John and Mary McCOSHEN
Austria to Renfrew County

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Thanks to Sheila Lafleur for the following: Hi my name is Sheila Lafleur I was looking @ the webpage Bytown or bust... and was interested in the EGAN's. my great grandmother was Margaret Egan born March 4 1863 in Renfrew her parents listed on IGI are Edward Egan and S Flannigan my great grandmother married Duncan McCoshen (name was written up as Duncah McCushen ) I have had major surname issues ... " bans of marriage were graned in the church at Pembroke between Duncan McCushen of Alice twp. son of age. son of John McCushen and Mary Foreman on the one part and Margaret Egan daughter of age .. of Edward Egan and Cecilia Flannigan of Petawawa on the other part. " (Flanagan, Flanigan) After seeing all your Egans from Pembroke area I thought there must be a connection somewhere. I have been trying to see a connection between the McCoshens of Alice Township and the ones in Vinton Quebec .... perhaps the connection is not threw the McCoshen side but threw the EGAN side.. Egan / Shea / McCoshen.
McCoshens - Austrian Roots
John McCoshen with sons Alexander ( Isaac) & Duncan emigrated to Canada in 1867 according to 1901 Census. John born Dec 24, 1834 Austria Died Dec 5, 1922 Star City Saskatchewan Isaac born July 30, 1860 Austria Died 1930 Star City Sask. John wife Mary... and Isaac wife Matilda left Alice Township, Renfrew County in 1904 to homestead in Sask * note* on 1901 cenus this family is found surname Miskuskin..... on 1911 cenus surname McCoshen. My great grandfather Duncan McCoshen stayed in Alice Twp. *note * on 1901 and 1911 census surname was listed McCaushen * note* EVERYONE did get buried under the McCoshen surname Time Line... 1916 WW1 Attestation papers Duncan McCoshen born Oct 14 1858 near Prague, Czechoslovakia 1891 census family under Maskosky 1888 Directory of Alice Twp. Miskuskin Duncan, Pembroke, farmer, freehold, lot 24, con. 15 Miskuskin John, Pembroke, farmer, freehold lots 13, 14 con. 15 1882 Citizenship and immigration Canada supplied photo copy of index card for naturalization record Name: Miskuskin, Duncan Res: Alice Tp. Occ: Farmer, Former Res: Austria, Nationality:Austrian Date Granted: June 17 1882 No. of Return: 36 , Where Granted: Pembroke, Ont. Name of Court: G.S.P. 1881 census family under Miskuskey 1874 Ontario Land Records Index; Miskusski, John Township Alice Lot 13, 14 Conc. 15 1871 census family under McKouskey The BIG Question..... what was their original surname? How can I find them on a passenger list? What town/ parish are they originally from? and mothers info. I am 80% sure Mary is 2nd wife to John . Duncan McCoshen Born Oct 14, 1858 Bohemia died Nov 13, 1929 at Camp Petawawa, Ontaro. He married MARGARET EGAN July 14 1885 in Pembroke, Ontario daughter of EDWARD EGAN and CECELIA FLANNIGAN. She was born March 4, 1863 in Petawawa Twp., and died Sept. 18, 1931 in Con # 15 Alice. Twp. Renfrew Co. Ontario * note* wedding register has name as McCushen Children: 1. JOHN EDWARD MCCOSHEN, born May 01, 1886 Pembroke, died 1958 Sudbury, Ont. He married MARGARET LAUNDRE Feb 13, 1901 in Schreiber, Ont. She was born 1885 and died June 1969 Sudbury. John Bapt. Aug 13, 1886 god parents THOMAS EGAN and MARY ANN MANION 2. DUNCAN EGAN MCCOSHEN, born Jan. 27 1888, Pembroke, he married SALENA MULLIGAN poss. in Montreal or Schreiber she was born in Pembroke. god parents ISAAC MCCUSHEN and CECILE EGAN 3. CECELIA MARY ANN MCCOSHEN, born Dec. 14, 1888 Pembroke, died Oct. 24, 1972 Sudbury Ont. she married (1) WILLIAM GEORGE SAGADORE Aug. 04 1909 at the brides fathers home. son of WILLIAM SAGADORE and MARY TIMMINS. He was born Nov 14 1878 in Maine, USA, and died Nov. 24 1931 in Sudbury. She Married (2) ALEXANDER JAMES GRAY born Wayburn Saskatchewan he died 1966 Sudbury, Ont. 4. HENRY "VINCENT" MCCOSHEN, born Aug 12, 1891 Alice Twp. he died June 7, 1924 Pembroke Ontario. 5. MARY "FRANCES" MCCOSHEN, born May 27, 1893 in Pembroke, and died in Hornpayne. She married DANIEL "HILTON" WHENT about J une 30 1922 in Pembroke. He was born in Wales, and died in Hearst, Ont. Bapt. Sept. 19 1893 god parents JOHN and ANN STAPLETON 6. STELLA DELORA MCCOSHEN, born June 15, 1896 in Pembroke, and died Sept. 02, 1961 in Sudbury Ont. She married FREDERICK WILLIAM STEWART Nov. 23, 1921 in Pembroke. He was born September 27 1894 in McNab Township Refrew. His parents were RICHARD STEWART and ANNIE MEILLEUR Bapt. Sept. 01 1896 god parents RICHARD JOHN EGAN and BELLA RALPH or ROLPH ********* Stella is my grandmother*********** 7. ALVIN HAROLD MCCOSHEN, born April 16, 1898, Pembroke died ______ Bapt. July 7, 1898 godparents JOHN EDWARD MCCOSHEN and CECELIA MCCOSHEN 8. RICHARD ANTHONY MCCOSHEN, born March 24, 1900 in Pembroke, died Feb. 17, 1891 in Sudbury, Ontario. He married ROSE EMMA SCULLY abt 1922 in Pembroke. She was born Feb 1904 in Griffith , and died May 19 1982 in Sudbury Bapt. May 06, 1900 god parents ISAACO MCCOSHEN and MATILDA PRANKIE 9. MARY "MARGARET' ELLEN MATILDA MCCOSHEN, born Jan. 13, 1902 Pembroke, died 1965 Pembroke. married (1) WELLS LACEY Sept. 7 1972 in Pembroke . He was born 1893..died 1949. (2) WILFRED DUNLOP, Aug. 23, 1952 in Pembroke he was born 1922.... died 1999 Bapt. April 19, 1903 god parents DUNCAN MCCOSHEN Jr. and MATILDA PRANKIE 10. CATHERINE ANN "ENA" MCCOSHEN , born April 24, 1907, Pembroke, died Feb 15, 1989 in Sudbury, Ontairo (1) PATRICK ARCADIA LEACY Aug. 10 1932. in Pembroke, he was born 1884 Lanark Twp. died Feb. 18 1949 in Capreol, Ont. m (2) DONALD WEATHERBY born 1922, died Aug. 26 1982 Bapt. July 27, 1907 godparents FRANCIS MCCOSHEN and FRANCOIS MCCOSHEN
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