Samuel HANNAH and Jane UNKNOWN
Northern Ireland to Goulbourn Township in 1829
also Robert HANNAH (possibly ML# 236) and David HANNAH (possibly ML# 664)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

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Sam I and Jane Hannah (Generations I and II and children)
Sam and his wife Jane were both born in 1781 in Northern Ireland. Sam was a weaver who came to Canada around 1829 and bought 50 acres of land 4 kms south and 11 kms west of the Town of Richmond in Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario. This land was adjacent to the farm of Robert Hannah. Robert had come to Canada in 1825 and was likely Sam and Jane's oldest son. Sam and Jane lived with Robert until their own house was built. It is not known how many children Sam and Jane had but it is likely that they all were born in Northern Ireland. Only two children (Sam II, and Ellen) are known for sure to be part of Sam and Jane's family and both came with Sam and Jane in 1829 to Canada. Other likely children of Sam and Jane who came to Canada include Ginny\Janny\Jane born 1802 Robert born 1803 married Mary Jenkinson William born 1806 married Margaret (arrived in 1829 likely with Sam and Jane) Margaret born 1808 married John Craig Eliza married William Hueston Sarah born 1816 married John Dougherty Mary born 1819 married James McCaffrey Nancy or Agnes married James Manson. (Both of whom lived in Carleton County, were born around 1821 and married a James Manson). The 1842 Census shows a 5 year old staying with Sam and Jane. Jane would have been around 57 years old when she had this child, which is not likely. Probably is a grandchild. The 1851 Census does not include a child of the appropriate age living with Sam and Jane. However, the 1851 Census does show a Jane Templeton age 22 living with them. This is likely the daughter of Ginny Hannah and Sam Templeton. Sam and Jane's family appear to have been Church of England supporters before coming to Canada but over time most of them became Wesleyan Methodists. In pioneering times finding a spouse was often dictated by proximity. The 1842 Census lists the following families as neighbours of the Hannahs: John Montgomery, William Huston, Sam Templeton, John Fennel / Fennell, Michael Cassidy, Thomas Brownlee and Lewis Connor. The first three are spouses of Sam 1 and Jane's children, and the other four had children/grand children that married into the Hannah clan. Robert Hannah Robert was born in Northern Ireland in 1803. According to the McCabe List (Feb. 1829) a Robert Hanna from the parish of Four Towns of Envon, in the County of Antrim in the town of Larne was living west of By-Town (Ottawa). According to the 1842 Census, Robert came to Canada in 1825 and bought 50 acres of land 4 kms south and 11 kms west of the Town of Richmond in Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario. He shared a house with Sam I and Jane when they came to Canada in 1829. Robert died on Dec. 19, 1894 and was buried in the Shillington / Old Methodist Cemetery, North Gower Townshipin the same plot as his sister Sarah. Robert married Mary Jenkinson who was born in Northern Ireland in 1817. She died on Feb. 13, 1905 and was buried in the Munster Union Cemetery in Goulbourn Township. She is buried in the same plot as their son Sam. They had at least 7 children Robert born 1839, died in 1928. Buried in Rideauvale Cemetery in North Gower Township. Married Eliza Gordon. Ann born 1840 (1851 Census) or 1843 (Granny's Genealogy Garden) married John Foster on Nov. 9, 1898 Sarah born Nov. 10, 1843, died Sept. 5, 1909. Buried at Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. Married Hugh Buchanan on Nov. 9, 1898. Sam born Nov 25, 1842 (baptismal record), 1844 (1851 Census), or 1847 (Cemetery record). Buried in 1897 with mother Mary in Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. Never married. Eliza born Mar. 23, 1848, died Dec. 18, 1915. Buried at Johnston Corners Community Cemetery, Gloucester Township. Married Nathaniel Moore. Mary born Mar 11, 1851, married Isaac Cookman John born Jan 25, 1854, died Jan. 3, 1899. Buried in Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Tp. Married Sarah McNeely / McNally William born Jan 25, 1856, died Aug. 5, 1896. Buried in Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. George Thomas born Feb. 28, 1861. Depending on the census year he was recorded as George or Thomas. Baptismal record lists him as George Thomas. The Hannah Family History book lists Robert as the first child of Robert and Mary. It is possible that the following are also part of Robert and Mary's family. Jane Hannah, probably born in Canada in 1836 shown in 1851 living in Goulbourn Township with the Scotts. Ed Langner lists her as a child of Robert and Mary. Married Thomas Currie. Unknown boy age 6-13 is reported staying with Robert and Mary in the 1842 Census. William Hannah William was born in Northern Ireland in 1806. He came to Canada in 1829 likely with Sam and Jane and occupied 100 acres of land in Goulbourn Township, which he did not own. William was a labourer and tradesperson and likely spent most of his time working for others rather than farming (only 2 acres cleared by 1842). By 1851 he had moved to the Town of Richmond in Goulbourn Township and in August 1853, applied for land in Marlborough Township. It is interesting to note in the 1867 assessment rolls that a Robert Hannah and a Sam Hannah had property in Marlborough Township near where William was living. Sometime by the early 1870's William had moved with his daughter Ellen and son Benjamin to McKellar Township in Parry Sound Ontario. In the 1881 Census, William is living with Benjamin and his wife Margaret is living with Ellen. There are several Hannah, Robinson and Brownlee families with ties to Goulbourn Township living in this area. William's married life is uncertain. He was certainly married to Margaret by 1840 but before that it is unclear. He appears to have had 4 children by 1837 but no wife is listed. He likely either had a first wife who died which would explain the gap in children (none known between 1837 and 1841), and second wife Margaret being born in 1824 as recorded in the 1851 Census) or he was married to Margaret the whole time. The 1881 Census indicates that Margaret was born in approximately 1806 the same year as William. Her death notice, in 1894, indicates that she was born in approximately 1812 in Kingston, Ontario. William by unknown wife likely had Boy born between 1826 and 1828 Samuel born 1832 (1851 Census) or 1837 (1861 Census) John born 1835 (both 1851 and 1861 Census) Nancy born 1837 (1851 Census) or 1835 (1861 Census) William and Margaret had at least the following children Margaret born 1841 Ellen Hannah born 1843 or 1838 (death certificate), married James Robinson Apr. 1, 1864. Died in Parry Sound in 1925. William born Aug. 7, 1844 married Sarah Conners June 20, 1864. Interesting to note that John Dougherty, William's cousin, was living with Sarah's family in 1861. Had moved to the Town of Richmond by 1871. Sarah's family appears to have been Roman Catholics, and she and the children remained Roman Catholics while William remained with the Church of England. Their fourth child Alice Maud was born in Richmond in 1872. By 1881 they were living in Prince William, Algoma District. Catharine born 1848 Eliza born 1850 in Marlbourgh Twp. (marriage certificate) married John Robinson in Parry Sound 27 September, 1876 Ann born 1855 Benjamin born 1856 Ginny/Janny/Jane/Janet Hannah Ginny was born in Northern Ireland likely around 1802. There she married Sam Templeton. Together they came to Goulbourn Township in 1832 (1842 Census). Jane, one of their daughters, stayed with Sam I and Jane during their later years. The spelling of Ginny's name is recorded by one 1851 Census transcription as Ginny and in another as Janny. In the 1861 Census and 1871 Census she is listed as Jane. Eliza's marriage record lists Jane as her mother while James' marriage record list his mother as Janet. Given the family's narrow range of name choices it seems likely that her name was Jane. By 1851, Sam and Ginny/Janny/Jane had moved to Marlborough Township. They had the following children: Jane born in Northern Ireland in either1827 (1851 Census) or 1832 (Hannah Family History) Margaret born 1829 in Ireland (1851 Census) Jane born 1831 in Ireland according to 1851 Census Eliza born in Goulbourn Township in 1833 (1851 Census) or 1836 (marriage registry) married John Lindsay November 4, 1859. Robert born 1837 (Census) or 1839 (assessment roll) Samuel born 1839 (Census) or 1841 (Assessment roll) Ann born 1840 (1851 Census) or 1843 (1861 Census) Hannah born 1842 (1851 Census) or 1845 (1861 Census) James born 1845 (1861 Census) or 1847 (marriage registry) married Isabella Wallace on March 22, 1870 John born 1847. Died Jan 18, 1870. Buried in Union Cemetery, North Gower Township near Sam Templeton's plot It would make sense that Ginny and Sam had a child in 1829, as they were unable to come to Canada with the rest of the Hannahs. It is unlikely that the family had two adult children named Jane. It is probable that the younger Jane is a relative as the 1851 Census lists her belonging to a different denomination. The 1851 Census also lists Margaret as belonging to a different denomination. Margaret Hannah Margaret born about 1808 (death certificate) or 1810 (1851 Census) near Belfast, Northern Ireland. She married John Craig. By 1851 they were living in Nepean Township, Carleton County next door to the Cassidys. Died May 29, 1889. They had 10 children all born in Nepean, one of whom was George born 1844 (death registry) or 1846 (1851 Census). Married Hannah Bowles in 1900. Eliza Hannah Eliza was likely born before Sarah. She married William Hueston. Only one known child Samuel born in 1839 Sarah Hannah Sarah was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1816 (cemetery marker) or anywhere from 1811 to 1821 depending on which Census is used. She married John Dougherty (born 1807 Ireland). This name is variously spelled Doherty, Docherty, Dockerty. Sarah may have had a middle name of Jane which would explain why a similar sounding family was living in Marlborough Township in 1861 with a mother who's name was Jane. Originally settled in Goulbourn, but by approximately 1841 they had settled in Nepean Township. By 1851 they had moved to Marlborough Township. In 1881, Robert and Eliza Hannah and the Cassidys were neighbours of the Doughertys. Towards the end of her life Sarah probably lived in North Gower Township as that is where she is buried and where their son John was married. Sarah died on July 3, 1886 and is buried in the Shillington / Old Methodist Cemetery in North Gower Township in the same plot as her brother Robert. The likely children of Sarah and John are: Samuel born 1838 in Goulbourn. Likely married to Easter (Esther). Died Oct. 8, 1916 buried in Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. John born 1840 (Sue) in Goulbourn Township or 1845 (Census 1871) married Margaret Pratt on December 27, 1870. Robert born 1841 in Nepean Township Patrick born 1843 in Nepean Township married Hannah Heron on May 27, 1873. Hannah died so Patrick married Margaret Kincaid on November 18, 1890. Mary born 1847 Ellen born 1848 Possible that there is another child named Jane either born around 1840 or born after 1851. Mary Hannah Mary was born 1819 in Northern Ireland, died Jan. 11, 1906. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township. Married James McCaffrey. They had the following children: James born 1837 John born 1838 Samuel born 1840, died 1923. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township Robert born 1843 Charles born 1846, died June 10, 1928. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township Ann born 1848 Jane born 1848 William born June 9, 1851, died Apr. 3 1900. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township Caroline born Nov. 17, 1853 Eliza born 1855, died May 26, 1932. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church (Stittsville, Ontario) Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township Joseph born Apr. 1 1856, died June 20, 1921. Buried in St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township Nancy Hannah Nancy was born around 1821 in Northern Ireland. She married James Manson on Sept. 21, 1840. Marriage was witnessed by Sam Templeton. (Interesting to note that a James Manson married an Agnes Hannah born in 1821 and they were buried together in the Long Island Locks Cemetery, Carleton County. They had a child in 1843. It is unknown if Agnes and Nancy are the same person or not.) Sam II Hannah Sam was born in 1824 in Northern Ireland and died on March 17, 1894. He is buried in the Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. He came to Canada with his parents in 1829 and married Mary Cassaday in 1846. Mary was born in 1825 and is our first relative born in Canada. The spelling of Mary's last name is a quandary. Her father is likely Michael Cassidy and she gave the middle name of Cassidy to her second son. The name Cassaday only shows up in the 1861 Census but not in any other Census year. Mary died on May 18, 1895 and is buried in the Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. Sam and Mary lived on and eventually owned part of lot 11, Concession 1, Goulbourn Township. A map in 1863 reports that lot 11, Concession 1 was split between Sam Hannah, James Cassidy and Robert Hannah. Sam and Mary had 10 children all born in Goulbourn Township Ann born Apr. 6, 1847, Married Richard Fennel on May 6, 1869. Buried at Rideauvale Cemetery Jane born Feb. 9, 1851, Married James McCoy of Cavan Ireland on Mar. 14, 1873 Sam III born either on March 8, 1853 (baptismal certificate) or March 20, 1854 (Hannah Family Bible) married Margaret Jane Brown July 8, 1874 Ellen born May 23, 1855, married Tom Huston Eliza born Oct. 3, 1857, married Thompson Featherston (e). Cemetery records indicate her mother was Mary Cassidy. James (Jim) born 1858, married Matilda (Tillie) Brownlee on July 9, 1884 Mary born either Nov. 6, 1862 (baptismal record) or 1863 (Hannah Family History), married Walter Brownlee on July 9, 1884. Died in 1924 and is buried in the Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township Martha born 1865, married Albert Cassidy. Died in 1934 and is buried in the Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township Caroline born 1865, married George Brownlee on Jan. 2, 1887 Sarah born 1867, Married Jason Roe. Died in 1930 and is buried in the Munster Union Cemetery, Goulbourn Township. Ellen Hannah Ellen was born in Northern Ireland in 1826 and came to Canada with her parents in 1829. She married John Montgomery and moved to North Gower Township. She died on Dec. 26, 1893 and is buried at the Rideauvale Methodist Cemetery in North Gower Township. They at least the following children Sarah married Archie Campbell Martha married Willie Goodfell Mary Ann married Andrew Moore (brother of Nat Moore, husband of Eliza Moore, daughter of Robert Hannah and Mary Jenkinson) Sam married Sarah James. Other Possible Relative in Canada David Hannah came to Town of Richmond from Northern Ireland in 1829. The McCabe List states he was a native of Richmond. No record of him after that date in Town of Richmond or the Townships of Goulbourn or North Gower.
February 6, 2008: Thanks to Sue for the following research! Hi Paul; I'm in no way related - just like playing around with genealogy puzzles. Lots of info on the Hannah family from various censuses and Ontario's BMD's. This will concern Sarah Hannah who married John Dougherty (this name is variously spelled Doherty, Docherty, Dockerty, Dorty, etc - and these are just the ones I've found!). On Sarah's death Marlborough registration of 3 July 1886, the informant, Robert Dockerty (sp on registration) was the informant and says that she was born in county Antrim, Ireland. He also says that she died at the age of 70 (born abt 1816). However, I believe that she was a litlle older. I also believe that her full name was Sarah Jane Hannah. She married John Dougherty who was born abt 1807 in Ireland and died sometime before 1881. This family is in the 1851 Marlborough, Carleton census BUT there has been a mistake made on their religion - it has been marked in as R.C., but none of them are R.C. as you will see in future events. Also, in this census only, Sarah is called Jane (I also had ancestors who were called by their middle name: Sarah Jane was called Jennie, but in a number of these censuses, they ask for the 'first' name, which isn't always the name they went by in daily life). In 1851, they are listed as Doherty (keep in mind that the age given in what they will be on their 'next' birthday and all children born in Canada): John, 45, born Ireland (born abt 1807) Jane, 40, " " (born abt 1812) Samuel, 14 (born abt 1838 in Goulburn) John, 12 (born abt 1840 in Nepean) Robert, 11 (born abt 1841 in Nepean) Patrick, 9 (born abt 1843 Nepean or Marlborough) Mary, 5 (born abt 1847 Nepean or Marlborough) Ellen, 4 (born abt 1848 Nepean or Marlborough) Note: another known child was 'possibly' born after this census, daughter Jane born circa 1855 in Marlborough according to her marriage registration. (At one point her birthday is given as 12 Oct 1850, so she actually 'could' be the last child born Ellen (full name Ellen Jane). As she was at least 40 and a spinster when she married, she may have fudged her age which was (and is) certainly not uncommon. From the few marriage registrations of their children found on-line, the movement of the family prior to 1851 was Goulburn, then Nepean, and finally Marlborough. Son John says he was born in Goulburn, so I presume that the child preceding his birth, Samuel, was also born there. Robert and Patrick, in every one of their documents, say they were born in Nepean, so it looks as though they left Goulburn about 1840/41. Their last known child, Jane (Ellen Jane?), was born in Marlborough, so they moved to Marlborough sometime between 1843 and 1851. In the 1881 census Marlborough census, Sarah is a widow and getting younger! Born abt 1821 now. Head of household is son Robert Dougherty (listed as Church of England) and all others in household listed as Wesleyan Methodists). Also enumerated with them is John Alexander Dougherty, aged 5. He is a son of Patrick Dougherty and his first wife Hannah Heron / Herron. John Alexander Dougherty, born Goulburn, married Mary Jane Adeline Bell in Carleton county in 1902. Samuel Dougherty died a widower on 8 October, 1916 (not 1917) in the Ottawa Hospital. His wife "may" have been named Esther, but that's just a guess. John Dougherty was an artist and died sometime after 1901 but before 1917. On Dec 27, 1870 in North Gower, he married Margaret Pratt of Marlborough (she died a widow in 1917). Both listed themselves as Methodist. Robert Dougherty died a widower 20 Sep 1916 in Marlborough. He was the informant on his mother's death registration and she was living with him in the 1881 Marlborough census. Patrick Dougherty was a shoemaker and died 3 Dec 1905 in Ottawa. On 27 May 1873 in Gloucester, he married Hannah Her(r)on of Gloucester (both listed as Wesleyan Methodists). Hannah died and Patrick married a 2nd time on 18 Nov 1890 in Ottawa to Margaret Kincaid. Jane Dougherty married 22 May 1895 at Carleton Place, the widower John Waters / Watters, both listed as Methodists. The witnesses for the wedding were the Brouse family, neighbours of the Dougherty family in the 1881 Marlborough census. In the 1881 Marlborough census, the immediate neighbours of Robert Dougherty and mother, etc. were families by the name of Brouse, Casaday / Cassidy, and the Robert & Eliza Hannah family. ______________ I did find a Margaret Craig, born abt 1808 "near Belfast" according to her Nepean death registration of 29 May, 1889. She died a Methodist. She was the widow of John Craig. A son, George Bell Craig, born abt 1854 in Nepean (really abt 1846 if the 1851 census is accurate and abt 1844 if his death registration is accurate), gives his parents' names on his 1900 marriage registration to Hannah Bowes as John Craig and Margaret Hannah. John and Margaret Craig are in the 1851 Nepean census, living immediately next door to a Cassidy family. John lists himself as 50, born Ireland and Margaret as 41(born abt 1811 if accurate), born Ireland. All 10 children with them are listed as being born in Nepean. And all are listed as Free Church, yet on Margaret's death registration she is listed as Methodist. The death registrations of most of their children list their parents as John Craig and Margaret Hannah (a few as just John and Margaret Craig). I've learned to disregard the ages as they seem to change frequently, so give a 10-yr range. Obviously if they are in the 1851 census, they were born before that year! Hope this helps, ... Sue
February 8, 2008: And more from Sue: More on the Hannah family: Ginny/Janny Hannah was actually either Jane or Janet Hannah (Ginny / Janny / Jenny nicknames). Many children with parents Samuel and Jane Templeton, but 2 who specify that their parents were Samuel Templeton and Jane/Janet Hannah. They are: 1) Elizabeth, born abt 1836 in Goulbourn, married 4 Nov 1859 in Kemptville, John Lindsay. Mother's name given as Jane Hanna. 2) James, born abt 1847 in Marlborough, married 22 March 1870 in Carleton county, Isabella Wallace. Mother's name given as Janet Hannah And I believe that this is the Jane mentioned in the censuses, parents' names given as Samuel and Jane Templeton. 1) Jane, born abt 12 Nov 1854 in Marlborough, married 21 March 1877 in Carleton county, James Cowell. _____________________________ William Hannah, born abt 1806. This one is strange. As was pointed out, William and (possibly 2nd but maybe 1st & only) wife Margaret are in the 1851 Richmond census. In this census William is entered as "Church of Scotland" and Margaret and children as "Church of England". This changes in later censuses. At some point (no later than the early 1870's) this family moved to McKellar in the Muskoka and Parry Sound District. Of the children, the following are on record as marrying: 1) Ellen born abt 1843 and died 1925 in Parry Sound Dist.(Her death registration says she was born 16 May 1838 in Richmond). She married James Archibald Robinson 1 April 1864. They are found in the 1881 Muskoka, Ontario census with their 10 children AND Margaret Hanna (married and aged 75 - so born abt 1806). Margaret's husband William Hanna was enumerated with son Benjamin Hannah and his family who are also in the 1881 Muskoka census. In this census, William is married, born in Ireland, and aged 85 (so born abt 1796). Keep in mind that Ben (born abt 1856) probably supplied his age to the census-taker - at William's death on 17 July 1895, Ben gives Willilam's age at death as 105 !!!!!! (so born abt 1790 !!). Frankly, I think Ben just didn't know. Ben was also the informant for Margaret's death. On her death registration (she died 24 March 1894), Ben says she was born in Kingston and that she was 82 (born 1812). William died a Methodist and Margaret died Church of England. Both died in the Parry Sound District. In the 1881 Muskoka census, a number of Robinson families (father presumably John, born Ireland) and the Hanna(h)s are all living next to one another. 2) William Jr., born abt 1844, married 20 June 1864 Sarah Connors. Only child with Ontario birth registered was Alice Maud, born 1872 in Richmond. This family is in the 1881 Prince Arthur, Algoma census: William, 37 - Church of England (wife and children all Roman Catholic), Sarah 40, John 16, Ellen 14, Malinda 11, Alice (Alice Maud) 9, Eugene 7, Emma 3, William 1880. None of this family can be found in the 1901 census - did they move to the USA? 3) Elizabeth, born abt 1850 in Richmond (death registration) or Marlborough (marriage registration) and died 1918 in Parry Sound District, married John Robinson, son of John and Elizabeth Robinson, in Parry Sound 27 Sep 1876. Benjamin Hannah and Mary Robinson were witnesses. 1881 Muskoka census. ... Sue
February 4, 2009: Hi Al: I don’t know exactly where my Hanna relative would fit in this family (or whether it does fit at all). I have a John Hanna ( b 1848) married to a Martha Smith (1857-1917). They were the parents of Millie H. Hanna (b 1883 d 1906) who married Herman Hillgard Falls in 1904 at Arnprior. Does anyone know of this Hanna family? ... Linda Falls

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