Henry McDONALD / McDONELL, Sr. (99th Regiment of Foot)
Ballymoney, County Antrim to Goulbourn Township
Henry Jr. married Anne McQUADE

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My cousin has been emailing you about our mutual relative who was in the
99th regiment of foot. My grandmother was Catherine McDonald. Her father was Henry and
her grandfather was Henry Sr.
We have his attestation papers obtained from the Goulbourn Historical
group, discharge paper and will. The attestation papers gave us his
height,hair colour,eye colour where he joined up and where he was from in Ireland.

I have another cousin in Utah who has just been to Salt Lake recently and
found that Henry was the only McDonald in Antrim. There are four of us all
related to Henry Jr and Sr. Henry Sr is buried at Fallowfield.
I am one of the living grandchildren of Catherine. There are six of us, all
girls. Catherine was my father's mother. His father was Denis Tierney born in
Carleton county 1837. (Was this the son of Denis Tierney who was murdered at 
the tavern at Rollo's Bridge in Twin Elm in 1854? ... Al)
Hi to AL 
Eileen in London Ont.
April 27, 2004: Al thank you for adding Henry to a web page. Thought you might like more information. Henry Jr married Ann McQuade 22 Nov 1836 in the chapel of Nepean by W Cannon who was a missonary priest to Fallowfield from St James Ottawa now Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa.The same priest baptised my grandfather 25 Dec 1837. My grandfather's parents were John Tierney and Cecilia Coughlin came to Canada sometime after 1833 as he was married in Lorrah parish church Killaloe Dicoses Ballymaceagan townland Tipperary Ireland 1831.Two children Ann and John born Ireland 1831,1833. Henry in the 99th regiment was not the one that married Anne McQuade.He was Henry Sr--- wife's name unknown.We only know of two children Henry and Thomas. This is what my cousin in Utah found a Henry McDonald Sr 1857 "will" turned out to be a grant of admons to his son Thomas McDonald of Seneca Haldimand county. We knew of this Thomas before from the Goulbourn land documents. Henry is given in a list of parish families taken in the parish Ballymoney county Antrim Diocese of Connor March 1766.If you can figure it out some of these families below are on"PRO" on line from England. Just ask Google to find it. The name McDonnell seems to have been changed over the years to McDonald. The 1861 Goulbourn census shows Henry Jr family 4 children baptised in Nepean others in Goulbourn.We know Ann's birth is registered as 1837 in St. Phillips, Richmond no date. The other one we found was Emily born same year as her grandfather's burial at Fallowfield 1857. There are some confirmations at Fallowfield of their children. The McDonald family left with McQuade, O'Hara, James Tierney family c 1861 for Renfrew County. James was my grandfather's brother married to Ann "Nancy" McDonald.You will find my John Tierney on 1851 census of Huntley township in Carleton County. Have been unable to find them before 1851 census.Hope I have everything right. Eileen
July 10, 2004: Hi everyone, I am excited to see the new McDonald website. It looks very promising. One correction . . . It says that "Henry was the only McDonald in Antrim." The actual source for that statement is: "A List of the Families in the Parish of Ballymoney in the County of Antrim and Diocese of Connor taken March 1766." I only saw one McDonald, that is Alexander McDonald, dissenter (probably Presbyterian). This document can be found on LDS film #258517, about 2/3rds of the way into the microfilm. Best wishes with your research. Greg
April 30, 2006: I just sent an e-mail regarding Henry McDonald Sr. as a grandparent and forgot to ask about attestation papers. I would be greatly interested in learning about his physical appearance etc. Thanks ... Leslie Lavell ___________________ Thanks to Ron Dale for the following reply to Leslie: Henry's attestation papers will be with his pension records at the Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU, United Kingdom. The reference number is WO 97/1065/33. ... Ron
January 4, 2010: Hello I am a novice genealogy researcher and was googling Henry McDonnell and Ann McQuade when your Bytown or Bust site came up. I noticed that the entries date back to 2004 so I am not sure if this is still an active site but thought I would give it a try. Eileen had written about her grandmother Catherine - the daughter of Henry Jr and Ann McQuade . Elizabeth ( Catherine's sister) was my great grandmother. I have not been able to find much information on Henry so I would be interested in more information and willing to share my part of the family tree if anyone is still interested. Darlene Sernoskie __________________________________ Thank You for replying and yes I would like to be added to your web page. My information and connection are as follows . Henry McDonnel and Ann McQuade had 7 children Elizabeth was the 5th child born April 11, 1853 in Goulbourn Township. She married Amos Robert Bonell - Nov 1875 in the Ottawa area ( although I have not been able to find a record of the marriage ) Amos Robert's parents were John Bonell who immigrated from England in 1834 as part of a group of families brought to Canada by William Farmer (this group settled originally at Farmer's Rapids in the Gatineau Valley). His mother was Margaret Moore who had immigrated from Ireland. The Bonell family settled in Bytown. ... Darlene
July 6, 2011: I saw your posts on the Bytown or Bust website regarding the McDonald deed. My family now lives on this property (Henry McDonald W 1/2 No 28 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres) My mother's (Elizabeth Faulkner) notes state the following: "A Crown Deed signed by Ontario Lieut. Governor Sir Peregrine Maitland dated April 4, 1824, granted 100 acres, S.W. half lot 29, Concession 8 to Henry MacDonald. MacDonald had been a private in His Majesty's (George IV) "late 99 Regiment of foot." A footnote states "Fees suspended, interest duty performed." This took place in the district of Bathurst." "At Richmond, in 1835, an indenture was drawn by William Hobbs, Clerk of Nepean, for the sale of Henry MacDonald's land to Robert Faulkner, an Irish settler, then living in Nepean for one hundred pounds." The 1851 Ontario Census lists my family name as "Falkner" instead of Faulkner. I am wondering whether anyone can tell me why Mr. MacDonald (McDonald) sold the farmland, whether he returned home, or whether he settled somewhere else in Goulbourn Township? I think your website states he is buried in Fallowfield, if so, which cemetery? Was he Protestant or Roman Catholic? Thank you for the information from the Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond. Does this record mean that Henry McDonald returned to Glasgow after he was discharged? Or does it mean that he collected a military pension while living in Canada until 1847? Thanking you in advance. Sincerely, Ellen Faulkner _____________________________________ Good morning, Mrs. Faulkner: Thank you for your two interesting e-mails regarding Henry MacDonald and Ann Bradley. I was unable to find a record of a tombstone for Henry MacDonald / MacDonnell at the Catholic Cemetery at Fallowfield (St. Patrick’s). However, the list I have was compiled in 1978 and if there had been a tombstone there, it may have deteriorated enough to have been removed by then. Here is the 1837 baptism of Anne from St. Philip’s in Richmond: 30 September 1837 Baptism of Anne, born 6th September same year, legitimate daughter of Henry McDonnell / Mcdonald (father Henry Sr. was in 99th Regiment) and Anne McQuade. The sponsors were George Houlahan and Eliza Fogarty. Anne McQuade was likely the daughter of Michael McQuade who had been a member of the 99th Regiment. He also received land in Goulbourn: Lot 7E in Concession 4. Michael McQuade was a native of County Tyrone. Also, in 1842 at St. Philip’s in Richmond a Henry McDonald joined the Catholic Total Abstinence Society of Richmond begun 1 May 1842 by the Revd. Terence Smith. and in 1855: 4 February Baptism of Margaret, born 14 January last. Name of parents: Henry McDonnell and Hanora McQuade. The sponsors were Patrick McCauley and Mary Martin. I’ll try and get back to you by the weekend after checking the registers at the RC Church at Fallowfield. Feel free to contribute some information regarding the early Faulkner family and I’ll set up a new web page them. When we lived in Stittsville, we were next door to the original Faulkner farm. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis __________________________________ Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for his quick response: Hope this helps Married in Notre Dame in Ottawa November 22, 1836 Henry McDonnell died May 21, 1879 age 64 and buried in Portage du Fort, Pontiac County Wife Ann McQuade died May 11, 1889 age 67 and buried Portage de Fort, Pontiac County Attached are the registers Taylor
(Sources for the three images below are the Drouin Records at ancestry.ca Marriage of Henry McDonald and Anne McQuade in 1836 Death of Henry McDonald / Mcdonnell Death of Ann McQuade
Back to Ellen Faulkner: Hello Allan: Thank-you for this information. My cousin Dave McClinton has compiled a wonderful website which provides information on the Faulkner and McClinton families. He may give permission to share the website on the Bytown or Bust website. I have emailed him and include his email above. His website link is: http://www.mclinton.ca/index.html You may post my earlier inquiry regarding Henry McDonald Sr. and Ann Bradley Scharf to your web site. Yours very truly, Ellen Faulkner

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