William Edward FARMER and Margaret Ann HEMPHILL
also the EVOY, HOBBS and LYON families
Ireland to the Ottawa, Canada area

March 5, 2015:

Here is an enquiry from Robert Paterson regarding the Hemphill and Farmer families from Richmond and March Township:

Hello - I have been researching two families from roughly the same background and areas. In my tree, I have a 
William Edward Farmer b. 14 February 1858 who married a Margaret Ann Hemphill b. 28 February 1867. The marriage 
took place on 3 October 1884 at, according to now deceased family, Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa. 
After their marriage, they moved on to the District of Nipissing where their history is well documented.

Prior to that marriage there are some mysteries that I am unable to solve. 

William Edward Farmer was, according to his marriage and death records, the son of Benjamin Farmer and Annie Hobbs. 
Benjamin was, apparently from Ireland and Annie from Bells Corners, Ontario. 
Family information, again from deceased members, has William born in Ashton, Ontario. Wherever he was born, 
I am unable to find any evidence of that birth, or for that matter, either of those parents. William did have one brother, 
or at the least, half brother by the name of John George Farmer b. 18 October 1860 in Ontario. On his marriage record, 
his parents are listed as Benjamin Farmer and just Ellen. He married Jemima Kettles in Ontario in 1885, also moved to 
Nipissing, and his history is also apparent after that date. I have found that searching for the surname Farmer is a 
frustrating exercise because the results often refer to the occupation, Farmer.

The other mystery is the identity of Margaret Ann Hemphillís paternal grandparents. She was the daughter of William Hemphill 
and Mary Ellen Farmer (no relation to William Edward known) who, together with their family that followed, became prominent 
members of the Richmond, Ontario community and beyond. The family left a legacy of several important contributions to 
the early development of that area. It appears that William and Mary Ellen arrived in Richmond with their first born 
child, John, by 1861. They are listed in that census and other Richmond history sources as living with the Lyon family, 
another family with prominence in Richmond. William became a tanner in the town and the rest of his family history is 
pretty well documented and, I might add, interesting. Before that time, I am unable to find any information about who 
his parents were, when or where he was born (abt 1838) or when or where he married Mary Ellen Farmer. I have found, 
in your pages, a Margaret Hemphill b. abt 1840 who married a Peter Cavanagh in Richmond in 1860. 
Her parents were mentioned as a John Hemphill with a deceased spouse, Ann Evoy. The marriage was witnessed by a William Hemphill. 
There was also a John Hemphill who originally had a plot set aside in the St John Cemetery in Richmond that was never used 
apparently. I am unable to connect any of these dots but wondered if Margaret could have been a sibling of William Hemphill.

So, any help on either of these mysteries would be greatly appreciated. Iíve exhausted any ďat home searchesĒ I can think 
of with no results.

Thank you, 

Robert Paterson

March 6, 2015:

A very detailed book (534 pages, hardcover, lots of photographs) is in the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical 
Society, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa, Canada, see http://ogsottawa.on.ca/home/library/:
Dewey	929.2 HEM HIS
Title 	History of the Hemphill Family Ottawa Valley, 1873-2008
Author 	Rob Kelley
Publisher 	Rob Kelley, Hamilton, Ont., c. 2008
The book contains the exact location in County Fermanagh where the family lived before coming to Upper Canada.

HOBBS family history
Book about the Hobbs family at the Ottawa Branch of the OGS Library, at the link above: Dewey 929.2 HOB Title The Hobbs Family Author George E. Eades Published 1967 Surnames: Shore, Corbett, Hogg, Lark, Owens, Elliott, Junkin, Bones, Evoy, Spearman, Featherstone, Tarman, / Taman, Caldwell, Tomlinson, Cavanaugh, Graham, Dunbar, Stewart, Dunlop, Birch, Armstrong, Richardson, Forbes, Scharfe, Hornick, Scarfe, Craig, Jenkinson, Vaughn / Vaughan, Livingstone, Lewis, Brownlee, Seabrooke, McCoy, Crawford, Toombs, Sample, Hurdman, Stark, Horner, Young. You will find several Hobbs families mentioned on the web site www.bytown.net. Do a search for this surname near the top of that page.
New March 7, 2015: Good Morning Allan As mentioned the other day, Iím sending you some information about the family of William Hemphill and Mary Ellen Farmer. They spent their entire adult lives in Richmond, Ontario and the familyís contribution to life in that town and beyond is documented in several history publications. As you will quickly notice, I have no idea how to present the family in the format used by genealogists. I apologize for that, but I did my best to list and number the family members to the best of my ability. I believe the information to be pretty accurate and have documentation and sources for most of it. Mary Ellen Farmerís ancestral history is already on your website at http://www.bytown.net/casey.htm The other Farmer Iím stuck on is shown in the Hemphill Family as, William Edward Farmer, the spouse of Margaret Ann Hemphill. Iím not aware of any connection between he and Mary Ellen Farmer, Margaret Annís mother. Before his marriage to Margaret Ann in 1884, I know very little except that his parents are documented as Benjamin Farmer and Annie Hobbs with Benjamin born in Ireland and Annie in Bells Corners, Ontario. I noticed that one of the witnesses to his marriage was Elizabeth Hobbs, so presumably, he was still somehow involved with the Hobbs family. His brother John George Farmer married Jemima Kettles a year later and they both knew each other and ended up in Bonfield Township together by 1890. I have both of those families well documented after their marriages and have Jemima Kettlesí family traced right back to Scotland. Iíll look forward to seeing what the inclusion of these families on your website brings, Allan. I would be happy to share any other information I might have with interested parties. Thanks again for your efforts in helping families with their research. Cheers, Robert
1 s t Generation 1.i. William Hemphill b.abt 1838, probably in Ontario, d. 14 May 1907 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario. m. Mary Ellen Farmer b.abt 1838 in Modreeny, Tipperary, Ireland, d. 24 February 1922 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario. m. Date and location unknown Notes Ė William's place of birth is Ontario on 5 census and his death record. Mary Ellen's death record indicates her date of birth as August 1837 & 1901 census has 13 June 1938. Children of William Hemphill and Mary Ellen Farmer i. John A Hemphill b. 23 October 1860 d. 10 April 1941 ii. Samuel Pettitt Hemphill b. 22 May 1862 d. 21 February 1949 iii. Susan Hemphill b. 1 May 1863 d. 16 January 1934 iv. Margaret Ann Hemphill b. 28 February 1867 d. 24 May 1931 v. William Hemphill b. 21 February 1869 d. 25 November 1960 vi. Mary Ellen Hemphill b. 23 March 1873 d. April 1965 vii. Frederick Arthur Hemphill b. 16 July 1878 d. 1968 2 nd Generation 2.i. John A Hemphill b. 23 October 1860 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario d. 10 April 1941 in Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario m. Sophia Briggs b.18 February 1860 in Ireland, d. 20 April 1921 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario m. In Carleton, Ontario on 25 April 1883 Children of John A Hemphill and Sophia Briggs i. Mary Isabella Hemphill b. 1884 d. 1884 ii. Sophia B Hemphill b. 1885 iii. William Hemphill b. 1887 iv. Gladys Eveline Hemphill b. 1890 d. 1891 v. Hilda G Hemphill b. 1892 vi. Inez M Hemphill b. 1894 vii. Dina M Hemphill b. 1897 viii. Samuel Leonard Hemphill b. 1900 2.ii. Samuel Pettitt Hemphill b. 22 May 1862 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario d. 21 February 1949 (location unknown) m. Minnie Almira Laurie b. Abt 1866 in Quebec, Canada d. (unknown) m. In Carleton, Ontario on 14 April 1886 Children of Samuel Pettitt Hemphill and Minnie Almira Laurie i. Mabel Hemphill b. 1886 ii. Laurie Hemphill b. 1897 2. iii. Susan Hemphill b. 1 May 1863 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario d. 16 January 1934 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario m. None known 2.iv. Margaret Ann Hemphill b. 28 February 1867 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario d. 24 May 1931 in Bonfield Twp., Nipissing, Ontario m. William Edward Farmer b. 14 February 1858 in Carleton, Ontario d. 11 February 1930 in North Bay, Widdifield, Nipissing, Ontario. m. In Carleton, Ontario on 3 October 1884 Children of Margaret Ann Hemphill and William Edward Farmer i. Albert Arthur Farmer b. 1885 d. 1920 ii. Mary Ellen Farmer b. 1886 d. 1939 iii. William Farmer b. 1888 d. 1967 iv. Lillian Farmer b. 1891 d. 1929 v. Sophia Farmer b. 1893 d. 1967 vi. Margaret Hempell Farmer b. 1895 d. 1989 vii. Benjamin Farmer b. 1897 d. 1981 viii. Samuel Farmer b. 1899 d. 1958 ix. Doris Farmer b. 1901 d. 1946 x. John Russell Farmer b. 1903 d. 1961 xi. Hazel Inez Farmer b. 1904 d. 1992 xii. Alice Viola Farmer b. 1909 d. 1985 xiii. Frederick Earl Farmer b. 1911 d. 1981 2.v. William Hemphill b. 21 February 1869 in Richmond, Ontario d. 25 November 1960 in Carleton Co, Ontario m. Ann Elizabeth (Lila) McCoy b. 7 June 1871 in Ontario d. (unknown) m. In Goulbourn, Carleton, Ontario on 29 January 1896 Children of William Hemphill and Ann Elizabeth McCoy i. Florence Hemphill b. 1898 ii. Mary E. Hemphill b. 1900 iii. Helen Hemphill b. 1900 iv. William Horace Hemphill b. 1903 2.vi. Mary Ellen Hemphill b. 23 March 1873 in Carleton, Ontario d. April 1965 in Ottawa, Ontario m. Cyrus Albert Hall b. 9 November 1857 in Richmond, Ontario d. 2 July 1930 in Carleton, Ontario m. In Carleton, Ontario on 28 November 1894 Children of Mary Ellen Hemphill and Cyrus Albert Hall i. Helen H. Hall b. 1895 ii. Cyrus C. Hall b. 1898 iii. Otter Hall b. 1901 2.vii. Frederick Arthur Hemphill b. 16 July 1878 in Richmond, Carleton, Ontario d. 1968 in Kirkís Ferry, Quebec, Canada m. Margaret Laffin b. 24 October 1878 in Carleton, Ontario d. 1962 (location unknown) Children of Frederick Arthur Hemphill and Margaret Laffin i. Mildred Hemphill b. 1904 ... Robert Paterson

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