Some Descendants of John HODGSON / HUDSON and his First Nation wife, Ann

July 19, 2015:

Some Descendants of John Hodgson and his First Nation wife, Ann
It appears that John HODGSON (later spelled HUDSON) was a fur trader for the Hudson Bay Company (HBC). His Country Wife, Ann, was from Hudson Bay and was likely Cree. This information was given to Bytown or Bust by the Late Mr. Robert Sample. The following genealogy information is an interesting case of early fur trade travels from Hudson Bay to the Red River Settlement in Manitoba and then to the early fur trade posts along the Ottawa River at Fort Coulonge and Portage du Fort. The Hudson Bay Company had a fur trade post at Fort Coulonge until about 1855. Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 HODGSON was born 1763 in St. Margaret's Westminister, London, England, and died 1826 in Possibly Lac des Chats, Ottawa River. He married ANN NATIVE-OF-THE-COUNTRY Bet. 1783 - 1785 in Fort Albany, NWT. She was born Bef. 1771 in Reported to be Cree, James Bay Area, and died 1820 in Possibly Lac des Chats, Ottawa River. Children of JOHN HODGSON and ANN NATIVE-OF-THE-COUNTRY are: 2. i. JAMES2 HODGSON, b. 1785, Hudson Bay Area; d. Bet. 1832 - 1833. 3. ii. THOMAS HODGSON, b. 1789; d. August 10, 1865. 4. iii. ANN HODGSON, b. Abt. 1790; d. February 12, 1849, Red River Settlement. 5. iv. JOHN HODGSON, b. 1792, Fort Albany, NWT, (Northwest Territory), Canada; d. January 08, 1875, Lived Red River Manitoba, Area. v. GEORGE HUDSON, b. 1797; d. Unknown, Living in Mansfield Township 1861 Census; m. MARIA UNKNOWN. 6. vi. JOSEPH HUDSON, b. 1799, Hudson Bay; d. December 07, 1886, Mechanicsville, Ottawa, ON. 7. vii. CATHERINE HUDSON, b. 1802, Hudson Bay; d. Abt. 1848. 8. viii. CHARLES HUDSON, b. 1803, Hudson Bay. 9. ix. MARY HUDSON, b. 1806, Hudson Bay; d. May 21, 1900. Generation No. 2 2. JAMES2 HODGSON (JOHN1) was born 1785 in Hudson Bay Area, and died Bet. 1832 - 1833. He married CAROLINE GOODWIN Between 1805 - 1809. She was born 1791 in Hudson Bay, and died August 23, 1832 in Fort Coulonge, Pontiac County, Lower Canada. Children of JAMES HODGSON and CAROLINE GOODWIN are: i. SUSAN3 HUDSON, b. Abt. 1809; m. (1) JEAN CHARLES LEPAGE, August 08, 1836; b. Abt. 1801; d. Bef. 1850; m. (2) ANTOINE MAHEU, Aft. 1837; b. Abt. 1805. ii. ELIZABETH HUDSON, b. Bet. 1810 - 1822; d. December 02, 1902, Fort Coulonge, Que.; m. (1) FRANCOIS GODFROI SICARD, Bet. 1836 - 1837; b. 1820; d. Bef. 1843; m. (2) ANTOINE LAVOIE, Bet. 1843 - 1844; b. 1808, L'Assomption, Que.; d. 1888. iii. MARIA ESTHER HUDSON, b. 1815; d. May 01, 1893, Lapasse, ON; m. GEORGE BURKE; b. Abt. 1803, Nova Scotia. iv. ANNE HUDSON, b. Abt. 1820; d. Aft. 1881, Lived Ile du Grande Calumet, Que; m. NARCISSE XAVIER RIVET; b. Abt. 1800; d. Bef. 1871. v. BRIDGET HUDSON, b. Abt. 1822. vi. LUCY HUDSON, b. Bef. 1825; m. PAUL RIEL DIT PARADIS, October 16, 1839, Buckingham, Quebec; b. Abt. 1820. vii. CHARLES HUDSON, b. 1825; d. February 11, 1896, Lapasse, ON; m. BRIDGET KAVANAGH CAVANAGH, September 03, 1849; b. Aft. 1828; d. October 02, 1898, Lapasse, ON.. More About CHARLES HUDSON: Burial: Lapasse, ON More About BRIDGET KAVANAGH CAVANAGH: Burial: Lapasse, ON viii. BENJAMIN HUDSON, b. Abt. 1826; m. THERESA GALLAGHER, April 28, 1851, Chapeau, Allumette Island, Que.; b. Abt. 1830. ix. SOPHIE HUDSON, b. Abt. 1827; m. FRANCOIS CLOUTHIER; b. Abt. 1825. 3. THOMAS2 HODGSON (JOHN1) was born 1789, and died August 10, 1865. He married (1) ANGELIQUE UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1800. He married (2) ANN THOMAS, daughter of JOHN THOMAS and MARGARET UNKNOWN. She was born September 07, 1795 in Moose Factory, NWT. Child of THOMAS HODGSON and ANGELIQUE UNKNOWN is: i. GEORGE3 HODGSON, b. Abt. 1818. 4. ANN2 HODGSON (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1790, and died February 12, 1849 in Red River Settlement. She married (1) JOHN DAVIS. He was born Abt. 1790, and died Abt. 1830 in Accidentally. She married (2) JOSEPH FINLAYSON. He was born Abt. 1790. Children of ANN HODGSON and JOHN DAVIS are: i. CATHERINE3 DAVIS, b. December 1822; d. August 09, 1909; m. JOHN HODGSON, July 05, 1849, Rapids Church, Red River Settlement; b. October 1826; d. 1898. ii. GEORGE DAVIS, b. Aft. 1824; d. Aft. 1872. iii. FRANCES (FANNY) DAVIS, b. Bef. 1825; d. Aft. 1872; m. JOHN MOWAT, November 04, 1841, Red River Settlement; b. Abt. 1822. iv. NANCY DAVIS, b. Bef. 1825; d. Abt. 1872. Child of ANN HODGSON and JOSEPH FINLAYSON is: v. JOSEPH3 FINLAYSON, b. Abt. 1827. 5. JOHN2 HODGSON (JOHN1) was born 1792 in Fort Albany, NWT, Canada, and died January 08, 1875 in Lived Red River Man., Area. He married CHARLOTTE YORKSTONE December 04, 1827 in Red River Settlement, Man., daughter of WILLIAM YORKSTONE and FEMALE CREE. She was born 1807 in Brandon House, Manitoba More About JOHN HODGSON: Burial: January 10, 1875, St Mary's, AC, PIP. Man. Children of JOHN HODGSON and CHARLOTTE YORKSTONE are: i. JOHN3 HODGSON, b. October 1826; d. 1898; m. CATHERINE DAVIS, July 05, 1849, Rapids Church, Red River Settlement; b. December 1822; d. August 09, 1909. ii. MATILDA HODGSON, b. May 31, 1831, St. John's Parish, Red River, Manitoba; d. December 11, 1888; m. JOSEPH PAQUIN DIT POCHA, November 29, 1859, St Mary's Ang, Portage La Prairie, Man.; b. Abt. 1830. iii. CHARLES HODGSON, b. 1833; d. 1843. iv. KATHERINE HODGSON, b. Abt. 1834. v. WILLIAM HODGSON, b. Abt. 1835; m. NANCY ANN COOK, March 22, 1849, Red River Settlement, Manitoba; b. Abt. 1835. 6. JOSEPH2 HUDSON (JOHN1 HODGSON) was born 1799 in Hudson Bay, and died December 07, 1886 in Mechanicsville, Ottawa, ON. He married DOMITHILDE LAVOIE December 29, 1851 in La Passe, ON, daughter of JEAN-BAPTISTE LAVOIE and MARIE BITOURNEAUX. She was born Bef. 1836 in La Passe, ON. Children of JOSEPH HUDSON and DOMITHILDE LAVOIE are: i. JEAN-BAPTISTE3 HUDSON, b. Abt. 1850, Baptism June 3, 1850, St-Anne's Ile du Grand Calumet, Que. ii. JOHN HUDSON, b. September 25, 1852. iii. WILLIAM HUDSON, b. November 10, 1861. 7. CATHERINE2 HUDSON (JOHN1 HODGSON) was born 1802 in Hudson Bay, and died Abt. 1848. She married LEANDRE "ANDRE" LARONDE. He was born Bef. 1800. Children of CATHERINE HUDSON and LEANDRE LARONDE are: i. CATHERINE3 LARONDE, b. December 08, 1824; d. December 28, 1923, Elmside, Quebec; m. LOUIS ABRAHAM ROY, August 08, 1848, St-Annes, Ile du Grand Calumet, Que; b. 1801, St. Vallier, Que. ii. ELISABETH AGNES LARONDE, b. Abt. 1828; d. May 04, 1890; m. THEODORE LAROCHELLE. iii. JOHN LARONDE, b. Abt. 1830; d. March 05, 1895, Lived Bristol Township, Pontiac County, Quebec. 8. CHARLES2 HUDSON (JOHN1 HODGSON) was born 1803 in Hudson Bay. He married MARIE LAVOIE December 29, 1851 in La Passe, ON, daughter of JEAN-BAPTISTE LAVOIE and MARIE BITOURNEAUX. She was born Abt. 1831. Children of CHARLES HUDSON and MARIE LAVOIE are: i. WILLIAM3 HUDSON, b. Abt. 1851. ii. BERNARD HUDSON, b. August 09, 1852. iii. EDWARD HUDSON, b. Abt. 1853. 9. MARY2 HUDSON (JOHN1 HODGSON) was born 1806 in Hudson Bay, and died May 21, 1900. She married SAMUEL FROST Abt. 1830 in Portage-du-Fort, Quebec, son of JAMES FROST and HANNAH TROUP. He was born 1804 in Aberdeen, Scotland, (see Scots) and died June 05, 1879 in Mansfield Township, Quebec More About MARY HUDSON: Burial: May 24, 1900, Fort Coulonge Cemetery, Que ( Half American Native) Children of MARY HUDSON and SAMUEL FROST are: i. SAMUEL3 FROST, b. 1831; d. 1888, Of Calumet Island, Que; m. MARY PERRY; b. Abt. 1840. ii. HANNAH FROST, b. Abt. 1834; m. JAMES CARSON`; b. Abt. 1830. iii. MARGARET FROST, b. Abt. 1837; m. MAIO ROBERT CARSON; b. Abt. 1835. iv. DAVID FROST, b. 1837; m. JULIA HUDSON, Aft. 1855; b. Bef. 1840. v. MARY FROST, b. 1839, Baptism September 3, 1839, Lapasse (RC). vi. NANCY FROST FROST, b. Abt. 1840; m. ARCHIE SPENCER, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec; b. Abt. 1835. vii. MOSES FROST, b. June 06, 1841; d. Aft. 1934, North Bay, ON. viii. JANE FROST, b. Abt. 1842; m. JOHN PEEVER, November 19, 1868, Litchfield Twp, Que; b. Abt. 1840. ix. LAWRENCE (LARRY THE GREAT) FROST, b. Abt. 1844; d. 1924; m. ANN CANNAN, September 19, 1874, Fort Coulonge, Que; b. Abt. 1850. x. ALBAN ANN FROST1, b. 1845, JH. says maybe 1836. He also has 1845; d. May 13, 1877, Pontiac County, Que.; m. JOHN EBERT July 18, 1870, Portage du Fort, Q.C.; b. 1841, T.T. says 19402; d. February 06, 1927, Campbell's Bay, Que2. More About ALBAN ANN FROST: Burial: St. Andrews United, Campbell's Bay, Que More About JOHN EBERT: Burial: St. Andrew's United, Campbell's Bay, Que. xi. JOHN (JACK) FROST, b. Abt. 1850; m. MARY ANN CALLAGHAN; b. Abt. 1860. xii. THOMAS FROST, b. Abt. 1850. xiii. WILLIAM FROST, b. Abt. 1852; d. Aft. 1911. Endnotes 1. William Sample Ireland FTW.FTW, Date of Import: Dec 23, 2002. 2. William Sample Ireland FTW.FTW. ... Robert Sample
December 15, 2015: Thanks to Mr. Robert Herman for posting the following link to the historic records of the Hodgson / Hudson, Davis and Coulter families. His post appeared today in the "Fort Coulonge, La Passe, and Westmeath History Forum" on facebook. The original records are located in the South Peace Regional Archives in Alberta under the heading "Fonds 484 Davis, Hodgson, Coulter fonds". The URL is This very interesting material! And here is another link from Robert Herman.
newJanuary 8, 2016: Here are the mentions of the surname Hudson" from the records of Notre Dame Cathedral in Bytown between 1835 and 1855: Source: Drouin records at Here are the Hudson names mentioned in the Notre Dame, Ottawa, records between 1836 and 1855: (1) 31 Jan 1836 Baptism of Mathilde, aged 5 mos., daughter of Godfrey Sicard and Anonymous Watson (Anonymous Watson is Elizabeth HUDSON) Witnesses: Father Chartrand & Eulalie Lamirande (2) 1 Feb 1836 Baptism of Sophie, aged 7 yrs., daughter of James Hudson (Hodgson ?) and Caroline Good (Good family from Goulbourn Township ?) Witnesses: Francois Leboeuf and Marg. (3) 10 Aug 1847 After one proclamation of banns, marriage of John Hoban / Hobin, adult son of Thomas Hoban and the late Nancy Murphy, to Mary Fogarty, daughter of Bryan Fogherty (on the McCabe List), (Nepean and Goulbourn Township) and illy Hadan / Haydon? Witnesses: Henry Hudson & Margaret Lowry (4) 29 Sep 1849 Burial of Henry Hudson who died yesterday, aged 24 Witness: Charles Hudson ... posted to the Facebook Group Fort Coulonge, LaPasse and Westmeath History Forum ... Allan Lewis

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