William McFADDEN and Anne BOUCHER
99th Regiment of Foot
County Tyrone, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

October 1, 2006:

Hi my name is Donna and I am a descendant of William Mcfadden who was 
in the 100th infantry and after the war he was given land in Goulbourn Township (Ashton Village). 
I was wondering if you had any info on him.
He married Anne Boucher she was born in Upper Canada I assume they were both 
military families, they were married here but I can't find out much more. 
Could you tell me where to look? 
I have some info on most of their children but the first was born in 1821 and 
there isn't much info at that time available.
Thank You for any help you can give.
... Donna 

Hi Donna:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding William McFadden.
According to the book, "For King and Canada - The Story of the 100th Regiment 
of Foot During the War of 1812" by A. Barry Roberts, William joined the 100th 
Regiment in 1811. He had previously been a weaver in County Tyrone, Ireland.
Do you mind if I add your e-mail to our web site (www.bytown.net) as a 
contact for other researchers?
Please let me know.
Thanks again.
... Al Lewis

Hi Al,
I dont mind a bit if anyone can help it would be great, someone else out 
there must be looking for the Mcfaddens I could use any help or suggestions 
anyone has.Thank You for your help,
October 18, 2006: I came across your enquiry regarding William McFadden. I am a decendent and have researched the family line up to the present day. William McFadden was born in 1788, Tyrone Ireland. He married an Ann Foster also of Tyrone. They had 8 children. William died on Sept. 24, 1881 and is buried in Ashton, Ontario, Canada. There is information available in the Goulburn Achives and in the Atlas of Carleton County. If you would like to share info. please let me know. Dave McFadden
October 19, 2010: Here is a photo of the original William McFadden log home from the book, For King and Canada by A. Barry Roberts, page 192.
House of William McFadden

August 12, 2012: New e-mail for Donna incorporated in the list below. .. Al
New February 5, 2015: Hi Folks, I’ve seen your email exchanges about William McFadden and his wife Ann (per tombstone at Ashton), via the 100th Regiment Historical Society. He was my Great-Great-Grandfather and I have been doing genealogical research on him and his relatives for some time. I’d be happy to share that information if we can find a way to electronically exchange it. His wife’s maiden name remains a bit cloudy to me. He clearly married Angelique Beauchamp on Oct 21, 1817 in Montreal by the regimental Chaplin (marriage certificate shows William McFadden as a Private in the 99th Rgmt) . But when my Great Grandfather Abraham died, his brother Theodore advised the coroner that their mother was “Anne Boucher”. Was that just a mispronunciation or did Angelique die and he remarried before heading up to Richmond and then Ashton in 1818? Any thoughts? Dave, you have suggested that William McFadden married Ann Foster of County Tyrone, Ireland. Can you share the source for that info? This family history research is exciting when you make a verified link but for the most of the time it is tough sledding. Any help is appreciated ... Jack McFadden _________________________________________________ Good morning, Jack: Thank you for your e-mail concerning your ancestor, William McFadden. Hopefully, Dave will be able to help you out with more information. I do know that there was a Boucher family who arrived very early in the Ottawa area. The family came here from County Galway, Ireland about 1819, the year after the soldiers who were discharged from the 100th Regiment of Foot at Montreal. We have a web page for the Boucher family. I have heard that they were originally Hugenots who came from France to Ireland. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at www.bytown.net/mcfadden.htm . Please let me know. Thanks again, ... Al Lewis
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