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Early Documents at canadiana.org and at Library and Archives Canada

(Thanks to Gaelynn Wall)

March 22, 2005:

Thanks to Gaelynn Wall for providing us with a link to her web page of
indexes to early documents at canadiana.org

Get a coffee, set aside a half hour and follow some of Gaelynn's links!

Hi Al,

This doesn't relate specifically to Carleton but may help some people.
I've been creating an index to the early documents at canadiana.org.
They include the Canada Land grants, Upper Canada land grants, teachers
and professors names, some students in college, people employed by the
gov't, working in the canals, etc etc.

If you think it would be helpful to people please feel free to link to

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gaelynn/links.htm or click here


Hi Gaelynn:
Thanks very much for this information. I'll set up a new page on my web site with 
a link to your page.
There is a terrific amount of information included there.
I just found my GGGrandfather who bought 200 acres of crown land in Gloucester in 1835. 
I was wondering what he was up to during this period. He had a young family and this 
must have been the first farm. Amazing -- and there are lots of other familiar names.
Thanks again for this!
... Al
(the following is an example of one of the pages which Gaelynn has provided):
If you follow the links on her page you will be able to zoom in for easier reading.

Source: http://www.canadiana.org/ECO/PageView/9_00942_15/0461?id=0d0668403547e90b&size=3
<HR SIZE=1>April 7, 2005:
Hello everyone,
Lorne - Thanks for all your time answering my questions the other night. I have 
so many more, so if you ever feel like talking about the old days, give me a call!
Questions for anyone:
1) Does anyone know the names of the original settlers in the area where they are 
different family names than what is shown on the 1879 map? For instance, William 
Kennedy bought from someone in the early 1860's. Who? Any others that are not shown 
2) Why are some lots 200 acres and other 100. Were the very first farms 200 acres 
and then split up. I can't see that being the case since the Burnett's was 100 acres 
from the start. So why are some like the McKenna, Quinlan and Larkin 200 acres?
3) Where was the Jockvale Post Office on the Clothier Property, at there farmhouse? 
Is that the farm house that is still on that road through Heart's Desire? I think 
they still raise cattle there. 
4) What is the

April 10, 2005: Hi Al More from Gaelynn Walls link. If you scroll down a bit in the "Settlers and Land Grants" section you'll come to "Return of Lands Sold for Taxes..." then click on Ottawa District and use the navigation tool you'll come to a surprisingly long list of lots seized and sold for taxes in Gloucester and other townships. Several interesting things from this list, first the number of names of purchasers that recur not just in the Gloucester list but in the whole of the Ottawa Dist and in Bathurst as well. Land speculation run amok, you could if you had the cash buy 200 acres for 3 12 6 and then resell it for 40 pounds or so and still be cheaper than what the crown was selling lots for -- a very tidy profit. Very few of these purchasers appear on the 1834 assessment role indicating they had flipped these properties by then. This turnover in ownership probably explains why many of the original grants of 200 acres show up later as 100 acre holdings. Speculators could increase their profits even more by subdividng. Regards Al Craig

January 7, 2006: For some time, the above records were unavailable at canadiana.org . Gaelynn informs us that the pages will soon be available free once again, within the next couple of weeks. They are well worth looking at. Thanks Gaelynn for this! ... Al

September 4, 2008: For a general description of how wilderness land was surveyed into townships, which were in turn, surveyed into 200 acre lots to receive new settlers, see our page regarding surveying the wilderness. ... Al

September 10, 2008: Here is another sample of the material available through the links from Gaelynn's web site. Further information is posted on our William Brazill web page. Thomas Brazell Land Deal ... Al

December 16, 2008: HI Al: Here is a copy of returns of some Carleton county settlers. The names of Edge, Evoy, Marrion (Mannion or Manion), Magee, Steen, Lighton, McLean, Kerr, Huston, Hartney & Anderson. Canada Company Settlements, 1831

... Linda Falls March 10, 2012 A partial transcription of the above list: Joseph Dunning, Hawkesbury East William Belton, North Crosby James McGregor, Sheffield Samuel Barnba?, Tyendinaga Township in (Hastings County) John S. Cartwright, Huntingdon, Quebec John McKibbon, E. of E. Lake Hallowell George Edge, March Township (Carleton County) Mathew Evoy, Huntley John Mannion / Manion, Huntley George Magee, Fitzroy William Steen, Fitzroy Edward Lighton / Leighton, Pakenham Donald McLean, Ramsay Mark Kerr, Ramsay William Huston, Ramsay James Hartney, Lanark J. W. Anderson, Lanark William Gardner, Dalhousie Robert Montgomery, Darling

November 30, 2010: Library and Archives Canada has a searchable database for Upper Canada Land Petitions, 1763-1865.

December 8, 2011: Thanks to Linda Falls for the following: Hi Al: I’ve been searching this site and found some interesting files not pertaining to individuals. Please post them if you think they would be of interest. I’d be quite interested to know if anyone has checked out this first one: Name: Superintendent, Military at Perth re thirty two authorities which had not been acted upon Place: Perth Year: 1822 Volume: 461 Bundle: S 13 Petition: 101 Microfilm: C-2814 Reference: RG 1 L 3 Other names: Tay navigation company; Methodist congregation; Roman Catholic church; Protestant Episcopal Church; Inhabitants of Perth; Government store at Perth; Emigrants & Soldiers (Perth); Original settlers & Improvers (Richmond); Return of Persons entitled to Patent Grants (Richmond) I guess this is a treasure trove of information which perhaps your fellow researchers have explored. Linda

January 27, 2012: Hi everyone, Just noticed that Library and Archives have added digital images of the Upper Canada Land Grant Petitions http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/microform-digitization/index-e.html Images are grouped together by the microfilm roll, so you have use the database mentioned above to get the roll number and the bundle and petition number, individual pages within each petition are denoted alphanumerically eg. 70c (usually handwritten in the upper righthand corner of each sheet) means this image is the 4th image for petition number 70 (the first page was given just the petition number subsequent pages lettered a, b, c and so on. Each roll contains in the order of 1000 - 1200 images; but with the bundle and petition and page numbers you can narrow down pretty quickly. Good hunting ... Al Craig ___________________________________ Note: The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers an interesting course on Land Petitions and Grants. Here is a description of the first of two courses (from their web site): This course provides an overview of both early Crown land records and private property registrations in Canada. Major record groups, such as the Upper Canada Land Petitions, the Ontario Computerized Land Record Index, and the Abstract Index to Deeds will be examined with particular attention to their genealogical significance. Details: Next Course begins February 6, 2012. Cost is US$ 89.00, lasts 8 weeks. All work done over the Internet. ... Al Lewis

August 12, 2012: Hi Allan, as I feared when Canadiana.org teamed up with Ancestry.com, most of these pages are no longer free. You can get a 15 day free trial, but after that you will have to pay. I’m going to leave the links up as some are still accessible. And it lets people know what is available. If you do get a subscription most of the links will work, some items have been changed to new URLs. I’m trying to sort those out also. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gaelynn/links.htm ... Gaelynn Wall _________________________ While I think of it, here is a map of Southern Ontario in 1880, showing the names and locations of all the counties.

October 16, 2012: Here is an example of how to find original land records for your ancestor. Thanks to Mary Quinn for pointing this out to me. Nicholas Sullivan was my Great Great Grandfather. He married Mary McGee and raised his family on Lot 8, Concession 2, Osgoode Township (Manotick Station Road). ... Al Here is Mary's e-mail from yesterday: Al - check out reel # C-2824 pages 374-382 - I believe this is your ancestor - Concession 2, lot 8 Osgoode Township?? http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/microform-digitization/006003-110.02-e.php?&q2=29&interval=50&sk=0&PHPSESSID=mvv1b82r31k25je7aptrkdsbr0 Land Grant to Nicholas Sullivan, 1845 Note: Here is the Index to the Upper Canada Land Grants -- search it first to find a surname and the corresponding Microfilm Reel Number. More from Mary: Al and Mike - one thing I did when searching these Upper Canada Land Petitions is a search by location i.e. "Gloucester" , "Osgoode" etc. This is just the land petitions - (disputes). I am going to do the same searches today and see if I can print or forward the lists to you. I noticed "Dewar" in the Osgoode list - this must be the Dewan dispute you both spoke of on Friday. It is amazing how many disputes took place and were sorted out in the early days. I do not think that regular land deeds are available online yet. They are provincial and are available at the Land Registry Office, 4th floor, Ottawa Court House, Elgin & Laurier. You can do your own searches ($8-$10 each) Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00. ... Mary
New September 22, 2016: Here is an example of a free grant of land given to Mr. Garrett Martin in the Ompah area in 1877.
Theresa McDougall
Free land was given to new settlers in the western part of Renfrew County in the late 1840's. Map Source: Away and Back in Clarendon and Miller Townships, by C. A. Armstrong, 1991, page 20. ... Al

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