James GRAHAM and Jane SMITH
Ireland to Bowesville, Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

January 17, 2006:

Thanks to Mary Quinn and Fran Prodger for the following. They have later generations 
of the early Graham family. 

Descendants of James Graham
1 GRAHAM, James, 1831 - 1911 *** +SMITH, Jane, 1839 - 1917 *** 2 GRAHAM, Ellen (Nellie),1873 - 1906 *** +BRADY, Patrick 2 [1] GRAHAM, Mary, 1875 - + QUINN, Patrick, 1872 - 1911 *2nd Husband of [1] GRAHAM, Mary: + GRANT, Malcolm 2 GRAHAM, John (Jack), 1878 - 1974 aka: JACK + GERTRUDE 2 GRAHAM, Hugh Michael, 1882 - 1956 + MACFARLANE, Jessie Craig, 1892 - 1965 m: 20 Jul 1915 Dates from 1881 census and names from Lorna (Graham) Villeneuve *** 3 members of family on tombstone at Our Lady of Visitation Church, Gloucester Ont. with 4th name of ? sister Annie Smith d. Apr. 8, 1886 age 16 years. Note: The 1881 census shows another child - William Smith age 16 in 1881 and therefore born 1864-5. ______________________ Here is some background correspondence between Mary and Fran: Hi Fran - I believe that the book "Bowesville A Place To Remember" by Grace Johnston is available at the Gloucester Historical Society. Al Lewis and Mike Daley's many ancestral lines are available on the Bytown or Bust website. Good luck with your further research. --- Good Morning Mary, Yes it would be fine for you to pass the family info. I gave you to Al Lewis or Mike Daley. Are they online with their family history? I will have to look for a copy of the book, "Bowesville, A Place to Remember". I feel quite comfortable adding Annie Graham b. 1870 to the James & Jane Graham family because she is on the tombstone and in the 1881 census which I have attached. I would like to find out if William Graham b.1864 was a sibling too, he is only mentioned in the census and they can include "strays" and incorrect records. I will follow those "threads" you gave me on Hugh Graham and Archie. Thank you. Keep in touch. Fran ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mary Quinn" To: "Fran Prodger" <> Sent: Friday, January 13, 2006 4:52 PM Subject: Re: Graham > Thanks Fran for the Graham information. I find it very interesting. It is diffucult to figure it all out over the phone but now I see how the Brady > links in to your family. I find this information quite interesting as the > Quinn's and the Brady's came to Canada together. I suspect that the Patrick Brady and the Patrick Quinn who married into the Graham family are first > cousins. Patrick Brady's mother was Elizabeth Quinn (married to Patrick > Brady Sr.) and Patrick Quinn's father was Michael Quinn (a brother to > Elizabeth). Boy we think it is a small world now. Back then it was even > smaller. Do you mind if I pass your information onto two history buffs ~ Al Lewis the man who runs the > Bytown or Bust website and Mike Daley a historian who has a basement full of > family history files. Let me know. > I checked the "Bowesville A Place To Remember" written by Grace Johnston for you and found the following information which I think may be of interest: > 1) 1890 - Hugh Graham set up his blacksmith's shop on the east side of Lot 10 Concession 2. His was the last of such shops in Bowesville where iron > was shaped on the anvil. There had been two others before him, George > Cooper and Murdoch Shaw. (interesting note is this is the Lot and > Concession that some of the Quinns first settled upon) > 2) There is a picture of ""Paddy" Graham, well known for his sharp-witted > answers to inciting questions." And a story... "As Patrick Graham, a local "character" sat on the cement verandah of the corner store one evening, a > long black limousine pulled up. The driver, a prosperous-looking gentleman, got out and asked "Could you tell me where Bowesville is?" "If you'd just > step to one side, Mister - you're standing on it," replied the old-timer, > who never needed any prompting when it came to expressing things > appropriately." > 3) Archie Graham was a veteran of World War 1. > 4) another picture ~ Edward Jr. and Monica McEvoy stooking grain with > Edward Graham, a neighbour. (the McEvoys lived on the north half of Lot 12, concession 3) > 5) Ernest (Lecuyer) and Lola (Crawford) stayed on the Bowesville Road also, buying the property north of the store, where Hugh Graham, a blacksmith, had had his shop. > 6) Great ball games were played in the summer evenings and on holidays on a sandy field west of the store. Players from Bowesville included Billy > Collins, Eddie and Archie Graham ........ > 7) Also in the Redmond family history...."Ada trained as a nurse at the > Ottawa General Hospital, graduating in 1919. She and her husband, Edward > Graham, a Bowesville boy, had five children. When Ada died in 1934 at 38 > years of age, Irene raised the two youngest, Joan and Shirley, at > Bowesville. > 8) the book also references "Graham's Bay swimming hole" > Hope the above is helpful. > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Fran Prodger" > To: > Sent: Friday, January 13, 2006 1:08 PM > Subject: Graham > > > > Hi Mary, These are the names and dates I have for the Graham family. I > hope this is clear, the numbers indicate the generations. I do not have any > > information back beyond James Graham b. 1831. I am the daughter of Hugh > and Jessie's oldest son James D. Graham and Phyllis R. My father's sisters (my Aunts) were surprise to learn there were older siblings in their father's family other than the 3 they knew about. They only knew of the 4 children for James Graham and Jane Smith - Nellie (Ellen), Mary, Jack (John) and of course Hugh their father. This makes Mary Graham b. 1875 my great Aunt I believe. I do have the names of of many cousins but I am not sure > if you are interested? I am interested in finding out any > > information on James Graham and Jane Smith and their family history. > Thank > > you again for the Bytown or Bust website and picture. Let me know if you > get the attachment and if you want any other info. I might have. I will keep > you posted on what I find. ... Fran
January 22, 2015: A couple more records for James Graham and Ann Upton from the registers of Notre Dame Cathedral: Source: Drouin records at ancestry.ca 21 Apr 1839 Baptism of Edward, born the 19th of the marriage of James Graham and Nancy Upton Godparents: Mathew Brennan & Mrs. Wade 27 Feb 1854 After dispensing with banns, marriage of William Graham adult son of James Graham and Anne Upton of Bytown, to Margaret Smith, adult daughter of Patrick Smith (deceased in 1834 in Bytown) and Elizabeth Minogue (by now married to Michael Slaven) of Bytown Witnesses: William McDarbey / McDerby & Ellen Graham 11 Sep 1855 After dispensing with banns, marriage of James Coyley of Bytown, adult son of John Coyley (Kealey?) and Mary Daly / Daley, to Anna Graham of Bytown, adult daughter of James Graham and Anna Upton (Lupton?) Witnesses: Philibert & Alexandre Bastien, church wardens, & John O'Connor I am now not sure that the Upton lady was Protestant. In some of the old church records, the spelling is UPTON but in others it appears as LUPTON or LEPTON. At Our Lady of Visitation, the Doherty family has connections to a family names LEPTON. John Doherty donated the land for Our Lady of the Visitation church and cemetery at South Gloucester. Will look further into this in the morning. ... Al

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