; Bryan; George; PatrickAghowleBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Gloucester, ON
In addition to Nicholas Hopkins (above), his relative William Hopkins (m. Jane Barker) was a McCabe Lister who settled in Gloucester. ... Anne Burgess _____________________________ February 5, 2008:
More Early Immigrants
To Gloucester Township
ARMSTRONG, Patrick residence Gloucester 11-02-1833 Helen LYONS
BERRY, John near Johnston's Corners married Ann RITCHIE
BORTHWICK, Thomas Scotland to New Edinburgh wife=Margaret
BRADY, Patrick, 1820-1886 County Offaly wife=Ellen GRAHAM, 1823-1906 to Gloucester - see Bowesville Book
BRENNAN, William Frederick Sligo Possibly ML# 260 wife= Miriam SNOW RICHARDSON See more here
BRITT / BIRT Ireland to Gloucester bur. Our Lady of the Visitation
BURNS, Lawrence County Down wife=Ellen CUNNINGHAM
BYRNE, Edward 1802-1873 Offaly to Gloucester ML# 275, wife was a TIERNEY buried St. Mary's (unmarked)
BYRNE / BURNS, Luke m. 04-10-1848 Mary CAMPBELL Gloucester?
CARROLL, Daniel 1805-1861 County Cavan wife=Ellen SWAIN Gloucester, then Farrellton
COLLINS, Patrick 1785-1867, brother of Timothy Bandon, Cork wife=Ellen FINN ML# 443

buried St. Mary's

Bowesville, 1830

COLLINS, Timothy, 1791-1873 brother of Patrick Tinlague, Cork wife=Mary CAIN (KEANE) ML# 441, Buried St. Mary's

Bowesville, 1834

CONWAY Michael to Gatineau Valley, then to Gloucester Township wife=Bridget DOHERTY
COWAN family to Gloucester
CRAIG, Thomas 1823-1903 wife=Margaret BIRT or BRITT bur. South Gloucester
CUNNINGHAM, John 1792-1870 Sligo ? to Gloucester Son John , born 1833 married Bridget CHRISTOPHER, d/o GGGrandparents had tavern at Bowesville, maybe ML# 39
CRAIG, James from Scotland Wife = Jean LINDSAY
DALY, Patrick 1801-1882 from Tipperary, bur. Vis. wife= Hanorah QUINN 1800- to Gloucester
DAVY, Edward, c. 1800-? from Tipperary ML# 282, also sp. DAVEY to Gloucester
DOHERTY, John wife=Charlotte SPARROW mayor of Bytown, 1854 ties to South Gloucester
DOWNEY, James County Clare, 1830 wife=Bridget DONNELLY
DOWNEY, John, 1795-? County Down to Sheenboro wife=Jane SMITH
DOWNEY, William ML# 465 wife=Bridget SLAVEN County Meath
DOYLE, Brian a.k.a. Bernard wife=Jane CAVANAGH b. 1791 Brian Doyle's Hill
James DOYLE 10-07-1831 Anastasia FINLAY to Gloucester
DOYLE, Moses 1801-1878 1871 Census for Gloucester wife=Bridget BRADY
DUNN, Patrick
Offaly to Gloucester, 1840 on the "Lady of Industry" wife=Ann QUINN
M.L., came with QUINN and BRADY families
FINN, Anthony wife=Elizabeth NOLAN
FITZSIMMONS, William Drumgar, County Armagh wife=Elizabeth LAWSON to South Gloucester
FREEMAN from County Wicklow see Gloucester Roots
GILLIGAN, Bartholomew wife= (1) Rose Ann DWYER wife= (2) Mary McNIFF
GRAHAM, James wife=Jane SMITH Bowesville
GREEN, Robert wife=Mary Unknown from Wicklow to Ramsayville
John GUNN 1841 Catherine BURNS, Gloucester witnesses William BURNS and James DARCY
3 HALPENNY cousins from County Wicklow to Bowesville and Lanark
HARDGROVE, Richard wife= Bridget McNAMARA Blacksmith Bowesville
HOPKINS, William from County Wicklow ML# 233
HOWLEY, John 1788-1864 from Sligo, via Nova Scotia buried St. Brigid's farmed at 4 corners, Manotick (Gloucester side)
William HOWLEY s/o Patrick HOWLEY and Ann MALONE 23-11-1852 Margaret O'GRADY, d/o William O'GRADY and Margaret FITZPATRICK Osgoode/Gloucester

KERWIN, William 1833-1917 County Wicklow wife=Margaret TIERNEY, 1837-1914 bur. Vis. (new stone)
LACOMPTE, Paul, born 1829 wife=Marie CHARBONNEAU, 1837-1914 also sp. LECOMPTE
Hugh McBRIDE 30-01-1838 Mary REILLY also O'REILLY
McBRIDE, Miles 1st wife=Mary BURNS to Canada 1828 ML# 575 or 581
McEVOY, James 1818-1896 Tipperary to Gloucester wife=Margaret McNAMARA 1822-1900 Bowesville, bur. Vis.
McGEE, Dennis 1801-? Armagh to Gloucester, 1820's - see also conditions on the Gosford Estate, County Armagh in the 1820's wife=Alice HUGHES I believe that the HUGHES, McGEEs, (but not Darcy) and FLANAGANs all came to Canada together from County Armagh
McGEE, Francis, 1800 -? Keady, Armagh to South Gloucester, 1820's wife=Catherine DUFFY my GGGGrandparents
McGEE, John, c. 1800 -1884 Limerick ? wife=Bridget BURNS, from Limerick, widow of George HANRAHAN(died Ireland) John met Bridget and her son on the ship
McGEE, Patrick, 1802-1869 Armagh, ML# 431 wife=Mary HUGHES, from Armagh brother-in-law to Patrick HUGHES - M.L.
McGEE, Terrence, 1806-1881 Armagh to Gloucester, 1820's wife=Ellen HUGHES, m. 14-09-1840 at N.D. ML# 559 as McKEE
McGRATH, William County Wicklow to Gloucester, 1847 wife= Mary BYRNE / BURNS from Fitzwilliam Estate
McKENNA, Bernard County Tyrone to Gloucester
McLAUGHLIN, Donald born 1820 Scotland wife = JANET LOCHEAD to Gloucester Township
MOORE, John, Tyrone to Gloucester wife=Bridget McKENNA
MELIPHANT / MELLEFONT, Richard Musician, aged 80 in 1871 Census Victoria Ward in 1871
NOLAN, Jeffrey wife=Elizabeth DARCY South Gloucester?
NOLAN, Michael 1834-1916 parents from Wexford wife=Mary DALY both bur. Vis.
Patrick and Catherine NOLAN from County Wexford to Bowesville Road
NOLAN, W. Wexford 1840
O'CONNOR, John County Tipperary wife=Mary Margaret QUINLAN / QUINLIVAN Bytown and South Gloucester
O'MEARA, David, 1812-1884, from Rathcormac, County Cork McCabe List, bur. St. Mary's, to Gloucester mother=Ellen FITZGERALD, b. 1793, Cork, bur. St. Mary's wife=Mary McEVOY
O'TOOLE, James 1859- Wife=Mary Catherine HART
PIPER, Benjamin wife=Eliz. WRIGHT England to Gloucester and Osgoode
POWER, John 1793-1858 wife=Catherine NOLAN, 1799-1861 both from Kilkenny son Thomas bur. St. Mary's
Other POWERs, at South Gloucester
PRENDERGRAST, John, 1801-? Tipperary Alice PENDERGAST, 1843-1913 marr. William NOLAN, 1841-1922
PRESTLEY, Thomas, 1819-1873 Presley Catherine BURNSGreen's Creek
QUINN, James Offaly (King's Co.) 1840 to Bowesville brought sons Michael and Martin
REDMOND, Michael, 1833-? Tipperary 1855 to Gloucester wife=Ann BURKE see also  BERGIN, Dennis
RENAUD, Felix to Gloucester wife = Angelique ALBERT
ROONEY, John, 1820-1888 Up from County Down wife=Ann BRENNAN
ROONEY, John wife=Margaret BRENNAN
ROONEY, Michael 1811-1881, from Tipperary wife=Johanna O'CONNELL Twin Elm
ROWAN, John, 1816- wife=Bridget ENRIGHT another John ROWAN, 1821-?, ANN born 1791 ROWAN's TAVERN, York Street, scene of many land deals in the 1860's
SHEAN , William to South Gloucester and Johnston's Corners from Ireland
SLATER , John wife=Bridget TORMEY from County Wicklow c. 1840
Slattery , William Butcher on Clarence St. Large farm in Ottawa East
SPEARS, Michael Gloucester in the 1830's wife-Mary STRANGE Montreal Road area
SPRATT 3 brothers to the Spratt Road
STRATFORD, John 1802-1869 from County Longford bur. St. Mary's ML# 128
TALLON, Mathew from County Wicklow wife= Elizabeth KEHOE FW
TIERNEY, Bridget 1839-1914 Wicklow see Michael BYRNE, also sister of Margaret, wife of William KERWIN
TIERNEY, James 1821-? Ireland also WADDELL and REANEY surnames
TELFORD, James to Gloucester before 1828 wife = Mary Ann neighbour of Hugh McKENNA ?
TIGHE, Richard, 1798-1873 from Ireland wife=Catherine SMITH,1798-1883 bur. St. Brigid's
TOMKINS, Henry County Wicklow to Manotick Station also spelled THOMPKINS
WALKLEY, Enoch from Gloucestershire, England wives= Hannah HARRISON, Elizabeth McCLEAN Walkley Road
WARNOCK, William Fermanagh wife= Bridget UNKNOWN source: John KENNY

March 31, 2010:
Map of the south-western part of Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Many of the farms of early Gloucester families named above can be located on this map Part of Gloucester Township in 1879

April 1, 2008:
Map of the Village of New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps New Edinburgh Village in 1879
This shows part of the northwest area of Gloucester Township, where the Rideau River empties into the Ottawa River. Thomas McKay was the main industrialist in this area. He operated sawmills located at Rideau Falls. At the bottom left of the map is the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railroad which crossed the Rideau River on its way to the railway station in the By Ward market. The railway was completed c. 1854 and was originally called the Bytown and Prescott Railway. ... Al
April 9, 2008:
Map of Billings Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Billings Bridge in 1879
Long Island Road is now Riverside Drive. The Prescott Road is now Bank Street. The Prescott Road was the route followed by the early stage coaches. The stage coaches travelled south along the Prescott Road to South Gloucester where they turned west along Mitch Owens Road then south onto the Stage Coach Road into Osgoode Township and all the way to Prescott, Ontario, on the St. Lawrence River. Until the construction of the Bytown and Prescott Railway in the early 1850's, this stage coach route was taken by many persons emigrating to the United States. Ogdensburg, New York, was the first town on the American side visited by most Ottawa Valley emigrants until the railway network was established and persons could then take the train to Prescott and then on to cross the border at Detroit.
November 15, 2008: In the 1870's, a fire destroyed the Hardscrabble Hotel at South Gloucester. Later, William T. O'Dell ran the Live and Let Live Hotel there. David Nolan and Michael Daley sent along some interesting material regarding these hotels / inns / wayfaring stops.

November 3, 2010:
Walter Upton Collins Park Text Source: Gloucester Roots, page 104 Walter Upton Collins Park -- Source: Gloucester Roots
Picture Below, Left: Sidney on a sunny day trip to Walter Upton Collins Park in Gloucester Township. Walter Upton Collins Park Rideau River at Walter Upton Collins Park
September 5, 2012: St. Mary the Virgin, Anglican Church at Blackburn Hamlet
October 15, 2012: Here is a remarkable document sent in by Anne Burgess. It is a copy of an entry from the Fitzwillian Estate Accounts Book (County Wicklow, Ireland) from 1852. Last week, I met with Mary Quinn, Ralph Quinn and Michael Daley. Pioneer surnames were abundant, including the Tallon family from Gloucester Township. All three of the families on this page travelled together on the ship Confiance to Quebec City in 1852. Here is Anne's e-mail to us: Hi Al, I was looking for something else and came upon this photograph of the Fitzwilliam estate’s emigration plans for Matt Tallon and family. You can see the word Confiance written on it: this was the voyage my family took, as well. ... Anne
Matthew Tallon listed in 1852 emigration book - Ireland to Canada (Ottawa)

July 20, 2015: Joseph LITTLE and Margaret Ann EASON came from Scotland to New Brunswick, Canada, then to Gloucester Township, Ontario, Canada
February 5, 2016: Here is an interesting article from Mary Quinn about South Gloucester: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19290209&id=hmouAAAAIBAJ&sjid=rNkFAAAAIBAJ&pg=6588,1230219&hl=en
New May 6, 2017: Here is the 1851 census for Gloucester Township, Carleton County.
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