Edward LEWIS and Dorothy COLLIER
London, England to Ottawa, Canada in 1901
Edward, my Grandfather, was a British Home Child sent to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

March 10, 2011:

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following. He mentioned to me that he has now been doing research on 
families and individuals in England and did I have any names to watch for while he was going through
English records? I mentioned to him that my Grandfather, Edward Lewis, was a British Home Child, 
and Taylor found a lot of material regarding his life in England, before he came to Ottawa in 1901.

More to come for this page.

Thanks very much for all of this, Taylor.

... Al

Here are 8 pages of the Home and Edward Lewis is on page 4. Attached is also a word doc. file of all names and location of census.
I will send you another email of the ship information and who were on board and where they went.
... Taylor

1901 Census, Residents of the St. Joseph's Home for Boys, in London, England (page 4 of 8) This home was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph Edward Lewis, in Sisters of St. Josephs Orphanage, London, England, 1901
11 Year Old Edward Lewis Sails for Canada from Liverpool, England to Montreal by Ship, then by Train to Ottawa Age: 11 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1890 Date of Arrival: 6 Sep 1901 Vessel: Parisian Search Ship Database: View the 'Parisian' in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: Quebec and Montreal, Quebec Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Roll: T-480 Ship Parisian, London, England to Quebec and Montreal, Canada in 1901
Passenger List for the Parisian includes 31 boys from Liverpool to Ottawa Ship Parisian, Passenger List Heading in 1901 Ship Parisian, Passenger List, London, England to Quebec and Montreal, Canada in 1901
April 13, 2013:
New Orpington Place (Later called St. George's Home) for British Home Children in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Photo Source: The Home Children: Their Personal Stories, edited by Phyllis Harrison, 1979, Watson and Dwyer Publishing, Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba,ISBN 0-920486-04-5, page 65. New Orpington Place (Later called St. George's Home) for British Home Children in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Edward Lewis and Dorothy Collier Marry in 1915 He joined the Anglican Church at this time Lewis - Collier Marriage, 1915, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Death of Edward John Lewis in Ottawa, Canada, in 1960 Death of Edward Lewis, 1890-1960, Ottawa, Canada

November 22, 2011:
My grandparents, Edward John Lewis and Dorothy Collier Lewis Right Photo by Thomas Studio in Ottawa Right: Ottawa Citizen Obituary Edward John (Ned) Lewis photoDorothy Collier Lewis photo Dorothy Collier Lewis, Obituary
My father, Harold Lewis, 1925-2011 Left Photo: RCAF Photo, aged 18, in 1943 Right: Ottawa Citizen Obituary Harold Lawrence Lewis, RCAF photo at age 18 Harold Lawrence Lewis, Obituary, 2011

January 2, 2012:
My parents Marriage in 1944: Bernice Burns Lewis and Harold Lewis Bernice Burns marries Harold Lewis (my parents)
My parents: Bernice Burns Lewis, Harold Lewis and me (Allan Lewis) Bernice Burns Lewis, Harold Lewis (my parents), and me, Allan Lewis

October 26, 2012: My Grandfather was a streetcar conductor in Ottawa for most of his life. Here is his streetcar clock which was presented to him on his retirement in the late 1950's.
Streetcar Clock presented to Edward (Ned) Lewis on his retirement in Ottawa, Canada

New March 27, 2015: (added two new photographs)
Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following two images. The first is from the Ottawa Citizen and the second is from the Canadian Gravemarker web site -- Pinecrest Cemetery. Obituary of Edward (Ned) Lewis in 1960 Grave Marker at Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa for Edward (Ned) Lewis in 1960, my Grandfather

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