Lawrence BURNS and (1) Margaret DOYLE and (2) Bridget JORDAN
Ballinguile, County Wicklow, Ireland
to North West Lot 10, Concession III, Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Also Terrence BYRNE / BURNS, brother of Lawrence

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

August 8, 2016:

Here is the first proof that my ancestors, Lawrence Burns and his brother Terrence Burns were in the Ottawa, 
Canada area on October 23, 1827, working for Philemon Wright, the first settler 
in our region. This a part of a list showing employment contracts signed by workers for Philomen Wright. 
Thanks to Mary Quinn!

Source: Library and Archives Canada,

Upon a grey old battered tombstone In Glendalough beside the stream Where the O'BYRNES and BYRNES are buried He stretched his bones and fell in a dream Of sun and moon that a good hour Bellowed and pranced in the round tower.
Excerpt from "Under the Round Tower" by William Butler Yeats

May 8, 2007: These are my direct ancestors. I do have a complete (8 generation) listing of my line, as well as a lot of info regarding families related to us in the 1800's. If we're related, e-mail me. As I researched this surname in the Ottawa area, I came to realize that by far the most common Irish surname here was Byrne / Burns among the early settlers. They were of both Catholic and Protestant religions. The Catholic Burns families outnumber both early Murphy and Kelly families by far (the two most common Irish surnames). If an early settler was not a Byrne / Burns, then he may well have been married to one. ... Al ________________________________ June 11, 2017: Thanks to Kevin Lee from the Carnew Historical Society group for this terrific information regarding the 404 acre townland in County Wicklow where my Burns ancestors originated before 1827: Ballinguile is a townland in the civil parish of Kiltegan. It is one of the few townlands in this parish which lay inside the barony of Ballinacor South and hence was part of the Coollattin estate. It had an area of just over 404 acres which is very small for a Wicklow townland. This should make research much easier than a very large townland such as Killinure in the south west of the estate. At the moment we have commenced a survey which aims to provide the gps coordinates for the locations of many as possible of the houses which were vacated during the famine clearance. Basically we are identifying: 1. Houses vacated but which are still occupied in the 21st century. 2. Houses where the ruins can still be identified or enough is left to identify the footprint of the building. 3. Hardest of all - interviewing local landholders to identify where building rubble, hearth stones etc. were uncovered during ploughing. Combining the 1827 and 1839 estate 'censuses' with the 1842 twelve inch to 1 mile map is normally the first place to be checked out and compared with the entries in the Emigration Books. More difficult but more fascinating is the use of local lore - unearthed rubble, field names, laneway names etc. (these seem to last and last .....and last in the vernacular of the locals.) This is the main source of evidence that we have for the townland of Ballingate where we are currently working. It is amazing to look in a field and see the stones and rubble which came from a famine house. When one manages to name the family who once lived here it is a great feeling indeed. Hope all this makes sense to you Al. I will try to have a quick look at Ballingulile before we travel to Smiths Falls.
Death Certificates of Lawrence Burns / Byrnes, (My GGGrandfather ... Al) and his brother, Terrence Burns
Lawrence (Larry) died on February 19, 1879, aged 74 Terence (Terry) died on May 16, 1886, aged 82
Thanks to Anne Burgess for copies of these death certificates
Lawrence and Terence are both buried at Our Lady of the Visitation Parish Cemetery at South Gloucester (formerly known as St. Mary's). The grave markers are no longer there. Lawrence and Terrence came from the Coolattin Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland. Their father, believed to be James Byrne, was probably involved in the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. Many people left that area (the intersection of Counties Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow) and migrated to Canada. Lawrence and Terrence came to Bytown (Ottawa) by 1827 to work at building the Rideau Canal. They first worked for Philemon Wright, likely at building the first bridge over Chaudiere Falls. The next year, Lawrence and Terrence are working at the Hog's Back Dam in Bytown. The original dam had caved in and Philomen Wright and Colonel John By pooled their resources to re-construct and repair the original structure. In 1831, Lawrence married Margaret DOYLE at Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in downtown Bytown. This Doyle family later settled in Osgoode Township -- most of the Doyles came from County Wexford and many of them settled around the Doyle Road in the north-west portion of Osgoode Township, south of the village of Manotick. The Rideau Canal construction covered the period from 1826 to 1832. In 1832, Lawrence and Margaret began having children. In 1835, they purchased 200 acres, from the Canada Company, on the Bowesville Road, near where the Ottawa International Airport is today. Here is a copy of their purchase of Lot 13, Concession 3, Rideau Front, Gloucester Township, Source: Upper Canada Land records at
May 1, 2011:
Marriage of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle in 1831 Marriage of Lawrence Burns and Bridget Jordan in 1845
10 Jul 1831 After one publication of banns, marriage of Lawrence Burns, labourer, and Margaret Doyle, both from Bytown Witnesses: Patrick Slaven and John Walsh Angus McDonell, Priest (my GreatGreatGrandparents ... AL) Source: Drouin Records at April 30, 2009: (pictures of original log house in Osgoode Township)
Pioneer house of Lawrence Burns, built in 1843. On the Nick Adams Road Photo taken in 2009. This house has 14 layers of siding on it, long since covering the original log house.
1 Lawrence Burns 1805 - 1879 born Ireland, died Osgoode Township . + Margaret Doyle - died (in childbirth?) in 1843 ...... 2 Terence Burns 1832 - ? 27 May 1832 Baptism of Terence, 1 wk. Old, son of Lawrence Byrnes and Margaret Doyle (GGGrandparents) Witnesses: Michael Doutney / Downey? and Margaret Winn M. Lalor, Priest (this baby, Terence, may have died young) ...... 2 James Burns 1833 - 1907 (buried at Our Lady of the Visitation) 27 Oct 1833, Notre Dame Cathedral
Birth of James Burns, son of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle, in 1833, in Ottawa Birth of my Great Grandfather ... Al Baptism of James, son of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle Witnesses: Terrence Burns (brother of Lawrence) & Mary Bergin / Berrigan J. Cullen, Priest
.......... +Annie Robb Presbyterian, b. Aberdeen, from Scotland 1851, died Ottawa 1927 .............. 3 Mary Jane Burns 1873 - ? (called Jennie) .................. + Stephen Starr .............. 3 Lawrence Burns 1875 - ? Picture of Lawrence (Larry the Trapper) .................. + Bridget Ann McCabe .............. 3 James Henry Burns 1877 - 1948 .................. +Elizabeth Harney .............. 3 John George Burns 1880 - 1952 (My Grandfather ... Al) .................. + Catherine Theresa ("Tressie") Christopher 1885 - 1957 (My Grandmother ... Al) May 6, 2012: (new picture) My Grandmother, Catherine TERESA BURNS nee CHRISTOPHER: Picture of Catherine TERESA BURNS nee CHRISTOPHER, c. 1927 Obituary of Catherine Theresa BURNS nee CHRISTOPHER, 1957 May 13, 2012:
New Photo added May 12, 2012: Farm House of John George Burns and Catherine Theresa Christopher, late 1920's Lot 13, Concession 3, Manotick Station Road House Burned Down in 1939 Farm House of John George Burns and Theresa Christopher, about 1930
.............. 3 Margaret Burns 1882 - 1942 .................. + James Feltham 1883 .............. 3 Michael Burns 1884 - .................. +Mamie McCurrie .............. 3 Nellie Burns 1885 - (Ellen Balfour Burns) .................. + Perry Bryson - (Parnell Bryson) November 21, 2015: Ottawa Citizen, September 17, 1949 The engagement is announced of Helen Teresa, daughter of Parnell (Perry) Bryson and the late Mrs. Bryson, to Kenneth Bagguley / Bagley, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Bagguley. The marriage will take place early in October. Thanks to Karen Bentley Lawrence from Facebook who found this record! And here is another one. Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 16, 1943 BRYSON - At her residence, 542 Laurier Ave.W. on Tuesday, February 16, 1943, Eleanor B. Burns, age 57 years, beloved wife of Parnell J. (Perry) Bryson. Resting at the parlors of McEvoy Bros., 235 Kent street, cor. Nepean. Funeral Thursday, 18th inst. at 8:45 am to St. Patrick's Church for requiem high mass at 9 o'clock. Burial at Notre Dame Cemetery. .............. 3 Terence Burns 1888 - (see e-mail from Vic Burns, dated August 27, 2004) .................. + (1) Helen Ryan .................. + (2) Rose Ann Belanger .............. 3 William Burns 1889 - 1955 .................. + Catherine Wrinn .............. 3 Charlotte Isabelle Burns 1891 - .................. + Stanley McCormick .............. 3 Ethel Burns 1895 - .................. +Calvin Hyndman ...... 2 Ann Burns 1835 - 1836 ...... 2 Mary Burns 1837 - 1915 .......... + John Sullivan 1818 - 1881 .............. 3 Jeremiah Sullivan 1863 - 1944 .............. 3 Michael Sullivan 1863 - .................. + Elizabeth Unknown 1860 - .............. 3 Julia Sullivan 1865 - .............. 3 Margaret Sullivan 1869 - 1921 .............. 3 John Sullivan 1871 - .............. 3 Elizabeth Sullivan 1874 - 1944 .............. 3 Ann Sullivan 1877 - .............. 3 Ellen Bridget Sullivan 1880 - ...... 2 Michael Burns and Mary Sullivan .............. 3 Margaret Burns 1872 - 1951 .............. 3 Michael L. Burns 1878 - .............. 3 John J. Burns 1880 - ...... 2 John Burns 1843 - apparently disappeared, aged 19, John: Call Home! ...... 2 Helen Burns 1845 - *2nd Wife of Lawrence Burns: + Bridget Jordan ...... 2 Michael Burns 1847 - ...... 2 Ann Burns 1855 - 1856 ...... 2 Timothy Burns 1847 - 1918 ...... 2 Lawrence Burns 1850 - 1920 .......... + Margaret McDonald (Scottish), 1878 - 1935 from Glengarry County via Carlsbad Springs .............. 3 JOSEPH Timothy Burns 1914 - 1986 (Joe Burns) .................. + Anna Mary Downey (corner of Downey Road and Mitch Owens Road) .............. 3 Florence Burns 1918 - .................. + Norman Butler
Another element of confusion enters the picture when another Burns family, James Burns and Elizabeth Walsh, settled on Lot 11, Concession 3, Osgoode about 1850. This family bought land from the Lawrence Burns family and became next-door-neighbours. This family came to Canada twenty years later than my GGGrandparents and used very similar naming patterns. Lawrence Burns came to Canada in 1827. James Burns (m. Elizabeth Walsh) came to Canada during the famine years, 1847-1852. Had these two Burns families been related back in Ireland? See James Burns and Elizabeth Walsh. This would likely be an example of an established pioneer family helping another family from Coolattin (the Fitzwilliam Estate) in County Wicklow, to integrate into a new life in Canada.
August 27, 2004: Hi My name is Victor Burns and I live in Long Sault, Ontario. I have recently taken an interest in searching out the family tree and ran some names on the internet. My great grandparents were James Burns and Anne Robb who lived in Manotick Station, Osgoode Township and I believe they are buried in the church graveyard in South Gloucester. (yes ... Al) In reading your e-mails I came across James Burns married to Ann Robb and it states they had 11 children. My grandfather was Terry and I was only aware of one brother William so the other nine children are unknown to me. I am unsure of my grand father's birthdate however he was 72 years of age when he died on July 30, 1960 making his year of birth 1888. He started with the Ottawa Transportation Commission as a trolley car driver in 1912 and retired from there in 1959. He drove the last streetcar off the streets of Ottawa. He was married to Helen Ryan in Osgoode Township and they had five children. Helen Ryan died giving birth to the fifth child in 1922. Terry then married Rose Ann Belanger date unknown. My father Lawrence Burns was born in 1913 and had a brother Harold, sisters Margerite, Doris and Eileen. All are now deceased. I believe we are talking about the same people as my grandfather Terry lived at 55 Louisa St. in Ottawa and this is mentioned in your e-mail. I believe the farm owned by James and Anne was located on the Manotick Station Rd and was the first farm on the left after you go over the railroad tracks just south of Regional Rd. 8. It would appear we are all talking about the same family and if possible I would like to learn more about the family and where my great grandparents came from and their parents. If interested please contact me at Thank You ... Victor Burns
May 17, 2007: Here are Lawrence and Terrence, next door neighbours in the 1851 Agricultural Census for Osgoode Township. Lawrence and his family have 100 acres. Terrence (single) has 50 acres.
March 5, 2008: Hi Al: Here's the birth info for Michael Burns son of Lawrence Burns & Marguerite Doyle of Buckingham. I've also seen another Lawrence Burns married to a Tompkins, also from County Wicklow, they records are from St Stephen Anglican Church Buckingham. See also the family of Lewis Burns from County Wicklow, Ireland to Buckingham and Cumberland. My husband has ancestors from the Buckingham area, Justus Smith came from Montreal area and maybe the USA prior to that. talk soon ... Susan (Susan and Tammy are sorting out the connection to Lawrence Burns and Ellen Cunningham). ______________________________ Thanks to Susan for sending in the following birth record for Michael Burns, born August 25, 1839 and baptized December 1 in 1839 at Buckingham. Two of the children of Lawrence and Margaret were baptized in Quebec, my GreatGrandfather, James Burns was baptized at Chelsea, and his brother Michael was baptized at Buckingham. Lawrence worked in the shanties in the winter.

May 24, 2012:
My uncle Frank Burns on tractor, father of my cousin Brian Burns. Both Frank and Brian are buried at St. John's Cemetery in Enniskerry, ON Frank Burns on Tractor, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada, maybe 1938

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