John Alfred McGUIRE and Ann BOBIER
"Old Man Whiskers" Mcguire, born 1848 in Goulbourn, later to the Pontiac

March 24, 2005:

Thanks to Robert Sample for sending in this article regarding John Alfred McGuire 
and his wife Ann Bobier. Thanks also to Lena Bobier for permission to reproduce 
the article here. It appears in her book "Bobier Ancestry".
Names and places for search engine: Reverend Gravelle, Corbett, Foster, Morgan, Winchester, Boland, Hodgins, Stark, (Stark's Corners) Russell Hotel, Bristol, Shawville, Pontiac, Quebec, Goulbourn Township
September 14, 2012: New e-mail address for Mrs. Bobier incorporated in the list below. ... Al
New May 12, 2016: Mr. Mike Dufour posted the above article to the Facebook Group Pontiac Quebec Genealogy today. He found the article in the Ottawa Journal, dated March 21 1964, pg39. There is a lot of very good information to be found these days in the local Facebook history and genealogy pages. See for example Mike's posting today at ... Al

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