in 1800's Goulbourn and Huntley Townships, Ontario, Canada

July 29, 2007:

Hi Al: 

Iím wondering if anyone knows more about the Hazelwood / Hazlewood lines, particularly 
where they moved to after they left Carleton County. Two of my ancestors are Hazlewoods.  
Hazelwood Falls married Mary Hazelwood  d/o William HAZELWOOD &  Elizabeth BEATY / BEATTY in 
1875 in Bellís Corners, Nepean.  I donít know anything more about William Hazlewood 
though I suspect him of being a brother to John Hazlewood who was an early settler 
in Goubourn.

My other Hazlewood belongs to a previous generation. She is the wife of John Kemp : 
Mary Hazlewood. John Kemp is found in the 1822 Goulbourn census. Can anyone shed 
some light on the Hazlewoods?

... Linda Falls

Hi Linda:

The name Kemp is sometimes spelled "Camp" in the early records. I have also come
across the surname Hazelwood.

In the 1950's, a Dr. Kemp, who was a dentist in the village of Richmond, taught a
few of us youngsters how to catch Lake Trout on the Big Rideau Lake. This was before
the days of downriggers and electronic fish finders. What you needed to find
these trout, in 150 feet of water, was many years of experience. Dr. Kemp was the
local legend. The first time I fished with him, he showed me the trolling routes --
"steer a course for the big tree". This big tree was at least five miles down the 
lake and it took most of an afternoon to make one pass through the hotspots.

Those were good days. We all had time to enjoy things.
... Al
August 1, 2007: Thanks, as usual, to Sue for her research: Linda, I did a little digging around and found your William Hazelwood and wife Elizabeth Beatty / Beattie Hazelwood buried in the Caintown Cemetery in Yonge twp, Leeds county, Ontario. Unfortunately, the 1851 census for Yonge twp is no longer around, so their children are 'spotty', but all born in Leeds county. William Hazelwood was born in Ireland and wife Elizabeth Beatty/Beattie was born 3 June 1803 in Scotland and died 4 March 1877. She was a daughter of Walter Beatty/Beattie (24 Feb 1776 Ireland - 8 Oct 1860 Yonge twp, Leeds, Ont) and Isobel Robb / Rabb (born 4 Dec 1775 in Glasgow, Scotland and died 22 Dec 1852 in Leeds county, Ont). They were married in Glasgow 16 August 1805. Known children of William Hazelwood and Elizabeth Beatty/Beattie were: 1) Hannah, born abt 1826 and died 8 June 1876 in Leeds County at age 50. She was the wife of Henry Purvis. After her death, Henry Purvis married Mary Ann Oliver in Leeds county in 1878; 2) Sarah, born 15 March 1843 and died 26 March 1930 in Leeds county. She married abt 1874 Robert Beatty/Beattie (born 24 Jan 1843 in Yonge twp and died 8 March 1910 in Yonge twp.); 3) Mary, born 16 Nov 1840 according to the 1901 Huntley, Lanark census and the 1911 Huntley, Carleton census, married 1875 Hazlewood Falls (born 2 April 1845 according to both censuses). Good for her - she had no problem saying that she was 5 years older than her husband! Mary died 10 August, 1924 in Carp, Huntley, Carleton. She was buried 12 August 1924 in the Huntley Cemetery. On her death registration, the informant (son George H. Falls) said she was born 16 Oct 1840, but I would think that Mary knew better and that it was really 16 Nov, 1840. Fortunately, it says that her father William Hazelwood was born in County Wexford (Ireland) and that her mother Elizabeth Beatty was born in Glasgow (Scotland), so you are lucky to get the Irish county of William's birth! It also re-affirms that she was born in Leeds county, Ontario; 4) James Wesley, born 12 Aug 1845 in Yonge twp, Leeds, Ont. married 18 Jan 1874 in Fordwick, Huron county, Margaret Seney (born in Ontario abt 1852, a daughter of Benjamin Seney and Sarah Gibson). The witness to this wedding was Hannah L. Hazelwood (I think this is the Dr. Hannah Hazelwood (born abt 1845) who will end up delivering one of James Wesley's children. Margaret Seney Hazelwood died and James married again on 2 Oct 1881 in Brockville to Emma Agnes Hollister (born 8 Mar 1855 to Charles Hollister and Caroline Eligh). They had at least 4 children: Mabel Lulu (1882), Florence Gertrude(1886), Frank Lorne(1890), Evelyn Leona(1895). This family is in the 1901 Brantford, Ontario census; 5) William John, born August 1850 in Yonge twp, married 19 June 1873 in Leeds 7 Grenville twp, Charlotte Eligh (born Nov 1849 - one of the wedding witnesses was James W(esley) Hazelwood). They had just the one child, daughter Lauretta in Jan of 1880, then moved to Dorset, Bennington, Vermont in 1900 as William John was managing a farm in Vermont. They are in the 1900 Dorset, Bennington, Vermont census. Either the children's marriage or death registrations give the names of their parents as William Hazelwood and Elizabeth Beatty. I should think there were more children born in Leeds county, given the gaps between the years. They all are Wesleyan Methodists. __________________________________ John and Mary Kemp are in the 1851 Huntley, Carleton census, both born in Ireland abt 1792 and both members of the Church of England. They are with their 4 children, all sons and all born in Upper Canada: John (1828), George(1830), Richard(1832) and Benjamin(1837) - birth years approximate! Hope this helps out and, yes, Al, you can put this up on the site! Sue
August 25, 2008: Hi Linda, I have some information that may or may not be of some importance to you. In my Bradley genealogy, I have a John Kemp married to Elizabeth Bradley and one of their sons is named: John Hazelwood Kemp, Born: Jan 8, 1867, there has to be a connection there. John Kemp was born March 3, 1822 and Died: May 16, 1904, married Elizabeth Bradley October 16, 1885 possibly in Gouldbourn Township. Anyway John Kemp is buried in Huntley Township, Carleton Co. ON and it also states: Huntley United Cemetery. If you can make a connection here, please forward me a copy for my Bradley records to: Margaret Clemett _____________________________________ And, thanks as usual to Sue for the following investigational research ! Hi Al; Looking at various censuses and Ontario BMD's, in the 1851 Huntley census (ages given are what they will be on their "next" birthday) are the following of the Kemp family: John Kemp, 60, circa 1792 Ireland Mary, 60, circa 1792 Ireland (apparently her maiden name was Hazelwood) John, 24, circa 1828, Ontario George, 22, circa 1830, Ontario **all on page 93 of the census** Richard, 20, circa 1832, Ontario Benjamin, 15, circa 1837, Ontario a few pages away in the census, and living next door to one another are: Hazelwood Kemp, 30, circa 1822, Ontario Elizabeth, 21, circa 1831, Ontario (first wife? or is this Hannah who is found in subsequent censuses?) Elisha (female), 1, circa 1851, Ontario (cannot be found after this census - did she marry or? ) _______________________________ and right next door: **all on page 97 of the census** William Kemp, 28, circa 1824 Ontario Mary Ann, 24, circa 1828 Ontario John W., 1, circa 1851, Ontario __________________________________ In the 1881 Russell census is: John Kemp, widower, 50, (so born abt 1831) Adam, circa 1860 (married Harriett Ann Quail in 1888) Mary Ann, circa 1861 (married John Henry Jeacle in 1885) Margaret, circa 1863 (apparently married Joseph Edward Morris in 1880's and is in 1901 Quebec census) Joshua Henry, 1870, (married Eleanor Elizabeth Halpenny in 1894, then Margaret Jane Baskerville in 1911) William Albert, circa 1871 (nothing known further about him) In the 1891 Russell census, living with son Adam, he gives his age as 65 (so born abt 1826) __________________________________________________________ Although John Kemp's Ontario death registration says he was 81 at the time of his death on the 16 May 1904 (informant Adam Scharf, so born abt 1823), in the 1851 census, his parents said he would turn 24 in 1852 (born abt 1828) and in 1881 he gives his age as 50 (born abt 1831) and in 1891 as 65 (born abt 1826). In the 1901 census, his information was probably supplied by his son Adam with whom he is living, and his birthday is entered as 3 May 1822, much younger than the 1826 - 1831 years he or his parents provided. __________________________________________________________ His older brother Hazelwood Kemp is much more consistent with his age. His 1902 death registration says that he died 27 Jan 1902 at age 79 years and 3 months. This coincides with the age he gave in the 1901 census where he says he was born 27 Oct 1822. In the 1851 census, he says that he will be 30 on his next birthday (so born 1822). In the 1881 census, he gives his age as 57 (so born abt 1824) and in the 1891 census as 67 (so born abt 1827) __________________________________________________________ So I think whoever supplied the age of John at his death just wasn't sure (as so often happens - my grandfather's tombstone said he was 2 years older than his birth record stated !) __________________________________________________________ The 2 children Lucinda and John Hazelwood Kemp died as children (before 1881) - some people have them as children of Hazelwood and some as children of John. Another John Hazelwood Kemp was born abt 1856 in Gloucester, a son of George and Sarah Kemp (George was John and Hazelwood's younger brother). This John Hazelwood Kemp married Eliza Jane Cavanagh of Fitzroy in 1891. His father, George Kemp, married Sarah Foster. Unfortunately, George died in 1857. His widow married George's younger brother Richard in 1867. George and Sarah had just the two children (John Hazelwood Kemp and Mary Kemp). Richard and Sarah had at least 4 children. Benjamin Kemp, born abt 1837, married Harriet Graham and eventually the family moved to Manitoba. Brother William Kemp married twice - his first wife was Mary Ann and his second wife was Elizabeth Falls. _________________________________________________________ Note: Hazelwood's (2nd?) wife Hannah consistently gives her birth year as 1835 (1881 = 46, 1891 = 56, 1901 = 25 Jan 1835), so I suspect that this is not the 'Elizabeth' with Hazelwood in the 1851 census. I'm not researching this family, but thought I could somehow add my 2 cents worth which might help out a bit. ... Sue
New August 30, 2008: Thanks to Ken Armstrong for the following cemetery information: Hi to All; Here is the cemetery Stone Inscription for Lucinda and John Hazelwood Kemp (I Believe children of John Kemp and Elizabeth Bradley): Huntley United Church Cemetery, Huntley, Carleton County, Ontario Cemetery Stone Inscription: Lucinda Kemp Died: Feb 11, 1871, age 8 yrs. John H. Kemp Died: April 12, 1879, age 12 yrs. Here is the 1881 Census info for Richard Kemp and Sarah Foster: Census 1881: Place: Huntley, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist G Div 1 Page 49 Family 218 Richard KEMP M M 51 Irish Ontario, Occ: Farmer Religion: Weslyan Methodist Sarah KEMP F M 45 Irish Ireland, Religion: Weslyan Methodist John KEMP M 24 Irish Ontario, Occ: Farmer Religion: Weslyan Methodist (Son of George Kemp) May KEMP F 22 Irish Ontario, Religion: Weslyan Methodist (Daughter of George Kemp) Margret KEMP F 13 Irish Ontario, Religion: Weslyan Methodist Emma KEMP F 11 Irish Ontario, Religion: Weslyan Methodist Hanah KEMP F 8 Irish Ontario, Religion: Weslyan Methodist Alferd KEMP M 5 Irish Ontario, Religion: Weslyan Methodist ... Ken Armstrong
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