The JEWELL and KENNEDY families
Ireland to Allumette Island, Pontiac County, Quebec

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Descendants of Thomas S. Jewell and Emma Kennedy

Generation No. 1 

1.  THOMAS S.2 JEWELL  (HENRY1) was born March 23, 1874 in Alumette Island, Quebec, and died January 19, 1938 in 
Fort Coulonge P.Q..  He married WINNIFRED EMMA KENNEDY June 06, 1905 in Pembroke, Ontario, 
daughter of WILLIAM KENNEDY and MARGARET EGAN.  She was born February 22, 1874 in Pembroke, Ontario, and died 
September 07, 1954 in Fort Coulonge P.Q.. 


A Pembroke Fire Department Came Into Existence in 1865 

Was Volunteer with Ladder Wagon. No Improvement Till after The Copeland House Fire in 1882. 
Then a Steamer Was Bought. A Little History of the Fire Protection Movement of Pembroke Town. 

Prior to 1865 when a fire occurred in Pembroke, it was a case of people turning out with their buckets to do the 
best they could. But in 1865 a hook and ladder company was organized, and a wagon and ladders were bought. This company 
was organized by the residents, not by the council, though the council granted the large sum of twenty dollars towards 
the Capital expense. 

There were 25 members in the new company at the start, but every able bodied citizen was regarded as an ex-officio 
member when fire broke out. 

The wagon with its ladders and buckets was stored, when not in use, in a shed behind the old town hall near the wharf. 

Thomas Jewell was the first Captain of the company, and he was placed in complete charge of all firefighting operations. 

The fire department wandered along without much improvement until 1882. Then came the Big Copeland House 
fire and the brigade was not equal to it. Two persons lost their lives. 

Then council woke up and purchased a steamer. From that time on Pembroke's firefighting equipment has steadily improved. 

In 1884, the town built a new Town Hall and the fire department was given a place of honour on the ground floor, 
the exit being from the rear of the building as not to spoil the architectural appearance. In the early nineties (1890's), 
the water works system came, and the fire department was on easy street, as it were or apparently so. 

But despite the improved conditions the brigade was not able to cope with the fire that visited Pembroke in 1908. 
In this fire, the Leland Hotel, the Munro Hotel, Foster's Shoe store, Dickson's Drug store, S.E. Mitchell's Book store, 
Alex Millar's General store, the Freeman block, the Munro block (which the Standard was located), the 
Public Library, the Royal Bank, the Quebec Bank, and Moffat's Flour Mill and the National Manufacturing 
(Delaney's) were destroyed. This was Pembroke's biggest fire. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN - MAY 22, 1953, page 8 - Village Town History - part 4 Industry Needed To Use Town's Lumber and Labor 

FORT COULONGE - What this Town needs most right now is work for 90 men laid off at the mine at Bryson. I talked with 
Mayor Philias Amyot , partner with his brother Felix in a General Store, and I spoke with Councillor and former 
Mayor Thomas Jewell of the Coulonge Supply Company and General Store. They say the town feels the pinch in 

"We've got lots of good hardwood around here," Mr. Jewell told me. "What we like to have is a plywood mill or any 
kind of a mill that would use our logs. We have a new highway and a new bridge and there is talk of a bridge to be 
built over the Ottawa at Pembroke. This would be a great help as an outlet for raw and finished products. 
We fought hard to keep the new highway running through the Town but now we're glad it doesn't - so long as they 
keep the old bridge so that the village will not be at a dead end." 

Mayor Amyot confirmed what Mr. Jewell said earlier - a mill or new industry would help Coulonge. 

Other members of the village council today are Councillors; Tommy Davis, pool room owner; Thomas Jewell, 
general merchant; Stanley Nadeau, agent for the Upper Ottawa Improvement Company; Lorin Amyot, garage man; 
Henry Francoeur, co-op power lineman; Dea Sauriol, forestry engineer with the E.B. Eddy Company and the 
Town Clerk is James Duke, clerk at the Coulonge Supply Company. 



 Fort Coulonge Mourns Late Thos. S. Jewell

 Special to the Citizen

    FORT COULONGE, Que., Jan. 24 - One of this town's most highly esteemed residents, Thomas S. Jewell died suddenly 
	here on Wednesday. Born in Chapeau, Que., in 1875, Mr. Jewell first became resident of Fort Coulonge in 1904, 
	at which time he entered the hotel  business with Hillary Cleary, now of Ottawa.

    Mr. Jewell remained in the hotel business until 1909 when he was engaged by the J. R. Booth Company, 
	where he became prominent in lumbering activities. In 1911 the Coulonge Supply Co. was formed and from that time, 
	with the exception of the years he spent in  service in the Great War, Mr. Jewell remained in this business.

    In the fall of 1916 he enlisted as a lieutenant and went overseas with the 238th Battalion which was absorbed by 
	the Canadian Forestry Corps, under Col. Smythe. He returned in  March 1919 and during his service overseas was elevated to the rank of Major.

    During the years 1920 - 1926 Mr. Jewell served as Mayor of Fort Coulonge. The results of his keen judgement and 
	foresight while serving in his capacity will never be forgotten by  the residents of this municipality.

    The funeral was held from his late residence to St. Peter's Catholic Church on Saturday morning. The funeral 
	Mass was chanted by Rev. J. L. Poupore, P.P. of Fort Coulonge, assisted by Rev. J. Kimpton of Vinton as Deacon; 
	and Rev. J. L. Burke of La Passe, Ont., as sub-Deacon. Pallbearers were William J. Lough, Dennis J. Shea, 
	William Corrigan, Howard  Mulligan, Alfred O. Gervais and Herbert Lawn.

    Chief mourners were his widow, the former Emma Kennedy; two sons Thomas Jewell and Joseph Jewell of Fort Coulonge; 
	two brothers, Jack Jewell of Sioux Lookout, and James Jewell of Pembroke; two sisters Mrs. William Duff of 
	Pembroke and Mrs. Noah Gareau of Ottawa.

    Among the many floral tributes were tokens from the Catholic Ladies' Aid of Fort Coulonge, the Canadian Order of 
	Foresters, and the Coulonge Hockey Club. A long cortege  followed the body to the Catholic Cemetery where burial 
	took place in the family plot.

More About THOMAS S. JEWELL: Burial: Fort Coulonge cemetery 


Burial: Fort Coulonge cemetery 

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