Goulbourn Township
The Upcoming Bicentennial (1818-2018) of the Settlement of
Disbanded Soldiers from the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot

New October 17, 2015:

Over the past week or so I have been corresponding with Jim Stanzell who is an expert regarding the 
disbandment, in 1818, of the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot. Most of these soldiers (and some civilians) 
initially settled in Goulbourn Township around the village of Richmond.

 Thanks for sending this info to me. FYI, on my Blog
 http://walkingwithjim.blogspot.ca there is a listing of soldiers 
 from the 100th/99th Reg't . Click on the 3rd item on left side of page
 'attestation...'  William Burnett is there. I started listing the military men
 who settled in Goulbourn last January. I listed to-day soldiers with surnames 
 N,O,P,Q for a total of 143 soldiers so far. Intend to do the civilians next
 year after finishing the soldiers. Goulbourn are planning a bicentennial
 middle of June 2018. Also above I used 100th/99th. What happened
 is that the 95th Foot was removed from Reg'ts of the line and formed
 the Rifle Brigade with the 5th of the 60th [my ancestor was here] and reg't 
 above 95th dropped down a number. didn't really matter as all those regiment s 
 were demobbed in a couple of years, c 1818. 

I didn't realize that there were civilians attached to this regiment until this week when I was searching 
through the early Land Grant records in Lower Canada at Library and Archives Canada and came across a familiar name 
from my neighbourhood in Nepean Township -- William Burnett. He originally received a grant of land in 1820 just north 
of Montreal (where the 99th regiment was disbanded). There are many thousands of descendants of these soldiers 
in the Ottawa area today.

The Goulbourn Township Historical Society or the Goulbourn Museum, is involved in planning the bicentennial celebrations. 

There will be more to come for this page as I get better organized. There may also be some cross-postings to my Facebook page at 
www.facebook.com/BytownorBust and also to the Facebook page of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. 

Facebook has thrown a wrench into my comfortable "work" process.

... Al

E-mail Jim Stanzell, Lorne Burnett and Allan Lewis

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