Thomas Francis KELLY and Hannah BROWN
County Donegal, Ireland, to Burritt's Rapids area, Ontario, Canada, before 1840

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

January 8, 2009:

Picture of James Kelly and Rebecca Brown Picture of James Kelly and Rebecca Brown
Hello Al: Not a problem. Please do post this e-mail. I am continually attempting to find my Kelly- Line. It was so long ago and everyone has passed. I have virtually built all of my information from intensive research and family records (few as they may be). I have discovered bits and pieces through research via the internet and I have actually visited the area and researched on site in Burritt's Rapids. However, I had a very limted time when I was there. I have always believed that Church Records from the Burritt's Rapids Christ Church of this time period would lead me to more information of the Kelly family since Thomas Francis Kelly and his wife Hannah Brown Kelly are buried @ Burritt's Rapids Christ Church Anglican Cemetery. However, it is a mystery to me why there are no other Kelly's buried in close proximity in that same cemetery. At least no grave markers show this. I am unsure if there are any other burials there of my family without gravemarkers. I was unable to contact anyone from this church when I visited.
Picture of Thomas Francis Kelly and Hannah Brown's Tombstone Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Burritt's Rapids, Ontario Picture of the grave marker of Thomas Francis Kelly and Hannah Brown
When I was in Burritt's Rapids and Ottawa I attempted to access church records but all research sites were unavailable (time-wise) when I was there. I have also attached some pictures of James Kelly and Albert Kelly (the eldest and youngest sons of Thomas Francis Kelly and Hannah Brown Kelly. I have no other pictures of any their other sons. James Kelly was my Great - Grandfather and Albert Kelly was his youngest brother. These photos which I recently acquired really brings my family alive. I am always looking for more. I am also attaching a photo copy of the gravemarker of Thomas and Hannah Kelly in Burritt's Rapids Christ Church Anglican Cemetery. Thank You. Loren G. Kelly "Kelly Irish Canadian Korner and My Delaware Moor Ancestry" Here is Loren's original e-mail to Bytown or Bust: I am attempting to find the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Francis Kelly who was reportedly from Donegal, Ireland, and immigrated to Canada, sometime between 1800 and 1838. According to "Who's Where; A Guide To The Cemeteries of Rideau Township" edited by Jim Kennedy and produced by the Rideau Heritage Board of Publication, Township of Rideau, in 1980, Thomas Francis KELLY [My G-G-Grandfather & father of my G- Grandfather, James KELLY] is listed as being buried in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery which is located in Burritts Rapids, Oxford-on-Rideau Township, Grenville County, Ontario, Canada with his wife Hannah BROWN KELLY. The transcriptions on the gravemarker read..."Thomas KELLY...Died...28, April, 1891 at age 90 years, and Hannah KELLY...Died 15, March, (The Year Is Blank?) Why the year of death for Hannah is not on the gravemarker {It is smooth; as if it was never chiseled} is a mystery to me. Thomas KELLY's place of birth on the Ontario Census of 1871 was listed as Ireland. His ethnicity was also listed as Irish. His religion was listed as Church of England, Anglican, making him Irish Protestant. His occupation was listed as a Labourer. This census also listed the district he lived in as Leeds & Grenville North, (070), Oxford-on-Rideau Township. By my calculations, he would have been born in approximately 1800, somewhere in Ireland. I also recently received an obituary of this youngest son, Albert Kelly, which indicated that Thomas Francis Kelly was from Donegal, Ireland. I have placed Thomas KELLY in Oxford-on-Rideau Township, Grenville County, Ontario County as early as 1838 {When my Great-Grandfather, James KELLY, & his eldest son was born in Burritts Rapids}. Furthermore, I have citations from the 1840 assessment rolls & Census of Oxford-on-Rideau County that places Thomas Kelly at this same location. 1835 would be about the right time for him at the age of 35 to come to Upper Canada (probably Montreal) via ship. Of course he could have come to Canada anytime between 1800 to 1838. Thomas Kelly's, youngest son, Albert Kelly, and his grandson, Nathan Tompkins Kelly (my grandfather) were both illiterate and both were labourers. According to the 1861,; 1871; & 1881 Oxford-on-Rideau Township,Grenville County Census, Thomas & Hannah KELLY had the following 15 children: 1.James KELLY...My G-Grandfather & their eldest son; Born in Burritts Rapids on 09, Sept., 1838. He is also found on the 1871 Census of Ontario & listed as follows: "Age 33; Birthplace: Ontario; Religion: Methodist; Origin: Irish; Occupation: Farmer; District: KENT (002); Sub-district: Harwich (D)..." 2. Susana KELLY...Born about 1841 in Upper Canada. 3. Mary KELLY...Born about 1842 in Upper Canada. 4. Sarah KELLY...Born about 1843 in Upper Canada. 5. Elizabeth KELLY...Born about 1845 in Upper Canada. 6. Naomi KELLY...Born about 1847 in Upper Canada. 7. Kezeth KELLY...Born about 1848 in Upper Canada. 8. Maria KELLY...Born about 1851 in Upper Canada..."On 22, March,1851; Certificate #004644 ...of Kemptville {year/75..remarks..} - Age 21. (Residence-) Born in ONT, married John ROSE. Parents: Thomas & Hannah Brown KELLY (Rel.-METH) WIT: IAS ROSE, MERRICKVILLE. THOMAS KELLY, OXFORD." 9. Sophia KELLY...Born about 1851 in Upper Canada. 10. Jamima KELLY...Born about 1853 or 1855 in Upper Canada. 11. Jarusha KELLY...Born about 1855 or 1856 in Upper Canada..."On 04, February, 1874; Certificate # 005468...of MERRICKVILLE {year/74 ...remarks..}...Age 20. (Residence - MERRICKVILLE) Born in Burritts Rapids, married JAMES ALBERT ROSE-Parents: Thomas & Hannah (Rel-METH) WIT: William & CATHERINE ROSE." 12. Martha KELLY...Born about 1857 in Upper Canada..."On 09, Jan.,1873; Certificate #007325 ...of KEMPTVILLE {year/73..remarks}..Age 20 (Residence-) Born in Wolford T, married Edmund FULCHER. Parents: Thomas & Hannah KELLY (Rel - ) Wit: Wm BROWN & Maria KELLY." 13. William KELLY...Born about 1859 in Upper Canada. 14. Thomas KELLY...Born about 1859 or 1861 in Upper Canada. 15. Albert KELLY...Born about 1863 or 1866 in Ontario. To this date, I have been unable to locate any of the aforementioned children's gravesides or descendants. The eldest son of these 15 children of Thomas Francis & Hannah KELLY born between 1838 & about 1866 [28 years] was my G- Grandfather; James KELLY. He married Rebecca TOMPKINS [Daughter of Nathan TOMPKINS-Veteran of the War of 1812-who was the son of Israel TOMPKINS-A well-known United Empire Loyalist from New York state, USA]. James KELLY & Rebecca TOMPKINS KELLY were the parents of my Grandfather, Nathan Tompkins KELLY; born 24, August, 1867 in Blenheim, Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario. Nathan Tompkins KELLY (At about 14) with James & Rebecca TOMPKINS KELLY and family immigrated to the United States, USA, in about 1879 & eventually were found residing in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio on the June 6, 1900 U. S. Census. My father, Luther James KELLY (youngest son of Nathan TOMPKINS KELLY & first generation born American) was born in Findlay, Ohio in 1907. I acquired a copy of Thomas Francis KELLY's Death Record from the L.D.S. Family History Center as follows: Deaths (V. E-G) 1891: Family History Library US/CAN Film # 1853538. Under Scehdule C. -- Deaths; County of Peterborough; Division of Belmont; I discovered the following: * Name and Surname of Deceased...Thomas Francis Kelly * When Died...28, April, 1891 * Sex - Male or Female...Male * Age...92 * Rank or Profession...Farmer (A stamped # 013178 appears on this line) * Where Born...Ireland * Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness... Inflammation of prostate glands & old age. 3 days. * Name of Physician, if any...W. H. Jeffs M. D. * Signature Description and Residence of Informant... John W. Grew (Or Grue...Hard to Read) * When Registered...30, June, 1891 * Religious Denomination of Deceased...E. * Signature of Registrar...Porter Preston According to the 1891 Census of Belmont Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, on 16, April, 1891 [12 days before Thomas Francis KELLY died] the Census Taker paid a visit & wrote the following: " FULCHER, Martha, age 34, widow, born in Ontario, father born in Ireland, mother born in Ontario, Methodist. FULCHER, Frederick, age 14, son, born in Ontario, father born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist. FULCHER, Francis, age 12, son, born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist. FULCHER, Lillie, age 9, daughter, born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist. FULCHER, Herbert, age 5, son, born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist. FULCHER, Henery J., Looks like he's two months old, son, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist. KELLEY, Thomas, age 92, widow, father, born in Ireland, father and mother born in Ireland, Church of England. GREW, Wesley, age 27, born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist, Blacksmith. GREW, Emma, age 17, wife, born in Ontario, father born in England,mother born in Ontario, Methodist. GREW, Earnest, age 1, son, born in Ontario, father and mother born in Ontario, Methodist." Thomas, Martha, Frederick, Francis, and Lillie could all read and write. Also, if Martha was a widow, but had a newborn baby, Edmund FULCHER, her husband, may have died within the previous year. Perhaps John W. GREW is John Wesley GREW, the Informant on Thomas Francis KELLY's Death Record. And perhaps Emma GREW was the eldest daughter of Martha KELLY FULCHER. It is obvious that Thomas Francis KELLY was living with his twelfth born child, Martha KELLY FULCHER, whenever he died in Belmont Township. Certainly, there had to be descendants of Thomas Francis KELLY's 15 children, besides me & my Kelly line. If you have possible FULCHER, GREW [Not certain of spelling], TOMPKINS, or BROWN connections to this family please contact me. My Great Great Grandfather James KELLY [Born: 09, Sep., 1838 in Burritts Rapids, Oxford-on-Rideau Township, Grenville County, Upper Canada & who died: 07, Feb., 1922 at about 83 years of age in El Dorado, Butler County, Kansas, USA] appears on the 1861 Oxford-on-Rideau Leebee Census at age 23 as a part of his father's Thomas Francis KELLY's [Born somewhere in Ireland about 1800-Died 28, April, 1891 at age 90 or 92 in Belmont Township, Peterboro County, Ontario-Buried in Burritts Rapids Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Oxford-on-Rideau Township, Grenville County, Ontario] family, just before he migrated to Harwich Township, Kent County, Upper Canada. I found James KELLY on the 1871 Ontario Census as a 33 year old farmer of the Methodist Religion [His father, Thomas KELLY, was Anglican or Episcopalian] living in Kent District; Harwich Subdistrict. The 1871 Ontario Census also lists James KELLY's birthplace and his ethnicity as Irish. The Archiva ndex to the 1871 Census of Ontario - National Archives of Canada lists James KELLY as follows: "Age: 33; Birthplace: Ontario; Religion: Methodist: Origin: Irish; Occupation: Farmer; District: KENT (002); Sub-district: Harwich (D); Division: 2; Page: 8; Microfilm reel: C-9891: Reference: RG31 -- Statistics Canada." James KELLY subsequently married Rebecca TOMPKINS [Born: about 1841 in Upper Canada or Quebec-Died: May of 1923 in El Dorado, Butler County, Kansas at the age of 82. She was the daughter of Nathan TOMPKINS] in 1862. The "Kent County, Ontario Marriage Registers 1857-1869; Volume One" lists: "James KELLY, age 22, of Harwich, born Canada, s/o Thomas & Hannah, Married 04, May, 1862, Rebecca TOMPKINS, age 21, of Harwich, Born Canada, d/o Nathan & Rebecca. Witnesses: Richer (Richard?) TOMPKINS of ____________; Eliza TOMPKINS of____________. While residing in Kent County from about 1862 until about 1879 (17 years), James KELLY & Rebecca KELLY had the following children: 1. Electa Hannah KELLY (Married name--PRESSNELL): Born: 14, February, 1862 in KENT County, Ontario, Canada. Died: 13, March, 1915 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. Her Record of Death in probate court indicated that she was 52 when she died of paralysis. Her occupation was listed as a dressmaker. Her address was 882 Park in Findlay, Ohio at the time of her death and she had no surviving children. 2. Nathan Tompkins KELLY (My Grandfather): Born: 24, August, 1867 in Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. Died: 06, December, 1934, at age 67, in Artesia, Eddy County, New Mexico, USA. He died early on a Thursday morning (8:30 a.m.) at his home, about a mile Northwest of Artesia, of pneumonia. He had moved to Artesia, New Mexico in 1924, during the early oil boom and was an oil rig driller and builder. The U.S. 1900 Census of Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio, lists Nathan TOMPKINS KELLY and his father, James KELLY, as attaining the status of a naturalized U. S. citizen in 1879, at about the age of 14. Since his youngest sister, Orpha Jane KELLY, was born in Kent County in 1875, it appears that he and his family emigrated from Canada between 1875 & 1879. Because his maternal grandparents, Nathan & Rebecca TOMPKINS both died in 1879, it is conceivable that this is the year that Nathan Tompkins KELLY & his family emigrated to the U. S. Nathan Tompkins KELLY married Laura Marie STATELER on 25, December, 1893 in Ohio. They had the following children: (1) Nathan Tompkins KELLY, Jr. (Born: 21, Dec., 1894 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio- Died: 27, October, 1977 in Artesia, Eddy County, New Mexico) (2) Carl Stateler KELLY (Born: 05, Jan., 1896 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio- Died: 22, November, 1966 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA) (3) Laura Marie KELLY (CHESNUT) (Born: 27, Aug., 1898 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio- Died: 12, Jan., 1978 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan) (4) Hugh David KELLY (Born: 12, Jul., 1900 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio-Died: 16, Aug., 1973 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma) (5) Doratha Rebecca KELLY (PAINTER) (Born: 07, Jul., 1904 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio- Died: 1998 in Waco, Texas) (6) Luther James KELLY (My Father) (Born: 15, Jun., 1907 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio- Died: 15, Jul., 1972 in Borger, Hutchinson County, Texas) 3. Orpha Jane KELLY (Married name -- BRANDENBERG): Born: 6, June, 1875 in Kent County,Ontario, Canada. Died: 09, September, 1917, at age 42 of chronic nephritus arteriosclerosis in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio The Record of Death -- Probate Court of Hancock County, listed her residence address as 622 Washington Street in Findlay, Ohio! She had no known living children. If anyone recognizes this family please contact me. Loren G. Kelly e-mail:
Picture of Albert Kelly Picture of Albert Kelly
Picture of Isaac Lemax and Albert Kelly (top row) Catherine Coad (Code?) Lemax, Susan Coad, Rachel Coad, 1890's (bottom row) Picture of Albert Kelly

January 10, 2009: Thanks to Sue for the following: The Thomas and Hannah Brown Kelly family is also in the 1851 Wolford, Grenville census as follows: Thomas, 45, born Ireland Hannah, 34, born Canada (NOTE: in the 1881 census, Hannah states that she was born in QUEBEC) James, 14 Susannah, 12 Mary A., 11 Sarah J., 9 Elizabeth, 8 Niomi, 7 Kezia, 4 Moriah, 2 Sophia, 2 Betsy Brown, 36 (sister or sister-in-law of Hannah's?) John Brown 3 (presumably son of Betsy's) Note: With the exception of Thomas, all others were born in Canada. All ages given in this census were to reflect the age the person would be on their "next" birthday. ... Sue
New February 18, 2014: Hi, Thanks for the message. It's so intriguing looking through old records and piecing things together. My grandmother was Emma Grue.( Fulcher) Her mother was Martha Kelly - married Edmund( not sure if his name was Edmund or Edward). She had brothers - Fred Fulcher, Frank Fulcher, Herb Fulcher and Harry Fulcher - also a sister Lillie Fulcher. Emma was the oldest of this group but I believe this was the 2nd family for Ed Fulcher as his first wife died and Martha was quite a bit younger when they married. Grandma ( Emma ) was born in 1874 in Burritt's Rapids- she married Wesley Grue. He was born in 1864 - died in 1927 in Spencerville On. They had 3 children - Lillie ( died as infant) Ernest Grue and my mother, Daisy Grue. Ernest Grue - b. 1894 - married Mary Perrin Daisy Grue - b. 1901 - married Harvey Jackson ( b. 1897) They both died in Gananoque, Ontario Uncle Fred's ( Fulcher) wife was Mina. They lived in Cleveland Ohio, USA. I remember my mother and Eva were close friends as well as cousins. Aunt Lillie married Joe Adamenas - lived in Ferndale, Michigan, USA. I know Harry Fulcher lived in Brockville but I don't know anything about him, Frank or Herb. Hope this helps. Certainly, it is ok if you add my email to your website. ... Carol Grice Note: Carol has information regarding later generations ... AL

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