Lost River Township and Village, Argenteuil County, Quebec
History and Genealogy

New July 18, 2015:

Today we are returning to early Scottish settlers in the Ottawa / Hull (Gatineau) area. This is a bit 
of documentation about my father-in-law, the late John Williamson of Riceville, about 50 miles east of
the City of Ottawa. 

John's ancestors came from Scotland to the Maxville area  and he later settled in Riceville.

Like many of the young Scots, he farmed in the summers and travelled to the lumber camps for the winters.
His winter location was in Lost River in Argenteuil, a Scottish settlement with many connections to Glengarry County.

Here is a quote from the book History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, 
by Cyrus Thomas, Montreal, 1896, John Lovell and Son, page 416:

Lost River, Argenteuil County, Quebec, Canada in 1896
We plan on making a day trip to Lost River this summer, following the directions in the above text from 1896. Pioneer names in Lost River include Harrington, Alexander Campbell, Bethune, McLennan, and McQuaig. There was also a Bethune family there, locally called BEATON. ... Al

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