British Home Children to Belleville and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1892
on the S.S. Sarnia

New December 13, 2010:

In search for Cheryl's great grandfather (Frederick McNally) I found out today he was a home child sent to Belleville, 
so the following is for you. Four manifests, I did them up in an excel spreadsheet plus the boat they came on. 
S.S. Sarnia - 3180 tons - Captain W.P. Couch - 685 passengers - 226 home children - 32 day voyage, arrived April 11, 1892.

Frederick McNally became a government Vetinarian Surgeon and travelled all over Ontario and England. His passport is the
only picture we have of him. His wife was Murilla Emma Playter and related to the Playters of Ottawa, descends from 
Captain George Playter of the Playter Estates in Toronto, a UEL.
... Taylor
Ship S.S. Sarnia Ship S.S. Sarnia, 1892
British Home Children to Belleville, Ontario, Canada, in 1892 Name F C Overstall (Society Leader) Belleville Wm Miller J Marchwiche F Hooper John Todd R W Pechern R Scholes H Skelton Chas Wood Jas Shipley H Beacham Mand Milles Florence Milles Emma Olding Kate Krutck May Miller Hannah Shwest May Techern Robe Stenger James Tanies Edith Bucham Mellie Techern Walter Lowe Fred Smith Albt Sturgess Chas Smith E Todd E Trickett E Wilson H Brown P Campbell P Lambert Philip Murray John Gilling John Palmer Barnabus Shipley Albt Skelton G Trickett Wm Williams Robt Webber Asil Austin Phillip Blackman E Blumsen A Farrow Wm Hodgson Albt Burges H Baynforth Sidney Chander John Crutch Afd Clare Chas Cassell

Chas East John Gagen Henry James Henry Mulvey Henry Murof Henry Simms Ed Smart Jas Somerset Wm Smcart Wm Slade Alb White Geo Wise Earnest Browning Wm Baldwin Thos Deskin Chas Redson Wm Farred John Hambidge Jas Bray R Gill Wm Paris Forces Fowles Wm Ross Jas Nell J H Kemp W V Hawker Jas Higgs Fred Mcnally A Shade Thos Ventham W H Cote H White Chas Berman Henry Caffrey John Gilbert Henry Mason James Rayne Frank Stephens H Workman F Wakeling W J Hall Mich Cottham Hanley Escoure Thos Jones John W Leight Percy Burke Fred Kamp Arthur West Jos Johnson Harry Leigh P Scelmer Line Harry Webb John Hall Hary Hall James Hall James Singleton Harold Bradshaw Belleville Geo Pryes Wm Ward Geo Maddock Wm Wright Alb Fata Ala Montgomery Jas Picard R Parker Hy Knill Jno Mersey Rob Twinbourne Jos Maddock Jas Longe Alea Waddell Jesse Williams A S Wedler Jno Charlton Henry Bamford Wm Knapp Wm H Ovar Frank Johnston Harry Roes Belleville British Home Children to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1892 James Griffen Toronto

Chas Rawlings Fred White Henry Sutton Geo Hawkins Jno Mead Wm Brown Jas Pye Horace Goddard Jesse Hester Jno Milton Geo Ton Jas Hayward Wm Robins Alfred Wells Edward Hall James West Leonard Carin Joseph Stocker H Whise Jno Crawley Jno Weblin Edward Lee Wm Spencer Edward Brettle Theodore Cawthorne Wm Stamland Wm Skerges Fred Sallis Blamburg Hervey Henry Lewis E Neaves Jos Gutteridge Wm Williams Wm Wood Sarah Childs John Kerley Jessie Knowles Wm Blambourg Ed Stevens Walter Baker Geo Kitchener Augustus Collers Wm Blaker Arthur Raulson Robt Tompson Henry Mcgrath Jno Weston Thos Lappin Wm Wenyard Walter Brangston Henry Jennings Henry Disen Chas Disen Chas Goodchild Chas Hoglin Fred Parrie Henry Biles Jack Reason Geo Richardson Wm Staniforth Albert Smith Thos Leifth Henry Goodchild Henry Hough D Mccallion Normann Painter Chas Boyle James Stamforth Arthur Dawson Alfred Atkins Mark Preston Arthur Stanlake Wm Barthercom Jon Stec Alfred To??Sett R M Burter Jas Tompson Jas Hough Herbert Brand Arthur Craddock Jas Fedely Wm Glode Wm Holmes Ed Hutch Wm Ingram Henry Migglesworth Saml Guith Frank Ginsh Wm Jenkins Alb Alibourne Chas Williamson Sidney Pugh Walker Kemp Wm Piper Hubert Woodhams Toronto

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