Unknown McAMMOND and Margaret HERRON
to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, then to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

June 20, 2012:

Hi Al, Off the top of my head I can tell you about John Noble McAmmond (my grandmothers brother) b1870 d 1951. 
He was married to 2 Harron sisters; Ellen Maria better known as Nellie (1871-1903) they were married in 1894 and had 1 
daughter before she died. He then married Jemina 1879-1973 in 1903 and they had 8 children.

I knew John and Jemina, as a matter of fact I have a picture of my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, and John and Jemina 
are in it...so am I and other McAmmonds too.

My grandfather Joseph Thomas Tuck was son of Jacob Tuck and Harriet Andrus, from the Powassan / Kemptville area.

I probably have some pictures that would be of interest, such as pics of  the early McAmmond family, a pic of William Oliver McAmmond 1
873-1959, and his wife Charlotte Beatrice Farquhar 1883-1969. They were married Nov 18 1908 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and they had 2 daughters; 
Marjorie b Sept 29, 1909 and Dorothy b Sept 12, 1915.

But looking at the pictures now, they are not that great. A few years ago I took a lot of my pictures and put them on Photobucket for safe keeping, 
because I lost a lot when my computer crashed. Guess I should get on there and see if I can find any of my pictures that are better than what 
I have here...and if I find some I will let you know.

Doreen Harvey

Doreen: I checked the database compiled by the late Mr. Robert Sample and he shows an Unknown McAmmond living in early Goulbourn Township:

Descendants of Unknown McAmmond
	1  	Unknown McAmmond	1830 - ?
..		+ Margaret Herron / Heron	1834 -?

Maybe someone can help us out with this family.

... Al
New April 27, 2015: Hi Al and Doreen, Re: Unknown McAmmond and Margaret Herron Just jumping back into the family tree research after a 4yr break and came across this McAmmond / Herron page. Maybe you already know that John Noble McAmmond is the son of Abram Olmstead McAmmond who was the son of John McAmmond and Jane Foster. John came to Ottawa (Merivale) from County Antrim Ireland with his sister Anne McAmmond and her husband Thomas Nelson (my 3x gr-grandparents) c1831. John married Jane on Dec 2, 1834 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Nepean, and their fourth child, Abram Olmstead McAmmond, was named after their brother-in-law Abram Andrew Olmstead who had married Jane's sister Anna Foster (another of my 3x gr-grandparents!). I have a photo of Abram O. McAmmond's brother William (b.1836), but have not seen any other photos of this family. Have you dug through yours again yet? ~ Jill Kennedy researching Armstrong, Nelson, Higginson, Wall, Olmstead, Hays, Foster, McAmmond, Grace, McBurnie, Anderson, Close, Meehan, Whelan, Manion, O'Connell, Headrick, Mallard, Carr, Howard, and Landon families, all of the Ottawa Valley. _________________________ Hi Jill: I have found a bit more on the McAmmond and Herron families and will post it here in a day or so. Also, I was driving through Goulbourn Township the other day and noticed that there is a subdivision, west of Richmond, called "Herron Lake Estates". I'll get a couple of photos before too long. This subdivision is likely on one of the original Herron homesteads. ... Al

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