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New February 5, 2017:

Allan, I continue to try to find a trace of my GG Grandfather, John McMullan / McMullen, a shoemaker (my family was at 
Quebec City in 1847. There was also an older John McMullen who had been at QC a lot earlier that remained at QC, and he
was also a shoemaker, but I'm not aware yet if he was related?). It was noted on a Montreal Jan 1852 baptism record for
a Son, that my John, a shoemaker was at Bytown at the time of the baptism. I see mention of some Ireland Counties for 
"Bytown or Bust", but not sure if I've seen County Down mentioned much? I've been trying to study McMullan / McMullen 
/ Mullen's in the Carleton Co and Renfrew Co areas with a connection to County Down.My John hailed from Downpatrick, 
County Down. I have discovered another McMullen from County Down was at Fitzroy Township, Carleton County in 1852 (shown 
as Mullen 1852), and I believe after that at Renfrew County. Also, there was a John McMullan who I think was on 2 different 
Renfrew Co census in 1852, apparently born at Quebec during 1818. Some family trees show his father born at County Down in
the 1790s, and later at Quebec City. If anyone related to McMullan / McMullen / Mullen /etc have DNA tested who had relatives in 
the Carleton County and Renfrew County areas I'd be interested in comparing our DNA. I'm also hoping to determine if my John may have
died at Bytown, or if he moved on to Kingston, where I believe some of the family may have lived sometime after 1852.
... Tom McMillan


Tom McMillan: Thanks for your note. One of the problems with researching this surname is that it is almost as popular as Murphy 
or Kelly. It is seen as Mullin, Mullen and Mullan with or without the "Mc" added and sometimes with an "s" on the end. For 
others who came from County Down to the Ottawa area, enter County Down into the search engine near bottom of this web page. Also 
try searching for Mullen and all variations, one at a time, to connect with other researchers who have "Mullen" in their families.. 

I see that there was a John Mullins who travelled from Montreal to Williamsburg, south of Ottawa, on the St. Lawrence River in 
1846. A great many Irish came to Williamsburgh and then made their way to Bytown / Ottawa. At some point, I'll post the names of all 
of the persons who came from Montreal to ports along the St. Lawrence such as Cornwall, Prescott, Brockville and Kingston. In the
meantime, is it OK with you if I add your post here to a new web page at for this family. If you message your 
e-mail address to me, I'll add it as a contact for other Mullen researchers. 
... Allan, Bytown or Bust


Thanks!! Yes, I've found the name a lot of ways for sure, and given name "John" doesn't help. smile emoticon:-) I'll message you
my email.
... Tom McMillan

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