The J. Edgar Hoover Connection
to Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

J. Edgar Hoover, ex Director of the F.B.I. visited Osgoode Township in the 1920's.

George Hoover, a lawyer in Washington D.C., who was a first cousin of J. Edgar,  married 
Bridget Ellen (Nellie) Christopher, Lot 4, Concession 4 (Stage Coach Road). J. Edgar 
visited Osgoode Township with George Hoover.

A large black car carrying George and J. Edgar caused quite a stir as it negotiated the 
then "cart-track" towards the Christopher farm on the Stage Coach Road.
An article in the Toronto Star Weekly in the 1950's stated that J. Edgar used to like to
slip away to Canada "to let his hair down". 

The following document shows that in 1930, George Hoover was involved in a real estate transaction involving the
pioneer CHRISTOPHER farm. I have the original document.
... Al
 May 11, 2012:
Christopher Family, original Land Grant, Stage Coach Road, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

Bridget Ellen (Nellie) CHRISTOPHER HOOVER (my Grandmothers' sister) in Washington, D.C.

George Hoover
See also Patrick CHRISTOPHER
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