Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Immigration from the Famine Sheds
of Montreal, 1845-54 (Black '47)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 5, 2017:

The city of Kingston, Ontario received many thousands of famine immigrants, sent from Montreal during Black '47. Here is a photograph of the 
memorial plaque beside the waterfront in Kingston (St. Mary's Church). 

Plaque at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, commemorating the Typhus victims of the great Irish famine in 1847
Here is a book which describes the Roman Catholic community in Kingston, including during the famine years: Built on a Rock, The Story of the Roman Catholic Church in Kingston, 1826-1976, by Lt. Col. Louis J. Flynn, Published by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, 1976, Printed by Brown and Martin, Kingston (no ISBN).
Plaque at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, commemorating the Typhus victims of the great Irish famine in 1847
During the Great Famine (Black '47), families were sent from Grosse Isle, Quebec to Montreal and then on to local communities which were either on a canal system or where industrialization was taking place and jobs were opening up. In Kingston, Ontario there was an already established Irish community to assist the new arrivals to integrate into life in Canada. Thousands of Irish labourers had worked on the construction of the Rideau Canal between 1827 and 1832 and most had settled along the Canal route, at the dams and lock stations between Bytown / Ottawa and Kingston. The families, friends and churches were in place. Aso, Kingston was the gateway to the large settlements along the North Shore of Lake Ontario, as far west as Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Falls. Some of the famine emigrants stayed here in Kingston and others moved up to the Ottawa Valley. Here are names of some folks who came from Montreal to Kingston between 1845 and 1847. Most of these folks came with their families. Beside each name is the number of immigrants who came with each head of family. John O'Donnell 6 Daniel McCabe 6 John Gunson 4 T. McCann 8 John Lucum 6 Thomas Campbell 5 George Hunter 7 adults William Thompson 2 John Langan 6 (Lannigan or Lonergan ?) Wiliam Davis 5 Stephen Cox 4 Thomas Bird 8 Ellen Garen 1 William John Dempsey 1 Tim Mahoney 3 George Conway 3 Thomas Corcoran 1 Anne Delaney 3 Thomas Hays / Hayes 5 James Kearney 3 Thomas Lacey 6 George McCage / McCagg 5 James Collins 5 Margaret Brown 2 Eliza Miligan / Milligan / Mulligan 3 Margaret Steward 4 John Connors 1 Maurice Roche 3 Jane Dareth (Darroch ?) 4 Laue ? Lynch 1 Robert Boyd 2 Nora Meehan 2 Patrick Cassidy 4 Patrick Caley / Kealey 7 Alick / Alex Noctor 5 John McCann Kingston 1 Widow Harchey & 8 children To a brother and sister in Kingston Darby Connell, wife & 4 children plus sister-in-law 7 Wm. Stacey and family Going to a brother in Kingston 7 Catherine Donnelin and 2 children going to her husband in Kingston John Truin & family going to a brother in Kingston 5 Martha Triblecot & child Kingston to join her husband 2 John Quinn & family 4 Samuel McAddam / McAdam (& family) 9 Dennis Deegan, wife, 7 children or Cobourg (undecided) Lawrence Moran and family 10 John Gaherty 3 Mary Kane / Keane 1 James McWhelan and family 9 Daniel Rankin & family 9 Eugene McCarthy & family Kingston to a sister Cornelius Collins, wife & family 5 John Farrell, wife & family 5 John Fitsimmons / Fitzsimmons, and wife and niece 8 John Sheehan & family 4 John Donovan & family 4 Michael Carthy / McCarthy, sister & brother Kingston 3 Biddy / Bridget Murphy & family 7 Owen McQuade & wife 2 John Gillick 1 (his sister died at sea) Bat / Bartholomew Hallinan, wife & 3 children Catherine Byrnes / Burns and child Sarah Crawford & sister Samuel McLean, wife and 8 children Sarah Bradley Robert McVanna, wife & 4 children Patrick Flannery & 3 children John Mahoney, wife and 4 children George Young, wife & family Robert Meathers / Mathers / Meagher / Maher Sister in Kingston Biddy / Bridget Donahue & 3 children Bryan Murmelly, wife & 2 children Dominick Barrett, wife & child Michael Lavel / Lavelle, wife & 4 children John Kane / Keane, wife & child William Huntay, wife & child Widow MacKinlin & 2 sons Emigrant Department Quebec 6th August 1846. William Huntay Was in Hospital three weeks. Buried a child there & is going to Kingston. J. Harrigan & family Widow Donly / Donnelly James Cane / Keane Patrick Gahan (sometimes spelled here using the Gaelic "Geohagan" David Rossiter New March 7, 2016: More names of persons in the fever sheds in Montreal, Quebec on August 31, 1846 Name Destination Males Females Children Under 12
Kingston, Ontario, persons in the Irish Famine fever sheds in 1847
(more names to come ... Al) Source: Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal, Irish Research Group of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, publication number 94-2, 1994, ISBN 1-55116-72-8. This publication (112 pages) is now available from Global Genealogy in either hardcopy format or as a download in .pdf format. Note: This book covers only the years 1845-47 and therefore does not include the later famine immigrants -- for example, those who came from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow to Kingston as late as 1854. ... Allan Lewis
Map Source:
Map of Kingston, Ontario in 1879

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