Long Island Locks, Chapman's Mills, Dawson's Chapel and Black Rapids
Rideau River, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New January 10, 2021:

This painting was executed by Thomas Burrowes in the 1840's. The "Long Reach" runs from Long Island to 
Burritt's Rapids, more than twenty miles south.
The original painting at the Archives of Ontario is sepia in colour. Keywords: Beckett's Landing and Ferry, Long Island Reach or stillwater.

Picture Source: Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History, by Robert Passfield, 1982, page 36. Long Island Reach page 36 in Legget

December 27, 2020: This photograph is from
Rideau Waterway: Gateway to a Continent by Robert Legget, University of Toronto Press, 1955, ISBN 0-8020-2189-I, page 179 The Locks at Long Island, page 179 in Legget
The photograph is taken from the top of the large, curved dam, facing east.
December 10, 2020:
The Locks at Black Rapids in 1830 Picture Source: Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History, by Robert Passfield, 1982, page 69. Artist: Thomas Burrowes, Archives of Ontario, see title next
Black Rapids Text Black Rapids, 1830, by Thomas Burrowes
November 17, 2020: Photo Source: Invisible Army: Hard Times, Heartbreak and Heritage, by Ed Bebee, ISBN 978-0-9696052-4-9, page 183
Mr. Curry, Lockmater at Long Island
Keywords: Workers on the Rideau Canal, Lockmaster at Long Island, Mr. C. J. Curry
Note: Arthur Watt's Blacksmith Shop (on the map which is dated 1879) was located at today's Greenbank and Jockvale Roads - where the Golf Driving Range is today. The Samuel Collins house is the stone home being restored at the southern entrance to the Chapman's Mills subdivision near Woodroffe Avenue and Highway 16. October 20, 2002:
March 27, 2003: Hello: I was doing some investigation on an RC church, St. Andrew, which at one time existed on Jockvale Road. I came across the Bytown or Bust website and noticed a map named Long Island Locks, Chapman's Mills and Dawson's Chapel. Would the location of Dawson's Chapel be close to where St. Andrew was, or was going to be? Any info you could forward to me on St. Andrew church would be appreciated. Thanks S. Bosquet ______________________________________ M. Bosquet: Thanks for your e-mail. I'm not sure about St. Andrew's. Dawson's Chapel (that's all I've ever heard it called) was located at the end of what is todays Woodroffe Avenue, where the Jock River enters the Rideau River. Before Woodroffe Avenue existed, Jockvale Road terminated at this location. St. Andrew's is usually associated with Scottish names, and I believe that the Priest, Father Dawson, was Scottish. I'd be interested in verifying that Dawson's Chapel was called St. Andrew's. Before there was a diocese in Ottawa, I think that this area was served by the Kingston diocese after 1826, and before 1826, was served by missionaries from Montreal. The Montreal missionaries established churches along the fur trade and timber trade routes, usually at the junction of two rivers - at Buckingham, Hull, Fitzroy Harbour (or Quyon), and at Fort Coulonge. I think I read somewhere that the first RC church in Bytown was located in a house on Bank Street, in Uppertown, from about 1826 to 1828. This church may also have been called St. Andrew's. In 1832, a wooden church was built where Notre Dame is today, on Sussex Drive. This church was temporarily called St. James. I'd like to find out more about Dawson's Chapel. Maybe someone has some information for us. ... Al
March 28, 2003: Al: The City Beyond, by Dr. Bruce Elliott contains information about Rev. Dawson on page 61-63. I know when I read the Parish Records of St Patrick, Ottawa City it was first called St Andrews R.C.. According to register in 1875 it became St. Patrick's, Ottawa City. This church served the Irish community in Ottawa. Somewhere I read that Rev Dawson holdings where the chapel was located was to be made into a park for the people of Nepean. Kathy Adamson _____________________ also posted on March 27, 2003: Al and Kathy: Thanks for the info. The reason I am interested in old St. Andrew's is that effective Dec 1 2002, a new RC Parish has been started in Barrhaven, and when we were deciding on the name, our pastor Father Bill Penny, (in 2016, he is the pastor at Our Lady of the Visitation), mentioned that he knew of someone who had piece of the original altar (or some other relic) from St. Andrew church that used to be on Jockvale Road...and that he would donate it to our Parish if we named the new Parish St. Andrew. For this (and other reasons, of course), the parishoners chose the name St. Andrew for our new Parish. This is what got me interested in finding out info about the old St. Andrew. The person who has a piece of the old altar I believe is Father Tom Riopelle who is currently at St. Patrick's Fallowfield. I haven't spoken with him yet, but he may be a source of info. Serge
Surnames: Watt, Houlahan Clarke, Dawson, Brophy Berrigan / Bergin Barrhaven Kilroe Chapman Collins Powell The dam at Long Island.
View of the Rideau River from the top of the Long Island dam.
The Samuel Collins House

April 1, 2005: Thanks to Mike Epp for the following: Hi all, The St. Patricks 125th anniversary book does not mention a register. I don't have time to transcribe the small chapter right now, here are some quick excerpts. -Father Dawson was born in Red Haven, Banffshire, Scotland in 1810 and ordained in 1835 -His small chapel on the banks of the Jock River was called St. Margaret's of Jockvale -It was 37' x 21' with a sacristy 11' x 13' -There were 16 pews with a seating capacity of 80, plus a dozen chairs and two benches -There were 45 families who had three miles to travel to the church. Five families from Blacks Rapids, nine from Gloucester and 10 from Manotick (this must have come from some kind of registry?) -Father Dawson died on December 29th, 1884 at 85. -He left the chapel and 30 acres to the diocese. By his will the land was to be used as a playground and could not be sold -Father Sloan from St.Patricks - Fallowfield was sent by the Bishop to inspect and recommended that it be abandoned. It was later sold, with the old chapel being used to store hay, etc. It goes on about the distribution of his personal and Chapel belongings, but nothing of a registry. You would think that with 45 families attending for several decades that there must have been weddings, etc. (I believe that these records were folded into the Notre Dame Basilica records ... Al) "The Kennedy Story" has similar information, adding that it was rented before sold and that Father Dawson is buried at St. Patrick's - Fallowfield. The 1879 Belden map shows this church. Let me know what you find out. Take care, ... Mike
March 31, 2008:
Map of the Village of Long Island, Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Village Long Island in 1879

May 22, 2008:
Source: Sarah B. Craig, Hello Nepean, page 61.
Cornelius Driscoll and his family, along with many of the people living at Long Island, attended St. Brigid's Church on the Rideau River south of Manotick. They could travel by boat to church every Sunday. It was a short paddle to the bridge at Manotick where the "Long Reach" begins. The Long Reach is a path of unobstructed boating from Long Island south to Burritt's Rapids. There are no waterfalls or locks through this stretch. ... Al

May 27, 2008:
The Steamship Wanakewan at Long Island Locks, 1920's Source: Gloucester Roots, edited and compiled by Lois Kemp Steamer
Names for search engine: Michael Egan (captain), Mrs. James Rowat, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Harris and Mel Rowat (youngster)
January 25, 2010: Thanks to Anne Burgess who discovered this nugget in the Ottawa Citizen Archives:
Anthony Cullen saves life of William Boon (Boone?) in 1832 at Long Island
Anthony Cullen, 1832 Read the complete article in the Ottawa Citizen of December 23, 1923
Keyword: Thomas McKay
March 25, 2010: Black Rapids is located about half-way between Hog's Back and Long Island, on the Rideau Canal system. Parks Canada maintains these lock stations.
The Locks at Black Rapids Photo Source: Al Lewis, Bytown or Bust Black Rapids Locks, Rideau River, Ottawa, Canada
The Locks at Black Rapids Photo Source: Al Lewis, Bytown or Bust The houses on the left (west) are in Nepean Township. The tall evergreen trees on the right are in Gloucester Township.
Black Rapids Locks, Rideau River, Ottawa, Canada
April 14, 2010:
Map of Long Island, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1863

April 20, 2010:
Photos taken from the Bridge over the Jock River on Prince of Wales Drive Left Photo: Facing westward, towards Richmond Right Photo: Facing eastward towards the Rideau River Jock River, Ontario, Canada Jock River, Ontario, Canada

September 10, 2010:
Photo Source, below: Rideau Waterway, by Robert Legget Long Island on the Rideau Canal System, Ontario, Canada

February 24, 2014:
Long Island Locks in Winter, Rideau Canal System Long Island Locks in Winter, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada
Lockmaster's House built in 1930 Long Island Lockmaster's House, built in 1930 Source for the above photograph is Hard Times, Heartbreak and Heritage - Invisible Army, by Ed Bebee, 2010, Ed Bebee and the Friends of the Rideau, ISBN 978-0-9696052-4-9, Rideau Canal Details including many surnames, page 184.
December 31, 2014:
Source: Library and Archives Canada Left Painting: Black Rapids Right Painting: Long Island Black Rapids Painting, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada Long Island Painting, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada
Long Island Painting, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada
Long Island Locks on the Rideau Canal System, in winter; (just north of Manotick) Long Island Locks in Winter, Rideau Canal System, Ottawa, Canada
June 13, 2015:
Here is a better copy of Putnam's 1863 map showing Long Island. Thanks to Mary Quinn for this. Long Island Locks and neighbouring farms in 1863
June 21, 2020:
Here is Long Island on the 1879 Belden's Atlas for Gloucester Township, Carleton County; Long Island Locks and Village in 1879

July 31, 2020: Here are most of the families residing at Long Island Village between 1831 and 1855. This was a company residential village, which included mainly single labourers but also many intact, mature families. Source: Records from Notre Dame records (twenty-seven names). 66 3 Jul 1831 After one publication of banns, marriage of Peter Barrett and Maria Smith, both from Long Island Michael Barrett and Maria Shea Angus McDonell, Priest 70 31 Jul 1831 After two publications of banns, marriage of John Brown of Long Island to Mary Ann Collins of Goulbourn Fitzgerald and wife M. Lalor, P. 71 7 Aug 1831 Baptism of John, 2 wks. Old, son to Thomas McNamara and Cynthia Brown, Long Island Michael Barrett and Mary Smith M. Lalor, P. 76 4 Sep 1831 Baptism of Bridget, 1 day old, daughter to Thomas Fletcher and Mary Mahoney, Long Island Patrick Mahoney and Bridget Kerry M. Lalor, P. 79 17 Sep 1831 Baptism of Catherine, 4 days, old, daughter to Nicholas Dunphy and Anty Phelan from Long Island John Kenny and Peggy Phelan M. Lalor, P. 79 18 Sep 1831 After two publications of banns, marriage of Thomas Kenney / Kenny to Bridget Carroll, both from Long Island Patrick Mahoney and Bridget Kenney M. Lalor, P. 84 23 Oct 1831 Baptism of Jeremiah, aged 2 wks. old, son to Daniel O'Connor and Hannah Darcy from Long Island John Cashman and Bridget Carroll M. Lalor, P. 91 4 Dec 1831 Burial in the Catholic Church-yard at Bytown of Patrick Mahaney / Mahoney?, drowned on the 2nd instant on the Long Island, aged 22 Cullinen and Michael Murray 96 9 Jan 1832 After two publications of banns, marriage of Daniel Coughlin from Black Rapids and Bridget Kenny from Long Island Andrew Desmond and Daniel Coughlin M. Lalor, P. 102 3 Mar 1832 Baptism of Edward, 16 days old, son to Edward Dodge and Rose Beaudriau of Long Island Joseph Legault and Francisca Mainville M. Lalor, P. 124 2 Oct 1832 Baptism of John, 3 wks. old, son to John (Jan) Coogan and Ellen Collins of Long Island Timothy Collins and Catherine Coogan M. Lalor, P. 16 Dec 1832 Baptism of William, son to William Dohany (Downey?) and Margaret Power of Long Island John McGrath & Marie Johnson 23 Dec 1835 Long Island - Baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Cassidy and Margaret Kealey James Fallon & Margaret Dohang (Downey?) 23 Dec 1835 Long Island Baptism of Jane, daughter of James Daniel Kennedy and Mary Cook / Cooke Peter Cassidy and Norah Driscoll 7 Oct 1841 After one publication of banns, marriage of Martin Egan, labourer of Long Island, to Bridget Shane / Sheehan of Gloucester Witnesses: Martin Andrahan / (Hanrahan?), Mrs. Nolan & several others 6 Aug 1842 Baptism of Thomas, 6 mos. old, son of Louis Lafon / Lafond ? and Adelaide Bourgue of Long Island Thomas Brule & Louise St. Amour 23 Jan 1843 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Patrick Regan, resident of Long Island and adult son of Owen Regan and Mary Tareel of County Roscommon to Bridget McHugh, resident here and adult daughter of Alexander McHugh and Bridget Mown of County Sligo James Brown, Catherine Doolan & others June 1843 Baptism of Hugh, aged 2 mos., son Of Patrick Farrell and Juley Heals of Long Island James Neary & Mary Quick 7 Aug 1843 After three publications of banns, marriage of Patrick Sloan of Long Island, adult son of the late Patrick (Peter) Sloan and Mary Flanigan to Josephine Routhier, also of Long Island, minor daughter of Pierre Rothier and Mary Martel Beausejour of Long Island 19 Aug 1843 Baptism of Francis Patrick, aged 5 mos., son of John Rogers and Mary McGrath of Long Island Prospere Olivier & Mary Gorman 29 Sep 1843 Baptism of Jane, aged 3 wks., daughter of Patrick Malio / Maley? and Bridget Cassy / Casey? of Long Island Felix McHugh & Catherine Molloy / Malloy 30 Sep 1843 Baptism of Charles, aged 6 wks., son of Arthur McKoen / McKeon, labourer of Long Island, and Bridget Welsh / Walsh John Miller & Mary McAllister Patrick, Bishop of Carrha 20 Oct 1843 Baptism of Margaret, aged 10 wks., daughter of James Karvin / Kerwin ? and Ann Marca of Long Island Patrick Hayes & Mary Kane / Keane 28 Jan 1844 Baptism of Louise, born December 30 of the marriage of Joseph Descarie, labourer of Long Island, and Louise St. Amour Pierre Gilbert & Catherine Holmes 18 Jun 1844 Baptism of John Baptist, born 12 March of the marriage of Patrick Summers and Maria Downey of Long Island Michael Downey & Ann Thommin (maybe Thomkin / Tompkin ?) 11 Jul 1844 After publication of two banns, marriage of John O'Brien of Long Island, adult son of John O'Brien and Maria Heas / Hayes?, to Maria Fitzgerald of Bytown, adult daughter of John Fitzgerald and Helen Freezy James Davy and Nicholas Foran 21 Aug 1844 After the publication of three banns, marriage of Jerry Driscoll of Long Island, adult son of James Driscoll and Maria Donovan, to Maria Lamb of Long Island, an adult and widow of James Babington, daughter of John Lamb and Elizabeth Anderson 13 Nov 1844 Baptism of James Stanislas, born 21 May last of the marriage of William Dohney (Downey?) and Margaret Power of Long Island John Ryan & Marina Riel-Tasse 20 Apr 1845 Baptism of John, born 18 April of the marriage of John O'Brien and Mary Fitzgerald of Long Island Mary Davy 30 May 1845 Conditional baptism for Mary Jane, born 1 April of the marriage of James McKiernan and Eliza McLaughlin of Long Island (see next entry) -- Twin Philibert Bastien & Francoise Deschamps 30 May 1845 Conditional baptism for Anna Mathilda, born 1 April of the marriage of James McKiernan and Eliza McLaughlin of Long Island (see previous entry) -- Twin Philibert Bastien & Catharine Murphy 24 Oct 1846 Baptism of Michael, born 24 August at Long Island, son of Daniel Delaney and Catherine Fahey James Kennedy & Ellen McReadman 25 Jun 1847 Baptism of Gealy Ann (Gillian ?, Georgina?), born 12 March at Long Island, daughter of John Rogers and Mary McGrath John Rogers & Catherine Burke 20 Jan 1848 Funeral service for Mary Cassidy who died the 18th at Long Island, aged 20 yrs. Michael Dolan & Patrick McGuire 28 Apr 1848 Baptism of Martin, born 16 March of the marriage of Patrick Maley / O'Mally and Bridget Casey of Long Island Helen Cassidy 23 Aug 1848 Baptism of James, born about 12 August of the marriage of Cornelius Driscoll and Rose Anna McGuire of Long Island Honorah Driscoll 24 May 1850 Baptism of Robert, born 4 May at Longala, son of Sarah McDonell (Longeuil or Long Island?) Julia Grey 22 Oct 1850 Baptism of Anthony, born on or about 17 September at Long Island, son of James McCardin and Eliza McLaughlin Ellen Curren 17 Oct 1855 Baptism of Charles, born at Long Island on 27 September, son of John Dolan and Helen Cassidy Timothy Ryan & Ann McGuire
October 21, 2020: This image is one discovered by Mary Quinn. It shows an 1849 map of Long Island with the names of the property owners - http://ao.minisisinc.com/FS_IMAGES/I0050956.jpg. The map has a magnifying glass for the cursor so we can zoom in to get at the details on the map. It is at longislandpropertymap1849.jpg, on my PC, and the names of the property owners, north to south, 12 in all, are: 1 Michael Curry 2 Cornelius Driscoll ... DRISCOLL, Cornelius b. 1861 Cork wife=Catherine QUINN Bur. St. Brigids ... Cornelius Senior went west and became a cowboy. 3 Edmund Burritt (www.bytown.net/merrick.htm) 4 Edmund Burritt (www.bytown.net/merrick.htm) 5 John McGrath -- probably ancestor of Jim McGrath, redhead 6 John Black 7 John McGrath -- probably ancestor of Jim McGrath, redhead 8 Anthony McEwen 9 James McArney 10 George Cook 11 John Dolan --- probably the Dolan family who attended St. Brigid's 12 Margaret Cook ... Al

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