Roman Catholic Inhabitants Of The Half Barony Of Ikerrin,
County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1750

 April 28, 2002:

Thanks to Kathy Adamson for this valuable contribution!

I tried to make this as small as possible. 
For researchers used to reading parish micro-films this is not too bad.
I believe this is an important list for a time period when no census returns are available, 
and will maybe help some doing research in this area.
... Kathy Adamson

The Popish Inhabitants Of The Half Barony Of Ikerrin In 1750
It was the practice of the time for the authorities to assess damage to property and losses by robbery due to the activities of the Whiteboys and similar organisations, and to recover the value in cash by levying a special tax or fine on all Roman Catholics in the district comcerned - in this case the County of Tipperary. Below we have the return for the half barony of Ikerrin in that county, rendered by the High Constable, upon which the tax was to be based in proportion to the acreage held. The list of inhabitants and their holdings, by parishes, is followed by the warrent issued to the High Constable authorising him to proceed with the collection of the amount specifed. a Duplicate of the popish inhabitants of the Half Barony of Ikerrin returned by James Hutchinson, High Constable of said half barony. KILLEA PARISH Name And Acres Luke Bryan 94,Edmond Keeenen 12, John Meagher & partners 68, Patrick Russell & partners 30, John Broughan & partners & Edmond Trassy & partners 61, John Broughhan & partners 50, James Phelan 40,Roger Bryan & partners 15, Andrew fflanery 60, James Costigan & partners 35, Michael Bryan 60, Edmond Meagher 10, Patt Corkeran 2, Tady Murphy 1, Anthony Meagher 1, Dennis Meagher 1, Edmond Meagher 1,John Carroll 2, John Doughan 1, Lewis Byrn 2, William Brien 1, James Morissy 1, John Keevan 5, Denis Hollorin & Cain 2, Edmond Meagher & William 2, Cornelius Keivan 2,John Bourk 1,Michael Dawson 1,Ann Harvy 1, Edmond Tierney & Anthony 10,John ffogarty 1,Patt Meagher 1, Hugh Kenedy 1, Cornelius Boughan 1, Andrew Meagher 4,Michael Cosker 4,John Bourk 5, Andrew Kenedy TEMPLERRE PARISH Andrew Kenedy at Castlyny 400,Michael Bourk at Gurteen 100, John Sweeny at Aghale 20, Daniel Ryan 1, Patt Ore 1,John Duigin 1,Martin Meagher 1, John Shanahan 1,Richard Purcell 1, William Hern 1, BARNANE PARISH Darby Lawlor 200,Andrew Kennedy 500,Thomas fflanary 2,Patt ffogarty 1,John Bruit 1, Thomas Butler 1,Denis Gavin 1,Michael Ryan 1,John Cavanaugh 1,Daniel Meagher 1,James Tierney 1, Laurence Ryan 1,Tady Ryan 1,Edmond Ryan 1,John Ryan 1,Thomas Ryan 1,Matt Sweeny 1, Thomas Trechy 1, Patt Bane 1,Frank Burk 1,Edmond Hough 1,John Conelly 1,Michael Cumins 1, John Meagher 1,Conor Hogan 1,Sulvester Ryan 1,Thomas Shalloe 1,Daniel Bryan 2,Denis Conelly 1, John Gorman 1,Patt Ryan 1,Phill Quirk 1,William Kennedy 1,Loughlin Ryan 2,Conor Gleesan 1, Rodger Kenedy 1, Daniel Gleeson 2,Patt Dulehanty 1,Daniel Carroll 1,Maurice Hickey 1, John Hickey 1,William Bourk 1,Denis Morkin 1,Tady Ryan 1,James Ryan 1, Nicholas Maegher 1, Daniel ffogarty 1,Michael ffogarty 1,John ffogarty 1,James Quinlan 1,John Behan 1, ROSCREA PARISH Edmond ffanin 40,Rodger Cravin 15,James Grady 20,Tady Keashon & partners 50,John Cantwell 20, Michael Quinlan 12,Denis Meagher 8,Tady Meagher 20,Edmond Kenny & brothers 10, Walter Ahern & partner 40, Daniel Keeson & partners 20,Patt Donely & brothers 15, Patt Collins 20, Joseph Dwyer10,Michael Brenan & partners 12,Thomas Crolly & partners 10, William Killfoile 8,Charles Dun 10,Michael Gavin 5,James Kenedy 3, Thomas Moony & partners 10, Darby Dooly & partners 15,Thady Hickey 5, Widow Phelan 10,David Longan 4,Denis Cleary 5, PARISH OF RATHNAVEOGE John Trecy 10,Patrick Treacy 10,Patrick Gallivan 5,John Treacy 5, Darby Doyl & Michael Doyl 30, Edmond Meagher 5,Michael Kilmartin 4, Daniel Guidry 60,Patrick & William Kenedy 76, Edmond Ryan 20,William Trassy 1,Morgan Sweeny 1,John Hendy 1,John ffling 1,John Meagher 1, Michael Fling 1,Stephen Kenedy 1,Denis Egan 1,Francie Duley 1,John Boane 1,Tady Dohan 1, Michael Meagher 1,John Mara 1,William Sleavon 1, John Molally 1,William Corroboy 1, Michael Hoonan 1,Phill Hennecy 1, TEMPLETOHY PARISH John Lawor 3440,John Meagher 300,John Carroll 20,James Grant & tenants 87, John & Thomas Carroll 72,John Scott 15,Richard Mansell 40,Denis Meagher 39,John Mackey 20, Edmond ffogerty 27,John ffogarty 27,Thady Meagher 40,Michael Shelly 40,Pierse Hays 20, Robert Campbell 10, Michael Quany 10,Edmond fflavin 15,Bryan Mickkinally 15,William Kennedy 10, Edmond Phelan 5,James McGrath 5,Daniel Murphy 35,John Murphy 25, Connor Sullivan & partners 100,James Russell 10,Neal Gluckan 1, Michael Dulehanty 1, Daniel Kinnan 1,John Shelly 2, Laurence Duleany 1, Patrick Meagher 1,John Brassell 1, John Carroll 1,Henry Doherty 1, Denis Tierney 1,Patt Tierney 1,Richard Skehane 1,Terence Coners 1, Tim Cearry 1,Anthony Carroll 1,ffrank Mara 1,Tim Headen 1,Tim ffogary 1,Stephen ffogary 1, Malachy ffogarty 1,Bryan Killbridy 1,Thmas Lancton 1,Tim Lincy 1,John Perkson 1,William Bourk 2, James Mackey 1,James Trassy 1,Anthony Carroll 1,James Meagher 1,Patrick Bourk 2, Richard Wallis 2,Tim Gilson 1,Phil Grace 1,Rickard Bourk 1,Con Lahy 1,James Dun 1,Michael Dun 1, KILLAVANNOUGH PARISH John Carroll 240,Tady Trassy 40,Tady Lahy 12,William Darmody 4, Thomas Darmody 17, Daniel Maddin 31,John Collins 22,Andrew Meagher 22, William Trassy 22,Edmond Landy 11, Denis Bargin 11,William Phelan 26, Michael Camill ?,Matthias Sullivan 5,William Dulahanty 5, James Moris 5,Thomas Quirk & Mary Lahy 7,James Quirk & Bridget Quirk 7,Andrew Meagher 5, Michael Dulehanty 3,Laurence Poor 3,John Quirk 3,Matthew Skanlan 3,John Cashin 60,John Hamon 1, James Cleary 1,William Sheedy 1,Daniel Kennedy 1,Joseph Kerry 1,Patt Hogh 1,Connor Meagher 1, Daniel Dulehunty 1,David Fitpatrick 1,Daniel Meagher 1,Darby Meagher 1,Thomas Glavin 2, John Brasill 1,John Murrahy 1,Edmond Murrahy 1, Denis Dwyer 1,Thomas Doony 1,Tady Dulahanty 1, John Haly 1,Michael Phely 1,John Dwyer 1,Denis Tierny 2,Denis Dwyer 1,Loughlin ffranery 1, Edmond Butler 1,Gilbert Meagher 2,James Cavanagh 1,Thomas Trassy 1, Robert Mynoughan 1, Thomas Trassy 1,Michael Meehan 1,John Handlin 1, Edmond Cahill 2, CORBALLY PARISH James Deegan 40,Daniel Kenedy 30,Anthony Guilfoule 12,William Kenedy 13,Dennis Bergin 30, Edmond Kenedy 10,James Trassy 9,James Bergin 20, William Keashen 20,Matthias Davis 20, John Meagher 17,Daniel Quinlan & partner 50,James Quinlan 2,Thady Molloghny 17,Martin Measgher 1, John Carroll 1,Henry Moore 1,Daniel Meagher 1,Edmond Gilson 2,Loughlin Breen 15,John Magrath 2, Conor fformile 1,Denis Darcy 1,William Trascy 1,William fformile 1,Phill Loughnane 1, James Meagher 1,Thomas Duan 17, William White 7,Thomas Russell 17,William Meagher 8, Michael Meagher 8, James Darmody 10,William Dorah 10,Walt Harold 24,Patt Harold 12, William Kilmartin 8,Phill Carroll 5,James Carroll 30,William Bergin 32, Thomas Lahy 12, James Peterson 9,James Dwan 14,Denis Galavan 2, Lawerence Welsh 2,Edmond Taessy 17,Thomas Meagher 7,Andrew Conell 1, Charles Doherty 15 John Shortal 1,Denis Shell 1,Patt Phelan 1,Patt Delany 1,Laughlin Keassy 1,Patt Noulan 1, Tady Delany 1,Thomas Trascy 17,James antwell 7,Daniel Meagher 7,John Meagher 10, John Guilfoule 15, John Moclon 10,Tim Moclon 10,Patt Coonan 17,John Coonan 10,Tim Glisan 2, John Glisan 2,Daniel Meagher 4,Edmond Welsh 3,Thomas Curane 1, Thomas Kenedy 2, Matthias Meagher 9,Thady Meagher 7,Michael Reardon 1,John ffogarty 1,Phill Meagher 1, Thomas Meagher 1,John Cotter 1,John Delany 4,John ffenecy 4,Phill Trassy 1, BORNEY PARISH (Bornea ?) Richard Kinnah & partner 45,Denis Carroll & William Murry 25,Daniel Kenedy 20, Denis Caroll 1,Patt fformile 24,Patt Cavanagh 1,Thady Dun 20,Edmond Kenedy 8, Michael Minohan & tenants 80,Michael McDaniel 7, Edmond Banan 25,John Lahy & Pierce Bergin 20, Steven Kilfoile 50, Daniel Trassy 30,James Tohil 1,John Cumin & partners 20,Laurence Delany 1, James Gavin & partners 20,Phil Sheedy 20,William Moullonay & partner 15, Thomas Ryab & partner 24,John Quinlan 60,Daniel Kelly & partners 40, Michael Hogan 30, Thomas Meagher 150,Gilbert Meagher 50,John Cassin & partners 40,Martin Meagher 40,John Meagher 40, Edmond Meagher 60, William Ryan 50,Widdow Carroll 150,Mathias Ryan 5,Thomas Lowry 2, Daniel Lowry 1,William Laccon 2,Thomass Lahy 1,Andrew Carroll 1,John Dohan 1,Daniel Costigan 6, Roger Milon 2 ,Conor Trassy 1, Michael Cumin 2,John Trassy 1,James Meagher 1,Patt Cashin 1, Michael Meara 1,Tady Ryan & partners 50,Tady Guidry 6, Peter Lahy 1, John Clinch & partners 4, Silvester Clinch 6, Denis Delany 6, Tady Trassy 4, Fergus Larson 4, William Meagher 4,John Currawn 1,Tady Ryan 2,William Maddin 2,Edmond Milon 2,Loughlin Minon 2.

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